Ace!Warren Worthington iii x reader

Warren always brought pleasure to those he had sex with, and don’t get him wrong, he felt pride in that. But he never felt the same.
He didn’t swim in bliss like them, he didn’t even care for it, it felt wrong to him. But if someone else was happy, then maybe he was actually doing something right. And after whoever he spent the night with had their fill of him, they left or made him leave. After all, that’s all a mutant freak like him is good for, from what he was made to believe.

But once he found himself at the mansion, it was different. Sure, he still got flirted with, he still got the same lust filled looks, but he decided he wasn’t going to be used like that here, not anymore.

So he shied away from them and like a moody lost dog, he followed The Group around.

They were accepting and welcoming of him, even after the apocalypse ordeal and that’s when he met you, his angel.

Warren followed Kurt around, hands tucked within his leather jacket’s pockets as he allowed Kurt to happily drag him along, the friendly blue elf excitedly talking about his friends and how happy he will be here at the mansion, Warren though didn’t smile, even though he felt much more welcome here. Instead, giving a fake huff and acting as though all of it annoyed him. (which was easy to see through, due to Warren’s curious gaze looking at everything they passed) and finally after Kurt’s tour of the mansion his eyes lit up as he pulled Warren through the grass to where his group of friends sat underneath the willow trees, talking and joking with each other.

When they reached the group of teens Kurt happily introduced Warren to each of them while he awkwardly stood behind Kurt, shuffling uncomfortably as he told Warren each persons name.
He recognized most of them, Jean smiled at him, Jubilee waved happily and grinned at him, introducing herself and pulling Kurt down to sit beside her, Scott glanced at him and nodded before starring at Jean again, Peter was too busy eating twinkies and complaining about his broken leg nonstop to pay Warren much attention,

Then Warren saw someone he didn’t recognize, you definitely weren’t at the battle.

He would’ve remembered you(no he is not a creepy elephant memoried stalker birb). You smiled at him, a kind smile, something he wasn’t used to(besides Kurt’s happy sincere smile about everything which was honestly starting to get on his nerves)

You moved your bag and patted the grass next to you for him to sit. His wings ruffled unconsciously as he went to stiffly sit crossed legged next to you, still not sure what to say or if he should even speak to anyone. (afterall, who knew what grudges they could all be harboring after the Apocalypse ordeal)
After a few moments of listening to the chatting between your friends you noticed Warren’s complete silence and took your attention away from your book.

You leaned over to him and quietly, as to not disturb your friends conversation, said Hi to him, offering your hand to shake and giving him a kind smile.
Warren was surprised that you willingly decided to talk to him, he could feel his face heat up and swallowed thickly due to the attention you were giving him. It felt nice, if he was being honest. But gave only short answers to each of your questions, and you didn’t pry.
It was nice, he thought, having people to talk with, instead of just be used by or told to fight, then left and be forgotten till he could be of use to them again.

Out of all the mutants at the school, and everyone in The Group, you made the most effort to include him in things, you always invited him places.

And if he tried to stay a grouchy bird in his room? No. You weren’t having it. You’d pester him and give puppy eyes until he gave in, or try literally pushing him out of his room (futile efforts because he’s huge and built like an angelic god, but he thought you looked adorable)
He knew he couldn’t deny your requests anyway. You were just too nice to him, he couldn’t refuse you anything.
You were the first person to truly enjoy his presence. Even if he didn’t say much, you still liked talking to him and walking with him through the halls.

Whenever he got hurt you’d be right there next to him in no time, patching him up or dragging him straight to the infirmary and scolding him, telling him to be more careful.
Warren was in awe at the sight, you actually looked truly worried about him as you cleaned the small wounds.

No one had ever done that for him before.

Warren knew he loved you, he fell for you in no time and was happy his heart was in your hands. But Warren still didn’t want to try and start a relationship with you though, what if you didn’t like him and it was all an act?
Or what if he did, and you left him once you knew the real him, or somehow it was all an act for sex? Warren couldn’t take it.

No matter how ridiculous the possibilities sounded, he couldn’t get rid of such thoughts.

So he didn’t do anything even though it killed him, with every sweet smile and kind act from you, he fell harder. Soon his feelings became obvious though, he would always blush and stutter around you or become a complete loss for words. Jean and Jubilee would giggle at how cute it was, but Peter and Scott, they wouldn’t let it go no matter how much he scowled at them or puffed his wings and threatened them.

You on the other hand, were getting annoyed with Warren’s obliviousness.
So one afternoon, sitting in the grass next to Warren under the swaying willow trees,(a regular activity of you two) your leg brushing against his.
After you’d finished the small flower crown you carefully placed it on his head, smiling at his rosy cheeks as he muttered a quiet thanks.

You rolled your eyes and pecked Warren’s cheek changing his pink tinted cheeks to a full blown, bright rosy red blush as he stared at you.

You acted as if nothing happened and twisted flowers into his soft white feathers instead. After that incident you started giving him more quick kisses, whether on his cheek or forehead, and holding his hand in the halls(never did he live without a bright blush and a stunned little smile) and he couldn’t deny you affection. He loved you, and everything about being with you. Soon he just gave in.

One night laying in bed, you curled into his side with your head on his chest and his wings cocooning you both in softness and warmth he decided to tell you.
You were always understanding to everyone else, maybe somehow if you wouldn’t hate him for it.

And he told you. About how he felt, about all of his past, and his feelings about having sex. He was crying within no time. As you just held him tightly in a hug, trying your best to comfort him and listened intently. He was hunched with his arms around you, his face buried in your neck soaking your shirt with tears. He waited for you so say something, anything, some kind of response. He couldn’t help it, he was terrified of you leaving him, of hating him and saying he was a monster But you only smiled and told him you loved him.

Warren stared at you in disbelief, you couldn’t be serious right? There was something wrong with him. More wrong than being a mutant, he was broken or sick SOMETHING and he waiting for you to tell him, but you never did, ever. You kissed him gently and wiped away his tears.

You cuddled his close to you, and kissed so soft and lovingly and made him feel completely loved. Never making him feel like a monster, you never pressured him into anything. You accepted him for who he was no matter what. You always loved him, and always will.

(I didn’t know how to end it I’m sorry for all of this and please, any feedback would be highly appreciated :) I have no clue what I’m doing.)

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