elenas tutorial


I’m always trying to think of how to improve my art. Sometimes I look at old stuff that people think looks great and I think it looks horrible. I wanted to be able to re-do some of my old stuff to show how much stronger they could be. I’m sure a couple years from now, it could be even better.

Added some commentary to help people understand why I made certain changes, as well as what was in my head while adding things.

Quick little “How to Draw Elena” tutorial I made for someone on twitter based on some of the tips given to me by her incredibly amazing character designer Ritsuko Notani.

It’s not the most perfect drawing of Elena in the world (I always make her forehead either too big or too small and I see that her neck’s too long which is sort of a habit of mine), but I figured I may as well post it here for people to have access to, since the basics are there… Y’know, just in case someone finds it helpful in some way…