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Lovers In The Parking Lot ;

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Summary: Hyungwon & YN are young and making the most of it

Disclaimer: All the things that are mentioned in this are words of fiction aka it’s not real. I’ve literally just made this up and just like always, credits to @chyogi for the gif

Members: Hyungwon from Monsta X X Female Reader

Rating: PG

Words: 1226

Author Notes: Just a mentions to @shownx & @jinkimon for proof-reading it and spotting the silly mistakes I made.

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Shortly after they put the cookies in the oven, Elena arrived home. After greeting Asher who was still busy in the kitchen, Elena went into the living room looking for her daughter. Finding her there, she sat down to talk with Briella about her day. 

Ten minutes later, once the cookies were done, Asher joined them in the living room and handed them their plates. As they ate, they discussed their individual days and then spoke about the next afternoon. It was Saturday and Vivienne and the twins were coming over to have lunch and spend some time together. 

“What time are they coming over?” Elena asked as they ate their cookies together.

“Around noon. But since my brother and sister are coming, who knows for sure.”

“Let’s plan for us to eat at one, then. That way we have most of the afternoon to spend together before they have to go home.”

“Sounds good to me. Oh, and don’t forget I’m leaving town the next day, too, Lena.”

“……I didn’t forget.”

“Ah, I know you’re not happy about it. But it’s only for a week and then I’m home again.”

“I know.”

“Though I do hate to leave you here alone when you have been sick. You really shouldn’t push yourself so hard.”

“I’m in Medical School, I have to work hard. And I only had a little bug for a few days, but I’m fine now. I’m just feeling cranky about you being gone so much lately, that’s all. Don’t mind me.”

“Tell you what,” Asher said, smiling at his wife. “When I get back, we’ll all do something fun together. Just the three of us.”

“That sounds great.”

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but reading your post on the couple from empire and they seem just like de and you seem to think they work. like all the shitty things he's done and she knows them and chose them and elena had same speech about damon too

Cookie and Lucious are absolutely nothing like Damon and Elena because Elena is *passive* which is something people don’t seem to understand. Cookie literally hits Lucious in the head with a baseball bat and then destroys his office while ranting about how underappreciated she is. She literally tried to smother him with a pillow. So many dinners end with her snatching the tablecloth as she walks out so the food falls to the floor. She constantly says that she wishes he was dead and that he’ll die alone. They constantly try to bury each other. They are both destructive. Does that sound like Delena to you? Damon just does terrible things and Elena accepts it. Her personality has simply been sanded down to accomodate him, that is Elena’s role. If anything Cookie and Lucious would be Bonnie and Kai.

  • Nate: So I could either bake these cookies at 400 degrees for 10 minutes or 4,000 degrees for 1 minute.
  • Nate: FLOOR IT?
  • Elena: NATE NO
  • Nate: HOW ABOUT 4,000,000 DEGREES FOR 1 SECOND
  • Elena: NATE P L E A S E

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deal with the devil, either Rayna, the shaman, or Alex. It does sound like Damon could turn her into a vampire though idk.

So I am thinking is it possible that with the teams plan failing to save Bonnie that it is somehow Damon’s plan/idea for Bonnie possibly being the huntress…? The relationship is forever changed because she will be the huntress against vampires and Damon is doesn’t care as long as she is alive and well…?

“Damon makes a fateful decision that will forever change his relationship with Bonnie” what do you think it will be? It gets my hopes up tbh

If their plan leads to Bonnie being a huntress she’ll lose her magic, that could really fuck up Damon’s relationship with Bonnie, even though it’s to save her life.

Okay. So… I had a thought this morning, and it sort of plays perfectly into the 7x20 synopsis, so I’m calling it kismet. Let me set the stage for you…

As pretty much every Bamon shipper is aware, there’s this motif that has played out over the course of the entire series between Bonnie/Damon/Elena where once or twice every season Damon is faced with a major dilemma where he must choose between saving Bonnie and saving Elena.

It started in 2x18, when Klaus was threatening Bonnie’s life and that culminated in Damon blurting out to Elena that if it comes down to her or the witch again, he will gladly let Bonnie die. But he didn’t let her die in 2x18, and as we saw play out over and over across the seasons, he found a way to save them both every time. Moreover, the balance of priority/outcome tipped more and more equal (or even in Bonnie’s favor, sometimes) as time went on, starting with saving her being almost entirely for Elena’s benefit (since they needed her to take out Klaus who was threatening Elena) until we finally saw in 7x22 that Bonnie was saved to Elena’s actual detriment (while still saving them both).

Now… a lot of us, myself included, have taken to calling every instance of Damon saving Bonnie since then an instance of him “choosing” Bonnie again. But really, that’s only choosing Bonnie on the most technical level. Like, his options are “let Bonnie get murdered violently and far ahead of her time vs. wait a few more years to see Elena again.” I just mean, we probably shouldn’t be handing out cookies for that.

But it got me to thinking, because my hunch is that the “Choose between Bonnie and Elena” motif would continue to play out. But how could they do that if Elena is already basically comatose?

And then we saw 7x16 and they gave us Chekov’s gun in the form of Damon realizing that being tied to mortality at this point would essentially mean giving up his future with Elena. It was the reason he stumbled and hesitated to save Stefan by transferring Rayna’s scar..

So here’s what I’m thinking:

Now that the Phoenix Stone evil vampire souls are scattered around the world, the Armory is going to be wanting a new Huntress more than ever. Rayna’s sword is useless now, and with only one life left, her time is running out. 

I think that the Armory’s experimentation with the pills wasn’t just to create weapons against witches. I think they were trying to build a bigger, better Huntress. And (maybe as they already suspected was possible, since they were already wanting her) they’ll come across that in the form of Bonnie Bennett. She’s been accidentally dosed by those pills, and maybe that has already set her on the path towards what they’d planned for her.

Now I’m not entirely sure of the particulars obviously, but I’m still pretty certain that they’ll capture her from the mental facility and take her to their HQ or whatever at some point (end of 7x18?). They’ll kickstart the Huntress-making process, and Damon and Enzo will rescue her, but the process is already in progress. 

Okay, so the 7x20 synopsis. I’m thinking that the Armory is the devil in this “Deal with the Devil” subtitle. They’re not going to want another Huntress with finite lives like Rayna, they’ve seen firsthand how quickly/easily that can be overcome. I think they’re going to bring Bonnie to the brink of death because of the pills and the whole process, and the only thing that will be able to save her from dying is finishing the process, which requires someone sacrificing/linking their life for her, sort of paralleling the process that Rayna herself went through. But since they don’t want the finite number of mortal lives, they’ll force Damon to choose between letting Bonnie die and linking her to his immortality. 

By that I mean Damon is still undead/immortal, but Bonnie is tied to that. So when Bonnie dies, so will he.

This means that he can either let Bonnie die now, or he can save her but give up his future with Elena (though not Elena herself… both girls would be safe, and Elena would wake up whenever he and Bonnie die, whenever/however that would eventually happen). It’s him choosing between Bonnie and DE, and I think he will choose Bonnie.

This sets a lot of things into motion, all of which fall firmly in the category of “things that would change Bamon’s relationship forever:”

1. Bonnie’s life is saved, but it finalizes the process and she becomes an immortal Huntress and retains her powers (since she never technically died, and I think this would also be something the Armory was aiming for as it would make her much more deadly than Rayna was). Bonnie of seasons past might have resented him for this, preferring death over becoming a monster, but I think the current self-preservationist Bonnie would either understand, or come around eventually. (and what a way to make amends, right? Sacrificing the very thing she thought he’d carelessly abandoned her for)

2. Damon has to make peace with the fact that he will die when Bonnie dies, and therefore will never see Elena wake up. If Damon accepts that fact, it swings the door wide open for him to move on, to consider his relationship with Elena as something that must live in the past.

3. Everyone and their brother is involved in the Save Bonnie mission this time around. That means that ALL of them may be present/aware of what Damon is sacrificing for Bonnie. All of them, and most importantly Bonnie and Damon themselves, are going to have to take a hard look at why he would make such a choice. Why he would give up the one relationship that he claims makes him happy, makes him a good person… to selflessly save Bonnie’s life? (We know why.)

So that’s where I’m at right now. What do you guys think?

Nate & Elena || New Years Surprise

After being in New York for a week, it was back to LA. Elena had gotten a lot of Christmas shopping done while they were in the city, so she didn’t have to worry about it when they got back home. She had already put out all the Christmas decorations and decorated the Christmas tree with the kids. It was Christmas Eve and she was making cookies with the kids since Cameron and Mackenzie believed in Santa. Once they finished the cookies Elena looked at the time and told them to go to bed before Santa came and saw them up. She gave Zoey a look to say that she didn’t have to sleep but she atleast needed to go into her room and play along. Elena cleaned up the mess they made in the Kitchen and then set the cookies and the milk out for Santa. She then went upstairs and found Nate. “Hey, I hope your hungry for cookies and milk and um I need to talk to you about something I got the kids for Christmas." 

Sleepover at Grandma’s

For @crayzay4tay cuz she wanted Grandma Andrea :)

“Nana! Papa! I’m here for my play date!” Max called, running into his grandparents’ house with his sister, Nora, right on his heels.

“Guys, can you please slow down?” Taylor groaned, following them in, her hands full with the baby and sleepover things for the kids. Scott rushed to help Taylor before she dropped anything, taking the baby out of her arms instead of the bags she was about to drop all over the place. He brought the little girl up so that she was right in front of his face and she giggled, reaching for his nose. Her slobbery hand made contact and Scott laughed, bringing her closer to kiss her face.

Taylor adjusted the bags on her shoulder and made her way inside, searching for her mom. Scott followed behind her, still cooing at the youngest. She found her mom in the kitchen, giving Max and Nora cookies.

“Really? Already? They just got here and it’s only eight in the morning!” Taylor laughed, seeing the kids with a cookie in each hand. Max and Nora looked up at her, smiling, before moving to the kitchen table and scooting into their chairs. They knew the rule: you can only eat if you’re sitting nicely at the table.

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Good morning from Spain, Taylor. 1) I’m tired of eating this cookies. 2) I’m a dork. 3) I need a new recipe of cookies. Conclusion: I need a new recipe of cookies by you. It’s time. Elena. taylorswift P.S: this dork love you.

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"So you're telling me you didn't eat them and you have NO IDEA where they are?!"


“That’s what I’m saying.” He said as he sipped his tea. He was trying to get away with eating the last of the cookies with Thomas and Elena. Bruce was days away from his due date and he’d been having food cravings nonstop all day