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(you’re not a dingbat i actually ♥ u)

Days 1-6 by ElephantFist

Finally got something for ArtSlam up here. My theme is human figures in motion. I’m going to learn the movements of the human body. These are warm-ups. Most of my sketches after this are going to be referenced from animation.

A fun character-design-thing. Based on the main character of Pretty Deadly and a drawing Adam Hughes did of a character called Cynthia from the Witching Hour.

Hello again. The second announcement is that I’ll be working on an issue of Archaia’s Spera: Ascension of the Starless volume 2. This is a reference/model sheet I made of the main characters that I’ll be drawing, designed by other members of the Spera crew (Richie Pope for the building-head-angel in the lower-right, and Afu Chan for the rest). I’ll probably be posting various w.i.p. updates as I move along for the next several months.

Here’s a witchsona that I drew. Hard to say that it’s really *my* witchsona because I took some ideas from Aivii’s Sweets Witchsona. Maybe I’ll actually catch wind of this and be on time next year, haha

It’s a hodgepodge of objects I like to draw: capes, shoes, food, melting candles and the shirt-and-pants that Yama wears from The Swords of Glass (Les Epees de Verre). This caterpillar-browed, shoecrown-wearing, candlewand-wielding food-summoner grants buffs to all who partake of the cuisines she conjures up.