Closing May 25:

Between Silver Light and Orange Shadow
 Elena Sisto

Lori Bookstein Gallery, 138 Tenth Ave., NYC (bt W18th & W19th St)

For the last three years, Elena Sisto’s paintings have explored the formative years of young women artists. Three-quarter profiles of women against the backdrop of the studio or partially hidden behind the canvas provide a portal into the psychology of a unique cast of characters. Though certainly abstracted into cartoonish guises, Sisto’s figures still maintain unique personalities and dispositions that hint at the possibility of narrative. The most recent paintings show an increasingly tighter cropping of the picture plane.

Elena Sisto at Lori Bookstein Gallery

A torso becomes a staging ground for a play of shapes - from the triangle of an open jacket to bits of red gloves poking out of pockets - in this cropped portrait by New York artist Elena Sisto. To each side, the yellow background is so bright that it advances around the body, towards the viewer. (At Lori Bookstein in Chelsea through Jan 30th).  Elena Sisto, Carhartt, oil on canvas, 42 x 67 inches, 2013.