elephant tea

they warned us

Back in December, Arwel Jones was going crazy with the elephants thing on Twitter. 

Repeatedly posting little elephant emoticons and saying that setlock this time around was ALL unaddressed elephants. 

Lots of us took this as a hint that Johnlock would become canon this time around.

We shouldn’t have.

I see it as a warning to the TJLCers, like, “Hey, sorry, good job, you, you’re on the right track, but we’re gonna put you through hell for a bit.”

Because if setlock was ALL unaddressed elephants, well, that means the elephants weren’t addressed yet.

They were warning us in our own language.

Supporting my theory of ‘Moftiss and crew know what we’re doing, speak our language, and want to support us’ we have: 

“Is cup of tea… code?” a line from TLD from Billy Wiggins.

Obviously this line is a nod to the TJLC theory about tea representing gay love.

So yeah. Ginger Dad, Moffat, and the crew all support us.

Rock on, friends.

The elephants will be addressed.


This was tweeted on Jan 9. S4e2 aired on Jan 8.
John wasn’t in the well til TFP which aired on jan. 12.
*someone correct me if I’m wrong*


hes also tweeted about cluedo, elephants, tea, planes, etc. And tweets directed to @contactSH on twitter are on his feed.

The games afoot.

anonymous asked:

Concept: a 9 episodes long series "1895". Every episode is a detective story (set every 10 years from 1805 to 1895) in which two characters (every time different, same for places) solve a crime. Every time the viewers ship them and every time things go wrong. But in the 9th episode it goes differently. The main characters are SH and JW (obvs) and by the end of the episode they are happily in love because they're The True Couple. Subtext is there tea is a code the elephant is finally free

That sounds both like the worst and best show ever, Nonny LOL! SET THE ELEPHANT FREE. SPILL THE TEA. LET JOHN AND SHERLOCK BE HAPPY.