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Common Animal Associations in Witchcraft Part II

Part I

Armadillo - Trust, peace, pacifism, complexity, sensitivity, curiosity, introspection, protection.

Badgers - Determination, eagerness, strong will, focus, strategy, defense, independence, confidence.

Bobcats - Awareness, cunning, intellect, patience, playfulness.

Buffalo - Gratitude, abundance, consistency, strength, stability, blessing, prosperity.

Bulls - Virility, strength, stamina, confidence, fertility, determination.

Camels - Endurance, transport, survival, conservation, adaptivity, obedience, temperance, humility.

Cheetahs - Speed, passion, progress, assertion, evolution, perception, opportunity.

Coyote - Skill, instinct, transformation, inventiveness, intelligence, resourcefulness.

Elephants - Reliability, dignity, power, royalty, pride.

Giraffes - Vision, beauty, mystery, patience, elegance, cleverness, discernment, cooperation, gracefulness, gentleness.

Gorillas - Communication, loyalty, leadership, compassion, intelligence, nobility, responsibility, nurturing, connectivity.

Hedgehogs - Energy, vitality, uniqueness, resourcefulness.

Hippopotami - Emotion, assertiveness, diversity, greatness, expressiveness, creativity, territory, supportive.

Koala - Memory, pleasure, magick, calming, trust.

Lion - Wisdom, power, royalty, dignity, courage, justice, ferocity, dominion, authority.

Monkeys - Honor, instinct, community, swiftness, good luck, playfulness, wildness, intelligence, action.

Moose - Agility, gentleness, solitude, visions, sensitivity, adaptability, discernment.

Otters - Joy, curiosity, dexterity, friendship, creativity.

Polar Bears - Skill, magick, strategy, isolation, transition, extremes, humanity, vigilance, independence, motherhood, determination, contemplation.

Pumas - Action, strength, nobility, patience, silence, decisions, leadership, guardianship, self-assurance.

Rams - Power, force, drive, energy, virility, protection, fearlessness.

Reindeer - Travel, surety, service, guidance, sensitivity, exploration, opportunity.

Rhinoceroses - Achievement, heightened senses, inner resources, self reliance.

Skunks - Defense, prudence, confidence, awareness, pacification, effectiveness, good judgement.

Wolverines - Power, attitude, courage, war, defense, confidence, uncompromising, determination, resourcefulness.

Zebras - Freedom, wildness, social, willful, durable, adaptable, determination, community.

Fresh canvas

Since you asked! : ) Maybe.. Newt bumps into a muggle reader while he’s chasing after one of his critters, (maybe at an ordinary zoo?) and see’s her drawing some of the animals. He falls in love with how vibrant and alive the animals seem, and how could someone put that much emotion into a piece about animals and not love them as much as he does? He decides he must have her illustrate his book so he can get to know her better. He just has to figure out how to introduce the reader to magic….

This is an amazing idea, I’m so excited to write it. Thank you so much

I’m thinking of making this into a two parter?

Newt x gender neutral reader

Master list

Originally posted by secretly-a-wizard

That bloody niffler, if newt had told him once he’d told him a thousand times. He thought as he ran furiously after the mischievous little beast, his case swinging wildly by his side, as he sprinted at full pelt through the grand gates of London zoo, the sun hanging low in the sky, painting the usual blue canvas with the most beautiful pinks and oranges.

Out of the corner of his sea green eyes, newt spotted a dash of oily black, scamper under one of the many benches. It was no use, stealth didn’t seem to work on the blasted beast anymore, he had been with newt long enough to know all of his tricks, reducing the already slightly flushed wizard to sprinting after the creature once again.

Catching him with his thieving little paws wrapped tightly around a particularly shiny padlock, something that newt could only assume was the only thing that was keeping the rather large hyena’s inside their spacious enclosure, and away from nibbling at anybody.

“absolutely not, you niffling nuisance’ Newt wrapped his long fingered work worn hands around the niffler, tipping him upside down, for good measure, before slipping him into one of the many deep pockets of newts coat, running his thumb over the soft fur of the bothersome creatures back, trying to sooth him after his little rampage.

“come on you little pest, let’s get home’ newt murmured to his pocket, catching his breath as he wondered past the elephant enclosure, before taking a few steps back, amazed by the unusual sight. Somebody was sat at the very foot of the elephant enclosure, sketchbook cradled in their arms, as if it were their most prized possession, pencil swooping and gliding about the page, like a bird flying free about the sky.

The page was filled with the most breath taking sketch, every magnificent detail of the elder matriarchal elephant, the emotion and intelligence that the artist had somehow managed to capture in her large brown eyes, framed with long thick eyelashes. Newts heart fluttered with excitement, surely it wasn’t possible to portray such love and care of an animal and not adore them as much as he did. Newt smiled to himself, still absent mindedly stroking the niffler in his pocket, a plan forming in his mind.

Handing the furry nuisance a shiny coin, before he allowed him to scurry off, in the direction of the artist, untying the metal tipped laces of their boots, before newt caught up to him, allowing the artist to get a good look at the odd looking creature as he picked him up.

“so sorry about that, he’s incorrigible, he fancied your boot laces.’ Newt started, rather smoothly, as their eyes lit up at the site of the niffler, ‘he’s lovely’ they breathed, a beautiful smile lighting up their face at the site of him. Newt offered his own lopsided smile, ‘I couldn’t help but notice your sketch, it’s fantastic’ he gushed, as their cheeks flushed with the compliment, ‘oh thank you, but I can’t take all the credit, she’s a gorgeous model’ smiling up at the majestic creature.

“erm I’m writing a book about, exotic, animals. I’d love it if you could do the illustrations’ stretching the truth only a little, but it was enough to be rewarded with another stunning smile, ‘really?’


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The Signs as animals
  • Aries: elephant - spiritual, intelligent, principled, protective.
  • Taurus: bison - courageous, stable, reliable, unpredictable.
  • Gemini: tiger - discerning, curious, fashionable, determined.
  • Cancer: sable - eloquent, protective, charming, independent.
  • Leo: wild cat - attractive, spiritual, autonomous, uncommitted.
  • Virgo: cassowary - self confident, capable, testy, independent.
  • Libra: fox - generous, creative, flirtatious, procrastinating.
  • Scorpio: bear - confident, ethical, protective, blunt.
  • Sagittarius: lion - powerful, influential, compelling, courageous.
  • Capricorn: wolf - decisive, passionate, persistent, aggressive.
  • Aquarius: dolphin - charming, gregarious, zealous, talented.
  • Pisces: deer - elusive, idealistic, flexible, inconsistent.
MBTI as Animals

(requested twice!)

ENFJ- Dolphin

Dolphins and smart and reliable, similar to the ENFJ. They are loyal and have been known to help other humans, similar to the ENFJ’s dominant function Fe. They have a playful, friendly nature.

ENFP- Flying Squirrel

You think it’s a cute little squirrel, but then it glides through the air at you. Flying squirrels are a kind of hybrid between land and air, similar to the ENFP’s dominant function Ne–it can never just be one thing.

ENTJ- Jellyfish

A bit cold but extremely cool. They look extremely majestic in the distance, floating through the water. If you get in their way/plans, they will sting you. Multiple times. 

ENTP- Opossum

The ultimate trickster of the MBTI types. Opossums play dead. And while for them it’s for survival, ENTPs would play dead just to get a rise out of someone else. Still, ENTPs are hilarious.

ESFJ- Lion

Lions are very social animals, similar to the ESFJ’s dominant function Fe. They are fiercely protective of their young and exude a motherly nature, similar to ESFJs.

ESFP- Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are always so excited about everything.They love attention, and they’re cute. ESFPs, just like these dogs, are extremely loyal. Fun-loving and adventurous, the ESFP spirit animal is a golden retriever, although they can also be other dogs.


Rats have good memory and are able to learn things rather quickly. They’re smart, similar to the ESTJ’s dominant function Te, and their memory correlates to the ESTJ’s second function Si.

ESTP- Kangaroo

The ESTP’s spirit animal is the kangaroo. Kangaroos hop around everywhere. They use their sense of smell to communicate–this is similar to Se. They fight, they are social, and they live in groups called “mobs.”

INFJ- Elephant

Elephants have been known to have a good memory. Though INFJ memory isn’t exactly suited towards cold facts, they do remember any slights you’ve done towards them. Elephants are also intelligent and have great communication skills, similar to the INFJ’s second function Fe.

INFP- Spectacled Bear

The spectacled bear is solitary, similar to the INFP’s dominant function Fi–having their solitary emotions. Spectacled bears are generally very gentle and shy, similar to the INFP’s soft demeanor.


You never know what a cat is really thinking, similar to the INTJ. Clever, cunning, and sly, the INTJ’s spirit animal is the cat. On the extremely rare occasion that they’re caught off-guard, both cats and INTJs will have funny expressions.

INTP- Pink Fairy Armadillo

These armadillos can dig quickly and deeply, similar to the INTP’s Ti way of thinking—"digging" to the core of an idea. They are solitary creatures, and not too much is known about them, similar to the INTP’s mysterious nature. (They’re actually just adorable airheads.)

ISFJ- Emperor Penguin

Penguins huddle together for warmth, similar to ISFJ’s second function Fe. They are adaptive and have a group-like mentality to survive through extremely harsh living conditions. The penguins rely on vocally calling each other and memorizing each other’s calls, similar to the ISFJ’s dominant function Si.

ISFP-  Harp Seal

The ISFP is a harp seal–absolutely adorable. Even just looking at it, you get loads of feels. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside…until it lunges at you.

ISTJ- European Starling

This bird eats Viceroy butterflies, but since Viceroy butterflies look similar to Monarch butterflies, sometimes starlings will mistake the Monarchs as food and eat them. However, Monarchs taste awful to birds, and starlings avoid all orange butterflies after that, which is similar to the ISTJ’s dominant function Si.

ISTP- Squid

Squids are quite intelligent, similar to ISTPs. They can be curious about their physical surroundings, similar to the ISTP’s second function Se. And, mostly, squids are awesome.

I've always resented that the republican mascot is an elephant because elephants are kind, intelligent, caring creatures. If the GOP wants a fitting animal mascot they should choose something angry, selfish, and destructive like a human.

the intelligence of elephants
irrelevant, but eloquent
their clumsy sort of elegance
is one of many elements.
and when that wisdom elevates
it’s difficult to celebrate
for once we see our cells relate
the thoughts start to accelerate.
well wisdom seems aristocratic
dusted down from someone’s attic
pulled apart and cleared of static
(fluctuations are erratic.)
for how we trace the web life spins
parts swept away like bowling pins
still, consciousness, our human prints
will never match the elephants.



Kathleen Radigan


Graphic - Garth Knight


Happy World Elephant Day!

Intelligent. Strong. Social. Adaptable. These adjectives are often used to describe the majestic elephant. We think they fit the bill for First Ladies too!


Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton ride an elephant in the Chitwan National Forest, Nepal. 4/1/95.

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy feeds an elephant, Urvashi, in the garden of the Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru’s residence, Teen Murti Bhavan. New Delhi, India. 3/14/62.

Barbara Bush and family on an elephant during the Senate campaign. (left to right: Barbara, Doro, Marvin, Neil, Jeb, and George H. Bush (George W. was away at school). 1964.