elephant and master

Speaking of doctored footage...

At the end of ASiB, Sherlock supposedly went to Karachi and saved Irene Adler’s life, right?

Whatever the case, the footage we saw was doctored. This right here has everything to do with ACD canon, and why the phrase “The Woman.” 

Oh and remember “the talk” between Mycroft and John at Speedy’s?

The mirror within the mirror within the mirror…… doesn’t this remind you of another………

When the fourth wall falls, the characters meet not only the audience but also their creators. 

Why bother doing this? 

“Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.” — Edgar Allan Poe

The Elephant in the Room | meta master post

father and son, master and servant

We will say then, that Quasimodo loved the archdeacon as never a dog, never a horse, never an elephant loved his master. - Notre Dame de Paris, Vol. I, Book IV, Chap II

At the outset, Victor Hugo makes it clear that “although the visage of his adopted father was often clouded or severe, although his speech was habitually curt, harsh, imperious,” Quasimodo loves Frollo in the book. After all, the reasons for Frollo taking in the abandoned Quasimodo were altruistic, if not completely selfless, and he raised Quasimodo as best as he could. Thus stems Quasimodo’s devotion to Frollo, to the extent that if it so pleases Frollo, he will “hurl himself headlong from the summit of Notre-Dame.” This line will be revisited later on.

(enseeseven gave me this prompt to compare the relationship between Quasimodo and Frollo in the novel and that in the movie I hope this is ok! Under Read More for length.)

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the signs as bts memes

Aries: really army
Taurus: jikook
Gemini: namjoon mixing milk and gatorade on television
Cancer: hip hop is dead
Leo: you got no jams
Virgo: namjoon’s eye thing
Scorpio: imma beat the pussy like you never ever felt before
Sagittarius: I’m very loser
Capricorn: 4 hymens
Aquarius: taehyung and his elephant moles
Pisces: master with your bra

God….. Sebastian is such an attention whore I can’t even…

Sebastian: *jumps through fire, breaks ice, swallows an elephant….* Young Master look!Look what I can do!Young Master am I doing good?!!

Ciel: *facepalms and sighs*  Every, freaking, day….