This Pathetic Teen Committed The Worst Act Imaginable... But Now Justice Has...
A house party in Wisconsin went horribly wrong. This guy won't get any more graduation party invitations after everyone heard about his story. He did the worst act imaginable in another man's house but now justice is paying back. source Meet Anthony Zingale. His mug shot is going viral around the internet and not just...

Merlin’s beard, but this caused some questions didn’t it?  Well I hope you won’t be disappointed to know that you’re all right- might not all have magical properties now but they all have it in their background.

Manatees, see, happen to make wonderful pets to their indigenous mermaid populations.  Tends to keep the drownings of muggles down too.   One would only need visit India to find out the truth behind elephants.  

Cats, well, even the Egyptians knew what they could do.  Best keep them happy, as well as their close cousins, Kneazles.  As for dogs, you really think you could have a species with as much variation and such devotion to humans without a bit of magic involved?  

Truth is, a lot of your muggle animals have had wizarding intervention at one point or another.  It’s our world too you know.  We just attempt to keep the most magical and slightly more dangerous ones a little better hidden, if possible, for the creature’s safety.  Um, and the muggles’ too.