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natgeotravel Video by @bertiegregory. This Sri Lankan elephant calf was having a great time splashing around in the shallows. That was until this moment when a little bump from its mother meant it lost its footing. I imagine a more experience elephant would have just poked its trunk up above the surface to breathe. Instead, it struggled to its feet before exploding out of the water to get some air! Clearly shaken by the whole experience, it ran out of the pool and wouldn’t come back in to join its mother!

Whine up
Kat De Luna & Elephant Man
Whine up


KAT’s leading single from her debut album 9 LIVES..The song became very successful in the US peaking at #29 and in most of the european continent

Great track, there’s something about latin artists making R&B music that I’ve always loved.. 

Good guy Nami (???)

Elephant family playing in the river - we took this photograph while traveling in Thailand. The family are very excited to have the youngster amongst them. Elephants share a lot of qualities with people, sans the depraved stuff. They express love, tenderness, friendship, playfulness, maternal caring, humor, jealously, and can get pissed off, for example when another steals ‘their’ food.

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Mabey Adrien and Marinette going for a swim?

How about swimming and playing with elephants? Imagine Adrien excitedly pulling Marinette to a spring telling her it’s “bath time, bath time, bath time!” Marinette goes along with him because of course she does, but when they get there, she finds that elephants are there and she stops.

“Um…mon minou?” she asks, eyes wide in equal parts wonder and trepidation. “There are elephants there…”

“Yes,” he nods. “Elephants!”

“Uh…maybe we should wait for them to finish– Adrien what are you doing?

But Adrien is already whooping as he jumps into the water in a canonball. The elephants trumpet when he makes an impressive splash, and when Adrien breaks to the surface, a laugh happily bursts from his throat.

“My Lady, bath time!” he calls to the gaping Marinette.

It takes some more convincing before Marinette steps into the water. Elephants are magnificent, beautiful creatures, but they are huge oh my goodness gracious and it’s only when Adrien’s warm hand grasps her own that Marinette realizes she’s shaking.

“It’s okay,” he says, guiding her into the water, “I got you.”

She’s still nervous, but she keeps her eyes on his as she follows his lead.

If he says it’s okay, Marinette decides, then it’s okay.

More Feral!Adrien AU here!

No New Friends pt.2- Jason Todd x Reader

(Finally wrote this and thank you to the wonderful @sweetxchains for giving me some motivation!)

It had only been two weeks since you last spoke to Jason. You’ve tried not to think about it but it hurt. You had always hoped that the flings would result in him asking you out. Instead, he just ripped out your heart and left it on the ground, while he walked to another mystery woman. You almost  knew Jason like the back off your hand. Jason told you about  Red Hood so why was he hiding from you now?

Your phone rang and you looked to see who it was, smiling you answered.

“Damian, hi my cutie pie.” you could practically hear him roll his eyes. When you and Jason became friends, over time you learned about the whole family of vigilantes. Damian was cold at first but when you got him to smile one time, it melted your heart and you just wanted to protect him from anything. He became like a little brother to you.

“I have asked you not to call me that.” he said with no hint of anger or annoyance. “No one has spoken to Todd in a while. Is he there with you?” he asked.

“Oh…no, we had a falling out of sorts. I haven’t seen him in a about two weeks. He might be with his new girlfriend.” you said bitterly and pulled the covers up more around your body.

“I see…are..are you okay?” he asked and you had to laugh because it was like he was saying those words for the first time ever.

“I will be Dami. Why don’t you come over this weekend and we can go to the zoo or something?” you asked, you had to stop moping. Jason pretty clear when he said to just move on, like it was the easiest the ever.

“Of course, I can come over tomorrow afternoon. There are just a few things I need to take care of. Until then, take care.” he said and hung up.

Smiling because that boy was so sweet and cute, you decided to cook then turn in early.


Damian followed Jason, using the darkness of the shadows, to his apartment. Finding a vantage point, he looked through the window and saw Jason hug a girl with dark black hair and was almost matching him in height. He needed her to turn around so he can see her face and start an investigation.

Jason plopped down on the couch, looking genuinely exhausted and had a sadness in his eyes. The woman, his girlfriend, Damian assumed sat down as well. He caught sight of her profile and immediately recognized her as Donna Troy.

He huffed in annoyance, though he did admire her skills, y/n was more pure and he did believe that she was good for Jason. He grabbed a pair of binoculars so he could get a closer view to read their lips.


“Thanks for coming Donna.” Jason smiled at his friend. He had been talking with her on and off since he left you alone and crying in your apartment. The image stabbed his heart because he was the one that caused you to hurt like that.

“Of course, i’m glad you called me. It’s good to see you, even when you look like shit.” she smiled. Jason laughed softly and sat up.

“Is this about the girl? Jason, why won’t you allow yourself to let go of your demons to get to your angel?” She asked. “You and her already have a friendship and a sexaul relationship.” she said.

Jason rubbed his hands over his face and groaned. “She’s…she’s so perfect and beautiful and kind and I can go on and on. I found myself thinking that I could be with her then I go out at night and I kill people. Yeah she knows what I do but not what i am. And I am damaged.” Jason said, opening his mouth as the words flowed out of him,

“She knows everything about me. How I like my coffee, favorite shows, I swear she knows what i’m thinking before I even say it. I know that’s all small shit but it fucking scares the hell out of me.” he whispered.

Donna smiled and hugged him gently. “Jason, if you give yourself into her, all those doubts will wash away. I’ve never met her  but if she can put up with you, she’s a warrior on her own. I heard even Damian likes her.” she smiled. Jason laughed because it was true.

“You love her. Take a deep breath and say it outloud right now. It’s just me.” she prompted.

Jason looked at her and nodded. “I love y/n.” he said and he meant every word.


Jason woke up the next morning at the sound of knocking. Donna left last night so he was sure that wasn’t her. He was ready to ignore when he heard his last name.

Damian, what did that brat want?

Jason made his way to the door and opened it to find Damian, looking annoyed or was that his normal face?

“Todd, get cleaned and presentable.” Damian strolled into the apartment.

“Oh no sure, come on in.” Jason watched him. “What are you even doing here? How did you even find me.”

“Is it true what you said last night? Do you love y/n?” Damian asked. He had to get to the point if he wanted to go through with this.

“Yeah I did…wait how did you even know what I said last night? Did you stalk me Tim jr.?” Jason asked.

Damian scrunched up his nose at the nickname. “That is irrlevant. If you want her back, get ready and come with me. You have twenty minutes.” He said and sat on the chair since it looked the cleanest.

Jason opened his mouth to talk more but decided to shut up for once. He took ten minutes to get ready before coming back.

“Is this you trying?” Damian questioned, looking at his clothes. “Oh, let’s go. Pennyworth is taking us to the zoo.” Jason followed him down to the car.


You were waiting at the entrance for Damian. The zoo was just opening so there wouldn’t be too many people. You looked around and saw him getting out of the car. You smiled and waved then froze when you saw Jason come out the car as well.

As they got closer, the response to run was increasing, so was your heart.  Why was Jason here? Did Damian invite him or did he come on his own? Thoughts were swirling in your head.

“Y/n.” Damian smiled when he was standing in front of you. “You and Todd have been dancing around each other and it needs to stop. You both are happy together. I’m going to buy our tickets while you guys talk.” He said and squeezed your hand gently. He threw a glare at Jason and disappeared.

It was quiet for a few seconds before you spoke first. “Where’s your girlfriend?” you asked him.

Jason sighed. “There was no girl. I lied about that, I just needed an excuse to give you for why I was leaving.”

“Then why did you leave me Jason? I begged you. I cried….I love you and I thought you felt the same.” you whispered. Jason wanted to just hold you right now.

“I was scared for how I felt…feel about you. Y/n, you are my everything. I was scared of the love, the fact that I can open so easily to you, and I didn’t know how to deal. I had help from a friend to take that risk.” he stepped forward and cupped your cheeks, leaning in.

“I love you and I want everything you can give me. I’m not perfect and we have to work on this but I want to fight. I don’t want to run anymore.” he said, his lips an inch from yours.

Hearing him say that made your heart beat faster and you couldn’t stop the smile from spreading on your face, even if you wanted to.

“I love you too Jay.” you leaned in and kissed him deeply, wrapping your arms around his waist. You missed his lips, his body pressed against yours. Missed the fact that he was just here with you.

When he pulled away, you both were breathing heavily and staring into eachother’s eyes. Damian came back and cleared his throat.

“I see we are all made up. Now can we see the animals.” he said. Laughing you hugged him and nodded.

“I have my two favorite boys back.” you smiled. Jason took your hand and the three of you roamed around the zoo. It was one of the best days you’ve had so far. Even when Damian was threatening to have the zoo sued for not having enough water for the elephants to drink and play in.