My love for you always forever.

Starting from here,
Let’s make a promise you and me,
Let’s just be honest.
We are gonna run, nothing can stop us!

They are not gonna
get us.
My love for you always forever.
Just you and me all else is nothing.
Not going back there:
They don’t understand.

You know what makes me sad?

How t.A.T.u broke up and Elena releases songs like Waiting,

“We felt like one till you ran away”


“I’m waiting, I’ll keep on waiting for you”

And Never Forget,

“I’ll never forget you, but I’ll be gone

I’ll always respect you, and life goes on,

I’ll never forget you" 


"Our moments together, I will keep them forever”

And Yulia Releases All Because of You,


She says she doesn’t think Elena will be big


And Elena still looks like this

I just think that’s jank.

I’m not just saying this because I favor Elena more, I’m saying it because even a Yulia obsessed fan can see she was rude.

I myself truly wish t.A.T.u was together again but…

Well that won’t happen.