“It is like… a plant. A tree. A flower.
A rose even, if you so will.
He grows over himself, over his borders - to reach her. To crown her with pride.
And she, the sun – his sun in particularly –;
searches to nourish, to spend and watch – but the moment they touch,
the boy would be set aflame by her
unyielding, unwavering and unforgiving hea®t.”

The relationship between Eleonares and Meril is a rather delicate one - while they, at first glance, seem to compliment each other perfectly, there is just that much of a gap between what he can provide and what she asks him to be, that they either end up breaking apart, struggling forever in a horrendous fight over dominance or she taking over all of him, burning him down to the very bones.

Eleonares, by default, is quiet, observant and most of all a very accepting character. Everything thrown in his way he will accept and cancels all expectations he could ever develop, as he does not wish to sully the image of the person before him with his own thoughts and prejudices. Which is also the reason why he would consider his own life rather hollow, motionless and colourless - as there is nothing but steadiness in his mind. And this leads to him being overly protective; caring of those who are close to him - because those he truly cares about had in one or another way influenced his perspective on life; changed or shook his construct of no expectations and immobile state of mind.

Meril, in the same way, accepts all of what is to it, but much unlike him, she goes out of her way to question and show interest in everything surrounding her. And she does so with as much virtue as a child would; unstoppable, stubborn – enough to have had one of the greatest impact of Eleonares – she became his turning point, the anchor which he seeks - yet due her constant exchange of expectation and presentation it will always take a grande scale toll on him, as he seeks a much more gentle approach than what she could provide.

On the other hand, there are moments were even the sun would not shine - moments were no one would take a look at her as she is hiding herself from everyone to not be found anywhere - perhaps she had burnt herself out - and these are the moments when he would find the chance to approach her in his tranqil manner; make her notice that even if she asks all of him – more than he could be – he would still stay - and try his best to provide what she needs; out of selflessness, maybe. It is selfless, considering he would give and give and give — it is selfish, considering she is the trigger to make him grow out of his shell and asks of him to be a better version of himself, everyday.