elena made him want to care

matt told elena that he doesn’t care what happens in the game now because he made jury and that’s all he wanted… then elena proceeded to tell him she wants to go far to win….. jk, she wants to go far purely to get more screen time in hopes of furthering a career in the entertainment industry… alex literally has said multiple times she is playing for jason or paul to win……… ALL while kevin/raven/christmas/josh/alex/jason/matt are paul’s puppets. i literally hate this cast SO much. 

Snowed in

Word count: 3,426

Warning: smut

Request: You and Kai get lost and get stuck in a cabin because of a storm

Getting asked to go on a trip to the mountains with Damon, Elena and the rest of them seemed extremelly fun. You could have used some time out in the opening and this one even included snow. It sounded like you would have the best time of your life, until you had found out that Malachai Parker was coming too. Malachai. Freaking. Parker. You have never liked him. He was always teasing you or making fun of you and when you were close to him, after only a few minutes and hearing him constantly talking about irrelevant stuff, made you want to punch him straight in the face. Even when he was eating, he couldn’t stop talking.

‘C'mon, it will be fun! We could hang out, play some games, we could totally, you know.. hook up, because it seems like you really dig me.’ Kai said and bit his lip and of course, couldn’t even stop himself from winking at you. You furrowed your brows and gagged on purpose, showing what your answer was.

'Ew, gross.’ You replied and swallowed hard, your heartbeat picking up it’s pace. The truth was, even though you hated Kai, there was such sexual tension between you and him and you couldn’t hide it. You wanted him more than anything and him teasing you has only added fuel to the fire. 'Also, who says 'dig me’ nowadays?’ He chuckled quietly and took a few steps towards you, his body almost touching yours.

'I know you want me.’ He whispered and brushed his lips against your ear, sending shivers down your spine. You took a deep breath and tried to calm down your breathing, but it seemed as if everyone in the room had noticed what was going on between you and Kai.

'So, I assume, you will change your mind now?’ Elena asked, showing you a mischevious smile and leaned on the door frame with her arms crossed.

'What do you mean?’ You asked, befuddledly.

'I know you like him. You don’t have to hide that from me. The sexual tension between you two is, whew, off the charts. I bet if there was no one in the room right now, you would rip his clothes off and-’

'Stop. Stop! Just, wow.’ Elena laughed as you turned around and walked out of the living room and straight to your room, closing the doors behind you. You leaned your back on them and sighed heavily, taking a big breath and exhaling slowly, making all the tension and thoughts go away.

'If you feel that frustrated, you should have just asked me to do something about it, I wouldn’t mind.’ Your eyes shot open and caught a glimpse of Kai’s tall figure standing only a few feet away from you, looking more sexy than ever. He bit his lip when your eyes met his and you couldn’t help but wonder what his lips would feel like on your body. What they could do to you and how good they could make you feel. You cleared your throat and cleared your mind from your thoughts, trying to focuse on getting ready for the trip. You walked over to the drawers, taking out some of your favourite warm and fuzzy socks, packing them in a medium black bag.

'What are you doing here, Kai? Shouldn’t you be packing for our trip? That reminds me, I can’t wait for us to be all alone together and braid each others hair, oh and maybe we could, you know.’ You walked over to him, tracing your fingers over his exposed biceps. 'hook up. What do you say?’

'Now that’s what I’m talking about.’

'I see you don’t understand sarcasm much?’ You rolled your eyes at him and stepped away from him, taking your underwear out of your drawers. Not even a second later, you felt his hands on your waist, his hot breath caressing your neck. You closed your eyes at the feeling as his fingers slowly traced your sweet spot and then pressed his lips on that same spot. You moaned quietly, his fingers finding your bare spot on your waist, his touch feeling like fire. You slowly turned around and found yourself way too close to him. Your noses brushed against one another, Kai’s hot breath flashing over your lips.

'When you’re around, it’s hard to understand anything.’ Kai whispered, his eyes piercing through yours, their blue colour making you go weak at the knees.

'Are you going to kiss me or not?’ You whispered, a chuckle escaping Kai’s body. You had no control of the words coming out of your mouth and you knew if he had kissed you right then, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself and you would have ended going all the way with him. He slowly leaned in and just when he wanted to pressed his lips on yours, a knock echoed through your room.

'You ready?’ Elena asked behind the closed doors, making Kai step back.

'Um, yeah, I just, I’ll be down in 5.’ You shouted and at that moment you have finally snapped out of your thoughts. You pushed Kai away from you and walked over to your bag, putting other clothes in it, closing it and leaving the room withouth saying anything to Kai. You sighed heavily, your heartbeat slowing down. You would have lied if you said you didn’t like having Kai so close to you. His long fingers touching your body or how perfect his lips looked up close and how you couldn’t stop wondering if his lips were as soft as they looked. You wanted to kiss him more than anything and you weren’t trying to hide it anymore. You have been pushing him away all this time when in reality, you wanted him and him only and nothing would stop you from continuing what you and him had started in your room.

Ride from the Salvatore’s house to the mountains has been long and mostly quiet, that is, when the radio wasn’t blasting and Damon singing every freaking song that had played and that was going on for hours. You wanted to plug something into your ears and doze off and get lost in your small world without anyone interrupting you. Since you were sitting with Kai in the backseat all alone, you couldn’t help but look at him every now and then and admire how perfect he looked. His stubble, which you had wondered what it would feel like if you traced your tongue across his stuble or what it would feel like between your thighs. His fingers tapped his leg, following the song rhythm, but they also made you cross your legs. The thought of what they could do to you made you wet and made your heart beat a lot faster.

'Enjoying the view?’ Kai whispered, but his eyes were still focused on the road, as if he was avoiding to look you in the eyes.

'What? No, I was just looking how- amazing the- trees look.’ You blurted out and rolled your eyes at how stupid that must have sounded, but it was the first thing that had popped into your head.

'Sure, sure. I can’t wait to get in the shower when we arrive and wash all of this sweat off my body. With a nice hot soapy shower, sounds nice, doesn’t it?’ Damn. He finally looked at you and you got lost for words. His words got to you so easily and they made you feel like you were on fire. You wanted to kiss him right then and there, not caring that Elena and Damon were in the car with you. 'Perhaps you could join me.’

'Dream on, Parker.’ You trailed off and looked away, but deep down that’s exactly what you wanted.

After 4 hours, you have finally arrived and the place looked absolutely magical. You were staying at the cabin that had a full on view at the mountains that were slightly hiding behind the clouds of thick fog.

'So, I’m staying with Elena, Caroline with Stefan, Bon Bon and Jeremy and you, well you are with Kai.’ Damon trailed off, you eyes widening at his words. It couldn’t be.

'What? Can’t I just stay with Matt? How come he gets to be alone? Matt you wouldn’t mind sharing a room with me, would you?’ You turned around to face Matt, watching how he just shrugged his shoulder.

'Well, I-’

'No. You and Kai need to sort your things out. I don’t want you guys to ruin my trip because of your stupid arguments. Fix them and I’m telling you, being in the same room is a good thing. I guarantee you, by the end of this trip, you two will be best buddies.’

'More like fuck buddies.’ Kai blurted out, making you look at him wide eyed. You mouthed shut up to him and ready to protest again, but when you turned around, no one was there.

'Great. This was exactly what I needed. A guy who loves to take soapy showers and loves to tease the fuck out of me.’ You grunted, disappointment obvious in your voice as you picked up your bags and started walking towards your cabin you were supposed to share with Kai.

'I love how you’re totally different around them and when they leave, you’re literally tearing off my clothes with your eyes. I like that.’ He trailed off.

'Oh and, guys, we’re going skiing in 10 minutes, so be prepared!’ Elena shouted before closing the doors of her cabin again.

'Guess like you won’t have that shower after all. Too bad.’ You said and walked into the cabin while Kai was holding the doors for you, on purposely brushing your hip against his crotch, a mischevious smile flashing on your face. It was your time to tease Kai and this trip might have came in handy.

You have never skied before and falling on your ass a couple of times did nothing else but amuse Kai. Everytime you fell down, he was there. He picked you up but then his hand somehow always ended up on your ass, cleaning up the snow from your suit.

'You know that’s not really necessary. I can take care of myself.’ You said and tried to walk away, but the big skis you had attached to your feet haven’t exactly let you walk away from him that easily.

'Yeah, I know, but I just like how my hand fits so perfectly on your cute little butt.’ Kai muttered, his gaze falling down to your ass.

'I assume none of those girls were up for some action since you are that desperate to touch a female’s body?’ You asked him and showed him a small smile, taking off the skis off your feet.

'Ouch. You know, I know a lot of ways you could use that mouth of yours and none of them are you trashing me. Wanna try them out, sweet cheeks?’

'Sweet cheeks? Really?’ You asked and couldn’t help but laugh at his comment.

'I tell you what. Let’s race and if you win, I’ll leave you alone and if I win-’ he got closer to you and pressed his lips against your ear, biting your earlobe slightly. 'I get to do whatever I want with your cute little vampire body. It will be fun! Deal?’ He asked you as you swallowed hard, your walls clenching just at the sound of those words.

'Deal!’ You muttered and put your skis back on, ready to somehow try to beat Kai. The snow had started falling but that didn’t stop you from going. Of course, from the very begining, Kai was in the lead and somehow you had managed to get closer but just at the finish line, you fell down and tumbled, ending up losing both of your skis and losing to Kai which had meant only one thing.

'I win.’ Kai appeared out of nowhere and muttered, satisfaction in his voice.

'Great. Now, how are we supposed to get back up there, genius?’ You asked him and pointed up, but the cabin was nowhere to be seen.

'I saw a path not far from here. C'mon.’ Kai helped you up as you walked behind him, completely trusting him. When it seemed as if you were going in a right direction, you have figured it out that you have been walking in circles for at least half an hour. The weather was getting worse and your footprints that were in the snow, have disappeared completely. It was getting harder to see because of how hard the snow was falling and you were also freezing.

'Kai, we’re going in circles. This is not the right way!’ You shouted and looked around, hoping you would at least find a clue to lead you in the right direction. Kai stopped and placed his hands on his waist as he carefully looked around until his gaze stopped at one of the cabins in the distance.

'There. I think it’s empty. C'mon.’ He took you by your hand and led you in that direction. There was no light and it seemed as if no one was in there. You stepped inside, immediately feeling a bit warmer, but it was still really cold. You rubbed your hands together, hoping you would somehow get warmer and prevent your fingers from falling off because of the coldness. Kai found some wood next to the fireplace and lit them up, the warmth spreading through the cabin quickly. You took off your ski suit and remained in leggings and your favourite hoodie, your fuzzy socks keeping your feet warm. You wrapped your arms around yourself, rubbing them with your hands, warming yourself up. Kai looked at you and smiled. I didn’t take him long to get closer to you, his arms wrapping around your cold body.

'What are you doing?’ You asked him, you brows furrowing.

'Warming you up. It would be a lot faster if you took your clothes off.’ Kai muttered and chuckled, hoping to make you laugh and he did. For once, he looked at you with a sympathetic look and as if he wanted to apologize for getting you into this situation. You pressed your head against his chest and wrapped your arms around him, his heartbeat steady and calming.

'As much as stupid this idea was, I think it ended up pretty well.’ You looked up at him, admiring how beautiful he looked under the dimmed lights.

'As long as I get to be with you.’ He trailed off and locked his eyes with yours, his nose brushing against his. He looked down at your lips and not even a second after, he kissed you deeply and passionately, his hands desperately trying to get your body closer to his. You intertwined your fingers with his hair, kissing him like yoour life depended on it. He traced his hands down your body and over your ass as he picked you up and carried you to the bed not far away from the fire place, throwing you down and climbing on top of you. You tugged at his shirt and took it off, for the first time getting a good look at his toned torso. He pulled away from your lips and pulled your leggings down your body along with your underwear, your hear completely exposed to him. He spread your legs apart and traced his fingers through your folds, gathering your juices and brough them up to his mouth, devouring them as if it was his favourite thing. You propped yourself up on your elbows and got a perfect look at Kai’s face when he came close to your head and blew, his hot breath making your breath hitch. He licked your folds with his tongue and then started sucking on your clit, a loud moan escaping your mouth. You ripped your shirt open and unhooked your bra, grabbing your breasts and squeezed them as you played with your nipples while Kai kept sucking on your clit. He pushed three of his fingers into you, stretching you out, making you arch your back and moan his name out. His actions were so fast that you were starting to approach your orgasm a lot faster than you wanted. You grabbed onto the bed sheets and it took only Kai’s fingers to curl inside you as your walls started clenching and your body shaking under his touch, your eyes closing at the feeling. He swiftly pulled his fingers out of you and licked them clean as he stepped down from the bed, unbotting his pants and pushing them down along with his boxers, his hard lenght springing free. You bit your lip at the sight, imagining how good he would feel inside you. He climbed on the bed, but instead of climbing on top of you, he picked you up by your waist with ease and laid down on his back, placing your heat right above his face. You swallowed hard and before you could have even said anything, he pressed your hips down on his face, your clit laying perfectly above his tongue, circling around it. You spread your legs further apart and started grinding on Kai’s face, his tongue working magically on you.

'Shit, Kai!’ You moaned out and threw your head back, your hands cupping your breasts, pinching on your nipples. He pushed his tongue inside you and kept it there for a split second as he starting pumping it in and out of you and hummed, the vibrations making your walls clench. You grabbed onto the headboard, your hips still gringing on Kai’s mouth as you felt yourself coming close to another orgasm. Just when you started feeling your high approaching, Kai stopped and removed you from his face. He threw you on the bed and spread your legs as much as he could and then in a swift motion, he pushed inside you, filling you up to the hilt, making you scream out loud. His thrusts were deep and rough and with every thrust, your breath hitched, his thich shaft hitting your spot every time he pushed in.

'You feel so tight around me, fuck.’ He cursed out, his hips relentlessly slamming into you. He reached down and started rubbing your clit harshly with his fingers, your orgasm approaching again.

'Fuck me, Kai.’ You moaned out loudly, arching your back as your orgasm tore through your body, making you dizzy. You already felt tired but you knew Kai was far from being done with you. He stopped thrusting and picked you up with his lenght still inside you and climbed off the bed. He walked towards the nearest wall and slammed your body against it, your legs instantly wrapping around him. He had a new angle to thrust in and it felt better than anything you have ever tried in your life. He placed his head in the crook of your neck as his hips kept sliding in and out of you at the same pace, his moans turning a lot louder than at the begining. You grabbed onto his biceps and dug your nails in them, but Kai didn’t care. He kept focusing on getting you to reach another orgasm and at that time, he was getting close too. He felt your walls clenching around him again.

'Fuck!.’ He groaned as you clenched around him and came for the third time, your whole body shaking and not long after that, he came inside you in hot short spurts, riding out your and his orgasm at the same time as his fangs sank into your neck, piercing your skin and your blood dropping down onto your body. He pulled out his lenght as both of you dropped down on the floor, his finger picking up a few drops of blood from your chest, licking them clean.

'I guess, getting lost with you wasn’t that bad.’ You said, your voice shaky, a drop of sweat rolling down your forehead. 'Can we do this again tomorrow?’ You asked, but he only looked at you wide eyed as his brows furrowed, but soon it was replaced with a cheeky smile.

'Oh, I’m far from being done today. Round two under the shower?’ He asked and winked at you as he picked you up swiftly and carried you into the bathroom and in the shower, his body already pressed against yours, ready to make you his again.

renae9000  asked:

Damon says he will always choose Elena first... But that statement isnt about Elena or his love for her.. Its about Him because he has put all his Happiness, his life, his everything in having her.. He cant Let Go.. Just like he did with Katherine until she Hurt him.... Love Requires Sacrifice Always... DE's love is Selfish.. They had a real chance with Bamon but chose not to go down that road...

Yeah, the whole “I will always choose you” promise died a looooong time ago. It died in 6x22 when Damon chose to save Bonnie and live without Elena for 70+ years and it’s died every single time Damon has saved Bonnie’s life since. It doesn’t matter how anyone tries to spin that, Damon is choosing someone else above Elena and it’s not for Elena’s benefit, because how can it be? If Damon let Bonnie die in 6x22, yeah, Elena would’ve lost her best friend, but she’d also have got to spend the rest of her life with her brother, Matt, Tyler, Alaric and his twins, which is something she wouldn’t have been able to do under the coma (if the writers weren’t gonna find some loophole) since they’d have been dead by the time she awoke. When Damon saves Bonnie, it’s for Bonnie and it’s for him. No one can convince me otherwise. 

I agree about Damon putting all of his eggs in one basket where love is concerned. Honestly, I put it down purely to the fact that Damon doesn’t know what real, healthy love is, because when has he ever experienced it? He grew up with a mother and father that clearly didn’t love each other, his mother didn’t love him enough to stay and raise him and his father was cruel and somewhat abusive. When he met Katherine in 1864 she was (I assume) the first and only person to show him love and the first person he felt love for. Katherine said it herself - she taught Damon how to love. But if there’s anyone on the planet that shouldn’t be allowed to teach someone how to love it’s Katherine Pierce, because let’s be honest, she doesn’t know what true love is either. She spent practically her entire life on the run, lying, manipulating, using people for her benefit and discarding them when they no longer had any use. And even with the people she did love, she struggled to be selfless because she was so used to putting herself first. This is the person from whom Damon learned to love, so is it any surprise that he developed such an unhealthy obsession and love for Elena? Everything about Damon’s feelings for Elena stems from the damage that’s been done to him from his past experiences. He began to obsess over Elena in the early seasons because she looked like Katherine, he had an inferiority complex with Stefan and wanted to exact revenge on Stefan for turning him. When Damon actually started to fall in love with Elena it was because she saw the good in him and made him feel as though he was actually cared for, which was something he’d lacked throughout his life. Once he was in a relationship with her he loved her because he perceived her to be his humanity, that she made him a better person, which again something he’s always struggled with. I could go on, but the point is that everything about Damon’s love for Elena comes from the sad, lonely, damaged, insecure little boy that he still is deep inside. It’s not about Elena, it’s about Damon. It’s about what she does for him, how she makes him a better person, how she makes him happy, how she makes him feel loved, how she’s the best thing to ever happen to him. So yes, you’re right Delena’s love is selfish. 

As for Bamon…don’t even get me started. I could go on forever about why they should’ve become canon, but I won’t since I have other posts where I talk about it. But all I will say, is that you’re completely right. All of the foundations for a Bamon romance have already been laid and there’s been so many opportunities for the writers to make them canon. Their first “I love you” scene had been building for a hell of a long time, and there’s absolutely no reason why they had to add the, “Like Elena loves you” part. It was honestly just a cop out. And watching the scene in 8x10 where Damon reads Bonnie the letter he wrote to her before he chose to desiccate just confirms to me that there is 100% something between them. The emotion in that scene, the chemistry…everything about it is just proof that there is so much potential for Bamon. Even the endless references to Elena in that scene don’t diminish the fact that what Damon’s saying proves just how much he completely loves Bonnie. Everything about that scene, from the setting, to the music, the expressions on their faces, emotion in their voices, the words they say, the way they look at each other - it’s the definition of romantic. How anyone can perceive that in any other way, I have no idea. It also proves further, what we were talking about earlier that Damon has broken his promise to always choose Elena, because in this speech he makes a new promise to Bonnie and ironically, it’s one he made to Elena back in season 3. And that is, “I’m so sorry I left. It won’t happen again.” So not only has Damon chose Bonnie over Elena, repeatedly, now he’s vowing that he will never leave her. That’s a pretty hefty promise for a friend to make to another friend, don’t you think? 

In conclusion, Bamon not becoming canon is the biggest mistake the writers have made, and they’ve made A LOT of them haha. 

[post 4x15]

“What about SHIELD?” she asks, and he’s grateful that she’s at last asked a question that requires and answer more than “How did you get in here?” or “Who are you?”

He glances towards Beth.  She still sitting on his desk, back straight, but he can tell from the way her lips are just barely open that she’s scared.

“What about SHIELD?”

“You never went?”

“Of course not,” he says, and then, without meaning to, “My father and I–”

And she nods.  "How funny is that?“ She whispers.  "It’s not fair that you only get to be loved by one of us in each life.  I suppose he didn’t think things through.”

He doesn’t bother to ask who.  Instead he repeats his first question.  "Who the hell are you?“ and it makes him sick with how much she wants to cry.  

"It’s not real,” she says, for not the first time.  "In the real world, a hole once opened.  A portal to another planet no one new existed.  And you still tied a rope around your waist and jumped straight into it, just because I might have been on the other side.“

He wants to ask "Were you?”  but walks to the desk instead and says “For fuck’s sake, tell me who you are or I’m calling security.”

“Oh, Fitz,” she sighs, and his hand hovers over the call button.  "Please wake up.“

"You’re crazy.”  It’s the first time Beth has spoken, but the girl doesn’t look at her.  She only laughs and it’s the saddest thing Leo Fitz has ever heard.

“I’m dead,” she says, half hysterical.  "I’m dead here and you’re not there to care.“

He knows it sounds impossible cruel, but he feels Beth’s hand on his and, pressing the security call button, says "Why would I?”

“I’m not surprised,” she says.  “You’re the first thing that ever made me want to live.”

Leo shakes his head.  “I don’t know you,” he tells her.  He’s done with her game. 

The door opens and several security guards walk in.  At first, she seems like she’ll let them escort her out.

But she fights.  It surprises him, the strength with which she fights and an odd part of him, a part he doesn’t recognize thinks, “That’s my girl.”

“Fitz!” she screams.  “Fitz!  You have to wake up!  You have to come back to me!”

The guard hits her hard and she falls.  In his head, he’s screaming her name.  

It’s only when they’ve carried her away that he realizes she never told him what it was.  

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The Prince (Nessian Version)

Oh hey look Lexi still isn’t updating Shape of You but she’s got fifty other ideas… haha I hope you like this one shot. It’s one of my favorites.

They say nothing hurts worse than a heartbreak. Who they are, I’m not sure. Maybe they’re the more experienced adults who know when to give advice. But whoever they are, they’re more than right. As I stood there in the ballroom, I couldn’t have agreed more. I had never felt such intense pain rip through me as I prepared to let him go. Then again he was never really mine to keep. But for the last five years we pretended like this wouldn’t happen. We pretended like we could actually have a future together.

We forgot that he was the prince and I was nothing more than the daughter of his mother’s hand maiden.

Today came faster than we anticipated. That didn’t make it any easier. It still hurt as fresh as the day his father told him it was time to narrow down the competition. That was three months ago. Now we were getting ready to watch our beloved prince propose to the princess who would one day rule beside him. I wondered if they would look at beautiful as his parents did on their thrones.

I held my hands in front of my stomach, holding them tightly so they wouldn’t shake. I stood in the shadows watching as the princesses fixed their hair and fluffed out their big dresses. They were all trying too hard, and it pained me to stand there and watch them fuss over their looks when Cassian couldn’t care less about who was prettiest. He never like extravagant things. But soon he would have one. Soon one of those girls would become his bride and I’d be a memory he held close on those cold nights he thought of his glory days.

I knew he didn’t love a single girl in that room. I knew because he told me he would never feel this way for anyone the way he felt about me. I bit my lip as the pain got worse. I always knew I’d have to let him go one day, but I didn’t realize how attached I had become.

Maybe this was why my mother always warned me to stay away from the brown eyed Prince. My mom had tried so hard to warn me that I needed to guard my heart against Cassian and the way we felt about each other. I never thought she would be right.

Then again I always knew how this would end.

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klaroline. set after liz’s funeral in season 6. caroline centric. 

sides of: stebekah, steroline, daroline, delena, bonenzo.

She goes to Tokyo first.

She doesn’t mean to, she just…does. Because there’s nowhere else to go. Her mom is in a coffin. Damon gives her the weepy eyes, Bonnie is gone, Elena spends most of the funeral following after her Salvatore. And Stefan doesn’t want her. Stefan doesn’t want her. She’s an idiot, she decides. Because every little touch she gets from him, every little speech, every little ‘if one single part of you came back to check on me—’ it’s made up. All in her naive, Caroline Forbes ‘true love can conquer all’ mentality. No one checks on her. No one cares. And when she gets into her car after her mom’s funeral, after realizing that all of this is just biding her time until the next chaotic bad guy that streaks through Mystic Falls — she leaves.

She doesn’t realize that she’s going to the airport until she’s there. It’s in Richmond. A good three hours away from the Falls she grew up in. Her phone has been lighting up with a constant stream of messages the whole ride, and she throws it out the window somewhere past the freeway. The irony of it though, is that it really is freeing. Caroline has always held this theory about airports, and it’s this: no one cares what the hell you do at an airport. Case in point: the woman next to her is sexting her husband’s brother. The kid across from her has gotten tangled in his kid-leash ( who even invented that, anyway? ), a couple has been making out for the past ten minutes. And if they look close enough, if they shift their gaze and slant their eyes — they’ll see a girl. Cheeks streaked with tears, curls falling limply around her face, standing in the middle of it all clutching an envelope she’s had buried for years, all while she’s in the dress that she wore to her mom’s burial.

The ticket is for New Orleans. And she got it two years ago. On her birthday. No note, no drawing, no signature. Just a first class ticket to the big easy. Ya know, in case. She doesn’t text a thank you, and he doesn’t expect one. But she keeps it. Tucked away in the back of a Microbiology textbook. And now it’s crushed in her hand. The lady at the desk argues with her for an hour and a half until she hits her with her full on ‘I am Caroline Forbes hear me roar’ self — and then she’s got a coach ticket to Tokyo.

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In Spite

Imagine: Klaus Mikaelson kidnapping you to get back at Elena and it leads to things getting heated. (Requested ~Smut~) The story line is mine and probably in no way accurate! It’s just for imagine purposes! 

“Ah, Y/N. Elena Gilbert’s human friend. Now I understand you’ve been friends for say, eight years?” Klaus walked in a small circle around you. This couldn’t be happening. One minute you’re in your bedroom, the next you hear something outside and you go to investigate. Now you’re stuck in a neat little apartment across town without a way out. How could you have been so stupid? You know about Supernatural beings and yet you still go outside when you hear a noise. 

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anonymous asked:

What Do u think About Bamon in general? Platonic or no?

I freakin’ love them. Here’s where you can read some of my thoughts about them (x) (x) (x). 

But yeah, I definitely ship romantic Bamon. It wasn’t an instant thing, they grew on me over the course of season 6, but their chemistry is just so incredible and it pulls me in every single time. I haven’t even watched the show since season 6, but the one thing I’ve watched consistently is Bamon scenes. I regularly check the tags and watch their videos on YouTube, because there’s something about them when they’re together…they just come alight. It’s such a different dynamic than any of the other relationships on the show and I see a completely different side to both of them when they’re with each other that I don’t see when they’re with anyone else. 

Plus, Bamon has just really made me love Damon’s character again. Way back in the early seasons Damon was one of my favourite characters, but between his constant pining and whining over Katherine and Elena I grew so tired of him. When he’s with Bonnie I see a Damon that I can get on board with. There’s a vulnerability and sincerity in him that Bonnie brings out. She makes him more aware of who he is, the things he’s doing, she makes him question that and makes him want to be a better person. He genuinely cares what she thinks of him and you can see that. He doesn’t want to let her down or disappoint her, but he’s consistently done that to everyone he loves so he pushes her way because she’s just too important and special for him to do that to her out of everyone. 

I see that lot of people don’t ship them or agree with them based on the fact that Damon has put Bonnie through a hell of a lot and they think she deserves better. I do understand why, but for me it just adds a new layer to their relationship by creating conflict and issues that they need to overcome. 

Here’s the honest truth of the matter: Damon is damaged. He’s so damaged that he doesn’t even seem to realise when he does something messed up, he’s just so used to following the same negative patterns of behaviour and no, it shouldn’t be a woman’s responsibility (or anyone else’s for that matter) to fix him, but it’s kind of inevitable that it has to happen. Damon needs help, he needs someone to be there for him, to remind him when he’s being an ass, to give him direction and guidance and support. What Damon needs is a strong, passionate woman that is mature, emotionally developed and capable of independent thought and that person is Bonnie. We saw what the writers did with D*lena, using Elena as Damon’s humanity and his morality and whether we like it or not, any Damon relationship whether it’s with Elena or Bonnie or Katherine or any other woman, will always have that aspect involved, because Damon needs that. But here’s the important part; with Bonnie it’s different. With Elena, Damon literally projected all of his issues directly onto her and used her as a catalyst for his humanity, but Elena never actually actively did or said anything to help Damon be a better person. Damon just convinced himself that she did because he wanted it to be true. But with Bonnie, she does. Like I said, she tells him when he’s doing something wrong, she’s not afraid to stand up to him, to reject his apology if she knows he’s in the wrong, but at the same time, she accepts that deep down he’s a good person that is trying to be better and she wants to help him do that. But what’s even more interesting is that just seeing Bonnie hurt by his actions is enough to make Damon remorseful and want to change. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve never seen Damon react like that with Elena. When he hurts Bonnie it’s like he can’t stand it, it eats him up and it tortures his soul, but with Elena, he actually did things to deliberately hurt her. And I think evidence of this can be seen by the fact that when Elena had no memories in season 6 Damon said he didn’t want her to be happy, he wanted her to be as miserable as him. But what did he say to Bonnie in 8x10? “I hope it’s the happiest life, because you are an amazing woman.” See the difference? Damon is starting to show that he is capable of selfless love with Bonnie, which is something we’ve never really seen from him before. 

As for Bonnie, despite the utter crap she’s had to put up with from Damon, he’s good for her too. I think Bonnie is the kind of character that needs a challenge, someone that’s going to keep her on her toes and Damon is that for her. But more than that, he protects her, makes her feel safe and I think that’s important for Bonnie, because she’s constantly put in the path of danger. And like I mentioned in a previous post, Damon is the first person that’s actually consistently put Bonnie first and treated her as an actual person. Bonnie has been constantly overlooked and mistreated across the entirety of the show and I think the biggest thing that I notice is that she’s perceived as a witch and a solution to problems, rather than just Bonnie. And even the people that are supposed to be her best friends never thank her or show their appreciation. In season 6, Damon was the first one that acknowledged everything Bonnie had done for him and everyone else, he actually challenged Elena (because she was making everything about her as always) and said that he wanted to save Bonnie for Bonnie. Damon stopped making everything about Bonnie about Elena or magic or anything else and he made it about Bonnie. That’s so important. When Elena was put into the coma she said to Bonnie to let her make this sacrifice so Bonnie could live and that she wanted to do it after everything Bonnie had done for her. No, Elena had no choice but to sacrifice herself for Bonnie because Kai created the spell and Damon decided he wanted to keep Bonnie alive for Bonnie. Bonnie deserves that so much. She deserves someone that loves her, that puts her first and Damon does. 

And putting all of the deep stuff aside, Bonnie and Damon just have such an amazing dynamic. They have fun, they tease each other and naturally bounce off one another. I mean, they spent three entire months together on The Other Side. That is approximately 2,190 hours they spent in each other’s company, with no one else to talk to but each other. Imagine how much they learned about each other, how well they got to know each other, the comfortableness they built up. Honestly, I don’t know many people that could spend that much time together alone and not develop a significant and intimate bond that becomes something romantic. Generally the thing that makes people fall in love is getting to know someone on a deeper level. Hearing them speak about their fears, their hopes, their dreams, their past, their likes and dislikes; seeing them in every state of being there is, first thing in the morning, when they’ve just got out the shower, the dark circles under their eyes because they haven’t slept for days because they’re nervous about something, when they’re tears streaming down their face and snot running down their nose, when they’re laughing hysterically and accidentally snort, when they’re singing along to a song and don’t know anybody’s listening. You get the idea. All of these things are what Bonnie and Damon saw when they were together for those three months. Having that kind of closeness, getting to know someone that deeply, seeing every side of them that there is…it nearly always leads to one or both of those people falling in love with each other. 

And that’s what I love about Bonnie and Damon. There’s so much development and depth there, yet at the same time such a lightheartedness. They have the domesticated, adorkable best friend side of their relationship, where they sit around doing crossword puzzles, making pancakes, Damon teases Bonnie about Mrs Cuddles, Bonnie teases Damon about his collection of 90s music. But they also have the angsty, complex, intricately messed up side of their relationship where they argue, challenge each other, hurt each other and even hate each other. When those two elements come together it creates such a beautiful and interesting dynamic. There’s just so much potential there with them, so much that could be done, so many intriguing aspects to their relationship, the possibilities and just endless and I think that’s what’s so exciting about Bamon.

Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 21

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 21 (And with that we finish the third season)


Might be the last part (maybe… I don’t know…)

Please, note that I am French and that there might be some mistakes here and there.

Enjoy this really long chapter :)

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Klaus and Rebekah weren’t talking to each other. You wanted to go see Alaric, make sure he was okay. But you didn’t want to see the others and you didn’t know what Damon would do to you if he saw you.

You stayed at home for a few days, practicing magic. You couldn’t believe how easy it was for you now to manipulate the elements. Even though you were too scared to try electricity and you still had no idea how to manipulate light or darkness. You didn’t even know what it was about.

Rebekah wanted your help with the dance she was organizing at school. “Uh, no! I didn’t like the dances when I was in high school, I’m sure as hell not going to organize them now!” She said something about you being a bad friend and hung up. She texted you all day though. Matt helped her with the dance, brought her home. She found that suspicious and so did you. But that wasn’t the best part. Or, worst part. Her mother was back in town. She asked you to come over, she said she’d rather have you there so you could help her if her mother tried something. You weren’t sure you could do anything against the Original witch but what other choice did you have?

You were in what could be called the living room at the mansion with Rebekah and Esther.

“You have grown stronger since the last time I saw you” the witch tells you but you don’t answer. “I understand you saved my son Elijah by drinking his glass of champagne in his place… why would you do that?”

“What can I say, I’m pretty stupid” you shrug. That woman tried to kill you and your friends, you weren’t feeling like having a heart to heart with her. “Rebekah says you’re dying.”

“I am” she says.

“I thought Ayana had preserved your body with a spell.” Rebekah asks her mother.

“She did. I’m drawing my power from the Bennett witch line. When Abby died, the connection was severed. So my body is weakened.”

“Well if you’ve come to spend your last moments with your loving daughter, prepare to be disappointed. You should have spent less time plotting my death.”

You look at your friend with sad eyes.

“Is that what you think I’ve been doing on the other side? I’ve been looking over you for a thousand years of joy and heartbreak. Your fights with Klaus. The nights you cried yourself to sleep calling my name. Not a day has gone by that I wasn’t right there with you.”

“And yet, you still tried to kill me.”

“Because it shouldn’t have been a thousand years, Rebekah. No one should live that long.”

“But I haven’t lived at all” the blonde says with tears in her eyes.

“Sorry, Rebekah. So, so sorry.”

She takes her daughter’s hands in hers, but then, she starts trembling.

“What’s wrong with her?” you ask.

Rebekah doesn’t answer you and her mother falls to the ground. Klaus enters the room not long after. “What’s going on?” he asks, seeing his mother lying on the floor.

“She’s dead” Rebekah tells his brother.

“Guys…I’m so sorry” you don’t know what else to say.

Klaus stares at his dead mother for a while. You take one step towards Rebekah and put a friendly hand on her shoulder. “Are you gonna be okay?” you ask in a low voice.

She doesn’t answer. He takes a deep breath and say “Well, at least I don’t have to kill her now” then leaves. Rebekah looks up and watch him leave. “Leave” she tells you.

“Are you sure?” you ask her.

“Yes, I want to be alone” she doesn’t look at you. She was acting odd. You nod and leave.

The day after Esther’s death you hear from Caroline. She tries to apologize for almost killing you.

“You know what, there was a time, not so long ago, I wouldn’t have been angry at you, but you keep trying and trying to kill Klaus and when you fail and everybody gets hurt but him you try again. Now you’re telling me that everybody, including you, but Bonnie was ready to kill Finn even though I was still bound to him and that doesn’t help me to forgive you.”

“I understand. You need time.”

“Time? Time?!” you yell at her. “I think I’ll need a little bit more than just time, Caroline!”

“Okay, I get that, look.” She sighs “I am so, so sorry that Elena let you drink that champagne, you known when she told us, we couldn’t believe it. We were so mad at her. But…that didn’t change the fact that, Klaus needs to die…”

“You know why, Klaus needs to die? Because he needs Elena’s blood. You were ready to kill me and the entire Original family because of Elena. So, Caroline, I don’t really have a problem with you, even though…” you sigh.

“I know. We hate Elena, I get it…” she sighs. “Jeremy’s back…” she tells you after a few minutes of silence. Like you cared…

“How’s Ric?”

“Good, apparently…”

“That’s good to hear” you sigh, relieved.

“I gotta go, I have this dance thing to organize”

You frown. “Isn’t Rebekah, doing that?”

“Well, she had to show up if she wanted to do that”.

“Rebekah’s not at school?” you ask, surprised.

“No, you didn’t hear from her?”

“Esther died yesterday. She’s probably at home” you shrug.

“Oh…okay… Talk to you later?”

“As long as you don’t try to kill me again…”


You laugh. “You deserved that”

“Yeah…I did, didn’t I?” she laughs. “Bye Y/N”

“Bye, Care…”

You hang up and try to call Rebekah but she doesn’t pick up. You decide to go to the mansion to see if everything was okay.

“Klaus?” you call once you’re inside the house, but you received no answer. You go to the studio and that’s where you find him, painting.

“I’ve been calling you” you say.

“What do you want, love?”

“Have you seen Rebekah?” you ask.

“Not since she asked me to go to that dance tonight” he says.

“You’re going to the high school dance?” you ask, surprised.

“I couldn’t resist my baby sister’s puppy eyes” he smiles at you.

“So, you have no idea where she is now then?”

“Sorry, love, not a clue”

You sigh. You see him putting the brush down. “Would you make me the honor of being my date?” he asks.

You laugh and shake your head. “Don’t you want to ask Caroline that?” you tell him.

“Well, Caroline will be there” he says.

“Then why do you want me to go with you?”

He doesn’t answer at first, is not looking at you. “I enjoy your company” he finally says.

You sigh. “I warn you, I don’t dance” you tell him and he laughs.

“I’ll pick you up, love”

“I need to find a dress” you sigh and you leave the mansion.

Klaus comes to pick you up early.

“You’re breath taking, love” he says and you blush.

“Thanks” you laugh like what he said was ridiculous.

You arrive at the dance and Bonnie spotted you there.

“Y/N, you came!” she says, smiling at you but her smile goes away once she saw who you were with.

“Hello, Bonnie” you say with a small smile, knowing exactly what she was thinking.

“Y/N…” you hear Elena’s voice calling you.

“Don’t even try, Elena” you say without even looking at her.

“I just wanted to…”

“I don’t care what you want” you cut her off, turning to look at her “the moment you let me drink that glass…no, you know what, the moment you looked Elijah in the eyes and lied to his face about his mother, the moment you decided to let him die, to let them die and me along with them, that’s when it was too late. That’s when you decided that my life wasn’t worth anything to you and that’s when I lost all respect I had for you. You made me angry, Elena. And that’s not going away anytime soon. And that’s on you” you yell at her. She looks at you, hurt and everybody stays silence. You only move after you hear screams coming from students.

You look up and that’s when you see some decorations next to you on fire.

“I think you should calm down, love” Klaus tells you with a serious tone.

“Did you do this?” Stefan asks you.

“Is this about you being an elemental?” Elena asks. Her voice irritates you.

“Get-away-from me” you tell her with a threatening tone and the flames disappear. You had lost it a few seconds ago but now you were in control again.

You walked away from Elena to the hallway and you were followed by Klaus. “I’m sorry. I’m the worst date ever” you sigh.

“I think that was well-deserved” he says with a smile and you smile back. “Feeling better, love?”

You nod, laughing “God, yes!”

“Go, go find Caroline, I’ll be fine” you tell him.

“Are you sure? I wouldn’t want to be the worst date ever” he says, smiling at you.

“Go, I’ll try to find Rebekah” you tell him. He nods and leaves you in the hallway. “Don’t burn the school down, love” he says before stepping out and that makes you laugh.

You were joined by Bonnie. “Don’t feel bad” she tells you. “You’re right to be angry”

“That’s all? I’m right to be angry?”

She sighs “She was wrong to do what she did to you. I would’ve never done that”

“I know” you sigh. “Have you seen Rebekah?”

She frowns “No,… sorry”

“It’s okay…”

“So…” she wants to ask you something. “Are you like…dating Klaus now?”

Your eyes grow big and you laugh “No”

She sighs, she looked relieved “Oh good, good”

“Enjoy the dance, Bonnie”

She goes back inside and you decide to look around for Rebekah. When you don’t find her anywhere you decide to go outside. You find a line of salt on the ground and you frown.

“Rebekah, call me back immediately, I only came at this ridiculous dance because you beg me to and now you’re nowhere to be find” you hear Klaus’s voice coming from behind you.

You were standing in front of the salt line, armed crossed. You see him stop next to you. “I don’t think you can leave…” you tell him.

“What is this?” he asks looking at the line.

“I don’t think Rebekah’s coming”  

“Your mother’s back” you hear Stefan say. He leads you to a classroom where Bonnie was trying to undo Esther’s spell.

”What’s taking so long?” Klaus asks. “All boundary spell have a loophole”

Matt enters the room saying only vampires were trapped. Jeremy wants to go ahead to help Elena but Stefan refuses. “It would be suicide, Jeremy”

A split second after Stefan says that, Klaus holds Bonnie’s friend by the throat and his feet aren’t touching the ground anymore. “Suicide would be disappointing me. Now work your magic, witch, or I’ll start killing people you fancy” he says.

“Klaus stop, or I’ll set you on fire” you tell him.

He turns his head to look at you. You’re raising your eyebrows to silently tell him you’ll do it and he smiles at you putting Bonnie’s friend down.

“Let Bonnie work, she’ll figure it out” you tell him.

“She better, or you can set me on fire all you want, love, I’ll start killing people”

“You know, I’ll just freeze you and let you thaw instead, it could take a while” you’re not being serious, he raises an eyebrow and you smile at him.

“What if I break the line?” you ask.

“How would you do that?” Damon asks.

“I don’t know? I burn the salt, make a plant grow, start a storm…” you wave your hands.

“You can do all that?” Stefan asks you and that’s when you see everybody staring at you.

“Yeah…” you nod.

“The salt line is enchanted but you can always try, love”

After Bonnie managed to find out where Esther was, Jeremy and Matt leave to have a step ahead. You were now outside trying to break the line. You managed to manipulate the wind and you create a little tornado that you tried to push against the invisible wall that was protecting the line.

“You know this is your fault” you hear Klaus say to Stefan behind you. “You set us on this path when you released my mother. I wonder if revenge will prove worth the cost”

“Oh, I’m done with revenge. As far as Esther, we’ve stopped her before, we’ll stop her again” Stefan says.

“We were strange bedfellows you and I. You know, all this reminds me of our time together in the twenties.”

You hear Stefan chuckle “You say that like I’m supposed to have happy memories about it”

“Well, there were moments, real friendship, brotherhood…”

“Oh, he already has a brother” you hear Damon say. “Not to be territorial or anything.”

“Oh, no of course. The Salvatores and their unshakeable bond. I wonder what’ll happen when Elena finally makes her choice. Will we see you shake, just a little bit?”

The brothers don’t answer.

“How’s it going, love” he asks you.

“I’m almost there” you tell him.

You finally break the line of salt. “You should be able to go now” you say. You watch Klaus trying to reach the other side of the line with his hand.

“Thank you, love” he says, smiling at you before leaving, vampire speed.

You follow Bonnie into the cemetery to see what’s going on. Esther was dead. Alaric was in transition to become the new “Mikael”. You were all saying goodbye as he decides not to complete the transition. You were trying not to cry as he steps outside the mausoleum to look at all of you and say goodbye.

Once at home, you received the visit of Rebekah.

“There you are!”

“Sorry, my mother daggered me…Well, actually Alaric did…”

“I thought something had happened…”

“Look, I just wanted to tell you I was fine and…to require your help, I’m cleaning up the school tomorrow. The leftovers of the dance I organized but didn’t go to…”

“Right…Sure…” you nod.

You hug her and she leaves. Today was the first time you used your powers to help and you were happy you did.

The next morning, Rebekah comes pick you up a little bit before 8 and you’re the only one at the school. You start cleaning up before Caroline steps in the room.

“Where is Matt?” she asks

“He bailed. Got called into work at the last minute.” Rebekah answers.

“Are you kidding me?” she sighs “So, it’s just us?”

“Nope, I’m here too” you say with a singing voice.

“Oh, hey, Y/N, didn’t see you there”

Of course not.

“You’re late, clean up committee started at 8”

“It’s like 8:02” Caroline says

“Exactly. I managed to turn up on time and I didn’t even get to attend the dance that I organized” she says, angry walking over to the trashcan.

“I’m sorry about your mom…” Caroline says, after a few seconds of silence. “I mean, I know you, like, hated her and everything, but still. I’m sorry”

Rebekah sighs. “Sorry about your teacher. He seemed like a nice guy.”

“Yeah…He was” Caroline says.

After a moment of silence, Rebekah looks at you “We’re gonna get started on the gym”

You follow her into the hallway and that’s where you see him.

“Alaric?” you breathe out, stunned to see him.

“You’re supposed to be dead” Rebekah says.

“I am”

Rebekah, then, uses her vampire speed to push him against the locker. He fights back but Caroline comes to help. Rebekah stabs Alaric with the last white oak tree but, surprisingly, that doesn’t kill him. Rebekah takes you outside with her as fast as she can. Caroline tries to get into her car but Alaric breaks her neck. You try to help her but Rebekah stops you.

“He’ll kill us”

“He’ll kill her!” you shout.

“We can’t do anything. My brother and I have to leave town. He was made to kill us!’

“You’re leaving?” you ask her, stunned.

“I have to, now go home, you’ll be safe there”

“I’m not leaving her!”

She sighs “Well, I’m not staying, I’m sorry, I need to warn Klaus”

You look at each other for a few minutes.

“Fine” you sigh. “I’ll go home” you tell her.

And that’s exactly what you don’t do. You had received a text from Bonnie telling you she was at Elena’s. You sighed. You didn’t want to see the Gilbert girl but you had no other choice. You knock at the door and Jeremy opens. He let you in and that’s when you see Bonnie’s hurt.

“What happened to you?” you ask her.

“Alaric drank my blood to finish the transition” she tells you.

“That would explain why he attacked Rebekah, Caroline and I 20 minutes ago at the school” you tell them.

“What?” Bonnie asks.

“Yeah, and he has Caroline there, we need to go help her!”

“Why us, couldn’t Barbie Original help you?” Damon asks, raising an eyebrow.

You sigh. “She had to tell Klaus Alaric was alive, he has the only weapon that can kill them, they need to leave town.”

“How brave of them” Stefan breathes.

That’s when you hear knocking at the front door. Jeremy opens and you see Klaus standing on the porch.

“What the hell do you want?” Jeremy asks.

“Now is that any way to treat a guest?” Klaus answers.

“What are you doing here, Klaus?” Stefan asks again.

“Well, for starters, young Jeremy here could show some manners and invite me inside” the hybrid answers.

Stefan tells Jeremy to go to his room.

“I know all about my mother’s invulnerable little creation. That’s why I’m here. I’m leaving town. I just need to pick up a few road trip necessities. Spare tire, flashlight…doppelgänger…” he says the last part smiling.

“Can’t help you there” Damon says, closing the door.

Stefan calls Elena’s name but she doesn’t answer.

“She’s not here” Stefan says.

“What do you mean, she’s not here, where did she go?” Damon asks, irritated.

“What’s going on?” Bonnie asks.

“Klaus wants in. We have to keep him out.” Damon answers.

But then the window of the living room shatters. Klaus had thrown a newspaper at it.

The door flies open and Klaus throws pieces of wood at Damon who was in front of him.

“Missed me!” he yells taking the piece of wood from the wall where it crushed and throwing it back at Klaus. The hybrid avoids it and when he tries to throw another one at Damon the piece of wood consumes itself, leaving only ashes.

“Enough!” you shout at everyone. “You have no need to destroy this house, Klaus, Elena isn’t here and we don’t know where she is!” you tell him.

“Well, you could’ve told me that earlier, don’t you think, love?”

“I would have but you started tearing this house apart and I was too busy trying to avoid the projectiles you were throwing at us” you tell him and he grins at your attitude.

Stefan’s phone rings and you all shut up.


Turns out, Alaric had Caroline and Elena and he was going to kill them both if Klaus didn’t surrender to him. You tried to find a plan to save them.

“I might have an idea” Bonnie says.

“My mum used a desiccation spell on Mikael that immobilized him for over 15 years. If I can get it I might use it on Alaric.”

“If and might. Your words inspire such confidence”

“I’ll get it. But even with the spell, we’ll need a lot of vampire muscle to take him down. Including yours” she tells him.

He sighs.

“Just so we’re clear. The sunset is in about eight hours, if we don’t succeed before then, Elena will be dead, I’ll be gone and the rest of you will be rest to fend for yourselves” Klaus say.

You sigh. You had to succeed. Or people will die, again, and you will be left here alone. Bonnie and Damon went to the boarding house to wait on her mother. You follower Klaus and Stefan to the school. You were joined by Jeremy and all you had to do now was waiting for Bonnie and Damon.

When they finally arrive at the parking lot Bonnie gives Damon, Stefan and Klaus her blood to empower them.

Jeremy is lying on the grass, Bonnie’s ready to do the spell. All she needs is for one of the boys to make contact with Alaric.

“They’ve made contact” she finally says.

She starts the spell but stops.

“What’s wrong?” you ask her.

“They’ve lost contact” she says.

“Damn…” you say. “I’ll go find out what’s wrong”

“Don’t…It’s too dangerous”

You frown, then sigh. Your phone rings, it’s Caroline. She’s back home but you don’t hear anything from Elena.

“I’m gonna go check up on her” you tell Bonnie. She nods and stay with Jeremy.

You knock at the blonde’s door. She looks terrible. You stay with her until dark. You receive a call from Jeremy. Elena was getting out from the hospital, he found her unconscious on the floor and had called 911 but it was too dangerous for her to stay there. So you go to the Gilbert’s house with the blonde even though you still didn’t want to see Elena. Matt and Tyler are there too. Caroline insists on Elena staying on the couch and ask her what she can get her.

“Vodka will help you sleep?” she laughs.

Elena turns to look at you. “Thanks for your help” she says. You look at her for a while.

“I didn’t help you. I helped Caroline” you say. “I’m gonna go help the boys make sandwiches” you walk away.

You clean up the mess Klaus made earlier while Elena was sleeping on the couch. She wakes up a few minutes before Stefan gets in. They insist on her not moving from the couch and she complains.

“I’m being over-coddled. I feel completely fine” she says.

“You’re on house arrest.” Stefan says. He was cooking in the kitchen. “You’re supposed to be coddled”

“Wouldn’t it be smarter if we got you the hell out of town?” Matt says. He was cleaning the kitchen.

“And do what?” she asks. “Go on the run for the rest of my life? No, thank you.” She gets up. “And I’m not an invalid. I’m done with the couch” she says, walking towards the other room, the one where you were, before stepping in the hallway.

“Stefan…” Elena calls her (ex?)boyfriend’s name and you look up.

“Elijah” you hear Stefan say and you step out of the room into the hallway, next to Elena.

“Hello again” the Original vampire say, looking at Stefan.

“You’re back” you breathe out, your heart starts beating a little faster. He turns his head to look at you and you go to him, burying you head in his chest, pulling him close to you into a tight hug. He hugs you back, putting his hands on you back.

“Are you okay, Y/N?” he asks you.

You look up at him and smile. You nod yes, moving your hands from his lower back to his chest. “You?”

He smiles down at you and nod. You move your hands to his shoulders and behind his neck and you pull him back into a hug, burying you head into his shoulder.

You hear Stefan clear his throat and you blush, stepping away from Elijah.

“What are you doing here Elijah?” he asks.

“I understand you have stopped my brother and I’m here to get him back”

“What?” you shout out. You had no idea Klaus had been “stopped” “What do you mean stopped?”

“Oh, they didn’t tell you? The spell that was used to stop Mikael 15 years ago was used on Niklaus earlier tonight” he tells you, looking down at you.

You sigh “You people are unbelievable” you shake your head, angry.

“We had to stop him from killing Elena and from dying. If he dies, we die with him” Stefan explains.

“I don’t care” you tell him, angry. The door that was opened, closed in a loud nose. Elena jumps, scared by the invisible forces that came from you and that made the door move suddenly. “We were supposed to stop Alaric with that spell!”

“There is still a way to stop your former professor” Elijah says.

You all sit down in the kitchen.

“All we need is to take that stake from him. Once he’s been disarmed, the weapon’s in my possession, my family will scatter to the ends of the Earth. And Alaric will follow us.”

You didn’t like that plan at all.

“And you’ll just…run?” Stefan asks.

You didn’t like it one bit.

“We’ve done it before. Klaus and Rebekah spent the better part of a thousand years evading my father. What’s another half century while Elena’s able to live out the rest of her natural life?”

Elena sighs “We finally stopped him, Elijah” you didn’t like to hear his name coming from her mouth. “After everything that he’s done to us, I can’t just let you bring him back”

You roll your eyes.

“’I give you my word, Elena. I will not revive Klaus within your, nor within your children’s lifetime. Perhaps it’ll finally teach him some manners…”

“Why should she trust you?” Matt asks “All you’ve done is screw her over”

“She tried to kill him” you say “you don’t get to ask that” you look at Elena with an angry look.

Elijah takes your hand to calm you down. You look up at him and you breathe, shaking your head.

“And for that, I’m deeply ashamed. But know this, she could’ve been dead the instant I walked through that door tonight. So, Elena, I leave it to you to make the decision whether to trust me or not.”

“Not! Hello!” you hear Damon’s voice from the phone. “Did that concussion give you brain damage? His lunatic siblings will kill you the first chance they get!”

“Rebekah and Kol will honor the terms if you return Klaus’s body to us, Elena will come to no harm”

Everybody is thinking. This is enraging you. He was being way too nice.

“Do we have a deal?”

“No! No, no, no, no, no. Did I mention, no!” that was Damon’s answer.

“Yes” you say.

“This isn’t your choice to make” Elena says.

“But killing me was yours? Don’t make me angry, Elena, remember the dance? I just cleaned this house don’t make me burn it to the ground” you threaten.

“Please, calm down” Elijah squeezes your hand “I understand you’re angry but there is no need for violence” he looks you in the eyes and it calms you down a little. You sigh.

“Why do you want Klaus’ body?” Elena asks.

“He’s my brother. We remain together.”

Elena sighs. “We have a deal.”

Your phone rings. You pick up.

“Katherine” you say, looking at Elena who raised her eyebrows, surprised. You get up and go to the other room. “What’s up, you haven’t called in a while…”

You talk a little bit with her, telling her Klaus was “resting”. It was good news to her, even though the thought of the hybrid lying unconscious for two centuries wasn’t making you happy. When you get back to the others, they had told Alaric where Klaus’ body “was”. Bonnie was with Damon where Klaus actually was. They were waiting for Rebekah.

You stayed with Elijah and Caroline in the woods, waiting to set the plan in motion.

“I understand you care about my brother and disapprove of my intentions to let him in his current state”

You sigh “As much as I disapproved when Klaus daggered you and Rebekah…”

“I see… Your compassion is admirable” he says and you look up at him.

Caroline clears her throat and you look away. “Big bad vampire to steal from on his way, remember?”

You’re joined by Stefan and Jeremy.

“He should be here already” Stefan says. “Something’s wrong” His phone rings, it’s Damon.

You walk over to where Stefan and the Gilbert boy were and he hangs up.

“What happened?” Elijah asks.

Stefan stays silent.

“Stefan?” Caroline tries to make him talk.

His look says everything. You put your hand on Elijah’s arm and your eyes are tearing up. Caroline decides to leave to find Tyler and Stefan and Jeremy go back to the Gilbert’s house. You stay with Elijah who had stayed quiet.

“I’m so sorry” you tell him, taking his hand.

He pulls you to him, one hand on your head the other on your back. His chin on the top of your head.

You hug him back. You stay like that until you’re joined by Rebekah who was crying.

“He’s gone, Elijah” she says to his brother. “There was nothing I could do to stop it”

You step back so he can go over his sister and you watch them hug and cry in silence for a moment.

“Tyler Lockwood is dead, but the rest survived. You said that Niklaus turned their bloodline.”

“I thought he did”

“It wasn’t me, it wasn’t Kol…”

“It wasn’t me, Elijah” she says “It was Niklaus, I’m sure of it”

Elijah thinks for a moment “Then how are they still alive?” he asks.

She shrugs and sniffs. When she sees you she waves at you.


You give her a sad smile and walk over her. “Hey” you tell her and you pull her into a hug.

“We have to go” he says “We need to be gone before Alaric comes back”

You step away from Rebekah, looking at him with a sad face.

“I’m done running, Elijah. There’s a way to kill Alaric…”

“No” he cuts her off “ I made a deal”

“Nik is dead, Elijah. There is no deal!” Then she disappears.

“Rebekah” he calls her name.

“She’s going to kill Elena” you tell him, wiping tears off your cheeks.

He doesn’t go after her.

“Do you want me to stop her?” he asks you. You look up at him. Saving Elena or saving Elijah and Rebekah?

You stay quiet. He takes you silence for a no. “Come” he says. “I will bring you home”

You both stayed silent in the car. You were thinking back to the first time you met him. When he brought you back home after Elena had forgotten you in the old house. He pulled over and you see Robert’s car in the front of your house. You frown and get worried.

“Is everything okay?” he asks you.

You look up at him and nod. He sees worry on your face but says nothing. “I’m sorry about Klaus” you tell him and he nods. “Are you going to be okay?” you ask him. He doesn’t answer right away, staring at the windshield. “I will be” he says in a low voice. “I have to get back to my sister now, see what damage she’s caused” he looks back at you. You give him a small smile and nod. “Of course” you kiss him on the cheek quickly and leave the car “Goodbye Elijah” you say before closing the car door.

You take a deep breath before getting into your house. What was Robert doing here and, more importantly, in what state was he? You step into the kitchen and see a couple of empty bottles of what you believe was vodka on the counter.

“Where have you been?” he screams at you as soon as he sees you.

“Out” you tell him, tired.

“Out? That’s your answer? Out?” he screams even louder, getting up and getting closer to you.

“What are you doing here?” you ask him.

“How dare you ask me that? This is my house, you little bitch!” he shouts, slapping you, cornering you between the wall and himself.

You put your hand on your cheek. Your heart beats faster out of fear. You try to push your back on the wall as if it could swallow you. You’re trembling.

“Now, I asked you where you’re were while I was getting my ass dumbed!” he screams again putting his hand on your throat.

“This…is…my…house” you try to say but he was struggling you.

“What did you just say?” he yells and you close your eyes as you see his fist getting fast to your face. You wait for the pain to come but you open your eyes after a few seconds when your face doesn’t meet his fist.

The first thing you see is Elijah holding Robert’s arm. You gasp then breathes, relieved and you start to sob, loud, reaching your soaring throat with your hands. Robert cries in pain as Elijah breaks his arm. He looks furiously at your stepfather like he’s going to kill him. And he would’ve but he didn’t want to show you this part of him.

“You are to leave immediately and to never come back here. You are to stay away from her, forever” he compels him and Robert goes away. Elijah closes his eyes and takes a deep breath to calm himself down. You were doing the same. Your heart beat was slowing down in your chest. “Thank you” you breathe out, closing your eyes as more tears fall down. You gasp out of fear when you feel his hands on each side of you face, his thumbs wiping away your tears. “Are you okay?” he asks with a worry look, checking you out for any injuries.

You take a deep breath and nod. “Yes” you breathe out. You feel his fingers tracing the marks of Robert’s hand on your throat. You take his hand in yours and then bury your face in his chest, fisting his shirt. His arms are around you and he rests his chin on the top of your head. You both stand there like that for quite a while before you move away.

You were still very close and you look up at him as he looks down on you, stroking your cheek with the back of his hand. Your eyes get trap in his. Your heart starts to beat faster, but not out of fear, this time. You can’t focus on nothing else but his hand on you face and his eyes in your eyes. He puts a hand on your waist. “I’m leaving town.” he says and your throat tightens. “You can come with me if you wish.” You look at him with bright eyes. “I’ll make you leave this place. I’ll take you anywhere you want to go” he says. “I’ll help you reach your full potential as an elemental…” he promises you so many things. You keep staring at each other in silence. “You just have to say yes…” he’s waiting on an answer. He looks at you with all the hope he has in him.



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In the Salvatore House:

“Damon did what?!” You asked Elena.

“He threatened Kai.” Elena replied and crossed her arms. “With you.”

“You did WHAT?!” You yelled at him. “He’s going to kill us all, you idiot!” You said and sit down on the couch.

“Well, I didn’t really threatened him, Elena..” Damon smirked soft. “I just said that he could have so much Traveler-magic he wants because we’ve the most powerful witch..” He smiled and you stood up, you were about to break his neck.

“Y/N Wait!” Stefan said behind you and grabbed your waist to hold you back. “We got bigger problems now.”

“Bigger?” Your stupid brother, told a super serial killer with 100′s of Traveler-magic, I’m the most powerful witch here.“ You hissed and he let you go. "And you said we’ve bigger problems than getting me killed? Thank you, Stefan.”

“Actually you’re.. since Bonnie is gone. Kai is at the Grill, he’s waiting for you and I’ve your not coming he’ll kill your Best Friend.” Stefan said with a worried face.

“Jeremy?” Elena asked shocked. “He should be in school, how did you know that?”

“Kai send him a message.” You said and looked to Stefan.

“How do you know that?” Damon asked confused.

“He send me one too. I can feel him.” You looked serious.

You didn't expect that he really was so strong that he could get into your head. Damon, Elena, Stefan or Caroline’s maybe but not your’s. You could feel him like he would stand right behind you and would touch your back. In this moment you wanted to ran out of the door, in your car and to the Grill but Damon stopped you.

“Y/N and me are going to the Grill, saving Jeremy and you two search a damn way to send him back to prison and get us Bonnie back.”

Stefan and Elena nodded and Damon and you went to the Grill.


At the Grill:

When Damon and you stood in front of the Grill, you couldnt see anyone around.. Nothing, it was like a Ghost town.

“If anything is happened to Jeremy, I’ll call Klaus and let him kill you, got that? I don’t care if Stefan or Elena, would hate me for that. Damon Salvatore we’re friends but then.. I really will kill you.” You said serious.

“Got that.” Damon said with his head down a bit and a quiet voice.


You walked in the Grill. Your shoes made loud noises but you didn't care. You wanted Kai to hear you, to feel you presence like you felt his .. but it happened just without you wanted it and this feeling wouldn’t stop.

“Kai you stupid son of a B*tch come out and let Jeremy go.” Damon shouted as you and he walked upstairs.

“Jeremy!” You said and ran to him.

“I love happy endings and don’t you too, Damon?” Kai smirked, held his arm up and throw Damon against a wall.

“So you’re this powerful witch, Y/N? Right?” He asked flirty while you looked to Damon who was trying to get himself up again.

“And you’re this psycho who got the traveler-magic.. If you could now please release my Best friend.” You replied pissed.

“Your Best friend? Hmm do you feel him like you feel me?” Kai asked provoked.

“What do you want Kai?” Damon asked lying on the ground.

“Isn’t that obvious? I want her magic!” He responded and laughed.

“Try it.” You said sharply.

“As you wish. darling.. but this is going to hurt.” He said and turned to Damon. “I’m megapowerful.” Kai closed his eyes and tried to took your magic.. but it didn’t worked.

“Hey Kai, doesn’t work so well, what?” Jeremy smirked as you could break him free.

Kai was so focused on taking you magic, that he forgot to held Jeremy on the chair and Damon on the ground.

“What is going on here?” Kai asked and got angry while Damon was laughing.

“I told you she’s powerful.” Damon smirked.

“Enough now.” You said and held your arm up, showed to slap him and then he fell downstairs. “Damon, Jeremy get out of here, now!”

“No I won’t let you alone!” Jeremy said.

“Damon…” You got him to understand that he should bring Jeremy out, so he did.


You walked downstairs and heard Kai laughing.

“You know, we would make a really great team.” He said while he stood up.

“Why can I feel you?” You asked confused while you were walking over to him and get him up.

“Because we’re connected!” He smirked.

“What do you mean?” You questioned and pressed him against a wall.

“Soulmates.” He whispered into your ear. “You heard of that right?” Kai smiled flirty.

“That’s not possibly.” You replied confused. “We’re no wolves.”

“It is, you can feel it right now. Don’t you?”

“Its a spell!” You said angry and let him go.

“My spells didn’t work on you, like yours cant work on me. You feel me, I feel you and since I’m here you fell, hm.. How could I say that? Complete.”

“No, no, no that’s not possible!” You said and hold your head, it was too much for you.

“And tough you’re here, with me.. but now I’ve to leave you. I need more power to kill my sister without getting disturbed by you, I’m sorry..” He took your Hand in his and kissed it soft. “We’ll see us again.” Kai said and disappeared.

When Elena met Stefan’s monster, she did not run or hide or quiver. She accepted it, she pulled her fingertips over the surface of its face, she kissed it because she knew she could never fear it as much as it fears itself. Stefan’s monster never wanted to burden Elena with its problems, it wanted to tuck her safely under its wings and protect her, even when it thought she needs to be protected from itself. Elena was the one who said, let me carry you, just like you carry me. You don’t have to do this alone, I’m here for you. So she became its anchor, and it became her rock.

Elena met Damon’s monster pretty early on, and she feared it. It made her quiver. But when she fell in love with its host, she expected the monster within him to bend to her will as well. It did not. It jumped on her shoulders and demanded her to carry it around. It started whispering in her ear - be careful how you behave, you don’t want to make me angry. And she carried it until it became too heavy for her bones, and when she got weak, it swallowed her whole.

Not all monsters do monstrous things.

Yet, some do.


Is there someone out there that hates delena as much as i do; but loves klaroline as much as i do? And doesn’t compare these ships like if they were the same type of garbage?

Because FYI

Here is “klaus” after Caroline rejected as a person and once again, choose tyler over him:

The one who was most villainous villain of the show ,up to that point, spared the man that tried to take his life because he was tired of being klaus’s hybrid even tho that just meant that klaus would have too keep him alive because hybrids were precious and there wasn’t enough of Elena’s blood to make more. He spared the man that gloated in his misery, after the people(Caroline’s friends) that lured his brother into a trap to permanently kill him,left him laying there, before his eyes. Not to mention that Tyler made it his life mission to kill klaus,turning his hybrids against him, after and before Klaus’s doing of revenge(yeah i do mean the hybrid slaughter and g-bye mommy tyler drama). And yet he spared him and let him live and it was “all for” and because of Caroline. Let’s not forget how she also even tried to kill him and was the one that gave Tyler the idea on how to put him down. And yet he spared for her and only her. The guy tries to kill her but he cant! This cold hearted vampire tries to kill her ;but he cant. He couldn’t. Instead he saves her life from his werewolf poison. And lets her and her friends live because of her! All for her! He had the chance to kill him without Caroline finding out but he let him live instead to keep his word!

And then we have “Damon”, after a small breakup with a “fake” Elena:(a person who wasn’t even Elena):

Do you know you know who that was? Oh, Ha-ha, well let me introduce…That was none and only Aoron whitmore

Elena’s good friend:

And precious Cinnamon roll!:

Originally posted by halfprincesshalfgoddess

Whose only intent to shoot Damon, and doing me a favor, was because of this:

And because of suffering this:

while not knowing why until damon revealed it to him

And let’s not forget how these type of things(that Damon did): 

still happened even after and while Elena was with still with Damon?:

So what happened to Elena being Damon’s light? Lol nvm that was all bs lol

And you know what the real Elena did after knowing what Damon did to Aaron who was no longer trying to kill him and just wanted to live a normal life?:

I wonder what her friend would say about this, oh nvm.. forget it… he doesn’t mind… after all HE’S ALREADY DEAD!:

Caroline NEVER accepted klaus with his evil doings. She was only honest about her feelings for klaus because he promised her that she wasnt ever going to see him again! He didnt want to be selfish! He didnt want Caroline to be with him or force her to be with him! All he ever wanted was her honesty(and to see the world with her however this time all he wanted was honesty)! And thats what she gave him! And the only reason why she did was because she wasn’t going to see him around anymore:

But Caroline before never once accepted becoming his traveling lover unlike how Elena immediately became Damon’s lover the moment she found out she had feelings for him. Caroline didn’t want to be with Klaus because she hated the darkest parts that cared for him. And although at some point she wished for his redemption: 

She faced him about his lies and tried to guilt trip him into fully giving in to the light. And that is by doing it without any babying or trying to look for someone else to blame for his wrongdoings unlike eherm elena did with damon:

“SHOW ME your compassion. SHOW me that mercy that i would show you.”-she said to him

And apparently, by the tears in his eyes, Caroline’s words seemed to be enough to affect him. But It didnt matter how much she broke his bad because she wanted and only cared about was his good. She only care about this good:

And when he did give into light or did something good it always made her smile:

He knows his place but he will wait… and i wait for his redemption and the moment where a pure klaus can be with caroline:

However long it takes.

That’s the klaroline that exists that i ship. 

Not an evil klaus with a non existent caroline that immediately forgives him for all his wrongdoings and babies him trying to blame someone else for something he did. That’s not klaroline. Thats delena! So please stop comparing these ships! THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! 

anonymous asked:

5 with Sam?

oml this is way more than a drabble im sorry

You couldn’t believe what you just witnessed. Your face was red with burning anger, frustration, rage, and jealousy as you stormed out of the building, trying to fight off tears that slowly overtook your vision. The lump that had formed in your throat made it hard to cry although you wanted to.

Earlier that evening, you stood along with Nate and Sam as they got ready for a ball. Elena had just finished her makeup and was ready to leave as the guys were still trying to tie their bowties. You admired how cleaned up they both looked, especially Sam. 

Sam always had a special spot in your heart, since the day you met him. He always treated you kindly and made sure you felt cared for. You tried to reciprocate as well, but ended up developing feelings for him. You kept it hidden most of the time, but every now and then your true feelings for Sam would come out of hiding. Just like they did a few minutes ago.

Nate and Elena had gone to the bar to get drinks for the group while you and Sam stood side by side watching the string quartet on stage. The both of you had said nothing since you had been left alone together, and the tension was getting unbearable. 

Finally, before you could speak, Sam broke the ice.

“So, uh, which prize are your eyes on tonight?” Sam said, shifting his weight from side to side.

“The bottle of wine in the gift basket. It’s going to be a rough night.” You said jokingly, and you emitted a laugh from Sam. He and Nate were planning on picking up something for a friend named Sullivan and you and Elena were the lucky tag along dates.

“Sounds like a good deal if I get a share of it.” Sam said, nudging your arm.

“I’ll think about it.” 

Nate and Elena came back with everybody’s drinks just as the band was getting off of the stage. The ambient murmurs of the crowd made it easy to get lost in others conversations, and you unfortunately overheard one you did not want to hear.

As you were gazing around the room, you overheard Sam talking to another woman he had just bumped into.

She was giggling as he complimented her looks and you stared at the wall, feeling as if everything had just crumbled down around you.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

That couldn’t have been Sam. You whipped around, seeing him talk to the woman face to face as she shook her head and giggled some more. You could already feel the rush of emotions flood through you, causing you to charge out of the ballroom. You accidentally bumped into Sam as you ran, making him spill his drink over the woman. You didn’t know what happened afterwards.

Your chest felt like fire and everything burned as you ran into the courtyard, sitting on a bench in the botanical garden. No one was out there, no one could hear you cry. You were alone.

For starters, it would seem absurd if you were upset about Sam yet he did not know you had feelings for him. But he knew. Nate has told him and Elena has told him, and it was downright obvious to see when you began to get nervous and fluttery as Sam talked to you. 

You wiped away your tears and tried to straighten yourself out as you heard footsteps behind you.

“Hey, what happened?”

It was Sam, standing behind you. You turned and looked at him, seeing his shirt stained with wine and wreaking of alcohol. 

“Like you don’t know.” The pain in your voice stung Sam, and you could tell he was sincerely concerned.

“I… I really don’t.” Sam said, running his hand through his hair.

“Sam, how long have you known of me liking you? Too long, and then I overhear you asking someone else if they have a boyfriend? You could at least tell me you’re not interested.”

Sam sat down next to you on the bench, leaning on his knees. He looked at you, as if he was trying to form a question in his head and make sure it was worded right.

“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

You looked to the sky, sighing. You were. You were jealous. The girl Sam was talking to was lucky he was showing interest.

“Yes, Sam. I’m jealous. I’ve liked you for years, and you have known it, and then I hear you asking another woman you have just met if she has a boyfriend. Wouldn’t that hurt you?”

Sam stayed silent. He looked hurt, but not offended. He looked hurt for you. Sam shook his head.

“I didn’t know it was that serious.” He said, staring at the ground. He motioned with his hands. “But by the looks of it, she’s out of the picture now.” He said, staring at the giant red stain on his shirt. “But you’re still in it.”

Your eyes traced up and studied Sam’s face. 

“Will you give me a chance?” You asked, hearing another string band pipe up in the ballroom.

“Only if you give me a second chance.” Sam said. His hand moved and touched yours and your heart felt like it flipped. You tried to hide your smile.

“I think I can do that.” 

Sam smiled back, standing up and pulling you up with him.

“May I have this dance?” He said, doing a silly bow as you laughed when he twirled you around. 

“Certainly.” You replied, yet you two were already dancing. 

You swayed back and forth around the courtyard, the muffled music of the ball putting you in a daze. Sam held you tightly as the lights illuminated the hedges around you two, making you the only ones in the courtyard. You two moved flawlessly together, and that’s everything you needed. Being together, with Sam.

The Petrova Twin


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New Orleans - Mikaelson Villa:

“Y/N, where are you?” Klaus called for you.

“Getting dressed. I’ll be down in a minute.” You said and smiled as you looked into the mirror.

You lived with Klaus for nearly five centuries. Since you became a Vampire and your sister left you to save herself. At first Klaus wanted to kill you for not being Katherine.. your bloodline was a bit different then her’s, he couldn’t use your blood to become a Hybrid. Kol and Rebekah convinced Klaus not to kill you, because he was in love with you and Rebekah liked you.You became a part of the Mikaelson Family and helped Klaus to look for Katherine. You were the only one who never betrayed Klaus in some way. You were the only one he had left after he had dagger is whole family. And he was the only one you had.

“Are you really leaving?” You asked Klaus with a sad view.

“Yes. I got news that someone found a new Doppelganger in Mystic Falls.” Klaus smirked. “I finally get the chance to become a Hybrid, my dear.” He smiled and kissed your forehead. “Stay here. I’ll be back in a few weeks.”

You nodded short, there was Klaus already gone. After you were sure he was really gone you took out your phone and called Elijah.


“Are you sure that you found Katherine?”

“Y/N, I’d never lie to you.” Elijah responded. “But Klaus can’t get her. He can’t become a Hybrid, Y/N.” 

You never betrayed Klaus or anyone of your second family but when it came to Katherine, you couldn’t trust them. You couldn’t trust anyone but Kol and he wasn’t useful at the moment, so Elijah had to be it til now. You knew that he would never agree to kill Katherine, he had still feelings for her. So you decided not to tell him about your plan’s.

“Tell me when you found her Elijah.. I want to see my sister again.” You smirked.

“I’ll.” He said and hang up.


Before you would go to Mystic Falls too, you had to do something first. You had to wake up your lost love, Kol. You knew where Klaus hide his coffins and how to open them. Klaus really trusted you with everything and would never expect you to do something like this.

“Wake up my little sunshine.” You said with a smile and feed Kol with some blood from you.

“Y/N.” Kol couldn’t believe his eyes. 

He got out of his coffin immediately. You hugged him really tight and of all the Originals he was probably your favorite one. First he was your best friend but then you felt for one another, but after a century things changed. Kol was about to kiss you but you couldn’t let him do this. You hadn’t the same feelings you had, when he was awake last time and you had no time to figure them out now. You needed help to look for Katherine. 

“I’ve to earn that again right?” Kol tried to pretend he wouldn’t be hurt. You nodded soft. “Where is Niklaus?”

“In Mystic Falls. Where we two are going now too.” You replied and Kol looked confused. “Klaus found another doppelganger and Elijah found Katherine. That means Klaus is distracted and I need you to help me with Elijah.”

“That’s the reason why you would betray Klaus and wake me up?” Kol asked a bit pissed.

You knew he wouldn’t help you, if you wouldn’t give him something. You made a step forward and pulled him closer to you. You kissed him with passion until he pushed you against the wall and started to kiss you harder.

You stopped kissing him and got him off of you. “Not the only reason.” You smirked. “We’ve to go now.”

“As you wish, darling.” Kol replied and followed you.


Mystic Falls - Salvatore House:

“And now? Do you want to knock or what?” Kol asked sarcastic.

“No. Listen.” You paused smirking.

“Elena, we won’t let anything happen to you.” Stefan said protective.

“And?” Kol asked not impressed.

“This voice you hear, Stefan Salvatore. Katherine’s old love.” You looked at Kol. “Katherine and I look alike, they’ll let me in because they will think I’m here and I’ll find out what they.”

“Otherwise, I should kill them?” Kol grinned. “How do you even know about them?”

“No one is getting killed Kol. Except for Katherine.” You replied with a cold heart. “And it doesn’t matter, I just know. No hide.”


>>knock, knock.<<

The door opened and a guy with dark brown hair and blue eyes opened the door for you. He seemed not to be surprised to see you, more annoyed.

“What do you want Katherine?”

“I want to help you to kill Klaus.” You tried to sound like your sister, which wasn’t that easy. The guy was about to close the door but you kept it open. “It’s the truth. I ran over 500 hundred years from him. You’re my only chance to survive and I’m the only chance Elena has.” You replied and Elena heard you.

“Let her in.” Stefan called as he heard that you wanted to help Elena.

You smirked, walked pass Damon, straight into the living room where you saw Elena for the first time. It was like you would look into a mirror, or at your sister. You tried not to seem focused on her but you could barley remove your eyes from her, there had Damon already pushed you against the wall.

“Damon, what are you doing?” Stefan asked confused and Elena stood up.

Damon clenched his teeth. “That’s not Katherine.”

“Another doppelganger?” Elena asked shocked.

You had to smirk as he was holding you as tight as he could. You thought that he was cute. You could understand why Katherine was into him. Damon looked like he would’ve known you somehow and you were still smirking because you thought that too. You stopped smirking and grabbed his arm. You broke it and throw him over on the couch. Were you sat on his stomach, so he couldn’t move.

“I wouldn’t do that, handsome.” You said soft and kissed his cheek. “So, if each one of you wants to live another day, you should invite my friend Kol in.” You were still holding Damon but much harder to hurt him.

“Yes, fine. Kol come in.” Damon said under pain.

Kol opened the door grinning and you let go of Damon to go over to Kol. Damon stood up, broke his arm again so it could heal right. He seemed pretty pissed while Elena were confused and Stefan protective in front of her.


“Who are you?” Elena asked soft. 

“I’ve to excuse myself. I’m Y/N.” You smiled. “And this beautiful men next to me is one of The Originals, Kol Mikaelson.”

Damon was clenching his teeth again. You saw that he was ready to attack Kol even when he knew that Kol would probably be much stronger than Damon.

“I’m not quite a doppelganger like you Elena. I’m Katherine’s younger Twin.” You replied and Damon calmed down. “I don’t want to harm any of you.”

“Then why did you brought him?” Stefan asked curious. “He doesn’t look like he wouldn’t harm us.”

“Because Klaus wants Elena and Elijah wants Katherine.. I needed a bit protection. Maybe one of you would try to kill me.” You looked at Damon who just rolled his eyes.

“Why does Elijah want Katherine?” Elena asked. “We made a deal, why would he need her?”

“Isn’t that oblivious? He’s in love with her.” Kol faked a laugh.

“Like you’re with her?” Damon grinned. “She seems not to be into you.” You looked soft smiling at Damon, he was flirting with you.

“Careful mate.” Kol threatened.

“Enough.” Stefan said serious. “What’s your plan, why are you even here?”

 “Klaus must be really pissed. I heard that he hates people who betray him.” Damon said and got himself a drink.


After you told the Salvatore’s and Elena why you were here, that Katherine wanted to sacrifice her own sister to survive. That you became a part of the Originals and since that you only had the goal to find her. They believed you. They still didn’t trust Kol or you but you had nearly the same goal. You were useful for them like they were for you. 


“We’ll come back later. I think all of you need some time now..” You said with a soft smile. You could imagine how shocked Elena must’ve been.

Kol was already out of the door while you gave Damon your number, in case Kathrine would show up.


Mystic Falls - At the Grill:

You got yourself a drink. Kol noticed how disappointed you were. You risked your life to find Katherine. If Klaus would know about what you did, he would probably kill you.

“Hey.. Y/N.” Kol looked at you and you faked a smile before you got another drink. “You’ll get your revenge.”

“It’s not just the revenge Kol. Klaus won’t forgive me and I’m not an Original, I can be killed.”

“That’s why you’ve me.” Kol smiled.


Hours past and you were already drunk. Kol got you out of the Grill and wanted to get with you into a car but before you got there, Klaus stood in front of you and broke Kol’s neck. 

“Klaus!” You said shocked.

“How could you betray me Y/N? You..” He still couldn’t believe it. “Did you really thought I wouldn’t find out?”

You didn’t know what to say, you just saw Kol laying on the ground. “I heard that Katherine would be her.” You replied. “And of all, you should understand the most. I’ve to kill her. Like she wanted to kill me.”

Klaus got the dagger out of his pocket and daggered Kol again. A tear rolled down your face, you didn’t just pretended that missed Kol. You really missed him and if you would be honest to yourself, your kiss with him was real.

“You’re no longer a part of this family. But because you were with me and stayed all this time, I’ll let you live. Once.” Klaus said serious. 

You saw that he was heartbroken too. Klaus and you really were like siblings. You loved this family and now you lost them. Klaus lifted Kol up and carried him into his car. He drove away and left you alone.


Mystic Falls - Salvatore’s House:

It was already passed midnight. You were walking around the streets and had now where to go. You had no home, no family and haven’t found Katherine. You didn’t even know why but you walked over to the Salvatore’s. You heard Elena’s and Stefan’s heartbeat and knew they would sleep. You heard someone in the living room and ran into it so that no one would see you.

“Stop playing Katherine.”

“Why do you always think of her?” You asked confused behind him. 

Damon had a drink in his hand and turned around, to see that it was you who was right behind him. Damon shrug with his shoulders and sat on the couch.

“Why are you here? She didn’t show up.” Damon looked at you and saw that you had cried. “You alright?”

“Klaus did.” You faked a smile and sat down next to him. “He daggered Kol again and throw me out of the family. I’m lucky to be alive.” You responded his look and noticed that he had beautiful eyes, you thought to remember somehow. You took his drink out of his hand. “Now I’ve nothing but my revenge.”

Damon stood up to get himself another drink. He turned around, sipped at his drink and lifted it up.

“To revenge.” He smiled and you had too. “You can stay here. Just pick a room.” Damon shrug with his shoulders.

You smiled. “Thank you.” You replied and stood up. “But I can’t. You don’t know me, either do Elena or Stefan. They wouldn’t be okay with that. Elena would be afraid and she has enough to think about. I’ll be good on my own.” 

You put you glass on the table and where about to leave.

“You know, Y/N you remind me a bit of her.” Damon started and you stopped walking. “Before she became this psychotic bitch she is.” You turned around and smiled. “Stay here.” 

“Fine but stop begging.” You smirked and walked back into the living room.


This was the first par of The Petrova Twin. I hope you’ll like it, please let me know what you think of it! :)

That is 45 minutes I will never get back {8x09 Review}

As those of you who read my reviews know, I do write in real time so whatever mistakes I made in the beginning of the post I may have rectified at the end. I am anti-Damon/anti-Delena/anti-Bamon/anti-Bonenzo/anti-Steroline and I will probably mention misogynoir, anti-black treatment and make references to other shows. If you do not like it, keep on scrolling. I also did this on my phone so bear with me. Alright. Let’s go.

1. It’s actually refreshing to see Stefan feed on a dude because it seems like we only ever see them feed on women lately.

2. Why aren’t cops interested in a string of murders happening throughout the States? They aren’t exactly keeping a low profile. Stefan massacred an entire hospital and Anger Management group.

3. TVD really fails the Bechdel test and I like how we don’t actually hear about Bonnie’s trip to Paris, just that she’s wearing a vial of Enzo’s blood.

4. “Is that it? We’re due at an event” Candice’s delivery was actually on point.

5. I’m confused now, so Sybil is on the “war path” because she wants a weapon that can destroy her and now Seline wants to kill her to make amends (did I miss something? Because I know Sybil didn’t forgive her but, like, did they declare war on each other?)
I still don’t understand why Caroline would team up with Seline? Or why Caroline would care about what’s happening with the sirens? Why are they relevant now that Damon and Stefan are Cade’s servants?

6. So this year the carnival was before Miss Mystic when Miss Mystic was before the carnival in seasons 1 and 2?

7. Stefan and Caroline looking at each other did not move me at all, it’s not even like they “locked” eyes, like it’s so underwhelming. Makes me miss 3x03.
Sybil and Damon actually look so much better together than Damon and Elena since Sybil looks age appropriate.

8. They are REALLY trying to romanticize 1x19, fam, it was a dance and not even a “it all makes sense” dance like SE’s 3x14 and 3x20,it’s a “wow Damon, I didn’t know you could dance like that” dance and a “suck it, Stefan!” dance. They really need to fucking chill.

9. It’s also transparent that Stefan doesn’t have a flashback to Elena even though it’s been repeated that SE was the foundation of the show. And not even that, Caroline, Bonnie and Matt do not have flashbacks of Elena and Jeremy isn’t even mentioned but oh yeah, season 1 feels.

10. “Sybil just “sirened” that girl.” Lol, compelled.

11. Bonnie and Enzo actually just look awkward, they’re very stiff and Enzo is SO monotonous.

12. “What did that woman do to you?” Caroline, my girl, it isn’t that serious. He doesn’t know why the necklace meant something to him and he’s a little upset. Maybe if Ian actually played tortured well I’d feel something but right now, I’m just like why DOES the necklace mean anything to you? You gave it to Elena because it was an SE symbol and you wanted her to have it because it reminded her of Stefan. Why would YOU have any attachment to it? And you giving it back to her in 2x08 is about the fact that you gave it back, not the necklace itself. LIKE?

13. LOL yeah Caroline’s “a love so deep and magical” speech really just sounds like she’s trying to convince herself about her relationship with Stefan because when did Caroline actually see anything of the Damon and Elena relationship? Like honestly.

14. “Take it from me, Elena Gilbert never really goes away.” Mmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmm.

15. Oh this is why DErs are going to freak out because he broke the necklace and he said that he only gave it to Elena to protect her from Damon, lol, but this season is full of retcons anyway, so.

16. I find it strange that Caroline is more focused on saving Damon than Stefan.

17. Oh my GOD, we’re only 20 minutes in?

18. Bonnie and Enzo do not look good dancing, they look uncomfortable.

19. I’m actually getting really annoyed at seeing the same footage of Elena and Damon dancing because it’s aggravating! There’s nothing more to this episode THAN the dance. Are we forgetting that the moment it’s over, Elena is all about Stefan? SELECTIVE MEMORY.

20. Why are we acting like Damon’s humanity will crush him? He was fine with killing Lexi, turning Vicki, killing Jeremy, killing Aaron, kidnapping Jeremy, trying to kill Caroline, raping and abusing Caroline, etc. Like why wouldn’t he be fine with this? Elena won’t care.

21. Why do they keep saying Matt is stupid? How is Alaric any smarter? A fucking siren was his nanny for months.

22. The battle for Damon’s subconscious is really underwhelming because I don’t see the big deal? Why does Sybil even want Damon? And what exactly is so strenuous about what’s going on in his mind? The fact that he’s remembering someone he can’t have feelings for?

23. This entire fight is ridiculous to me because I don’t know what Stefan and Damon are fighting about? Damon is feeling and Stefan isn’t and it’s a problem? Like? This is so underwhelming.

24. Bonnie and Enzo are just … ehh sure, whatever. Fine.

25. LMAO Caroline doesn’t even seem sad about what’s happening to Stefan. But Damon got all this pity? WHAT are the writers doing?

26. LMAO Caroline leaving Stefan just reminds me of 3x07 when Stefan is like, “So you’re quitting” and Elena being like “Oh hell no, I’m just done for the day, fam.” Like Elena was IN it. And Stefan actually had the capacity to look ashamed and moved and the language was a lot more passionate, not this “we had a deal” business, are you two engaged or business partners?

27. I honestly don’t get the storyline with Damon and Sybil, like it just seems so small potatoes, like what is the POINT?

28. So Sybil giving Damon back his humanity is Tessa giving Stefan back his memory.

This episode was a mess because absolutely nothing happened. Caroline left Stefan. OK? Damon got his humanity back. Sure. And Bonnie asks Enzo to be a human. Fine? WHO GIVES A SHIT? WHO CARES. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? I also don’t get how Sybil made Damon’s life a living hell, because she forced him to kill people he didn’t want to but he did it anyway? That doesn’t seem to be the issue, the issue for Damon seems to be that he got a taste of his own medicine by being compelled, I’m sorry I mean “sirened” and that he couldn’t say no to Sybil even if he wanted to. And the fact that he feels nothing for Elena but still sees her and feels warmth because of a necklace is like … what, is it like you get one taste of happiness but then suddenly it disappears and you’re lost and alone and … WHAT? Like be LOTR, Frodo about it where Frodo doesn’t remember what water or food tastes like or the wind, have it be like Damon remembers ALL of these things when he holds the necklace but then Sybil manages to take that away from him and so he’s tortured with remembering happiness and he’s fighting to push out Elena’s memory because it hurts him too much to feel but she won’t budge. I feel like that’s what they’re trying to do but they’re doing it poorly. LIKE EVERYTHING DELENA. And Stefan.
No one seems to care that Stefan is going off the deep end, like they just take him at his word that this is what he wants and this is what he was made to do and he’s his Best Self this way. He has no humanity! Why is Caroline just like, whatever, fine, sure but Damon is the one who needs saving? WHAT? And why is Caroline acting so superior as if she didn’t turn off her humanity two seasons ago and went around the country killing people? So it’s not OK for Damon to spiral, everyone needs to bend over backwards to stop Damon but if it’s Stefan, they just let him do the shit he wants? WHAT? This is how you know the show isn’t interested in story and only interested in their fave, which is Damon.
Bonnie and Enzo just keep telling each other how much they love each other without us ever seeing why that would be. Old news.
This was an excruciatingly bad episode.

Kai Parker Oneshot – Red Bell Pepper

Plot: Torn between your best friends and your love for Kai, you feel pressured to choose. While trying to make a decision, Kai comes by and asks if he can help you make up your mind.

Word count: 1822

Gif not mine, all credit to: winchesters-shadowhunter

Ever since Kai had escaped the 1994 prison world and wandered around Mystic Falls, he has caused my feelings to rollercoaster. Never before did I have such a broad range of emotions in such a short period as I have had since he came into my life.

Kai was first known to me as the twisted sociopath that hurt Bonnie, so I heard from Damon. That wasn’t so hard to believe, being kidnapped by him a few days later so he could bargain my life to merge with Jo.

Although he was undoubtedly evil, I had to admit I was rather amused being kidnapped by him. I’m a human befriended with a bunch of vampires, witches and werewolves. Did he really expect I hadn’t gotten used to it all by now? In a situation like that, I try to make the best of it.

From his victories, I know he tried to guard himself for every possible action that could be taken against him. While tied to a table leg, he never expected the traditional kick in the balls when he came closer with a knife to try and scare me. I loved how he was always beaten by the most idiotic, simple things.

I had hated him, I had wanted to kill him, I had felt disgusted by him and I have fallen in love with him. Don’t ask me why or how, that part I’m still trying to figure out myself.

I have always seen Kai as someone desperate. Desperate to get out of the prison world, desperate to be recognised by his family. Although he might not have admitted as a sociopath, desperate to be loved. Once he had merged with his brother Luke, I noticed more and more how he was longing for love and friendship.

My friends still weren’t Kai’s biggest fans, which had put me in an awful position. Damon, Elena, Bonnie, Caroline, Stefan, Tyler and Alaric. They have saved my human ass an uncountable number of times. And how do I repay them? By falling in love with Kai. I never classified myself as a bad friend, but now I question where my loyalties lie.  

I had politely refused Elena’s invitation to come eat at the Salvatore boarding house. When she called, I had made up the excuse that I had to study. It was out before I even realised I wanted to avoid my group of best friends to figure out what I wanted. I was torn between them and Kai.

Taking a stroll around the house to free my mind, I still couldn’t make up my mind and decide. Even though I had tried throwing up a coin, every time it was Kai, I was disappointed it weren’t my friends. Then again, every time it were my friends, I was disappointed it wasn’t Kai. Not even in the split moment I was throwing the coin it in the air, did I know what to wish for.

‘Tell me what your two options are and I’ll help you pick’, I saw Kai walking over the front lawn towards me. I was taken by completely surprise by his unannounced visit, especially at a moment like this. Like I did with Elena, I made something up.

‘Red or green bell peppers in my dinner tonight?’ I asked. In my mind, I associated Kai with the red bell pepper. Red for blood and love. My friends I had associated with green bell peppers, the colour of harmony and safety.

‘Red bell peppers, without a doubt’, Kai replied, snitching the coin between my fingers.

‘Why are you so sure?’ I asked him. Especially since he said he had no doubts about it. Did he read my mind and knew I was letting him pick between himself and my friends?

‘Red bell peppers have more vitamins and nutrients. The level of carotene is nine times higher in red bell peppers’, he responded calmly. I rolled my eyes and wondered where he had learned that.

‘But now, seriously’ Kai started. ‘What’s bothering you, (Y/N)? You don’t walk around your house five times and throw up coins just to figure out whether you want red or green bell peppers’, he started playing with the coin, throwing and catching it.

Dang, he had been observing me for a while. What now? I had to think fast, otherwise it would be too obvious I was lying. But every single option that came to mind wasn’t useful. My parents are divorcing and I have to choose? They can’t, because they’re both dead just like everyone else of my friends’ parents. Let’s try to encrypt the truth then.

‘I feel like I’m betraying my friends, even though I haven’t done such a thing yet’, I told him honestly.

‘But you feel there might be a chance you will do so? You ended your sentence with the word ‘yet’, so I’m guessing an idea is going through your mind that you can count as betrayal’, Kai analysed. I was amazed by his skills to see almost right through me.

‘Look. If you do whatever is going around in your mind, would you do it to betray them, or because you are longing for it?’ he asked. I didn’t respond because I felt that if I responded with longing, he would start realising that I was talking about him.

‘(Y/N), listen. You’re human. You’re allowed to feel, to want something and to make mistakes. Nobody is going to blame you for that. If they really are your friends, they will accept that you want something. They’re not going to throw your friendship away’ Kai said confident. He looked me straight in the eyes and reached for my hand. I shivered at his touch.

‘There is nothing you can do to betray me. That’s how I feel about you. I’m sure your friends will feel the same’. Kai’s monologue was killing me. With every word he uttered, I felt more attracted to him and his arguments made me want to lean towards choosing him above my friends. My heart was pounding, feeling his touch on my hand that he was holding.

‘If there’s one thing I know about you it is that you care about everyone unconditionally. While Damon and Elena always want something in return to forgive me, you just forgave me and didn’t ask anything at all’ he said. I thought to myself he was silly, because how could I want something in return from him if all I wanted was his company because I’ve fallen in love with him.
With his thumb, he drew circles over my pulse while holding my hand. I squeezed his hand, nervous. I didn’t mean to do so, it just happened.

‘Just pick the red bell pepper, alright?’ Kai said. I was flabbergasted from how he changed the subject back to the bell peppers.

‘What are you talking about bell peppers again, Kai?’ I asked him.

‘(Y/N), I might have been stupid to not see the kick in my balls coming. Good kick by the way. But I’m very good at looking through your emotions. I know I’m your red bell pepper, ok?’ He suddenly replied.

‘How…?’ I let go of his hand and took a step back. My heart was racing. He knew I at least liked him, I wasn’t sure if he figured out the feelings were as strong as love.

‘I had the feeling you were talking about me, that’s why I held your hand. Your pulse also says so. It went faster and faster, and then the squeeze confirmed it’, he explained. ‘(Y/N). I love you. I know my past may be what’s bothering your friends, but I am a different person now. With you, I’m also a better person. It might take a while for them to accept it, but I’m sure they’ll come around. Before I used to think about power, I was selfish, and now all I think about is you. When I’m not with you I think about how I want to be with you. When I’m with you, I think about how I want to hold your hand, how I want to hug you, be close to you, touch you, kiss you. If I was still the same person as before, I would’ve just taken you and kissed you instead of patiently waiting for your green light’

‘And here I was hoping you’d just do it, without asking for approval…’ I laughed and felt relieved, saying something so honest so carelessly. Kai reached for my hand again, setting one step forward and pulling me close to him.

‘It doesn’t matter. Because after waiting so patiently, I know I’m going to enjoy this’, he smirked, letting go of my hand. He reached up and cupped the back of my neck, pulling my head a little closer while he leaned in. I saw his deep eyes closing and also closed mine, concentrating a moment on his scent and his soft and gentle touch, especially when he softly slid his other hand on my thigh.
I could feel the butterflies in my stomach the moment he pressed his lips on mine. Tenderly, he pushed open my mouth with his lips. I threw my arms around him, wanting to be even more close to him and I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I loved him. Kai giggled for a moment. Probably he realised that I ate a raw red bell pepper fifteen minutes ago. I reached for his lips again, claiming his mouth, craving for him and sinking into him. My hands I slowly slid under his shirt, wanting to touch his body. I felt him shudder as my cold hands touched him. He was my bell pepper, my devil, and for once I didn’t care on how any of my friends would feel about me loving him. All I knew was that I wanted to drink from this devil’s love juice and worship him until I had no breath left in my body.
Delicately as if his lips and tongue were made out of pure diamonds, I pulled away while with my hands I pulled his body closer as to let him know that if my body could take it, I would’ve continued longer.

‘I love you, Kai’ I smiled. I felt genuinely happy. Happier than I have been in the last few years since I’ve lost my parents. Kissing him and being with him made me realise that I hadn’t made a wrong decision choosing him. Kai let go of the back of my neck and also rested his other hand on my thigh.

Kai gave me a soft kiss on my forehead. ‘I love you too, (Y/N)’ I rested my head on his chest where his heart was located, and I swore that I could fall asleep right in his arms with the sound of his heart beating through my ears.

Thanks for reading my one shot. I hope you liked it!

It’s not the first time I’ve written a one shot, but kind of the first I post on the internet…

You can always give me some feedback (or if I’m any good send me requests)

Katherine 2.0

I think I finally gathered the pieces of my broken heart together to tell you how I feel about TVD 6x22. It’s pretty simple: it feels like Katherine 2.0 all over again.

Let me summarize the story of Katherine Pierce for you, in case you’re not aware: Katherine got a baby when she was 17, her father took it away from her, she was sent away, was supposed to die in a creepy ritual, ran from it because she didn’t want to die (shocker), became a vampire because of it and ever since, she ran for her life. 500 years long. She wasn’t evil. She was misunderstood. I don’t say she wasn’t a bitch, because she was, but life made her this way, she didn’t choose to be like that from the beginning. Then, 500 years later, when she finally found her daughter again, both of them died. And Julie Plec made sure that it would be a terrible way to let a character’s story end. Because she could have died in peace, let her reunite with her dead daughter on the Other Side. But nope. She made sure we all knew that Katherine Pierce went to hell. After the horrible life she had had. Thanks for that, very much appreciated. Katherine Pierce was also a fan favorite from the day she was introduced, she had a huge fan base, btw.

And now, Kai Parker. Introduced in the early season 6 and it only took us a wink to fall in love with him. Some disgusting pork rinds and an irresistible smile and we were licking the ground he was walking on. You can say about Kai Parker what you want and hate him all you want and you may be absolutely right, but he was charismatic, magnetic, refreshing. He had the face of an angel, an adorable puppy, with a horrible background story and that made him so fascinating. He was introduced as a psychopath (or sociopath? Idk, they changed their opinion like 233 times about that). He didn’t kill half of his family just for the joy of it, he had an actual mental disorder. And that wasn’t even the reason he did it, he had reasons. He was treated like crap for his entire life for something he wasn’t capable of changing. He was born without his own magic, only with the ability to siphon magic from others. And that’s why his own family - the people who should love him unconditionally, not abuse him - treated him like garbage. To be honest? I would’ve snapped, too. Maybe not in such a brutal way, but then again, I don’t have a mental disorder. I don’t know what you think, but for me a TV show is about entertainment, and twisted characters like Kai, who have more than just one layer, entertain me. It made me feel so sorry for him and we didn’t even get to explore it too much. There is still so much story left to tell and we will never hear it. For example, why was Sheila Jo’s mentor, what was the connection between the Bennett’s and the Gemini coven? Why did Sheila send Bonnie to Kai’s prison world out of all possibilities? Also, what we will never get to see:

  • Kai’s childhood
  • Kai in 1994, alone
  • Kai in 1994, stalking Bonnie and Damon
  • Kai on tequila (come on)
  • Kai getting the redemption arc he deserved
  • Kai getting closer with Bonnie
  • Kai making friends
  • Kai getting to know that somebody actually cares about him

It’s the last point that makes me wanna cry. Every villain on this show had someone that loved him (Klaus had his siblings, Silas had Amara, Katherine had her daugther, Damon has Elena, Lily has her heretics), but not Kai. Kai died knowing that nobody gave a fuck about him, that nobody loved him or even cared about him. He died alone. And I want to punch a wall just thinking about it. He didn’t deserve that. Just like Katherine, he didn’t choose to be this way. His family made him this way.

Also: SO much wasted potential for interesting storylines, I could cry again. Why killing off one of the most fascinating characters? Why throwing away good storylines? Even if you don’t ship Bonkai, you have to admit that their dynamic was everything. They were sexy, they were funny, they challenged each other. I really wanted to see Bonnie being selfish. Fine, we got that. Thanks to Kai, how I would like to point out. If it wasn’t because of Kai, she still wouldn’t stand up for herself. And I would like to thank him for that. BUT THERE WAS SO MUCH MORE THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED! Oh my God, there was so much more. She could have gone darker, explore more of her desires, her magic, even dark magic. Why were Caroline - the so-called moral compass of TVD - and Elena allowed to go dark, but not the powerful Bennett witch? And I couldn’t imagine someone better by her side for that than Kai Parker.

Also, what was that “epic fight”, please? Both of them had like ONE spell. That was the fight? The standoff we have all been waiting for? The showdown between the Bennett witch and the Gemini coven leader? Bitch, I could have done better, and I am not even a witch. I was so unimpressed. I didn’t even know it already started. I expected gusting winds, fire, a thunderstorm, sparks from the chandeliers, earthquakes. I expected shouting, confessions of feelings, tears and what else. Not this parody. It’s ridiculous. And if Kai Parker had to die, it HAD TO BE BONNIE BENNETT to kill him. Not Damon Salvatore. It just feels so unfinished, you know? We didn’t get closure, this “fight” wasn’t closure. It was a joke, nothing else. A spit right in our face, due to the fact they changed Kai’s character in the last 5 seconds, so they had a reason to kill him off. Yup, let’s just pretend the episodes 6x13 - 6x17 didn’t happen and Kai never fell for Bonnie. And it all just breaks me, because he really tried, you know? Before he was left behind in 1903, he tried so hard to make it better and everyone rejected him, nobody believed him. Everyone before him was worthy of being forgiven, but not Kai? Out of all terrible people, it was Kai that was irredeemable, though he really tried to be good? I wanted Bonnie to believe him so much. They could have had it all, they could have been everything. A twisted couple with a tragic but fantastic love story. And they ended it before it could start properly. I honestly believe they could have been the best couple to ever exist on screen. I will forever laugh and cry about this wasted potential. And this will forever be their anthem: [x].

And now the thing that bothers me the most: it’s not even the fact that Kai died. It’s the fact how he died. It was so disgusting and disrespectful I want to vomit. Not only towards the character, but also towards the actor and the fans. He was killed off like an unimportant random vampire from the streets, not like the main villain of the season that has gained a huge fan base in a short time. Also it was so quick, I didn’t even realize it happened in the first seconds, I had to look at it again to realize it happened. What was that?! That is not the ending he deserved. He didn’t deserve to die like that. And Julie Plec knows that. And she did it anyway, which only makes me hate her even more, which I didn’t think was possible. Sorry, but I can’t phrase properly how sad and disappointed I am that an amazing character like Kai Parker was taken away from us like that and so soon. I wished we had more scenes with him, because I would have loved to see more of him, to get to know him more, to see more of his interests, his desires, him and Bonnie, him being happy for once in his life (which he spent alone most of the time).

Rest in peace, Kai Parker. You deserved better.

And if that motherfucker isn’t powerful enough to resurrect himself in season 7 I will lose faith in humanity.

Better Late Than Never? TVD 8x05 Review {Spoilers}

Those of you who read my reviews know the drill, I write my thoughts in real time which means that if I say something that’s wrong it’s very possible that I will correct it by the end of the post. This review will include anti-Damon/anti-Delena/anti-Bamon/anti-Defan/anti-Steroline/anti-Bonenzo sentiments, it will also most likely include mentions of misogynoir and anti-blackness and racism, there may also be references to other tv shows. If you do not like it do not read. Ready? Let’s go.

1. First thought is that it’s good to see Alaric actually spending time with his kids and being, you know, a father and the more I think about it, the more Caroline feels like a babysitter as opposed to a co-parent.

2. I mean it doesn’t bother Alaric that he’s been running with people who literally used to be his high school students? I always thought this but there was something about this, something about “Yeah he was one of us, he was family” that makes me go … like you’re a grown ass man surrounded by people you taught when they were teens, that’s not WEIRD to you?

3. Seline reminds me of Tessa.

4. The twins are actually cute.

5. That line still bothers me . “We all owe him that.” Caroline, this was a man you loved, a man you grew up with, a man who broke every single bone in his body for you, like writers, she’s allowed to actively mourn a man who was there for such a crucial part of her life.

6. Enzo without his humanity is as boring as Enzo with it.

7. Kat and Michael have such low energy in this scene. When Stefan had his humanity off and Elena tried to get it back you felt Elena’s sense of urgency and earnestness to get him back and you felt Stefan’s decided lack of compassion and you also saw when humanity seeped through. There’s just no conviction with BE.

8. Literally no one is crying over Tyler.

9. You know why banging a tuning fork doesn’t come across as torture? Because it’s a weak fucking form of torture. At least have Sybil’s ears bleed, have her crying with pain, have her clutching her head, screaming STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT. Like OMG.

10. And of course Bonnie isn’t at Tyler’s funeral but so is no one else. It’s true that the Lockwoods are dead but they’re a founding family, you mean this town won’t mourn the loss of the last living member of such a family when the town is supposed to be big on tradition?

11. This episode is ridiculous. I won’t believe that Stefan wouldn’t be fast enough to stake Damon in the leg or to push him off Matt, Stefan vamp-sped and pushed Damon off Bonnie in season 1, he pushed Katherine off Jeremy in season 2. After being the only human in MF for how long, Matt should’ve picked up a few tricks on how to take down a vampire. Caroline is also a vampire with a history of beating the shit out of Damon, you mean two vampires can’t contain one? Whatever.

12. “Damon, enough.” Wow, Candice, could you say that with even less conviction?

13. “What’s so surprising about this? I’ve been who I’ve always been.” Exactly, though. This is the most honest piece of dialogue in like three seasons.

14. “No, you’re different.” He really fucking isn’t, Alaric. This is textbook Damon.

15. “It was awful, like Damon is desperate for us all to hate him.” But you just can’t right? For absolutely no fucking reason. I’m actually getting severely tired of Damon killing everyone, abusing everyone, making everyone’s lives worse and the show constantly protecting him with lines that distance him from taking any responsibility. It’s OK that Damon killed Tyler because he wants you all to hate him? Are you fucking serious?

16. “Dead friend problems?” I actually smiled at that.

17. “Can we agree that my humanity was a hindrance? I was angry. Depressed. A romantic poet full of darkness.”

When was this? When was ANY of this? Is that who Enzo is supposed to be?

18. Enzo is seriously BORING with no humanity.

19. Everyone is really chill about Damon killing Tyler and Damon being off the trails again and what I would be OK with is them being not chill with how chill thy are, if Caroline was like, “You know I’m not even surprised; I can’t mourn Tyler properly because I’m just like of course Damon would do something like this,siren no siren, it’s Damon and I’ve become accustomed to that and I hate it.”

20. WOOOOOOOOOOW THEY ARE REALLY TRYING TO MAKE DAMON REDEMPTIVE RIGHT NOW. Hammering it into our heads that he didn’t want to kill Tyler but he did it for Sybil, he doesn’t like that his friends hate him but he made them hate him anyway for Sybil (although legit no one looks like they hate him) and I’m fucking OVER it. Damon kills but his heart isn’t in it, so the fuck what, why the fuck do I care about that? Doesn’t MEAN anything.

21. Dude, I thought that Sybil inserted herself in Damon’s happy Elena place and then I thought she made Elena die so it was like Damon never met her. What was the point of Sybil inserting herself in Damon’s Elena Happy Place if he just does things to make her happy but doesn’t put his heart in it, he was doing that anyway before.

22. So far Matt’s reaction is the only one that makes a modicum of sense.

23. Paul looks good in those jeans. Like really good.

24. I legit thought Stefan would kiss Caroline goodbye. And he didn’t. Wow.

25. How many fucking times are they going to make Paul and Ian say “Hello, Brother”?

26. Stefan: “It’ll take time and work but I’ll be there for you.” Damon:

27. We’ve had this conversation so many times.

28. Oh is the fact that Bonnie risking suicide to save Enzo’s life supposed to make me emotional? Because it’s not. This isn’t earned.

29. None of this is earned. This happened really quickly. It was a rushed job. And it doesn’t make sense.

30. This is what Damon won’t forgive Stefan for? THIS WAS ORIGINALLY WHAT HE DID IN SEASON 7 TO BE WITH ELENA.

31. Matt’s dad storyline is irrelevant and who gives a shit.

32. I also like how Sybil has been in the vault for how many years but she ca seamlessly integrate into current society.

33. Oh how clever, a siren ringing as a siren escapes prison.

34.Seriously if Tyler’s death wasn’t going to have that much of an impact then why kill him?

35. No but seriously Paul looks really hot in these last carnival scenes with Candice.

36. That kiss was so weak though. Like you two look SCARED to kiss each other.

37. “We have things to do” You’ve sad that from episode 1 it’s episode 5, and we don’t know what those things are.

38.Caroline you’re a fucking vampire, vamp speed around the house. You do not look like a concerned mother.

Final thoughts: Simple. The episode was bullshit.

anonymous asked:

Stefan isn't the worse version of himself any more than Elena is. He doesn't fight for his humanity, he fights his bloodlust. Because the bloodlust is what ruins him. When he succumbs to it (because he never gave himself the opportunity to learn self control) his vampire-heightened guilt and empathy toward his victims overcomes him and to escape that, he periodically shuts off his humanity. It's not a big mystery. We've been told this repeatedly. No half-cracked theory needs to be developed.


‘Because even in death, you’re heart is pure Stefan. That will be your curse.’

'As a human I cared deeply for people, how they felt. If they were hurting I felt their pain and I felt guilty if I was the one who caused it, and as a vampire all that got magnified.’

'It hurts me, it hurts me knowing what I’ve done and that pain is with me all the time. And every day I think that if I just give myself over to the blood I can make that pain stop, it would be that easy and every day I fight that…’

These are quotes you’ll do good to remember. You touched on it a little, but not enough. This is all a part of Stefan’s curse, his tragedy. All of his natural behaviors/tendencies were at war with the darkness inside of him when he became a vampire. And the last quote specifically, explores that even more. Every single day he essentially fights to keep his humanity because giving himself over to the blood will make him want to stop caring and turn it off—-the guilt over the pain he’s causing will overwhelm him. That’s what makes his struggle so profound and tragic. When he feels everything, it hurts him every day and it’s a struggle. But if he turns it off then he does exactly what he doesn’t want to do. The idea here is that Stefan was affected in this whole shadow-self theory. And it was becoming a ripper. He has to make a conscious effort every day not to give into that darker instinct because it will make him someone completely different than who he was as a human. 

Just because Elena doesn’t struggle with blood-lust or ripping someone’s head off doesn’t mean she hasn’t been affected as well. They don’t have to have the exact same struggle. Elena has changed. It. Is. Canon. 

Elena: Yes, I’ve changed.

Stefan: I guess Elena’s right. Being a vampire really has changed her.

Matt: All I know is that the old Elena would never have left Jeremy with Damon.

Elena: Becoming a vampire changed me.

Caroline: The Elena I knew would have given Jesse a chance.

Do you think all this was said for our health? No. It’s to keep on getting the message out there that Elena is not the same person she used to be. She was too busy rolling around with Damon to notice that her best friend was dead. That’s not very complimentary at all. But my personal favorite, just because it put her in the most unflattering light, was when  she had to know Stefan would be okay because otherwise she couldn’t keep on feeling good, and happy that she got to be in love, have the summer of her life, and getting Bonnie back while he was suffering the whole time. She just needed the validation so she could carry on with her carefree, and guilt free existence. What a joke. She. Is. Not. Likeable. Anymore.  That is not the heroine that was introduced to us and made us fall in love with. Where is the magnified selflessness, the compassion? Old Elena Gilbert had all those things for everyone. Not just her goddamn boyfriend. But isn’t that why you like her this way? Isn’t that why you don’t want to admit that she’s changed and not for the better? Because at least Damon is the one getting all of her attention, all of her focus, all of her compassion, all of her love, all of her forgiveness, am I right?

This Elena is way more self-centered, and oblivious to the feelings of those around her. That’s not what made her a good heroine. Stefan kept the things which made him who he was and they were magnified. And Elena’s are….where? Missing in action or thrown to one person—Damon. What was once a 9 or a 10 on the compassion, selflessness, and empathy scale barely clears a 2 or a 3 where everyone else is concerned. That’s the Elena I miss. The one who thought of everyone, dark or light, the one who showed compassion to everyone, the one who felt empathy to anyone. So. Why. Don’t. We. See. It?  But again, you don’t really care because with this version of Elena you get exactly what you want and I will, undoubtedly be accused of not being a fan of this current version of her just because she’s cut Stefan off. Go ahead. I don’t expect anything more. But calling this a half-cracked theory just makes you look like a fool. We are all aware that at the end of the day it’s just a theory, even the creator herself knows this. No need to insult it. However, it is a theory based on what has actually been shown and told to us on screen. So even if it’s incorrect, it still cannot be categorized as ‘half-cracked.’

Furthermore, theory or no theory, correct or incorrect—-Elena still isn’t as she should be in its entirety and it will be addressed. That you can count on. But from here on out we’ll just have to let the show do the talking on this one, although I’m not so sure that’s saying anything with you being that you’ve been unable to grasp what its been telling you thus far. Good luck.