elephant light

I honestly love that 99% of the Star Trek fandom is so… nontoxic.

Yeah of course there’s the shadowlands and the elephant graveyard where the light doesn’t touch and anon hate roams wild, but compared to a lot of other fandoms it’s not only “chill” but widely accepting and outwardly kind!

Whenever I have a conversation about characters or ships or headcannons even if others disagree with me there’s an initial attitude of “oh huh I haven’t looked at it like that!” and then a discussion/debate which might not end in agreement but usually ends with a “cool thought process!” and that is SO underrated.

I feel so non-stressed when engaging with most other Trekkies because even if I ship Spirk and someone ships Spuhura I can still admit that Uhura’s a badass who cares about Spock a LOT and the other person can admit that Kirk flashes Spock bedroom eyes whenever the Vulcan makes a snarky comment.

And people share fanart and fanfics and have such nice things to say and they generally just enjoy the content without tearing others down! And if someone says “your fave is problematic” there’s a general willingness to listen and accept certain things and then continue to enjoy the content without needing to shame anyone for that enjoyment!

I know this is a bit sappy but I just love that a show about a future where everyone is treated with kindness and respect brings that out in so many people *today* because we’ll never get where we want to go if we don’t work towards it now, but I think we are working towards it, and I know Gene would be overjoyed to see that his work has led to so many good people doing good things.


Animal Kingdom - Elephant Spirit by Jeff Krause

Student Council Prez [12]

Episode 11 - Episode 12 - Episode 13
Words: 7.8k
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

Jin’s mansion was overwhelming, stretching over acres and acres of land. It was safe to say that it could be double or triple the size of Yoongi’s (which Yoongi defensively said that it was simply because his own parents didn’t care much for a luxurious house). It had perfectly shaped hedges, some in the shape of hearts or elephants. Numerous windows brought light into the rooms, a courtyard so large that it held two limousines and a fountain literally shooting water straight into the air like it’s own water show. It was too much.

You were more than overwhelmed, pinching yourself to make sure it’s not some sort of delusional dream or you’re hallucinating; it might as well have been Cinderella’s castle.

“Why do I have to come along again?” You tug on Yoongi’s sleeve, whispering.

He smirks to which you roll your eyes at. “Because from when school ends to seven, your time is mine. I payed for it.”

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