elephants in captivity

Do you visit circuses that use animals, do you give money to these awful gimmicky animal tourist attractions, do you watch videos of elephants painting and monkeys riding bikes etc… And laugh? Is this entertainment to you? Because it’s no fun for the animals that are used. Please next time you come across any animals used in entertainment, think about this image. Think about all the things that happen to these very same animals behind the scenes. Is it natural behavior for a monkey to ride a bike or an elephant to paint? Is it natural behaviour for elephants and horses to be dancing in shows with huge noisy crowds? Is this what we are going to reduced these beautiful wild creatures to? Our entertainment?


Streaming giant Netflix has acquired worldwide rights to “Tyke Elephant Outlaw,” an Australian-made documentary about an escaped circus elephant.

The film focuses on an animal which in 1994 broke away from captivity in Honolulu and killed her trainer. In doing so, it sparked a debate about the use of animals as entertainment, which recently resulted in a change in the law in Hawaii.

The film last week had three performances at the Hawaii International Film Festival.

“Tyke” was directed and produced by leading Australian documentary filmmakers Susan Lambert and Stefan Moore, and co-produced by Megan McMurchy. It was produced with financial assistance from Screen Australia, Screen NSW and Voiceless. It is distributed by ABC Commercial and documentary specialist Dogwoof.

“Like the classic animal rebellion film ‘King Kong,’ Tyke is the central protagonist in a tragic but redemptive drama that combines trauma, outrage, insight and compassion,” said Lambert.

The film has been broadcast on the BBC Storyville strand, CBCs The Passionate Eye in Canada and will be screened by DRTV in Denmark.

Netflix will give it a U.S. airing in December.
Worldwide release will be in August, 2016.



Think about it….do we really have that much more freedom than an elephant held in captivity? Are we too not forced/conditioned to toe the line, drawn by TPTB, for fear of the consequences they promise to impose on us should we dare to cross that line. Our tell-lie-visions bombard us, every day, with “news” reports, reality shows, dramas & movies, demonstrating just how severe our punishment will be should we fail to conform. With ever rising costs, we are forced to work every hour god sends, in low paid jobs we may hate, just so that we can pay our taxes & bills, AND, if we’re lucky, keep a roof over the heads of our families & food on our tables. If TPTB really gave a shit about anything other than power & money, if they had the tiniest spark of humanity within them, then they could probably write-off the debt of every person on the globe AND eradicate poverty, famine & hunger across the entire planet and STILL remain trillionaires. But sadly it seems they don’t, not one iota. They poison the food we eat, the fluids we drink & the air that we breathe; they “cure” us & inject our children with potentially lethal chemicals, paying fortunes to ensure the “official” medical studies declare them safe…then they pay even more to discredit, ridicule or “disappear” any “quack” who dares to reveal compelling evidence of conflicting conclusions. This system we were born into, was designed to benefit TPTB by exploiting us. It matters not the colour of your skin or which god you choose to worship, to them, we are all the same, nothing more than pawns in their game of greed & control. They use our differences to pit us against each other, they incite hatred, create disasters, orchestrate recessions & declare wars, where we, the inconvenient mere mortals, are the ones that suffer, whilst they, the self-proclaimed “chosen ones” sit back & watch the profits roll in….they can’t lose when they’re funding & arming both sides, can they?