Hey guys, I know I haven’t been around for a while but I could really use your help with a project.

I’m in my third year of University and I need to do a series of large scale paintings. My theme is the circus (good and bad) so if you could send me things you associate with the circus in the form of lists, pictures you find/have, drawings you do, paintings you’ve seen, newspaper articles, really anything having to do with the circus I would really appreciate it.

If you all reblog this and tell your friends and send me whatever you have then I promise I’ll post all my paintings on tumblr when they’re finished :)

From The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: “Our new short film takes you on a journey into the lives of the orphaned elephants from rescue to rehabilitation. A journey which can span over 10 years, but one which is just as unique and significant as the next.Once wild, our Aerial Surveillance teams provide eyes-in-the-sky protection for the orphans as they begin families of their own.Find out how we have been making this a reality for almost 40 years: thedswt.org/raising-orphans “ (Kenya, South Africa)

1999th Episode!

[originally posted 9.5.16]

Good morning!

Did you see yesterday’s Zyuohger, episode 28 “The Space Pirates Return”?

That broadcast was the 1999th since Himitsu Sentai Goranger originally aired!

Marvelous and co’s target is the Grand Champion’s Symbol.
Coming back for treasure is so like the Gokaigers, I love it haha

That Symbol projected the Zyuman ancestor, Cetas.

Cetas-san made Zyuland.
Now I’m really interested in Zyuman history…

Next week, episode 2000!!!!
I think it’ll be quite the glorious broadcast!!
Please definitely watch it!!

And for this Gokai Red, Fukuzawa-san played alongside the Zyuohger director, and it was really exciting!
He hasn’t changed at all since he originally played Gokai Red, it was so amazing!!

I’m so glad I got to see one of those action scenes in real life  ( ^ ^ )/■

Speaking of!
I’ll leave you with Gokai Red’s roll call pose!!

Let’s do our elebest again today!!