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Idk if anyone mentioned this, but isn't it weird how when Elena lost her memories/feelings for Damon, she wasn't still drawn to Stefan? Like if she only remembered the horrible things, wouldn't she naturally begin to think she should be in a relationship with Stefan since her feelings for Damon was what caused them to break up in the first place? I might be overthinking it but it feels like a hugeeee plot hole.

I recently just answered this and I can’t find my response but basically I didn’t want Elena to suddenly be interested in Stefan because Damon was gone because that’s what happened with Damon. Stefan literally had to be serving Klaus or going through bloodlust or helping Caroline for anything to happen between her and Damon. And I found it telling that Stefan had to be indisposed for Damon to even get Elena’s attention. I didn’t want that. What I found to be a major plot hole is Elena not wondering why she and Stefan broke up just like she didn’t wonder about how her humanity was turned off etc.

ok but can we talk about the fact that penelope alvarez wasn’t okay when her daughter first came out, just for the fact that her daughter being gay wasn’t something that she expected, but she never let elena know that. she went out there and did research on lesbian culture, went to a gay club and talked to people about her feelings and was even more affectionate toward her daughter than she usually is just so elena wouldn’t notice her struggle and feel bad about it. she wanted her daughter to know that she’s loved and accepted so penelope went through the entire adjustment period without ever letting elena feel anything but supported. she struggled to accept that change but was still supportive of her daughter from the very first moment and anyway my point is that penelope alvarez is the best kind of parent and i love her

crazy to think the first show I ever got emotionally attached to is ending tonight. there’s been plenty, and I mean plenty of ups&downs and problematic moments with the vampire diaries, but I’m forever grateful for the dramatic tears, ships, and awesome Friday night hangouts with my best friend. TVD, you’ll be very missed!!


Elena 1x01 vs. Elena 8x16

I find these parallels really interesting because in 1x01 when Elena is in the cemetery, visiting her parents’ graves, she’s suspended in her grief and doesn’t know how to move on from it and her parents’ tombstone is a source of pain for Elena because it’s a constant reminder of her loss and her facial expression reveals her sorrow and her inability to just live.

However, in 8x16 when she finds herself at the cemetery again, this time visiting Stefan, there’s a sadness there because he’s no longer with her but the crypt is a source of solace and comfort for her, she can smile after looking at it, it’s an encouragement to move forward and to live, Stefan’s memory imbues her with life.

This is why I never understood the argument that Stefan only came into Elena’s life to get her to move past the grief of her parents because he is a consistent source of “life” for her, he is a consistent source of passion. In season 2 he tells her he wants her to fight and not give up, in season 3 he tells her to embrace the fact that she’s feeling anything at all when Alaric dies, in season 4 he helps her through her vampirism and through her newfound humanity after her switch had been turned off and in seasons 5 and 6, he was a confidant while finally in season 8, his memory was her encouragement to move forward. Stefan and Elena’s relationship consistently grows and develops given the circumstances while the feel-good sentiments they inspire in one another remains the same.


I’ve seen a lot of mixed emotions about this scene. Let’s talk about my interpretation of this, shall we? When I look at this, I see two married people who have enjoyed their long and happy life together. They were human and happy and lived the long life that they wanted. 

Their smiles? I see Damon’s as one of uncertainty for what is to come for him. As Elena is explaining during the scene, he is worried he will never know peace. He’s worried he will never see his brother again, (and possibly not Elena either for that matter.) Elena’s smile is one of certainty. She knows the kind of man Damon is and she has no doubt he will find peace. She knows he will see Stefan again, because Elena Gilbert has always seen the best in Damon Salvatore. She sees the good and knows the kind of man she married. 

And then…..his hand disappears from her grasp. Personally, I took this to mean Elena passed on (or found her peace) first. From her outstretched hand towards Damon and slightly confused expression on her face, followed by her reuniting with her loved ones it’s easy to see this is a new experience for her. I saw this as a temporary separation until they got to greet their loved ones in this new sense of peace.

As we see in the next scene, Elena was right about Damon. He did find peace like she always believed he would. He did see Stefan again. Their peace is with their families and with each other.