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Let Me Be Your Ghost || Elena & Mila

Breathing hard and heart rate elevated, Mila locked her fingers together and rested them against the ponytail that sat high on her head. Lately, running had been the only way she was able to clear her mind from all the crap that was swimming around in it. School, when she actually attended, had become a chore and it was hard to focus when her mind was running in a million different directions. Anything from her sisters, to the curse, to worrying about Margret, and then Jer…Mila’s mind couldn’t figure out what it wanted to obsess about. All this obsessing was starting to take a serious toll on Mila’s mental health.

But running. When Mila ran she could let everything go and just focus on her breathing and the sound of her heartbeat in her ears. Now, standing on the outskirts of Mystics, Mila stood with her hands on her head and a small smile on her face. It was one of those rare smiles where Mila was truly content with her life in that moment. Moving her arms from their position on her head, Mila stretched an arm across her body and pulled lightly, loosening the muscles. While she switched arms, Mila lazily began scanning the small collection of people that surrounded her.

With one arm pulled behind her head, Mila froze, her gaze falling on a familiar face. “Oh, hell no…” It had been five years since the crash. Five years since Mila had buried two very, very good friends. Now, one of those friends sat only a few feet away from her. Slowing lowering her arm, Mila took a few slow steps towards the brunette, sure her eyes were playing tricks on her. Blinking a couple times, Mila finally realize it wasn’t a trick of the light or a case mistaken identity. It was Elena Gilbert. Mouth hanging open and eyes wide, Mila stood there, shocked. “Elena…?”

Shine Bright Like A Diamond || Elena & Ivy

Since she’d been spending a majority of her time with Tristan and Collin, and by default the rest of their pack, Ivy was beyond ready for a girls night out. She needed some time just to let lose and be a girl; Elena gave her the chance to do that. So, it went without saying that Ivy was thrilled when Elena had agreed to go out with her that night. A night of a little dancing, drinking, and hunting was exactly what Ivy needed to relax, especially with all the things happening at home with Anthony and Tristan.

Busying herself with getting ready, Ivy tousled her dark curls and fixed her make-up before standing in front of her closet. She’d torn it apart earlier today, determined she had absolutely nothing to wear before finally settling on her burgundy peplum dress and black lace leggings with her black studded booties and leather jacket. Walking out to the living room and grabbing her keys off the table, Ivy heard someone let out a low whistle and she turned her head to see Collin and Tristan sitting on the couch, mouths hanging open. Grinning, Ivy shook her head and headed over to Tristan, kissing him quickly before telling him she’d be back later tonight and was going out with Elena for a little girl time.

After a few more quick, teasing comments from Collin, Ivy headed out the door and into her truck, making her way to Elena’s place. Pulling up to Elena’s, Ivy jumped out of her truck, leaving it running and knocked on Elena’s door, waiting for the other girl to answer so they could get on the road.