candyfornias replied to your post: what are you guys up to..? :)

i’m wondering in whether i should or should not go through with grey’s anatomy cuz i stopped in the 3rd season cuz it became just boring when they were not interns anymore. you?

is this tv show good? a lot of people said i should watch it but i just think it’s not a good idea because everybody dies on this tv show lol i’m thinking about giffing idk i’m just really bored 

losinghimwasblue replied to your postwhat are you guys up to..? :)

it’s the weekend and we’re all on tumblr i think that pretty much sums it up lmao

kashkjfsak yes omg even though my dash is boring atm o_o

elenahastings replied to your postwhat are you guys up to..? :)

sigh nothing and you nath/hancas?

nothing as well!… i’m thinking about giffing mike and aria :p hehe i’m hancas