Nothing Like You | Elena & Katherine

Although Elena had been keeping to herself a bit more than typical since the flood, she had made it a point to try and simply resume as best as she possibly could. Locking herself away and cowering in fear would only make things worse, as far as she was concerned.

On her way to class, Elena’s shoulders dropped, her expression following suit and falling in disbelief. Out of all places in the world to taint with her presence, Katherine had to pick New Orleans? There was no way it could be a coincidence, and her initial thought said as much – Elena didn’t suspect it was because she was here, but because Stefan was, too.

Wanting absolutely nothing to do with her wicked doppelganger, Elena ducked her head and picked up her pace, attempting to just mind her own business and move through unseen. Whatever it was, she could ask Stefan or Damon about later; she had much bigger problems than Katherine Pierce.