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Ok and also appreciation for the actors/actresses that made Uncharted what it was

Nolan North as Nate “Oh Crap” Drake

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Troy Baker as Sam “AVAST YOU DIRTY DOG” Drake

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Warren Kole as Rafe “Mmmyes my daddy bought me this plane” Adler

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Emily Rose as Elena “NATE, YOU FREAKING LIAR” Fisher

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Richard McGonagle as Victor “I’m gettin’ too old for this, kidSullivan. Or as he’s formally called, SULLY “Touch another cigar, Sam. I double dare ya” 

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Claudia Black as Chloe “I can show ya a good time” Frazer

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Laura Bailey as Nadine “I may be a woman, but I’ll bury you six feet under” Ross

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Steve Valentine as Harry “Love, I’ll stab you in the back qUICKER THAN YOU CAN BLINK” Flynn

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Queer & Trans Artists of Color, Vol. 2 by Nia King


A celebration of queer and trans Black and brown genius… Building on the groundbreaking first volume, Queer and Trans Artists of Color: Stories of Some of Our Lives, NIA KING is back with a second archive of interviews from her podcast We Want the Airwaves. She maintains her signature frankness as an interviewer while seeking advice on surviving capitalism from creative folks who often find their labor devalued. 

In this collection of interviews, Nia discusses biphobia in gay men’s communities with JUBA KALAMKA, helping border-crossers find water in the desert with MICHA CARDENAS, trying to preserve Indigenous languages through painting with GRACE ROSARIO PERKINS, revolutionary monster stories with ELENA ROSE, using textiles to protest police violence with INDIRA ALLEGRA, trying to respectfully reclaim one’s own culture with AMIR RABIYAH, taking on punk racism with MIMI THI NGUYEN, the imminent trans women of color world takeover with LEXI ADSIT, queer life in WWII Japanese American incarceration camps with TINA TAKEMOTO, hip-hop and Black Nationalism with AJUAN MANCE, making music in exile with MARTIN SORRONDEGUY, issue-based versus identity-based organizing with TRISH SALAH, ten years of curating and touring with the QTPOC arts organization Mangos With Chili with CHERRY GALETTE, raising awareness about gentrification through games with MATTIE BRICE, self-publishing versus working with a small press with VIVEK SHREYA, and the colonial nature of journalism school with KILEY MAY. 

The conversation continues. Bear witness to QTPOC brilliance.


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SF crew cosplaying as Sonic characters

I’ve been on a Sonic kick lately if you haven’t noticed, Amy Dud was http://puppiesandanime.tumblr.com/ ‘s idea, Elena as Sticks was http://untitled-works.tumblr.com/’s idea as well


Here are some signs to know if your favorite female character is into girls!!

Ok, so I’ve mentioned how Audrey from Haven voices a character in my favorite video game series, right?

Elena, from Uncharted.

So two episodes ago, Claudia Black (aka Chloe in Uncharted) guest starred…

and now freaking Nolan North, Nathan Drake, is in this episode.

I can’t deal with Nate and Elena RL chatting on my screen right now, it’s too much. And by “can’t deal with” I mean I’m seriously geeking out over it. I’m a dork. I’m excited. Haven is absolutely doing this to me on purpose.


(Some) of my favorite Delena songs paired with (some) of my favorite Delena scenes


stefan + elena | you were never gone [1x01-8x16] made by rose griffin