AU!Multiverse Enter Ciaren and Thorne Part 1

The second ranked exorcist gets tasked with checking in on Naren and Katherin - Ciaren, Thorne

Neo and Elentari expressed an interest in having their characters in the AU, after some plotting and planning and lots of talking, I introduce to you Thorne, the second ranked exorcist that’s really a demon, and Ciaren, his human counter part.  Eventually, there will be stuff on their past and what not, I just wanted to get them in the story and introduced to the other three.  Also, wanted to re-read Good Omens again since Thorne’s character is loosely based off of Crowley’s (read the book, it’s a good book, much recommend ) The second part will be written later

WC: 1,240

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“You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/Phone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this onto 10 people.”

Here we go

  1. The Prodigy - Voodoo People
  2. The Streets - Blinded by the lights
  3. Crystal Castles - Magic Spells
  4. Snow Patrol - Riot, Please
  5. Thrusday - Into the blinded light
  6. Anberin - Disappear
  7. A Perfect Circle - Lullaby
  8. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Curtain falls
  9. The Mars Volta - Drunkenship of lanterns
  10. Umbrellas - Angel or demon

Commission Info

So as stated up there, i opened the commissions. Most of my current subscribers are from GW2, and posts are also mostly related to GW2,so a norn lady of elentarihikari helped me to make samples. You can check my drawings here.

If you want GW2 or TERA or other game character, i’ll need a screenshot in desired outfit and a short description. It’s needed to make a proper depiction of a character.  In case of the original character you need provide me with a description and references.

Sorry, not doing nsfw of any sorts, but i can do pairs and groups (the price will be re-calculated individually).

I am not skilled in drawing charrs nor asures - but i will try.

Also, currently i really need cash, so i accept paypal payments primarily. No ingame money if you want Tera commission. However, GW2 gold can be discussed privately. *eyebrows*

To contact me about commission, please mail me at norberth.cross@gmail.com.

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It is time for floral photography post, but today was such a beautiful winter day that we went out to the park and had fun and watched beautiful white snow sparking in the cold sunny air, so i decided to share some fresh snow with you)