Hey everyone! Here is an extremely overedited picture of my follower gift for you guys! Because I have now 200 203 followers, I thought I’d finish the second part of my Crazy Photoshoot Posepack, inspired by Amy Lee from Evanescence (I bought a poster of that picture last week!). I made 5 more poses for your simmies, so now they can be even more beautiful! (: I found out it is so much cooler if Sims have a facial expression, so voilà, each pose has one! 

Okay, I’m done chatting. Time to show those poses!

^ NOTE: your Sim’s hand will go through some shoes, sorry about that!

^ You can find OMSP and instructions HERE. Only move your Sim up a few centimeters, that should do it.

Real life Amy Lee comparison (I loved to make this part hehe)

Pose list included. If you want to know the pose names, here they are:

  • a_elenainthesims_amyleepose6
  • a_elenainthesims_amyleepose7
  • a_elenainthesims_amyleepose8
  • a_elenainthesims_amyleepose9
  • a_elenainthesims_amyleepose10

Download: MEGA / Mediafire

Note: you need the pose player by cmomoney for these poses to work.

If you have any questions/suggestions or you want to know where a piece of CC came from, feel free to ask.

TOU: Do not upload these elsewhere without my permission (especially not on pay sites) and do not claim as your own. You can use them for whatever you want, like storytelling and such. A little credit would be nice, but it’s not necessary :)

elenainthesims replied to your post: I love Tarzan

I watched the movie a lot! And I played the game too, on my parent’s old laptop ^_^

omg yes,the game! I would play it days and days, finishing it to the end,then playing again and again - it was so addictive,and had quite a nice graphic.I loved the fact that it actually starts when he was a little boy and grows up during the game <3

Default CAS screen recolor

Hi guys! This is my first real upload on Tumblr! :)

I’ve made a CAS screen recolor a few weeks ago and I thought: why not share it with my fellow Simmers?

This is how it looks like:

Zoom in:

What you see while in Create A Style:

* I fixed the window view after taking pictures BTW. 

The file only comes in .package format and it is a default replacement. Make sure you don’t have other CAS rooms replacements in your mods folder, because they will conflict with each other.

Other than that, this mod will not conflict with any other mods and it will likely not be outdated, because it is a texture replacement.

Download the file and put it in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages. If you don’t know how to install packages, go here.

Download: mediafire / 4shared



Joninmobile on MTS for the tutorial

The dress, shoes and hair from Anubis360