#혼자놀기 의 #진수

어제 우회전 하다가 택시긁고
보험처리비 38만원 전화받고
첫사고라 할증 없다 위안받고
대신 할인도 없다고 안내받고

사람 안다쳤고, 특유의 친화력으로
택시기사님 보험처리사님과 하하하
훈훈하게 유종의미 거두고 마쳤지만

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혼자 미친것 같아보여도
이해하시리라 #믿습니다

여러분은 #안전운전 하시어요 ! _

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Dear Diary,

March 6, 2014

It definitely feels good to have full control over this body, I guess Elena needs to loose a few pounds and yet since she isn’t in control so I guess I’ll have to do it myself.. she might even be dead, I smile at the thought of that. Having Stefan all to myself and knowing she’s not in my way. Now Elena’s out off the way all I need is for Damon to leave town, or be death. I failed at that last task, Stefan oh poor poor Stefan is not willing to kill his brother for me because clearly snapping his neck does not count.

This is all too good to be true and I know that little bestie Caroline is on to something, as far as I know she isn’t sure about anything and I need her to be as quiet as possible. Oh, I wish I had just killed her whenever I got the opportunity to do so but again I can’t because Stefan clearly needs her in his life, maybe a little too much. Ugh another person in my way of me and Stefan being together for eternity, we had a moment but I’m not so sure if he’s willing to go along with all of it. He feels guilt and that irritating feeling of him is also in my way. There’s too much I need to get rid of and I need to make sure everyone trusts me before anyone finds out it’s not the pretty Elena inside but me, Katerina Petrova.

Feels amazing to write my feelings down just like Stefan said, oh and if in case Elena Gilbert reads this. Oh believe me precious, I will be back.

- Kat


알아갈수록 좋은사람과
알게될수록 별로인사람

전자는 감사하며 더욱 소중히 여기고
후자는 거울삼아 더욱 불쌍히 여기며

훗날, 이 글을 읽으며 후자에 대해
내가 누구를 생각하며 쓴 글인지 조차
기억이 나지 않도록 행복하게 살자

그리고 나는
알아갈수록 좋은사람 이 되자


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