Photographer: Arthur Elgort
“My favorite photo that I took of Kate Moss in the nineties is the one of her with the elephant, holding its trunk, in Nepal. It’s my favorite of her because when I took the picture the only people around were Kate, the elephant, the elephant trainer, and myself. Everyone else had gone to the beach so we kind of snuck away and did this quickly. Some of my favorite photos are the ones that I take during the downtime on set.”


Nuwaraeliya tea plantations - Sri Lanka

Photo by @evgeniy_dixon

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I actually forgot to post this over the weekend. New addition to the tattoo family. It’s only right I get my favorite weapon of choice.

Occasionally I illustrate during the process of my tattooing, but this shit was painful towards the top of the wrist. I couldn’t even focus… #tattoos #tattoo #bowandarrow #sagittarius #focus #sketch #drawing #painful #elephant


The Face of Elephant Poaching

Two babies, two terrifying snare wounds: a story of healing and hope

This year, we rescued 2 tiny victims of snare traps: Mwashoti and Simotua. Both had wounds so horrendous, they were hard to look at and deeply painful.

The snare around Mwashoti’s leg had nearly severed his foot and was so deeply infected, the rescuers could smell the infection. Simotua meanwhile, could barely walk on his leg, his deep wound causing agony.

Their wounds could have killed them, but thanks to intensive and specialist care, which included daily cleaning of their wounds and the use of green clay, an incredible transformation has taken place. Both babies are now walking tall and their wounds have nearly completely healed.

We remain committed to both Simotua and Mwashoti’s long term care and reintegration back to a life in the wild. Should either experience long term effects because of their wounds, our Umani Reintegration Centre is available to offer a more comfortable life in the wild.

Snares are indiscriminate traps that can cause intense suffering and even death. To date, our teams have removed more than 130,000 snares - you can support their efforts and spare other babies this agonising fate by supporting them today.