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Name: Grootslang, Grote Slang

Type: Mythical, Cryptid

Region: South Africa

Description: The Grootslang is said to be a hybrid of a serpent and an elephant. Beyond that few details are given. Some say it’s an elephant with a serpent’s tail.

Myth: When the Gods were first creating things, they made a mistake. The Grootslangs was too powerful, too cunning, and too intelligent. Realizing their mistake, the Gods split the Grootslangs into the first elephants and the first snakes. But one escaped, and from it a new generation of Grootslang were born.


  • Grootslang are said to love gems, especially diamonds.
    • It can be bargained with using gems.
  • They live in water-filled caves.
  • Is said to live in a deep cave in the Richtersveld, South Africa.
  • Has appeared in Pathfinder and Secret Saturdays, both with very varying designs.
  • Is said to hunt elephants.

It was always the little things that you hated about moving; for example since you’d moved to New York the most annoying thing was getting used to the layout of a new grocery store. Seriously couldn’t there just be a default layout for all stores!

You were roaming through the aisles looking for chips and basically just things to much on. You’d have to figure out a place to hide them when you got home because Nat had you on a strict diet while she was training you and she wouldn’t approve of you eating anything other than what she had set. 

“Stark?” You asked as you turned the aisle and came across the billionaire looking at the boxes of cereal in confusion. “(y/n), what are you doing here?” He asked, it was clear he was out of place here, everything from his tone to his expression made it obvious. 

“I’m hunting elephants. Stark what does it look like I’m doing?” You said sarcastically. “What are you doing here? Don’t you have someone that usually does all this?” You asked. 

“He’s sick. And Pepper said it’d be good for me to try and do this on my own.” He explained looking like a lost puppy dog; a phrase which you never expected to use to describe Tony. 

“Tony, do you need me to help you?” You asked, you noticed relief wash across his features. “You can join me if you want. Just, you know, never mention this to anyone. Please.” Tony said making you smile. “Alright Stark come on.” You said as you took his shopping list from his hands.

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Happy World Elephant Day! 

The African elephant is the largest living land mammal. Both male and female African elephants have ivory tusks. The average lifespan of an African elephant is 70 years! Small animals, which are constantly preyed upon, mature rapidly and produce young early in life; they live fast and die young. Large animals such as elephants are under no such natural pressure; that’s one reason elephants mature slowly and individuals sometimes attain a great age.

For the most part, elephants are hunted for their ivory. In 1930, as many as 10 million of these majestic creatures existed in Africa. But due to ivory hunters and habitat loss, that number has dwindled to somewhere between 450,000 and 700,000, and it continues to decline. 

Learn more. 

okay but guys seriously

My friend just made an excellent point.

You know how poachers hunt elephants with large tusks? So now the only elephants that are breeding have smaller tusks, and the tucks get smaller with every generation and might vanish completely??

What if human did that to unicorns.

What if we just hunted all the unicorns with long horns so much, a long long time ago, that over the centuries they evolved to the point their horns vanished completely.

And now we just have horses.

Jily 1 Phone calls


    Lily woke with a gasp.

    “Oh gosh,” she clutched her heart. The ringing noise continued.  She looked at the phone on her nightstand.  It continued to ring.  Stretching out an exhausted hand she grabbed the reciever.

     “Hello?” her voice grumbled.

     “Lily? Are you there?” James voice sounded on the other end.

     “James? Is that you?” she asked as she remembered him telling her that he would buy a muggle phone just to talk to her.

     “Hi Lily! Were you sleeping?” he sounded chipper as ever.

     “No James, I was h-h-hunting elephants,” she yawned.

     “Then wy did you yawn?” James sounded trumphiant, sure he had beat her.

     “It’s their mating call.  I’m trying to catch one,” Lily sat up.

     “Why would you need to mate one Evans when you have me?”

     “Exactly, I have you Potter,”

     “Ouch Evans, ouch.  You know what?” James feigned hurt, “I’m not telling you what I have to say anymore.”

     “Potter you had better tell me why you woke me up at… wait what time is it?”

     “Um… it’s 2:30ish,” James replied sheepishly.

     “2:30! You had better tell me Potter!” 

     “Not until you apologize,” 

     “I’m not apologizing James. You called me at 2:30. I feel like we’re even.”

     “Well goodbye then Evans,”

     “Bye Potter,”

     “I really will hang up,”

     Lily rolled her eyes. “Do it, I dare you.”

     “I will Lily,” he attempted to sound tough, “don’t test me,”

     “James just tell me or let me get back to sleep,”

     “I won’t tell you unless you say sorry.  Say sorry in one,”

     “James. I’m not go-”


     “Goodnight James,”

     “Three. You have to say sorry.”

     “Night,” Lily said as she hung up the phone.  She laughed to herself as she layed back down.


     Chuckling, she picked up the phone.

    “James Potter.  I will kill you if you do not tell me.  I want sleep,” she huffed, trying not to laugh.

    “I just really need to tell you that um… I…,” he mumbled something under his breath.

     “What James? I didn’t hear you,” Lily pressed the phone harder to her ear.

     “I love you Lily Evans,” the words rushed from his mouth, “Goodnight my little doe.”  And with a click he hung up.  Lily pulled the reciever away from her ear and just stared at it for a moment.  Slowly a smile grew.

     “I love you too James Potter,” she hung up the phone and rolled onto her side.  She fell asleep, a smile still etched on her face.


Biggest elephant killed in Africa for almost 30 years brings back memories of Cecil the lion
Exclusive: German hunter pays nearly £40,000 to shoot one of the largest elephants ever seen in Zimbabwe, while conservationists and safari guides mourn the loss of ‘magnificent’ animal

How manly.