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Requested: Anonymous said: hi hi hi! it’s kinda a miracle that i saw your requests were open i mean i would worship you for your writingso i would like to request a hybrid (shifter?) au with hoseok. (I shortened it sorry)

Anonymous said: MORE. OF. THE. SHIFTER. AU. PLEASE. IT’S. SO. AMAZING. I. CAN’T. HANDLE. IT. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE. Okay now that I’ve calmed down - could it be w/ Hobi this time pretty pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?

Excerpt: ‘That was when you began to love heights and beating your new best friend, Jung Hoseok; but as you both matured he continued to be relentlessly childish and then you both joined college and he forgot about you, too busy with a new girl almost every week.’

Genre: fluff, shifter au

Length: 1.2k

A/N: so I have completed a jin shifter au, but again if you would like  apart two or another member don’t hesitate to request!! - also I have animals for all of them so don’t worry about that)

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“Welcome to your gym class, first up that wall doesn’t have to do five laps around the  campus, go!” Your elephant of a gym teacher’s - and no you weren’t being rude she was a literal elephant shifter - voice rang out and you began to hoist yourself up the climbing wall. The smell of sweat was overwhelming and you watched a tail spring out of a pair of shorts next to you before the voice interrupted your internal debate to half shift as well to win, “Anyone who half shifts will be running double!”

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Here's a Sing headcanon

Buster’s illegal activities (mainly draining the water tower from another building) catches up to him and, due to association, Meena. Nana gets them the best lawyers money can buy, but facts are facts. They committed a crime, and both are sentenced to jail time (I don’t know how likely that is, but hear me out). They get to the joint, and tiny, fluffy Moon and large-but-timid Meena don’t look like they’re gonna last the day in lockup. They’re approached by a large, menacing gorilla. “You’re Moon, own that theater?”
“And you’re the elephant with the angel voice?”
A stammered yes, thank you.
“I’m Johnny’s dad, and I owe my son’s happiness to you two. Don’t you worry about a thing in here. You two are with me, and anyone that messes with you has to answer to me and my crew.”
Suddenly jail seems more tolerable.


Look At This

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expectoanna  asked:

can you please do a penny imagine where he got a little girl into the sewers and when he tries to scare her she just laughs and he gets this wired happy feeling because he really loves this tiny little humans laugh??? So he ends up keeping her and she sorta becomes like his daughter and he takes really good care of her?? (Could she be 5 or 6??) That would be great // you don't have to buttt I'd be super happy :))))

((A/N: This is sooo late, but thanks to me getting rid of my writer’s block it’s finally here!! I hope it’s something like what you wanted, I tried >< Thanks for requesting, lovely!))

A sudden scent of anguish wafted to the beast below Derry, Maine from down one of the sprawling sewer tunnels beneath the city’s tired asphalt. A tinkling of bells echoed down rancid concrete corridors as the nightmare whose thumb pinned the city above at Its mercy made Its way toward the wet, heavy smell. He knew these tunnels well, having spent nearly a century hidden within them, so when he arrived at the sewer drain on the corner of Canal street and Costello avenue, he was almost certain what he would find, and felt a subtle rumble in his stomach at his impending dinner.

Blue eyes, falsely inviting and staked through by blazing red vertical lines, peaked over the plateau of Canal street, out to the familiar scene of Bassey Park. The scent that summoned the owner of the sky-blue eyes, now scanning silently, was thick like a cloud here. Yet all he could see were children screaming in glee on the playground in the distance, running around the feet of exasperated mothers, too tired to watch their little kiddies close enough that they didn’t wander off, perhaps too close to a dark entrance to the closest thing to hell there is, lorded over by the closest thing to satan that there is. The sound of sniffling to the right of the opening finally gave away the origin of the scent.

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Im sad now because i was watching this episode again and when wirt finds greg tangled up in the edelwood tree you can hear a sweeter version of the song potatoes and molasses in the background also sung by greg but in a really angelical voice. Also, the song dies out with the lyrics “Oh, can’t you see, here i come to the trees” (then wirt sees the beast)

anonymous asked:

Boy am I glad someone finally voiced the elephant in the room. I couldn't say anything before since I didn't want to jump to conclusion but after watching the showcase and behind the scenes it has become hard to ignore the obvious. Jackson has his down time. He has the right to not smile all the time but this is not the same. This is Jackson holding himself back on purpose and that sucks. He's more wary in front of the camera now :( you can actually see him try to restrain himself at certain

moments. He slips up sometimes and that playful side appears but then he goes back to being solemn like he suddenly remember where he is. He doesn’t look that comfortable when he’s drag in the spotlight now even if it’s done by one of the members. It’s actually frustrating to see him like this. I hope he’ll realize soon or someday that he doesn’t have to restrain a part of himself to be taken seriously or just to please the dumb fans who wants to silence him. I’m glad that he’s at least surrounded by people who love and care about him. I hope he relies on them and not carry all those problems by himself :(

There’s nothing I think we can do to “fix this” since Jackson doesn’t even read comments anymore. We just have to wait it out unfortunately. 

Book 6: The Capture, Chapters 16-17

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Chapter 16

Jake wakes up coughing and sputtering on the floor of the hospital room, gagging on his lungful of Yeerk goo (ewwww), and also he’s got a terrible pain in his head like someone drilling a hole through his ear into his brain.  Which: okay, so I’m like 99% sure he managed to get a Yeerk in his head while face-down in the pool, but because I’m fresh off a migraine, part of me is just thinking join the excruciating head-drill-pain club, Jake, suck it up and take a fistful of Excedrin and a nap like the rest of us.  I will try to be sympathetic, though.

Jake’s sort of aware through the pain and trying-to-breathe stuff that Marco and Rachel have shown up in gorilla-and-wolf forms, and at least temporarily turned the fighting in their favor.  Marco scoops Jake up and starts to carry him away from the scene.  Rachel leads the way, apparently in her elephant form now.

A voice in Jake’s head is all: Rachel?  A human?

And then I start to cackle with delight, because while I had an idea from the book jacket that Jake was going to get Yeerked at some point in this book, I didn’t realize it was going to be able to talk to him, oh my gosh, this seems like it might be a lot of fun. In a terrible sort of way.

The kids get Jake tossed onto the back of Cassie, who’s switched to her horse form to get away fast.  He’s still in pain and confused and sort of vaguely tries to mumble-tell the other kids about the pain in his head, but Marco’s just cheerfully like, yep, I’d have a headache too in your shoes, shoo, we’ll cover your escape and sends Cassie off galloping with Jake on her back.

(Meanwhile, one assumes people in other parts of the hospital are looking out at the front lawn where there’s a horse with a semi-conscious boy on its back running away from a gorilla, and then deciding it’s time to dial down their morphine consumption.)

Cassie: (running, running, running)

Jake: (trying to say something to let her know that he is Not Okay, but his mouth won’t work.)

Jake’s Head-Yeerk: What the shit, you’re all humans, my mind is blown, by the way you might as well stop struggling because I own your brain now, we are going to have such good times, Jake, or at least I am, maybe not so much you.


Chapter 17

Tobias has swooped in and Cassie is back in human form and they’re both fretting about Jake, who isn’t speaking or answering them when they say his name.

In his head, Jake and Jake’s Head-Yeerk are having a fun little chat about how Jake’s struggle to make his mouth work isn’t doing him any good, and how the Yeerk has access to all his thoughts and memories now.  Oh, and also, coincidentally enough, the Yeerk is the same one that used to be in Tom’s head, before getting promoted to a better body.


Jake’s Head-Yeerk is currently going by Temrash 114, although his number might change if he gets more promotions.  He was hanging out in that Yeerk pool waiting to get popped into the governor’s brain as part of his promotion, but he’s pretty stoked about this turn of events, because it might be even better to be the one who marches Jake’s body on up to Visser Three and leads him to all the other Animorphs too.

Right about this point, Marco shows up. Temrash 114 gets a hang of the mouth-control thing, using Jake’s body to tell everyone that he was a little stunned but he’s totally fine now, no worries, definitely nothing to see there inside Jake’s head!  It brushes off the suggestion of going to a doctor for a concussion check, on the excuse that the doctor could do bloodwork and find something weird in Jake’s blood and get suspicious.

(I have been wondering about that. I would LOVE to know what the kids’ DNA looks like at this point, or even an MRI.  Fingers crossed we get to find out eventually.)

Tobias goes off to check on and fetch Rachel and Ax, while Temrash 114 works on convincing the others that they ought to split up as soon as they know everyone’s okay, and Jake despairs inside his own head about the impossibility of signalling to the others that something’s wrong.  He doesn’t want to be a slave forever, resistance is futile, etc., etc.

And then things get interesting: Ax shows up, and face to face with an Andalite, Temrash 114’s control over Jake’s face cracks just for a second, to show its hatred for Andalites.  It covers quickly and starts to greet Ax, but Ax’s mama didn’t raise a fool (assuming Ax had a mama, hell if I know how Andalite child-rearing works) and before you can say “Temrash 114 is a terrible name”, Ax has his sharp blade-tail at Jake’s throat and is alerting everyone else that they have a Yeerk problem in their midst.

Awww, Ax.  What a good boy!

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NEW! Animated Movie from the creators of Despicable Me called…SING!  

SING is about ‘a koala named Buster [who] hires a black sheep [which] is also his best friend to help him run his business of theater.‘

  • Matthew McConaughey as Buster Moon, a showman entrepreneur koala running a legit theater.
  • Reese Witherspoon as Rosita, a single mom pig who once had teenage musical dreams, trying to raise her 25 piglets.
  • Seth MacFarlane as Mike, a smooth talking jazz singing mouse who tries to con the other contenders.
  • Tori Kelly as Meena, a shy teenage elephant with an exquisite voice and severe stage fright.
  • John C. Reilly (not pictured) as Eddie, a black sheep, and Buster’s best friend.
  • Taron Egerton as Johnny, a young rapping gorilla who is the son of a notorious and powerful crime boss, trying to escape his family’s criminal footsteps.
  • Scarlett Johansson as Ash, a punk rocking porcupine trying to start her own career after being kicked out of her punk rock band and her break up with her boyfriend.

In theaters December 21, 2016

In my deep slumber i was laughing at the fair
With a roller coaster that had cotton candy hair
who was as sweet as the frosting on elephant ears
Her voice lullabied as soft as the exterior on one of those oversized teddy bears 
I won a prize for every freckle and each smile was worth every shekel 
Pure gold, yes gold she was
Middle of Sweet November but that couldnt describe how cold she was 
On the outside, her demeanor
On the inside she waved a summer heat, a misdemeanor 
She pulled it on her victim who happened to be me
She did subtle things like locking fingers and leaning her head on shoulders
Getting whatever she wants when she bites her bottom lip
There goes those Warm Winds
Leaving me short winded without a chance to rap, its Childs Play 
I catch her staring with those glibly eyes, ive never seen so many fireworks
A delightful high, shes got me ferris wheeling, were face to face yet i can see the entire cosmos from here. - SZA
📝: @marsblackmon101
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