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3-Legged Stools, Elephants And You - What Success Is Really All About! Download Link
Feb 11th 2016, 15:28

http://review16.tknts And You - What Success Is Really All About! Review It is Your Chance To Finally Remove The Limits On Your Career And Your Life! Discover A Unique 3 Step Proven System To Help You Move To Success And Significance. Exclusive Webinar - You Cant Find This Anywhere Else And It Works!

Lets examine the stool for a moment. A three-legged stool cant stand easily on its own if the legs are not equal in length and strength. If youve ever milked cows you know this to be true!

Yet that’s how most people try to run their businesses and their lives…and then they wonder why things aren’t working like they had hoped!
Cevins system provides the answer for this. It employs different functions for each of the legs. One leg is the technical leg, another is management, and the last one is leadership. Independently, these legs are somewhat functional. When working together harmoniously, these legs provide the balance you need to pivot into success in your professional life…and he shows you how this is done!
And guess what this doesnt just… …ReadMore »>> 3-Legged Stools, Elephants And You - What Success Is Really All About! Official Page

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#Elephant man - Gal Me Love/Dat Me Seh (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - Overproof Riddim

@editingatwork wrote: Oh god, I’m so sorry. :( Elementary students mostly stay home when they’re sick, and we’ve been having class cancellations for the last two weeks to keep the flu from spreading around school, so I’ve been safe for the most part. I imagine older kids come to school despite their illness because of the pressure of succeeding academically. Here’s hoping you’re just tiredsy

@elephas wrote: That sucks too much. :/ Hope your health stays in tact and you feel better soon!

@saeadame wrote:  Whelp, I don’t have the flu but I do have bronchitis so here’s hoping the masks help at least a teeny tiny bit because otherwise I’ve been spreading my shit all over my office for the past 2 weeks.

Morning (snort), all (groan)!

I was referring to adult eikaiwa students applying Japanese gaman (enduring the unendurable). “I have to go to work because I can’t let my team down. I have to go to my English lessons because I … ”

You should ignore me when I’m sick and grumpy and grumbling. (^-^) Surgical masks are not useless, provided they’re used correctly. If you look at WHO graphs, Japan and Korea (two mask worshippers) do seem to have a lower flu incidence. Other factors could be involved, but masks in all likelihood play a role.

The probable culprit in my case was a woman I taught on Thursday evening. She was so sick that she couldn’t speak. She came to a conversation class and she was too sick to speak. Every time she coughed, in other words constantly, she held her mask away from her face. Duh.

PS: What I find way more interesting than masks as medical devices is masks as a social avoidance technique. I have a Japanese colleague who’s worked at my eikaiwa for two years. I’ve never seen her face. Never. Not once.

Here’s another interesting article.

The First Elephant

The news broadcast pittered at just above a whisper.

In happier news this morning China has a new ornament for what has been an empty landscape, the first elephant, that’s right the first Elephas Maximus was birthed this morning. China says they hope this will be the first of many but the process is difficult to replicate and provides only marginal outcomes for success. This elephant was…

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