elephants playing in the water


natgeotravel Video by @bertiegregory. This Sri Lankan elephant calf was having a great time splashing around in the shallows. That was until this moment when a little bump from its mother meant it lost its footing. I imagine a more experience elephant would have just poked its trunk up above the surface to breathe. Instead, it struggled to its feet before exploding out of the water to get some air! Clearly shaken by the whole experience, it ran out of the pool and wouldn’t come back in to join its mother!


Presents and holiday decorations are strewn across Disneyland’s jungle.

Baboons are wearing Santa hats, elephants are playing with holiday wreaths and fruitcake floats in the green waters among hippopotamuses. Even the natives are wearing ugly Christmas sweaters, and Trader Sam is popping bottles of champagne.

For the second straight year, Disneyland has transformed the Jungle Cruise into the Jingle Cruise. And Disney this year improved the holiday version of the attraction made famous by its skippers’ corny jokes.

Through Jan. 6, visitors can hop aboard and experience new jokes, decorations and storyline – yuletide cargo meant for the skippers has somehow ended up all over the jungle.

The Jungle Cruise, which goes back to Disneyland’s 1955 birth, is a nine-minute cruise guided by a skipper through an Amazon-like waterway with mechanical animals and jungle natives.

Last year, the holiday decorations were reserved for the Jungle Cruise’s loading dock and the boats. This year, the decorations are scattered across the jungle.

Last week, a skipper pointed to the next-door Indiana Jones Adventure ride and quipped, “I hear Indiana Jones doesn’t like New Year’s Eve because he’s afraid of the giant ball drop.”

Later, the skipper motioned to a tree with holiday decorations and a giant snake wrapped around it and said, “That’s an interesting way to decorate a tree with a giant boa.”


Elephants in the distance (probably a good idea to be at this distance from them), Kruger National Park South Africa.