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Requested: Anonymous said: hi hi hi! it’s kinda a miracle that i saw your requests were open i mean i would worship you for your writingso i would like to request a hybrid (shifter?) au with hoseok. (I shortened it sorry)

Anonymous said: MORE. OF. THE. SHIFTER. AU. PLEASE. IT’S. SO. AMAZING. I. CAN’T. HANDLE. IT. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE. Okay now that I’ve calmed down - could it be w/ Hobi this time pretty pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?

Excerpt: ‘That was when you began to love heights and beating your new best friend, Jung Hoseok; but as you both matured he continued to be relentlessly childish and then you both joined college and he forgot about you, too busy with a new girl almost every week.’

Genre: fluff, shifter au

Length: 1.2k

A/N: so I have completed a jin shifter au, but again if you would like  apart two or another member don’t hesitate to request!! - also I have animals for all of them so don’t worry about that)

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“Welcome to your gym class, first up that wall doesn’t have to do five laps around the  campus, go!” Your elephant of a gym teacher’s - and no you weren’t being rude she was a literal elephant shifter - voice rang out and you began to hoist yourself up the climbing wall. The smell of sweat was overwhelming and you watched a tail spring out of a pair of shorts next to you before the voice interrupted your internal debate to half shift as well to win, “Anyone who half shifts will be running double!”

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Here's a Sing headcanon

Buster’s illegal activities (mainly draining the water tower from another building) catches up to him and, due to association, Meena. Nana gets them the best lawyers money can buy, but facts are facts. They committed a crime, and both are sentenced to jail time (I don’t know how likely that is, but hear me out). They get to the joint, and tiny, fluffy Moon and large-but-timid Meena don’t look like they’re gonna last the day in lockup. They’re approached by a large, menacing gorilla. “You’re Moon, own that theater?”
“And you’re the elephant with the angel voice?”
A stammered yes, thank you.
“I’m Johnny’s dad, and I owe my son’s happiness to you two. Don’t you worry about a thing in here. You two are with me, and anyone that messes with you has to answer to me and my crew.”
Suddenly jail seems more tolerable.


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The other song I covered for the E6 Townhall’s Fourth Fanfare for Elephant 6 was Takeshi and Elijah, originally by the Music Tapes, recorded (in my bathroom) back in the summer of 2012, before the song was even officially released. Takeshi and Elijah has long been one of my favorite songs by the Music Tapes, after I first met and befriended it in person (seemingly a lifetime ago), and, just like those dear friendy fellows themselves (whom I am still so bummed we missed seeing in the Orbiting Human Circus earlier this month [life conspired against us]), it means more to me than a lot of things.

Allow me a few moments of sentimentality;

I am forever indebted to and thankful for J. &co. for all of the kindness, beauty, love, and joy they have intentionally and unintentionally bestowed upon me, been responsible for, and/or been the cause of in my life (some of which they are fully aware, some of which they have absolutely no idea). Everything I’ve done (this cover) or made (invitations/cards, several batches of cookies/muffins) or given (etc.) in regards to this band/those sweet friends of mine, I have been inspired to do because I honestly do not know where or who I would be (or if I would be) without them (I most certainly would not be with C without their existence [I am particularly sensitive to this right now, as we became Farcebook Official three years ago on this very day {jt is still the nineteenth for two more minutes}], and that in and of itself is worthy of a lifetime/afterlife/infinity of thankfulness and/or cookies); they are gifts of gratitude, though only drops from an ocean (falling, out of the sky). I could go on forever (part of the reason there has been a ten day gap between Ode to the Sea and this post is because I have edited this mushy part several times [it was initially three paragraphs, and I could gone on much longer]), but I don’t want to get into it too much here/now, so… okay.

As with everything I’ve ever recorded, I think this sounds best through headphones.

I am pretty sure that, with this post, I have posted every song I have ever covered on this blog (I think. I will have to double check on the two covers I contributed vocals to, but this song and Ode to the Sea were glaring, accidental/unintentional omissions that needed to be rectified immediately [well, sort of immediately]).

Regarding new music, I am currently working, albeit VERY SLOWLY, on songs for a new swarbles album and am in the process of reviving an old project that I half-started forever ago but pushed to the back burner because I lost interest, but I have recently been inspired to take it up again. So there’s that to look forward to (or not). And there will be new Secret Acorns stuff sometime soon as well (though we are currently very busy concocting Twin Peaks theories [amongst other things…]).

We will now return to our completely irregular, non-scheduled programming of Posting Sometimes (But Not Very Often).

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NEW! Animated Movie from the creators of Despicable Me called…SING!  

SING is about ‘a koala named Buster [who] hires a black sheep [which] is also his best friend to help him run his business of theater.‘

  • Matthew McConaughey as Buster Moon, a showman entrepreneur koala running a legit theater.
  • Reese Witherspoon as Rosita, a single mom pig who once had teenage musical dreams, trying to raise her 25 piglets.
  • Seth MacFarlane as Mike, a smooth talking jazz singing mouse who tries to con the other contenders.
  • Tori Kelly as Meena, a shy teenage elephant with an exquisite voice and severe stage fright.
  • John C. Reilly (not pictured) as Eddie, a black sheep, and Buster’s best friend.
  • Taron Egerton as Johnny, a young rapping gorilla who is the son of a notorious and powerful crime boss, trying to escape his family’s criminal footsteps.
  • Scarlett Johansson as Ash, a punk rocking porcupine trying to start her own career after being kicked out of her punk rock band and her break up with her boyfriend.

In theaters December 21, 2016


Im sad now because i was watching this episode again and when wirt finds greg tangled up in the edelwood tree you can hear a sweeter version of the song potatoes and molasses in the background also sung by greg but in a really angelical voice. Also, the song dies out with the lyrics “Oh, can’t you see, here i come to the trees” (then wirt sees the beast)

Fic: Forest for the Trees

Summary: Future fic. Santana enters into a curious sort of contest and convinces Blaine to come along for the ride. Kurt remains unconvinced. Or does he?

I’m importing my fic from LJ to AO3 and I completely forgot I wrote this and it’s one of my favourites. Pure crack. I’ve never posted it on tumblr so here it is. 

Why did he pick up so many groceries? He had only meant to get some fresh produce so he and Blaine could have a salad with their dinner, but as he was going through the health food market where they often shopped he kept remembering more and more things that they were out of. As Kurt tries to manoeuvre an armload of paper grocery bags up the stairs to his and Blaine’s seventh floor apartment, he is really, really regretting his decision not to go back another day with Blaine in tow. 

He somehow manages to unlock the bolt and kick open the door, elbowing his way inside. He drops a bag of produce in the entryway and curses his clumsiness as apples go rolling away into the living area. 

“Someone sounds like a herd of elephants,” says a voice from the kitchen. Kurt jumps, knocking a tub of frozen yogurt out of a bag – something he hadn’t actually needed – and cursing loudly. 

“Santana, you scared the hell outta me!” He figures if Santana is over visiting then Blaine must be home early and is relieved that he’ll have some help cleaning up his mess. “Blaine!” he calls into the apartment.

“Oh, loverboy’s not here. I used my spare key,” Santana informs him, picking up an apple that has come to rest against her bare foot and taking a huge bite. 

“The spare key that is meant to be used for emergency purposes, you mean?” 

“It was an emergency,” Santana says around her bite of apple. She swallows it and grins. “I came here with a very interesting proposal for you.”

“Oh god.” Kurt sets down the bags in his arms and picks up the one that he dropped, pushing the fallen produce forward out of the way of the door so he can shut it behind him. “I don’t think I want to know.”

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ps I love the fact that the first alien you get to really interact with (besides Nihlus) is a freakin elcor


let’s have the first aliens you meet be adorable little elephant-creatures with soothing voices who have to explain their feelings

Hayagriva, 17th century

Tibet or Mongolia (?), 1600-1699
Gilt bronze with pigment

Hayagriva, known as “one with a horse’s neck,” is an important deity in China, Tibet and Mongolia, where the nomadic population adopted him as a protector of horses and of the Buddhist faith. Three horse heads emerge from his flaming hair. He has six arms, three faces and four pairs of legs; these multiple limbs proclaim his divinity and terrifying visage. He stands in the menacing alidha, or warrior’s pose, upon eight snakes, which are enemies of the horse. 
He is adorned with a tiara of skulls and a long garland of severed heads, and he is wrapped in an elephant hide. His voice is said to thunder like that of a horse roaring with the power to subdue all demonic forces.

Norton Simon Museum

Amusement Park AU - Captain Swan

Rating: T
Words: 2,109
Summary: Prompt from distantseas – Emma and Killian meet and pass the time while waiting in a long line.
Author’s Note: I amended this prompt slightly and set it at an amusement park, because those are the longest lines in the entire world. Hope you like it!

The line for this particular roller coaster is zig-zagging and long, and Emma is trying her best to ignore the feeling of eyes on her, especially when she can pinpoint exactly who is looking at her. Every now and then, when the line moves just right, she ends up across the barrier from a (very attractive) man with the bluest eyes she’s ever seen, and a permanent smirk on his face. They’ve made eye contact every time they’ve ended up across from one another, and at first, Emma ignored him, feeling a blush rise on her skin from the unexpected attention. Now, she’s biting back a smile, because really, how long is this going to go on before one of them says something?


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In my deep slumber i was laughing at the fair
With a roller coaster that had cotton candy hair
who was as sweet as the frosting on elephant ears
Her voice lullabied as soft as the exterior on one of those oversized teddy bears 
I won a prize for every freckle and each smile was worth every shekel 
Pure gold, yes gold she was
Middle of Sweet November but that couldnt describe how cold she was 
On the outside, her demeanor
On the inside she waved a summer heat, a misdemeanor 
She pulled it on her victim who happened to be me
She did subtle things like locking fingers and leaning her head on shoulders
Getting whatever she wants when she bites her bottom lip
There goes those Warm Winds
Leaving me short winded without a chance to rap, its Childs Play 
I catch her staring with those glibly eyes, ive never seen so many fireworks
A delightful high, shes got me ferris wheeling, were face to face yet i can see the entire cosmos from here. - SZA
📝: @marsblackmon101
#wcw #blackpoetry #poetry