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The Greatest Female Vaulters of All Time: Elena Produnova, Monica Rosu, Cheng Fei, McKayla Maroney, and Simone Biles


Elena Produnova’s iconic Produnova Vault at the 1999 Universiade

The bloc she gets from that old vaulting table is enormous! She finishes her second flip so high in the air the landing isn’t blind anymore. I always wonder what she could have achieved had she continued her career after the change to the open-ended code. That vault is easily a 15.7 in the 2017-2020 COP or a 16.3 in the earlier COP. Even in terms of FX or BB, she performed amazingly difficult skills that were definitely not rewarded in the 10 point system.


The most difficult vaults ever competed on the old vaulting horse:

  • handspring forward on - tucked double salto forward off (Produnova) performed by Elena Produnova (RUS)
  • round-off, flic-flac on (Yurchenko) - stretched salto backwards with 2 ½ turn off (Amanar) performed by Simona Amanar (ROM) and Elena Zamolodchikova (RUS)
  • handspring forward on - stretched salto forward with 1 ½ turn off (Chusovitina, also commonly referred to as a “Rudi”) performed by Vanessa Atler (USA) and Bai Chunyue (CHN)
  • handspring forward on with ¼ - ½ turn (Tsukahara) - stretched salto backward with 2/1 turn off (Zamolodchikova) performed by Elena Zamolodchikova (RUS), Simona Amanar (ROM), and Ekaterina Lobaznyuk (RUS)

Elena Produnova, the first woman (and only one so far) I’ve seen landing the Roche vault on her feet. Choe Jong Sil, of North Korea, had attempted it at the 1980 Olympics.

(I had posted this vault before, but this video is of much better quality).

Elena Produnova, la primera mujer (y la única de momento) a la que le he visto aterrizar el salto roche con los pies. Choe Jong Sil, de Corea del Norte, lo había intentado en los Juegos Olímpicos de 1980.

(Ya había hablado de este salto antes, pero este vídeo es de mucha mejor calidad).

Favorite routines by Russian gymnasts masterpost

Vault: Dina Kotcetkova 1994 Roza Galiyeva 1996 Yelena Produnova 1999 Elena Zamolodchikova 2000 Svetlana Khorkina 2000 Ekaterina Lobaznyuk 2000 Natalia Ziganshina 2002 Anna Grudko 2007 Anna Pavlova 2008 Aliya Mustafina 2010 Viktoria Komova 2012 Ksenia Afanasyeva 2013 Maria Paseka 2013 Anna Pavlova 2014

Bars: Oksana Fabrichnova 1993 Yevgenia Roschina 1994 Yelena Grosheva 1994 Dina Kotcetkova 1994 Yelena Dolgopoleva 1997 Eugenia Kuznetsova 1997 Anna Kovalyova 1998 Yelena Zamolodchikova 1998 Svetlana Khorkina 2000 Yelena Produnova 2000 Yelena Zamolodchikova 2000 Natalia Ziganshina 2001 Maria Zassypkina 2001 Ludmilla Ezhova 2004 Svetlana Khorkina 2004 Polina Miller 2006 Ksenia Semenova 2008 & 2006 Karina Myasnikova 2008 Anastasia Grishina 2010 Tatiana Nabieva 2010 Viktoria Komova 2012 Aliya Mustafina 2012 & 2013 Daria Spiridonova 2014

Beam: Svetlana Khorkina 1992 Oksana Fabrichnova 1994 Yevgenia Roschina 1994 Yelena Grosheva 1994 Yelena Lebedeva 1994 Svetlana Bakhtina 1995 Dina Kotcetkova 1996 Oksana Liapina 1996 Roza Galiyeva 1996 Svetlana Khorkina 1997 Elena Grosheva 1997 Evgenia Kuznetsova 1999 Ekaterina Lobaznyuk 1999 Anastasia kolesnikova 2000 Yelena Zamolodchikova 2000 Ekaterina Lobaznyuk 2001 Ludmilla Ezhova 2001 Elena Anochina 2002 Alexandra Scevchenko 2003 Anna Pavlova 2004 Daria Elizarova 2005 Karina Myasnikova 2005 Nadezhda Ivanova 2006 Aliya Mustafina 2007 Υulia Lozhecko 2007 Kristina Pavdina 2007 Ksenia Semenova 2008 Ekaterina Kurbatova 2009 Anastasia Grishina 2009 Viktoria Komova 2010  Anna Demetyeva 2011 Maria Kharenkova 2012 Anna Rodionova 2013 Evgenia Shelgunova 2013 Angelina Melnikova 2014

Floor: Tatiana Ignatova 1992 Oksana Fabrichnova 1992 Natalia Bobrova 1995 Dina Kotcetkova 1996 Svetlana Khorkina 1996 Yulia Korostileva 1997 Yelena Produnova 1997 Elena Dolgopolova 1998 Anastasia Kolensikova 2000 Anna Kovalyova 1998 Elena Zamolodchikova 2000 Elena Produnova 2000 Svetlana Khorkina 2000 Ekaterina Yobaznyuk 2000 & 2001 Anna Pavlova 2002 Svetlana Khorkina 2003 Nadezhda Ivanova 2003 Daria Elizarova 2004 Anna Pavlova 2004 Nadezhda Ivanova 2005 Yulia Lozhecko 2007 Anna Pavlova 2008 Ekaterina Kramarenko 2008 Anna Myzdrikova 2009 Ksenia Afanasyeva 2009 Viktoria Komova 2009 Anastasia Grishina 2010 Anna Dementyeva 2011 Anastasia Sidorova 2011 Ksenia Semenova 2010 Yulia Belokobylskaya 2010 & 2011 Ksenia Afanasyeva 2012 Anastasia Grishina 2012 Maria Kharenkova 2012 Viktoria Komova 2012 Aliya Mustafina 2013 Alla sosnitskaya 2014

* This does not include routines that Russian gymnasts competed while representing the Soviet Union, you can find those routines here

May 3rd- 94 days left

Leotard 47/∞: 2000 Sydney Olympics Russia Qualifications Leotard- worn by Svetlana Khorkina

  • Russia wore this leotard during qualifications at the 2000 Olympics where they qualified to the team final by finishing 1st in the preliminary competition. They also qualified several gymnasts to multiple individual finals. 
  • Gymnasts that qualified to individual finals:
    • Svetlana Khorkina (AA, VT*, UB, FX)
    • Yekaterina Lobaznyuk (AA, VT, BB)
    • Yelena Produnova (UB, BB)
    • Elena Zamolodchikova (AA, VT*, FX)
  • ** It is important to note that Svetlana Khorkina did originally qualify along with Lobaznyuk to the vault final but gave up her place to compete in the competition to her teammate Elena Zamolodchikova who in turn became the 2000 Olympic Vault Champion. 
2000 Gymnastics...

-Larry Nassar sexually assaults gymnasts under the guise of treatment

-Huge conflicts between the athletes, coaches, and Bela Karoyli over the new ranch system

-Morgan White is injured and gets replaced by 2nd alternate Tasha Schwikert

-Octavian Belu is asked about Romanian gymnastics controversies in 2000 Olympics NBC fluff like Lavinia Milosovici posing topless to earn money since RGF was keeping prize money away from gymnasts or Alexandra Marinescu saying she was abused. Belu says Marinescu’s allegations are stupid and she just doesn’t work hard enough (the same reason he replaced her with Amanar at 96 Olympics and 97 Worlds in AA finals)

-Kui Yuanyuan is injured on her DTY in quals, leaving the Chinese team with only 5 gymnasts competing

-Many gymnasts fall or go out of bounds on floor due to how hard it is

-The favorite to win, all star Russian team, loses by two tenths after falling 5 times

-Elena Zamolodchikova is 3 per country’d out of the AA final, but gets to compete after Elena Produnova is injured

-The vault is set too low in AA finals, leading to the injury of Annika Reeder and favorites to win like Svetlana Khorkina falling

-AA favorites: Khorkina falls on bars and vault. Karpenko trips, stubs her toe, goes out of bounds, and falls on floor. Zamo falls on floor

-Andreea Raducan is stripped of her AA gold medal because the Romanian team doctor gave her cold medicine with a substance that was unbanned and now banned again (thanks @dear-aliya-count-me-in). Simona Amanar was also given this same cold medicine, but since she was bigger than Raducan, it registered under the prohibited amount in drug testing and she was moved to the gold medal position

-The bronze medal winning Chinese team are stripped of their medals in 2010 after it’s discovered that Dong Fangxiao was only 14

-The FIG creates the two per country rule to prevent a sweep like Romania’s from ever happening again