Mixc World

Victo Ngai

I was commissioned by Mixc World, a shopping center in Shenzhen China. to create a billboard image celebrating their launch in September 2017.

 Mixc World is a community comprises of a dozen buildings, hundreds of shops and restaurants and public areas including art installations and historical sites. The main inspiration of this piece was drawn from the Chinese name of Mixc World - “萬象天地”, which has the meaning of “a place with everything and all things” but can also be literally translated to “Elephant World”

 With this image, I want to create a whimsical carnival-like world that is filled with fun and curiosity. I like to sneak in visual signs for the viewers to figure out, clues which would allow people to connect dots into line, whether consciously or subconsciously. For example, we see the Cosmic Elephant presents a flower to the little girl. The interior of the flower corresponds to the cosmic pattern on the elephant, while the external stripes related to the stripes on the elephant, the girl’s skirt, the building, the clouds in the sky, and so on. We get a sense that everything is related and all is one, the flower being gifted opens up the possibility of the entire world, similar to the experience Mixc World is offering to its shoppers.

Drawing prompts my friends

- A character you hate. You can make them ugly of course.
- Mermaid AU.
- Water. It can vary from rain to a lake to ice cubes. Anything water.
- Eyes. Extra points for both of them. Even more points for a set of three eyes.
- Create an object-for-a-head oc. Those are fun.
- Falling poses.
- Flying poses.
- Make animal hybrids. Whatever you want. Make an elephant-chicken.
- Design a house for your fave fictional character.


Like i promised, a glimse of the picturesque sights I stumbled upon during my trip to Bangkok last weekend! Many of the malls in Bangkok (with their unique art installments) were very easy on the eyes! I found everything from the architecture to the individual store displays very creative and refreshing, and i’ve never been this excited about being in malls before tbh ahaha~ 8DD

On another spectrum, Chatuchak market was INSANE and i didn’t do enough research on this one to find out the best way to go around the whole thing without getting lost LOL but i loved that even a busy street market like that had an area dedicated to ARTS like literal visual arts!! /doki doki!! <33 i’m all for the exposure of local artists, no matter the country–it felt really good seeing many fellow artists being able to share and sell their craft in open, public spaces, integrated with other businesses. Now that’s a culture I think we can all appreciate 8DD

(Bangkok trip Part One here)