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2014 Merlin Holidays Reveal and Master Post

Here it is, the final reveal and masterlist of Merlin Holidays 2014! Thank you to all our amazing participants, and especially our magnificent pinch hitters for stepping up to the plate out of the goodness of their hearts.

Remember, all our submissions this year can be found on our tumblr for easy sharing. Reblog to pimp your favorites! And don’t forget to catch up on any that you missed and leave lots of love for our awesome authors and artists!


All the magic by spaceAltie for Magnolia822 [Merlin/Arthur:PG-13 - canon]

A Stormy Beginning by matchboximpala for Candymacaron [Arthur/Merlin:G - modern!AU].

Lazy Day by fingerprintbruises for tracionn [Merlin/Arthur:G - canon].

Here for You by tracionn for digthewriter [Arthur/Merlin:R - modern!AU].


Attachments by lawgoddess for crazyforthisloki [Merlin/Arthur:R:11k - modern!AU]
As part of his job as the Internet Security Officer for Pendragon Private Banking, Merlin Emrys is required to read all company emails. Misunderstandings about romantic relationships ensue.

O Christmas Tree by Candymacaron for bunnysworld [Merlin/Arthur:R:8k - modern!AU]
Holiday fluff in which Gwaine is a busybody, Merlin is a tree farmer, penguins are gay, and Arthur gets some for Christmas.

Dragons Aren’t Extinct by sophinisba for yue_ix [gen with Arthur/Gwen, Morgana/Nimueh:PG13:2.5k - modern!AU]
Morgana resents being thought of as the dramallama of the family.

Second Chances by kriadydragon for levithans_moon [Gen:PG13:2.5k - historical!AU]
In which Arthur and Merlin are injured, lost in a war zone, and quite certain their luck hates them.

In A Moment’s Grace by crazyforthisloki for isyotm. [Merlin/Arthur:R:30k - modern!AU]
Arthur Pendragon, economical consultant prefers to spend his days working his one true passion: writing erotica literature, transforming himself into the very popular and talented King but when he must face the writer’s worst enemy -writer’s block- it might be some strange adorable phone sex operator’s job called Emrys to bring him back to life and face his own demons.

Operation: Pendragon by gelowo93 for b0b [Merlin/Arthur:NC17:38.5k - modern!AU]
Merlin Emrys is the best undercover officer Camelot Police have. When the terrorist organisation murdering sorcerers proves difficult to find, Merlin is sent to befriend Arthur Pendragon to find out whether his father is involved in the murders.

The Great Camelot Snow Festival by bunnysworld for Gilli_ann [Arthur/Merlin, Gwen/Lance, Gwaine/Percival:PG13:10.5k - modern!AU]
It’s the Great Camelot Snow Festival and Merlin has a booth selling snow globes with a little dash magic. Across from him, Morgana has her own booth and right next to her, Camelot’s Fire Brigade sells their calendar. When Morgana opens their yearly magic battle, Merlin gets to meet her brother Arthur, who is one of the fire fighters in the calendar. Merlin tries to get his fingers on it without being too obvious. But how can he without Arthur constantly being around?

standing up (for what you believe in) by Sumi for gelowo93 [Arthur/Merlin, Gwaine/Morgana:PG:1k - modern!AU]
“Merlin, do you think you can break away from your enthralling conversation to help me prepare breakfast? Gwaine and Morgana are going to be here any minute.”

A Lord Without Land by Elveatas for fleete [Gwen/Merlin/Arthur:NC17:7.4k - canon]
Later, Merlin would reflect that it was probably Gwen’s presence that saved his life. Or —because there was some part of him that wanted to believe Arthur could never kill him— saved him from eternal banishment.

Maybe We Were Coming All Along by sassfrassx for giselleslash [Arthur/Merlin:NC17:22k - modern!AU]
In retrospect, the “Prince on the Lam in Wales” Christmas headline was not what Arthur had intended.

Everything’s Ours by b0b for Sumi [Arthur/Merlin:NC17:14k - modern!AU]
Merlin is a model with a secret. Arthur is rich and has no fashion sense. It can never work.

Wake Up Your Saints by lostlenore for fingerprintbruises [Arthur/Merlin:PG13:6.8k - modern!AU]
It’s hardly Arthur’s fault that small-town witches attract big city trouble.

Keepers of the Pact by Gilli_ann for Elveatas [Arthur/Merlin:R:22k - AU]
For centuries, King Arthur’s nocturnal existence has changed very little. Then, one night he encounters a young man who seems easy prey, but who has many surprises in store. Together they are destined to discover that opposites attract. Arthur and Merlin’s budding romance proves complicated from the first, and is put to the test by prophesies, family secrets and a dark force that threatens to destroy both their worlds.

The Yule King by gwyllion for Clea2011 [Arthur/Merlin:R:10k - canon]
Yule time has come to Camelot, but Merlin isn’t feeling well. When he discovers the reason for his illness, he fears his secrets will be exposed. Not only is he the king’s bed-mate, but he also has magic. He wants to flee Camelot to keep Arthur from losing the respect of his people. Fortunately, Arthur’s cooler head prevails and the men find a happy ending together.

The Gate of Memory by Destina for lawgoddess. [Merlin/Arthur:PG13:15k - Reincarnation]
Merlin forgets to remember, until the time comes to remember once again.

Fit for a King by clea2011 for gwyllion [Merlin/Arthur:NC17:13k - fantasy!AU]
Merlin is a prize fit for a king. But the king he was intended for hasn’t taken that prize. When the king of the faeries loses his big-eared, argumentative and troublesome bedmate, he orders his people to find a replacement. Nobody disobeys Oberon. Ever.

But Merlin is Arthur’s.

The Near and the Dear Ones (War is Over by ArgentSleeper for Viennajones. [Arthur/Merlin:PG13:6k - modern!AU]
Three years ago, Merlin left Arthur at the altar with no explanation and disappeared from his life. Now he’s back, and Arthur’s not sure he’s ready to hear what he has to say.

Please Don’t Let Me Go (I Desperately Need You) by GeekLover for ArgentSleeper [Arthur/Merlin:G:6k - modern!AU]
“Why can’t I stop? Why can’t I just stop loving him?” Arthur’s world is rocked when he overhears Merlin’s confession of love. In his heart, Arthur knows what he needs to do. He’s just not sure if he’s brave enough to do it.

Choose and Choose and Choose by fleete for sophinisba [Gwen/Arthur/Merlin:NC17:11k - Canon]
Arthur and Gwen make a sexy addition to their fantasy life in the form of a big-eared manservant. Neither of them actually intends to turn said fantasy into reality. That part happens by accident.

Come Home With Me by digthewriter for the community [Arthur/Merlin:R:2k - modern!AU]
Merlin is nervous about seeing Arthur at the office holiday party.

Lasting Impressions by cassie_black for spaceAltie [Arthur/Merlin:PG13:11k - modern!AU]
Arthur has his sights set on Gwen. The trouble is, she thinks he’s a bit of dick. Now all he has to do is convince her best friend Merlin to persuade her otherwise.

Crushing Through The Snow by CaseyStar for beccadearie [Arthur/Merlin:NC17:52.5k - modern!AU]
After completing his PhDD, Merlin Emrys secured a coveted position in the labs at Pendragon Industries under the renowned Doctor Kilgarrah and his uncle Gaius. Uther Pendragon, CEO of P.I., being a good friend of Gaius’ has his son Arthur share his flat with their newest employee to introduce him to the large city of Camelot, so very different to the small village of Ealdor where Merlin comes from. Their initial meeting isn’t a good one, and their enforced living situation is a little strange for them both, but Merlin slots into Arthur’s life perfectly, accepted into his circle of friends with ease, and both are able to force down their initial attraction to each other.

But how long can they both ignore it when their living situation shows them, time and again, that neither man is who the other first thought them to be, time and again they see the nobility and strength they never suspected lay beneath the surface?

When Can I See You Again? by isyotm for ms_worplesdon [Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Gwaine:NC17:3.6k - modern!AU]
Arthur is just trying to study in the library.

King of May by Emjayelle for lostlenore [Merlin/Arthur:PG13:5k - western!AU, fairy tale!AU]
Right at the edge of Fort Albion—location: middle of bumfuck nowhere—there’s a saloon named Avalon, and behind its bar, Spring serves the drinks.

In the Winter of My Soul by ZairaA for Destina [Merlin/Arthur:R:19k - canon]
When Merlin reveals his magic and then gets cursed in an attempt to save Arthur, he runs away - the idiot. To find him, Arthur has no choice but to take up with an unlikely ally. But to save him, he not only has to face and understand what Merlin really means to him, he has to get Merlin to believe him too.

The Unintentional Wooing Skills of Arthur Pendragon by giselleslash for ingberry [Arthur/Merlin:NC17:5.4k - modern!AU]
Arthur is a master of wooing…if one defines master as ‘a complete and utter tragedy’. Somehow Merlin doesn’t seem to mind all that much.

One Moment More by beccadearie for ZairaA [Arthur/Merlin:PG13:9k - superhero!AU]
Merlin and Arthur team up to fight evil, one Super Villain at a time, but Arthur can’t help wanting more.

Downward by silence_since_silence for kriadydragon [No pairings:G:6.4k - modern!AU]
Arthur and friends find an injured man in the woods.

Merlindore by ms_worplesdon for Merlin Holidays Community [Merlin/Arthur:NC17:8.5k - modern!AU]
When Detective Arthur Penn teams up with secretive Medical Examiner Merlin Ambrose to solve a bizarre homicide, he finds himself immersed in the the fandom of book trilogy, Y Dderwen. But is it possible that the story is more than it seems? And will Merlin be able to see the wood for the trees?

Trust the book, don’t trust the people (or was it the other way around?) by leviathans_moon for silence_since_silence [Arthur/Merlin, Lancelot/Gwen, Gwen/Morgana:PG13:11.1k - modern!AU]
It’s all Arthur’s fault. He suggested this horror book for their weekly book club sessions. Arthur brought it into the house. So it’s clearly his fault that things from the book start to happen to them.

When the First Frosts Arrive by viennajones for Emjayelle [Elena/Mithian:G:2.7k - modern!AU]
There isn’t a place in the world where Elena feels like she belongs. There isn’t a person she belongs with either, not anymore, and in many ways that is the reason why she’s here, in a small town filled with superstitious people.

The Christmas Reunion by rotrude for cassie_black [Arthur/Merlin:NC17:31k - modern!AU]
With life setting them on different paths, Merlin invites his dearest friends over for a last hurrah, a special Christmas reunion. They’re all going to stay together under the same roof, exchange gifts and shore up memories for the future. Some things go to plan; some develop in unforseen ways.

Merry Christmas, Cabbage Head by vix_spes for nomical [Merlin/Arthur, Leon/Morgana, Elena/Gwaine:G:3.8k - modern!AU]
To say that Merlin was upset about spending Christmas with Uther Pendragon was putting it mildly…

Two Chances by alafaye for the Merlin Holidays Community [Arthur/Merlin:G:2.2k - modern!AU]
Their first chance was gone before it could happen, but the second might work out.

Moonlight Serenade by Magnolia822 for Cookie [Merlin/Arthur; Arthur/Gwen:NC17:21k - historical!AU]
Eve of WWII, London. Merlin Emrys has led a quiet middle-class life until the night he meets the son of his old school nemesis. Bold, gorgeous, and impossible to resist, Arthur Pendragon is wrong for Merlin in every way—not only is he twenty years too young, he’s engaged to be married. And he can never learn Merlin’s darkest secret.

Desert Places by Cookie for the Merlin Holidays Community [Merlin/Arthur:PG13:7k - modern!AU]
Merlin and Arthur are both alone, and life looks bleak – but who knows where a chance meeting will take them.

A blip on the radar by winterstorrm for CaseyStar [Merlin/Arthur:NC17:7k - modern!AU]
Arthur had believed that one night with Merlin would be all he could have. Until he’d had one night with Merlin. That’s when it all went to hell.

We Wish You A Merry Ofsted by nomical for rotrude [Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Leon, Elena/Gwaine, Mithian/Will, Morgana/Nimueh:NC17:36k - modern!AU]
A story that chronicles the lives of our gang as teachers and students leading up to the winter holidays. Merlin and Arthur are dumb face in love as usual, but it takes them a while to get any traction. Merlin has a lot to learn and Arthur just cares too damn much. Their colleagues are fed up, the kids are okay, Merlin and Arthur just can’t catch a break, and everyone loves Gwen. So not much different than canon.

Five times Percival said no to Arthur and one time he didn’t by Aeris444 for eurydice72 [Arthur/Percival, side Merlin/Gwaine:PG13:6k - canon]
The day Arthur met Percival, he knew the man was different and wanted to know him better. Though, Percival wasn’t easy to approach and slowly drove Arthur mad as he kept saying no to the Prince.

Let’s be glad by Lullabylily for vix_spes [Merlin/Arthur:R:2.7k - modern!AU]
Arthur is forced to play Santa at his company’s annual Christmas party…

The Road to Broðorsibba by gwyllion for mssdare [Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Merlin/Mordred:NC17:10k - canon!AU]
After a falling-out with his father, Arthur finds himself imprisoned by two young Druids. He spends a winter in captivity where he learns that he is to become the greatest ruler of Albion. Although Arthur embraces his destiny, he doesn’t suspect that fulfilling his earthly purpose may have dire consequences.

Protect His Truth by eurydice72 for Aeris444 [Merlin/Percival:PG13:9.2k - canon]
For Merlin, it was falling at first sight. Literally. Having a crush on Camelot’s new knight, however, makes hiding the truth about his feelings as well as his magic a little more difficult.

An Equal Exchange by glim for matchboximpala [Bradley/Colin:PG13:2.1k - RPS]
It’s probably the late hour, or the way Bradley really was almost asleep when Colin started talking to him, or the thoughtful way Colin looks at him and smiles instead of looking belatedly annoyed at him. It’s one or all of those, because Bradley just shrugs and says, “All right, that trip was pretty horrible. Is it too late to make it up to you?”

Snowstorm by mssdare for RocknVaughn [Arthur/Merlin:NC-17:8k - canon!AU]
After Uther’s death, Arthur sets out on a quest to find Merlin. But gaining Merlin’s trust–after Arthur betrayed him so severely in the past–might be an impossible challenge.

For the Love of Camelot by RocknVaughn for Lullabylily [Arthur/Merlin:NC-17:28k - canon]
When the newly crowned King Lot of Essetir comes to Camelot with the intention of making peace, Arthur and Merlin are hopeful that this will be just one more step in their bid to peacefully unite all of Albion.
They couldn’t have been more wrong. Soon, Merlin finds himself in a situation that will test the limits of what he would do and how far he would go…for the love of Camelot.

Coffee, Baked Goods, and Christmas by solookup for alafaye [Arthur/Merlin:PG:5.7k - modern!AU]
Each year Morgana hosts a Christmas Party. Every year, Arthur goes to the party without a plus-one. Someone in his life isn’t going to wait forever and maybe this is the year he decides to do something about it. And something something about coffee and baked goods.

5 Times Arthur Helped Merlin With a Case + 1 Time He Really Fucking Didn’t by ingberry for GeekLover [Arthur/Merlin:NC-17:8k - modern!AU]
Camelot – the town where mansions are ten a penny, the town that welcomes film stars, famous authors, an ex-Spice Girl and the IT-investors of the 90s. The home to sixth form parties that cost enough to feed a whole family for months. Also home to Hunith Emrys Investigations, Camelot’s only private detective agency.