elephant tea

they warned us

Back in December, Arwel Jones was going crazy with the elephants thing on Twitter. 

Repeatedly posting little elephant emoticons and saying that setlock this time around was ALL unaddressed elephants. 

Lots of us took this as a hint that Johnlock would become canon this time around.

We shouldn’t have.

I see it as a warning to the TJLCers, like, “Hey, sorry, good job, you, you’re on the right track, but we’re gonna put you through hell for a bit.”

Because if setlock was ALL unaddressed elephants, well, that means the elephants weren’t addressed yet.

They were warning us in our own language.

Supporting my theory of ‘Moftiss and crew know what we’re doing, speak our language, and want to support us’ we have: 

“Is cup of tea… code?” a line from TLD from Billy Wiggins.

Obviously this line is a nod to the TJLC theory about tea representing gay love.

So yeah. Ginger Dad, Moffat, and the crew all support us.

Rock on, friends.

The elephants will be addressed.

Will You? // Stanley Uris Imagine

*The losers club is aged up a few in this one so they’re sophomores in high school!

Stanley POV

Six. Days.

There were six days until homecoming and I still hadn’t asked my girlfriend. I invited Richie, Eddie, and Bill over to my house as I paced around my room trying to figure out how to ask her,

“You guys are already dating do you really NEED to ask her?” Eddie asked

“Yes and apparently it needs to be romantic and big and I don’t know what the hell to do”

“I got it” Richie said catching our attention, “Take her to the synagogue and hold up a sign saying ‘Will Jew go to homecoming with me?’”

“Or or or get her a donkey…Lemme take that ass to homecoming?” he continues

I roll my eyes and throw a pillow at him

“W-what kind of things does sh-she like?” Bill asks

“A lot of stuff..elephants, Stand By Me, tea, the color green-”

“You listen to all that stuff?” Richie asks

“Yes that’s why I have a girlfriend and you don’t…But anyways I don’t know which one to use?”

“W-well” Bill starts, “Why don’t you use all?”



I walked home from school alone and worried. Stanley left a note in my locker saying he got in trouble and his dad pulled him from school so he couldn’t walk me home today. I chewed on my nails while I walked up to my front porch. Sitting in front of my door was a small stuffed elephant and a sign reading,

Let’s address the elephant in the room…

A smile spread a crossed my face and I picked up the stuffed elephant and walked inside. I looked around my living room

hmm nothing

I walked up the stairs and at the top of them was my favorite tea and a sign reading,

Hey cu-tea can I take you to…

I picked up the tea still holding the elephant under my arm. I turned the corner towards my room and there was another one. A VHS of Stand By Me and a sign reading,

Will you stand by me at….

I opened the door and my room was surrounded by green Christmas lights. There was a sign on my bed reading

Will you light up my night at..

Stanley stood next to my bed holding a sign that finally said,


I couldn’t stop myself from smiling from ear to ear and I set all my presents on the chair in my room,

“Little cliche..” I said a smile slowly coming onto my face. At this point joking around with each other was the same way we flirted. I walked over and hugged him

“Is that a yes?” he asks. I reach up and kiss him,


Uhm, uhm, uhm.. so like I have 200 followers all a sudden and I’ve barely been here for a month and I honestly don’t usually do follower forever’s because I don’t ever have the patience to sit down and write all this along with twenty billion names, but I thought I should honestly express how great I’ve felt since I joined this community. MY DOOD’S I’M NOT WORTHY OF SUCH LOVE I AM BUT A SIMPLE PLANT THAT SPROUTED LESS THAN A MONTH AGO AND HAS BEEN SHOWERED WITH WATER, SUNLIGHT, AND TLC EVERY DAY SINCE I BREACHED THE GROUND BELOW. So putting it simply, this is probably one of the nicest, silliest, communities I’ve ever been a part of and I quite frankly love everything about it and I’ve been having the time of my life with it. Y’all are so damn welcoming, I was honestly incredibly shocked at first. I couldn’t believe it. Seriously! BE PROUD OF YOURSELVES, THIS COMMUNITY IS FANTASTIC. Anyways, I hope you guys have been enjoying my company as much as I’ve been enjoying all of yours!

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