Death--For Eleonore

Crutchie sighed, tugging on his boots as he sat on the edge of his bed in the Lodging House. He started lacing his left one up and yawned. Crutchie couldn’t shake a bad feeling that had taken root in his mind. His friend Ellie was missing; she had been for a few days now, and selling papes just wasn’t the same without her. Neither was getting dressed in the morning, apparently. Crutchie was worried, naturally, but he couldn’t let that distract him from the day.

22 Maps That Show How Americans Speak English Totally Differently From Each Other

Small lobsters are tearing this nation apart. ;

Language is possibly the most interesting thing in the world.

dernier prix de la loterie ! o/ 

@d-kitsune qui m’avait demandé son oc eleonore et lionel l’oc de @raziel-ulf

je les connais pas plus que ça alors j’espère que c’est pas trop ooc ??? et pis du coup on voit plus lionel que eleonore….

et mon dieu que j’ai du mal à dessiner les anthropomorphe faut vraiment que je m’entraine ;n;

breeef j’espère que ça te plait :’^D

Eleonore sings the blues

This character’s name used to be Hannah, but for some reason I started to feel like that name didn’t suit the characters personality and story anymore. So I changed it to Eleonore, Elle for short. (She’s a transgirl who lives in the early 1900’s Europe, born as a boy named Benjamin in Southern France, moves to Paris as a 19-year old and discovers herself and starts to perform as a singer named Eleonore. I really need to start writing the script of this story soon.)

With this piece I really challenged myself. I’m terrible with details and clean lineart, but I think I managed to make this look even a little bit like art nouveau posters. Her anatomy didn’t turn out to be realistic because I wanted to exaggerate the posture of the character to make her look more “girly”. I might have overdone it.

Everything is made by me, the character and the art.

More information about the character in here.



Let me introduce you @hellbun OC. It’s the third child of Camus and Milo, after Camille and Thomas. She is the future Cancer Saint, she have a big cosmos, she can see souls. She died before born, and DeathMask, Camille and Thomas saved her and bring her to life. She is the best gift ever from Camus and Milo. And yeah, she is a little baby who loves jokes. Perfect baby.

It’s a gift for my wife. To you, my lovely cute Craby Coco. I love you so much and me and @always-keep-writing want make you happy. 


poroporoporoporo  asked:

t'es doué en dessin Jez je suis jalouse pour la peine tu dois dessiner Elliot March (je crois que les cours de lele ne me réussisse pas ...) s'il te plait

 You’re really good to drawing Jez I am jealous for the punishment you have to draw Elliot March (I believe that the hours of school of lele does not make a success of me) please

Whith pleasure my dear ~

Elliot March (Heart no kuni no Alice) belongs to QuinRose and Hoshino Soumei