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Hey Cassie! Thank you so much for creating Ty. I also have autism and it is so refreshing to see a complex and loveable character who has it; I love him so much. So, question: what is Ty's favorite animal? If he could keep any pet, what would it be? I just wonder because I think his love for animals is super sweet and endearing. :)

Thank you! That aspect of Ty is definitely based on a specific real person I know on the spectrum, who has always adored animals. Having gotten to spend a bit of time with elephants in Thailand recently it struck me how much Ty would love them – they so affectionate, intelligent, and gentle. But since there’s not a lot of elephants in Malibu, I’d say Ty loves animals that are often not seen as pets by many – like adorable hedgehogs, which lots of people think of as prickly but when they’re not nervous are soft, gentle and like to be petted. 

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Hi Cassie! First of all, I want to say that I'm so grateful that you created the Shadow world. And I also hope you are not so sensitive to criticism and hate as I am. We really love you and you should never forget about this. So, I have a question. Tessa was the last Starkweather as we know from TID. How then could Hodge exist in TMI?

I think we all remain sensitive to criticism and hate, but we do grow thicker skins over time – we can’t not. But time and many years teaches you patterns; watches how misogynistic systems work to demonize and thus delegitimize women isn’t pleasant but does provide a way to frame your own experience. (Which means that even though there are comments literally on that post, which is about demonizing women and accusing them of things they have not done so as to make yourself feel more comfortable in separating Bad Ladies from the ownership of their work, that say “But you are a bad lady and thus should not be allowed to write any more Malec, don’t you understand YOU ARE BAD?” I barely note them as anything but ‘another one of those.’)

In short: hate sucks, but I have an amazing group of fans, friends and colleagues who provide incredible support. And I have my work, which I love. I have Magnus and Alec to talk to. :) And the other day I rode an elephant in Northern Thailand. I can’t complain too much.

As for the Starkweathers I actually don’t think Tessa was the last, we know some of her ancestors fled England because of the horror of what happened to Adele and what become of Tessa’s grandfather. But remember even if she had been, when a family dies out, an Ascendant can choose their name and start the family again.

this cutie came to say hi voluntarily when driving through this “sanctuary” (for veterinary purpose). It’s a place where elephants get placed after being abused, but without chains, cages, or obligations. He came for a snuggle, and I asked my friend to take a picture with this beauty. I was prepping for the picture, and she took this shot without me being aware of it. I actually kind of like it!

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is that my necklace erejean


“Is that my necklace?”

Eren freezes. That voice has been echoing in his mind for the past year. So good, Eren. Fuck, Eren. Eren, Eren, Eren.


Eren doesn’t look up yet. Stares at the bronze chain looped around his neck and the little elephant pendant anchoring it to his chest. He grasps it between his fingers before glancing up at Jean. “It might be?”

And shit, Jean is more gorgeous than he remembers. Being sober probably helps.

“Do you mind if I…” Jean gestures to the empty bench beside Eren.

Eren nods, eyes traveling along Jean’s frame as he sits. “So how’ve you been?” Jean asks.

Eren’s brows raise. He’s going with small talk? He shrugs. “Been all right. Work’s kicking my ass but I’m saving a lot so. Things aren’t bad.”

Jean nods. He peeks at Eren out of the corner of his eye and chews on his lip. “Still working for the same construction company?”

Eren opens his mouth to tell him yes, that he actually got promoted to foreman 6 months ago, but that doesn’t come out. “Why’d you leave?” Jean blinks at him. Eren’s face burns and he curses his impulsive tongue, but the question is out there already. “The morning after. I was barely awake and you were already putting your shoes on.”

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