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Shallow, Wading, and neck deep :)))

This is many okay sorry Ericaa here it goes

1. Favorite color-White

2. Height - 5.7

3. Eye color -brown dee brown

4. Hair color- brownn

5. Age-Fifteen 

6. Piercings?-Just one on my ears 

7. Tattoos?-Im a child

8. Favorite animal/pet-ELephant

9. Favorite scent-Fresh linen?? 

10. What time is it?- 10.18 in the pm

11. Favorite time of day-Late night like 2am

12.First pet-Cat named Sarah shes v grump

13. Siblings-I have an older sister
14. First car-youre talking to a four year old
15. On a day like today you would…?-go to the beach hot tamales 
16. The last book you read-A Work in Progress-Connor Franta
17. The last text message you sent/received-We both made it(friend talking about how ball really is life idk)
18. Are you usually hot or cold-HOT SO SUPER SMOKIN
19. Pick one thing to your left, what does it mean to you-juice box it means i love juice

41. Who would you want to meet again in your life-My close friend 

42. Why did you choose your career path- I like to cook.Cook is fun

43. What is something you regret from your past- Not going to a pool party everyone went to today 

44. How much time is left at the end of your day-So many all the time

45. What was your last dream about-A boy stole my container at lunch and i got so made i punched him(im not this aggressive stg)

46. Have you ever hated someone and why-Noo i havent hated anyone

47. Talk about your favorite family member-He always knows what to say and never really gets upset. I wish i had as much patience as him but i dont think thats possible. He will do anything to help anyone and his humour is like nothing else and i miss him 

48. What is one thing you want to confess-i didnt go to a pool party today because i thought they didnt want me there but now everyone is asking why i wasnt there and im just really uncomfortable oops

49. Have you ever tried to take away your problems instead of deal with them-Yeah basically i just sleep 

50. Who would you save- yourself or a stranger?-A stranger they might have a family and people that love them and idk i dont think id be able to live knowing i could have helped someone when i didnt

The Seventh Day

Day 7 June 27, 2015

It was a mild night. I awoke when the generator started indicating that the new day was starting. It was still dark, but dawn was fast approaching. As I sat up a 2 inch bug fell onto my arm. I had a flashback to the scorpion of last year that so hampered my last trip. Luckily, it was only a grasshopper. I got up to shower, and there was no hot water. Instead, I went for coffee.

We drove out this morning along the cut line. We were on a part of the concession which is not very close to the river. On this road we found a set of hippo tracks going deeper into the concession. There was also another set coming back out. Evidently some lone hippo made a long trek overnight to feed, and returned to the water before daylight.

We checked the water holes looking for fresh elephant spoor. We drove on to check another larger waterhole, and came upon the herd of elephant we had seen yesterday. This time we had driven up almost into the middle of them. Needless to say, they were not happy with our intrusion. A group of them went to our left. The majority of them went to our right. We did not see any trophy bulls. We watched them for a long while as they made their way away from us. It was an incredible sight to see that many elephants on the move.

We decided to hang out in this spot. Uys believed that with such a large herd, with so many cows, would have to have some mature bulls circumnavigating the herd like satellites. Well, we didn’t see any bulls, but there was a group of straggling cows trying to catch up to the herd. They were all young, and were panicked that we were between them and the herd. There was a great amount of repetitive trumpeting and growling until they were well past us. We drove on searching for the bulls. At one point we came upon a large track of about 23 inches. It appeared fresh from this morning. We lost the track in the thick grass. We drove the truck through some of the area but did not find the tracks. There was a chance he was still in the area. The trackers got out of the truck and followed the general direction of the tracks. We circled around in the truck. None of us saw any elephant. We did startle an elegant male roan. He ran about 30 yards and then watched us pass.

We drove to Camp Kwando for lunch on the river. On the way back, Uys received a call that Margarit, our cook coming up from Omujeve near Windhoek, had a bit of trouble. It seems that our kitchen was stocked last week with groceries by Corne’s parents. The groceries were stolen out of camp. (Which is why we were eating at Camp Kwando.) They sent Margarit by bus with more food. On the way, her bus broke down outside of Grootfontein, and she had to wait for a ride to Kongola. While she was waiting, she was attacked and a some of the supplies were taken. She had a few bruises, but was otherwise alright. We returned to Camp with her.

In camp, the hot water copper pipes had broken and they were attempting to replace them so we could have hot water. They were successful with a little bushman engineering.

In the afternoon, we drove to the back of the concession, and worked our way back toward camp. We saw a few good tracks from overnight, but nothing we could follow. We saw some Impala and a lone blue wildebeest. When we were almost to camp at the last light of day, we came upon a 24 inch track. This was about 3 hours old. It was too late to follow. We will have to drive around the area in the morning to check and see if he returned to the park.

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Hun your feet are hot as fuck. I love a woman with big feet :)

I’m on mobile so i cant post my reaction. But its similar to if you took a big whiff of fresh elephant patties.