Alistair Theirin of Ferelden by gravity-zero

One hundred years ago (about a year or so, in reality) I promised myself I was going to do a portrait of Alistair because….well, Alistair!
I started doing one, but I was way over my head at the time and never finished it.
Yesterday I decided to grab the bull by the horns (or the cutie patootie by the cheeks) and JUST DO IT.
And here it is :D

This is for everyone that loves Alistair :D I hope you like it!


Elijah Trevelyan

Special Commission for the amazing tevintter!
I’ve wanted to try my hand at these amazing Dragon Age Companion Cards for a while and it was an immense pleasure to do so with Keeley’s awesome Necromancer!
It was so much fun!! I really enjoyed all of this and it was such a nice process too! More like a group project since I asked Keeley’s input in almost all the steps XD Thank you for your patience, I hope it is everything you’ve ever dreamed it would be! :D

Click here to see bigger and decent version *glares at tumblr*