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A love that never dies

Request: Can you do an Elijah Mikaelson imagine? Where the reader and Elijah were together and married before he was turned and when he was turned she was turned too. And when Elijah and the reader go to help Elena with Klaus, Elena walks in on Elijah and the reader having a cute moment and when the reader is leaving she over hears Elena asking Elijah about their love and he gets all glossy eyes and tell her about their story and how their love will never die. Fluff fluff fluff! Please and thank you! 

Disclaimer: There’s is slight mention of rape and also i changed it a little. I switched Elena out with Hope and made Hope around 15-16 years old in this. 


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Going back a thousand and a hundred and something years I didn’t expect my life to turn out like this. Ending up with the best guy. Ending up with the best family. Ending up with the best story.

“Honey, you’re missing a button,” Elijah said referring to the back of my long wine red dress I was wearing for the Mikaelson ball tonight. After having stopped Klaus from trying to kill Elena we, mostly just Elijah and i, decided having a classic Mikaelson ball would lighten up the mood.

“Really. I didn’t notice,” I said trying to bend my arms to button the top. I had one arm reached over my shoulder and the other one was pushing up the back of the dress so that I could reach the low cut back. I let out a huff as I for the third time failed in buttoning the stupid dress.

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I Still Don’t Like You - Part 1/2

A/N: I changed it slightly, hope you don’t mind love

Pairing: Kai Parker X Reader

Request: Can u do an imagine where Kai hits on Y/N and she says no and then Damon needs Y/N to distract Kai and they end up trapped in a room and Kai uses magic to pin Y/N against the wall and they make out? 

Warning: Swearing, slight angst

Word count: 1K

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The surrender

Title: The surrender

Pairing: Kai x Reader

Word Count: 4.3K+  

Warnings: romantic, fluff, angst, OOC!Kai

Summary: The reader is gonna marry Kai, but someone from his past comes to make him pay his debts.  

Notes: This is the story I wrote for the Fandom Writing Challenge, my prompt was gym. This contest is such a great idea! Hope you like the fic :) This fic takes place after s6 of TVD, but some things are different.    

She had met Kai four years ago. It was like she had been known him since forever. They shared multiple passions together, they had the same interests and the same black humour. She loved the way he used to wake her up in the middle of the night to start deep conversations, kissing her on the cheek so slowly and in a very sweet way, she felt home with him; she loved how they made up after a fight, ending everytime with her unbottoning his shirt and him pushing her closer, so close it would feel like even their skin was too much to separate them; but most of all, she loved how he made the proposal special. He had prepared the house they bought together with roses all around the living room, candles, their song played by the vinyl (Sweater Weather, by the Neighbourhood) and he was wearing a smoking. He kneeled down and he showed her the little blue box in which there was the ring. She was in tears, with her hands on her lips, astonished. Then she smiled, murmuring softly Yes.

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Ugh, Anti-Plec

Honestly, I’ve been anti-Plec slowly for a while, but now….full on.

Caroline “He will be the man that I always loved”
This line pisses me off because she didn’t always love him. She had a crush and moved on with Damon (ugh), then Matt. If she truly loved him, she wouldn’t of given up or it would of taken much longer to move on.

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Yep, she really loved Stefan when she was getting Tyler’s D.

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Yeah, she was really thinking about her “love” for Stefan, here.

Julie Plec has not only disrespected Forwood, but also Tyler. He came back for three seconds only to be killed by Damon and NO ONE IS UPSET! She literally excuses killing Tyler. Then she belittles Forwood. Who are probably more loved that Klaroline. A portion of Klaroliners (like me) also like Forwood but we prefer Klaroline.

I know that a lot of Forwood stans hate Klaroline for ruining their ship, but at least we acknowledge it:

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Klaroline don’t dismiss Forwood, we acknowledge it for the greatness it is.

There are a lot of reasons why I can’t buy into Steroline, the main reason is that they are my BrOTP. they had this beautiful emotional chemistry as friends, and fans loved that. I admit I could see them as a couple, but the way it happened just went to shit.

1) They don’t have the physical chemistry or the passion to anchor a show.
2) Stefan was the reason she turned her humanity off (along with Liz’s death). Don’t fight me she said it!
3) They were bad for each other. Ok, on paper, they are fine. But I’m talking character development. Caroline went from an insecure human to an independent vampire, full of snark and sassiness, she showed no fear and managed to attract the Original Hybrid! With Stefan, she cried over a guy, always forgave him too quickly and was insecure again, it never felt like Stefan deserved Caroline. It just felt like Stefan could do what he wanted because he knew Caroline would always be there. If he messed up, like leaving Caroline and travelling and dating Valerie, or sending her to the wrong location of the twins - it was “I’m sorry”, “Forgiven” ½ episodes later. I want to see Stefan grovel and beg. He needs to know that he’s done wrong and how to avoid it, he needs to know that Caroline can’t be treated like that, earn her forgiveness.
4) Stefan also suffered. Now, I don’t know if this is down to Paul Wesley, he loves the epicness of Stelena. But Stefan felt more selfish with Caroline. With Elena, you knew that it was Elena and that he wouldn’t stray and Elena was the priority. With Elena gone, Julie shifted it to the brothers, but this meant that Stefan prioritised Damon over Caroline, but at times it would also be other people, he liked to keep Caroline out of the loop.
5) Caroline’s only storyline for S8 was the June Wedding and Stefan. In S7 it was Stefan, the twins were only involved due to Candice’s pregnancy. Julie just didn’t give her a proper storyline.
6) The quick steps: They got engaged just after moving in, and a couple of months after they reunited. Yeah they known each other for long. 4 years as friends, A few months in S7 as a couple, then 3 years off. - but they haven’t dated long enough on to know if they are a stable couple, what if they broke up. Spoiler alert: They did. Then they get married and it wasn’t about them. It only happened because of Katherine and Damon organised it, with Caroline getting no say, she had a Steferine song and Katherine’s necklace. Not to mention they just got back together the episode before. I’d buy the wedding more if it was fake, but then they eloped or agree to do the real thing after Katherine was dealt with.
7) When Enzo died, she went to Stefan and not Bonnie. I believe in ho’s over bro’s and I think she should of gone to Bonnie first, even if Bonnie rejects her and let Damon handle Stefan. I think that if she did that, Bonnie might not immediately reject her.

The last one isn’t about Steroline, it is about the stans. I’m not going to generalise everyone, but one of my peeves is that they claim that KC are a bullying fandom and make themselves sound perfect when I’ve heard worst. I’m not saying that Klaroline is perfect, there is a lot of ugly in ships, especially these days and in current shows. But I remember when Steroline were split and I saw stans give a lot of hate to Julie and the writers on twitter, also getting in a strop if another ship gets honoured or referenced. Also another peeve is when Steroline stans say that Klaroline stans must hate Caroline. But I’ve seen a lot of Steroline stans who like Damon and Daroline friendship and that is worst. He abused her, made her feel terrible and got away with it. Yeah, there scenes are cute but they forget the S1 context. Damon got away with it and Caroline never got an apology, Plec just address it in S8 as if he was always guilty, and she already forgave him. - The big injust is how they handled that. Prime time to approach that was S1 and S2 but they skimmed over it.

On paper, they should work. I love the friends-to-lovers- trope, but they approached it wrong and they created a couple that can’t anchor as a main couple that goes through angst, I’ve seen more people go off it. Trust me I wasn’t against this from the start. I try to love all the ships that happen, I’m Stelena, but when Delena happened I was okay this is the new thing. But the writers did not create an epic story.

Not to mention the humanity switch. It just surprises me, how much people get away with it, especially if you’re a main character. Damon and Stefan do the worst off it and they come of unscathed by the gang. Stefan has an addiction to blood, that changes someone which equates to an addiction to drugs or alcohol. It changes someone, to the point that sometimes they want to switch their humanity off and not care. Vampires can actually do that! It would just be nice for the main characters to go “No! That’s not cool, be guilty for a while” - obviously not for too long, that doesn’t make good TV, but when you compare to when they condemn someone who isn’t in their inner circle it’s shocking.

Now, you may not agree, I expect many not to. But the big fanservice isn’t great. Yes, Klaroline were a little fanserviced - but not completely otherwise they’d be together. But Steroline has been fanserviced all season this year. All you guys are so happy you got your wedding, that it doesn’t even bother you that it wasn’t about them and the only reason they had it was to lure an enemy out. Yeah, they love each other, and probably would have eventually have the wedding but it wasn’t their wedding. The wedding will forever be tainted by that. If the wedding happened with no ulterior motive, I’d be upset, but I’d be fair enough and try to move on. But I can’t be happy for Caroline in the circumstances it happened.

Tyler Lockwood deserved better. Forwood deserved better. Klaroline deserve better (if you don’t intend to have them together, don’t lie and bait us).

A note for Forwood fans, if KC weren’t endgame, I would of been happy with Forwood.

Little Sister

(requested by anon)

Damon hurts reader when his humanity is off and Kai comforts her.


Y/N woke up in the middle of the night from a loud noise coming from downstairs. Having supernatural hearing sucks. she thought as she got up and walked downstairs. Ever since Damon flipped his humanity switch after Elena was forced into a sleeping curse , things at the Salvatore Boarding House have been a little out of control.  
Y/N walked down the stairs and tripped over something … or someone. She could smell the blood.
“What the hell?” she muttered , kneeling down. Whoever it was she had tripped over , was already dead. Y/N sighed in frustration. “Damon !” she raised her voice. “Damon !” she called out again , carefully walking over the body , nearly tripping over another. Suddenly someone grabbed her foot.
“Help me…” a young girl said.
Y/N kneeled down , biting her wrist and bringing it to the girls mouth.
“Leave and forget this ever happened.” she compelled the girl.
A few more steps away she found another survivor.
“Damn it Damon …” she cursed under her breath.
A few steps ahead there was a guy still bleeding out on the carpet.
Lovely. she thought. This will be hell to clean up.
It was dark in the house , but the fire in the fireplace was burning , lighting up the living room enough for Y/N to see Damon draining yet another body. He wasn’t alone. Kai was on the other sofa , draining some random stranger.
“Since when are you two buddies ?” Y/N asked annoyed.
Kai let the body drop on the ground , blood dripping from his chin , the black veins under his eyes slowly fading away.
“Oh hello.” Kai said. “We didn’t wake you , did we ?” he said glancing for a second at Damon who grinned at the comment and then returning his gaze to Y/N.
Y/N rolled her eyes. “No , no … I was just randomly sleepwalking and tripping over dead bodies in the house.” she said with a sarcastic smile , glancing at Kai and returning her attention towards her brother. “You can’t keep doing this. So many people missing will draw too much attention.”
Damon finished his snack and turned towards Y/N. “You are an even bigger buzzkill than Stefan.”
Y/N scoffed. Her brother had gone off the deep end and Stefan had picked the worst possible moment to go out of town leaving her to deal with Damon alone.
“Look , I know you miss Elena , but this is not you. What do you think Elena would say when she finds out the first thing you did after leaving her in a coffin for the next 50 years was to throw a ‘dinner party’ killing dozens because you couldn’t deal with the pain of losing her?” she paused for a second , pointing at Kai. “And why are you hanging out with him of all people ?!”
Kai had an amused look on his face.
“Oh , you think this is funny?” Y/N asked him. “May I remind you , none of this would be happening if you hadn’t put that spell on Elena.”
“Ouuchh.” Kai muttered.
Y/N couldn’t belive any of them at that moment. Damon was looking straight through her. It was like her words weren’t even being registered by him and Kai … well , he was Kai.
“Are you even listening to me Damon ?” she asked , a second later Damon had pinned her to the wall , his hand wrapped around her neck.
“Listen to me , you are better than this -” she started to say but was cut off by her brother.
“No , you listen to me. I am better like  this and I do not need you coming to my rescue because guess what - I don’t need to be rescued.” Damon hissed at her. Y/N rolled her eyes and pushed him away , sent him flying across the room.
“You  are the big brother Damon . You  are supposed to be looking after me , not the other way around.” she said just as Damon came after her again. This time punching a whole in her chest , wrapping his hand around her heart , queezing it. Y/N was struggling to breath.
“I never should’ve gone back for you in 1867. Turning you was the biggest mistake of my life.” Damon hissed.
Y/N felt as if the whole world has been turned upside down. Damon , her brother , the one who loved her so much and had convinced Stefan to go back for her … who always protected  her and looked after her even before he became a vampire… Her brother was gone. She had no idea who was standing in front of her. Tears filled her eyes , not because of the pain in her chest , but because her brother had shattered her heart with those words.
“Kill me , Damon. At least I will be free of you.” she said angrily , barely uttering the words. Her brother stared at her , his expression blank. “Go on. Do it! Kill me !” she raised her voice , a tear rolling down her cheek.

Kai who was enjoying the show until this point , suddenly got up muttering a spell reaching his hand. Damon screamed in pain , pulling his hand out of Y/N’s chest and holding his head as if it was about to explode.
“I think that’s enough…” Kai said , his voice scary calm.
“Stay out of this , creeper! ” Damon snapped back at him.
Up until this moment Kai was having fun watching them argue…but watching Damon break Y/N’s heart while also trying to literally rip it out of her chest ?  Damon had crossed a line. Before the merge Kai probably wouldn’t have cared at all what happens to Y/N , but now emotions got in the way. Y/N was always nicer to Kai than the others , always willing to listen at least while the others directly shut him out. She didn’t deserve to die , not like this. Not at the hands of her own brother.
“And they say I am the monster…” Kai muttered , flicking his wrist snapping Damon’s neck.  
Kai kneeled down next to Y/N who had a shocked look on her face. Who could blame her ? Her brother just tried to kill her. he thought and suddenly felt a peck of guilt for all the things he had done to his siblings , to Liv …
“Y/N , are you OK?” he asked , Y/N glaring at him in disbelief. “Right , dumb question.”
Kai looked at the girl standing before him unsure what to do. Emotions are so hard to navigate , he thought. A  moment later he sat on the floor down next to her and wrapped his arms around her as she started crying. The pain in her eyes made him feel helpless and he hated that. He also hated the fact he had no idea how to get her to stop crying.
“Do you want some ice cream or maybe chocolate ? In movies that usually helps … ” he asked but she just shook her head. Kai took a deep breath , deciding to take a different approach. “You know , he didn’t mean it. You are his little sister and I’m sure he loves you … even without his humanity.” he said gently brushing her a tear from her cheek.
Y/N looked at him through tears. Kai was last person Y/N had expected to ever comfort her , to make her feel safe but in this exact moment thats exactly how he made her feel. Safe. If it wasn’t for him , she’d probably be dead. She wrapped her hands around him and he hugged her tight. This feels nice.  she thought with a surprise , warmth spreading through her body.
“Thank you…for saving me.” she whispered.
“Any time.” he said rubbing her back.
They stood curled up on the floor for a while longer before Y/N’s breathing calmed down a little and her sobs stopped. Damon was starting to come back to life.Y/N wriggled out of Kai’s hands and stood up , taking a few steps towards the hidden vervain stash.
All of the sudden Kai felt empty. Not having her in his arms somehow felt wrong to him. He watched as she injected Damon with a concentrated dose of vervain and turned towards him , her eyes still filled with hurt.
“Do you mind umm… could you help me out with this , please ?” she asked pointing at Damon. Kai nodded and together they dragged Damon’s body down the cellar , locking him up in a cell.
Kai glanced at Y/N who had wrapped her hands around her chest , looking through the small window on top of the door at Damon’s body laying on the ground. He wanted to say something but words escaped him. Since when do I have trouble talking to girls?!  he thought. He followed Y/N upstairs and he watched as she poured herself a drink, looking around the living room.
THIS will have to wait until morning. she thought glancing for a moment at Kai.
Kai.. she thought a small smile across her face.
“I .. I should go.” he said heading towards the door.
Y/N hesitated for a split second. She still felt warmth on the inside … It was because of Kai , she knew it and she didn’t want him to go.
“Or you can stay ?” she said in quiet voice. Kai turned around looking at her. There was something in his eyes that had changed. “Please , stay… ” she asked again. “I don’t want to be alone tonight.”
“Yeah , sure.. If that’s what you want.” he said walking back towards her. Y/N could hear a smile in his voice. She poured another glass with bourbon and handed it to him but he refused. She sat on the sofa , Kai sitting next to her.
“You know something’s tickling at my mind.” she said trailing off. “Why did Damon leave any survivors? It’s very unlike him … ” she thought out loud.
A small smile showed up on Kai’s face. “Those weren’t Damon’s victims …”  he said , Y/N turning around with a surprised look on her face.
“Who would’ve thought…” she said , a smile on her face. Y/N snuggled closer to Kai and he wrapped his arms around her pulling her close. She listened to his breathing for a while before they both fell asleep , exhaustion catching up with them.

“Y/N , I’m home … ” Stefan said , freezing on the spot noticing all the dead bodies around the living room. “What the -” he started to say as his gaze fell on his little sister and Kai snuggled together on the sofa. He walked towards them , poking his little sister awake. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Stefan looking at her with a curious look , his eyes darting between her and Kai. “Care to explain what’s going on here ?” he asked.



Word count: 910

You almost die and Kai realizes how much he cares for you

You never thought you would have to fight with your friends by your side to protect your town, but since Katherine came back from hell, you knew it was time to do something to protect the people you love. When you heard she came back, you had a feeling she would cause chaos and you were right. Even though you were really scared, backing out or hiding never really crossed your mind, but Kai didn’t like the idea of you risking your life. He was always over protective and sometimes it was driving you crazy, but sometimes you felt safer when he acted like that. It only showed you how much he cares for you and how much he wants to keep you by his side, without losing you. This wasn’t the first time you risked your life. It happened before and every time you had to do it, Kai always made sure you thought about it, just to make sure this is what you really wanted. It was all fine before so you decided to do it again, even though you were just a human, you surely didn’t act helpless. There wasn’t a lot of things you could do, you didn’t have magic or vampire speed and strenght, but you stayed. You thought fighting against Katherine would be the same, but it wasn’t.

Things were getting more and more dangerous, and you knew it was better for you to give up and find a more secluded place, where Katherine couldn’t find you. It was working perfectly fine, until she did find you. Your heart was beating rapidly, your hands shaking like never before. Your body froze and you didn’t know what to do. It would be a lot easier if she was alone, but she wasn’t. While Bonnie, Elena, Damon and the rest of them fought her helpers, she went to find you because she knew you wouldn’t be able to protect yourself.

‘Well, well, isn’t this the one and only, Kai Parker’s girlfriend?’ She laughed as she looked around the place you were hiding in. 'Why are you even here? You’re just a human.’ She said, picking up a broom, breaking it in half. You swallowed hard, your heart beating even faster than before.

'I’m not afraid of you.’ You said, trying to act brave but she probably noticed how shaky your voice was.

'Your heartbeat is telling me something completely different, sweetheart.’ She said, looking at you. 'You know what, let’s get this over with.’ She trailed off as she ran towards you, driving the sharp half in your body, making you gasp. She punctured your lung and you collapsed on the floor. She ran away as you stayed like that on the floor, unable to breathe. You tried yelling but failed. Suddenly you saw Kai running towards you, quickly kneeling beside you. After Kai, everyone else appeared, somehow you managed to recognize them even though your vision was getting blury.You took Kai’s hand in yours and looked him in the eyes, tears forming in them.

'Kai…’ you managed to say it, tear rolling down your cheek. 'I love you, Kai.’ You whispered, making Kai cry.

'You’re gonna be fine.’ Kai said, his voice breaking at the last word. He brought his wrist to his mouth, biting on it to give you his blood. Just when he wanted to bring his wrist to your mouth, you started talking.

'I… don’t forget about me, Kai. You’re a wonderful person and I was lucky enough to be loved by you.’ You whispered, tears filling your eyes. You kept trying to breathe but everytime you tried, you failed. You closed your eyes and stopped moving. Kai’s eyes went wide and he started shaking your body, hoping you would wake up.

'You can’t do this to me. You’re gonna be ok, I know you’re gonna be ok.’ He brought his wrist to your mouth, his blood trickling down your throat. He pulled out the wooden piece that was stuck in your body, throwing it across the room. He picked up your body in his arms, staring at your face.

'C'mon, please, please. Don’t leave me, please. I love you.’ He whispered, his words barely understandable, tears falling down his cheeks. He leaned down, placing his head on your forehead, a few of his tears dropping on your face. 'I can’t live without you.’ Damon placed his hand on Kai’s shoulder, but Kai didn’t even move. He kept holding you close to his side, refusing to let you go.

'Kai, I think it’s-’ Elena said as she kneeled down beside Kai.

'No!’ Kai interupted her and caressed your cheek gently. 'You’re fine.’ He whispered and by that moment you slowly opened your eyes and took a deep breath, your lung and body completely healed. Kai couldn’t believe it. He was looking at you wide eyed and kissed every part of your face and then pressed his forehead on yours.

'I thought I lost you.’

'You’re not gonna get rid of me that easily.’ You said, making him laugh as he leaned in and kissed you deeply, your arms wrapping around his neck. He pulled away and smiled at you before he ran away, with you in his arms, ready to cherish you even more than he did before because even though he knew how much he loves you, this what happened only made him realize how much you actually mean to him.

Friendship or hate?

You were close. Closer than most people that’s for sure. Then again you weren’t people, you were vampires. Mystic falls was where you were born alongside Damon and Stefan Salvatore. A simple tragic tale of the girl next door who loved her raven haired best friend so much she got in the crossfire of humans versus vampires. Considering everyone wound up dead no one won. Except maybe that nasty doppelganger Katherine Peirce. Of course you and Damon had never knew that the girl who almost destroyed your friendship causing the both of you to part ways in vampirism until a little while later when you met up and apologized profoundly to one another you never knew she had won. Of course you disliked the fact that Damon spent most of his immortal Life trying to find a way to save a girl who didn’t need to be saved. That’s why your first instinct​ was to dislike Elena Gilbert, and you tried every way possible to dislike her and her friends, but you couldn’t, and while you grew closer with the others you also grew even closer with damon. That is until the originals came to town. Klaus was always the bad guy everywhere he went except for when he was with you. Obviously it wasn’t always like that. It took years for Klaus to realize that the reason he couldn’t kill you was because he loved you, and at times he still seemed to forget it.
“Whatever you guys have planned, leave me out of it.”
“Y/n we are your friends. Klaus is a killer and he will kill you the first chance he gets.”
“He wouldn’t. Not me. Maybe all of you and that’s mostly because you guys are always plotting his death!”
“If Klaus likes you so much. Maybe we should use you against him.”
“Don’t be stupid. She is our friend.”
“She is also an original support Elena.”
“What the hell is this world war two. Let me guess you guys are the Jews.”
“Come on Elena. All we have to do it kidnap her and call Klaus and tell him to give us the sword.”
A ball of fear and betrayal filled your veins it was almost a stronger pull than human blood. Soon you were covered in darkness.

The room you woke up in was dark and the shackles that strapped you in a chair was soaked with vervain.
“We will let you go as soon as we get what we want.”
“You think you’re so much better than him don’t you? Look at you though using your friends to get what you want though. You betray people just as much as he does Damon.”
Damon’s eyes held guilt but he didn’t say anything. You stared in the face of all the people you had come to love over the years.
“You love someone who has done nothing but brought pain to our lifes y/n.”
“I could talk to him…Convince him to leave.”
“It wouldn’t work. You’re just a meaningless vampire that he will get rid of once he is done with you.”
Stefan held your phone to his ear and you heard Klaus speak. His voice caused you to relax slightly despite the pain you were suffering because of the vervain.
“Love where are you?”
“She’s right here. Chained to a chair. Bring us the hunters sword and we will let her go.”
Klaus laughed.
“You wouldn’t dare hurt her. She is your friend.”
The others looked around and knew that what he said was true. Well that was until their y/h/c e/c friend screamed as a stake was shoved into her leg. Tears threatened to spill as she met the eyes of her attacker.
“It’s like Katherine all over again. I should never have forgave you back then.”
“I’m sorry but he killed Elena. She comes first.”
At that tears really did leak from her eyes. The now in pain vampire didn’t dare look at her so called friends. It felt like hours before she heard the sound of commotion going on upstairs. That’s when she looked up. Only to be stared in the face by none other than Stefan salvatore.
“I didn’t want to do this. I hope that you can forgive me.”
Stefan led you upstairs. Klaus had his hand around Damon’s heart getting ready to rip it from his chest. You almost let him.
“Nik, I’m right here. Just let him go okay?”
The hybrid retracted his fangs and threw Damon into a wall. His heart broke at the tone in your voice and the burns along your wrists. He picked you up despite your protest and sped far away from the house you never wanted to step foot in again. It was only when you were in the comfort of the mikelasons mansion you broke down in heavy sobs.
“This is all my fault love. I should have made myself an enemy to you, and your friends wouldn’t have done what they did. They wouldn’t have used you against me.”
“I’m not angry with you Nik. Even anything I’m grateful. Thank you for coming to rescue me.”
“Of course. I wasn’t going to just leave you there.”
“It’s just- Damon him and I have been friends for so long and I barely ever left his side no matter how many things he did wrong, and then I do one thing he doesn’t like and he stabs me in the back. If they were my true friends they wouldn’t have done what they did.”
“Love makes people do crazy things. Damon loves Elena and he saw you as a threat.”
“I don’t care. He loved me too.”
She was heartbroken at the betrayal​ and loss of her friends and everyone could see that. So the people in the Mansion did everything possible to make you happy. Elijah was always sharing stories and reading with you, and you and kol would cause mischief around the house. You and Rebekah would have makeovers and movie nights and then Klaus. He was a different story.
“Y/n do you want to paint? Or maybe I could show you some of my paintings I know you always like looking at them.”
“Nik you don’t have to keep trying to make me happy.”
“I like it when your happy y/n.”
“I am happy, because I’m here with you. I love you and your family. Just because I lost my friends doesn’t mean I forgot about the friends I still have.”
Klaus kissed your forehead.
“I love you too sweetheart. So what do you say fancy a drink?”
To say you were feeling slightly uneasy about the possibility of running into your old friends was an understatement, so that’s probably why Klaus and the entire original family tagged along. Though you, Klaus, and kol sat at the bar as Rebekah took up residence with a human in a booth and eventually kol drifted towards the pool table leaving you alone with the hybrid.
“I’m gonna use the restroom, love. Are you okay here alone?”
“I’m fine Nik. Plus Elijah is right their and Rebekah and kol are over their if anything were to go wrong they would help me in an instant.”
“I just worry.”
Instead of replying you kissed his mouth and watched him walk away bringing your whiskey to your mouth.
“Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you.”
“Hello to you to. What do you want?”
Your tone implied that whatever he did want he sure as hell wouldn’t be getting it from you.
“I’ve just been needing someone to talk to.”
“Go find Elena. You didn’t stab her with a stake I’m sure she would be more than happy to listen to your pathetic sorrows.”
Damon looked at you with a sad look.
“I know we shouldn’t have do-”
“There isn’t a we in the situation Damon. I could careless about those stupid young vampires and humans. It was you that hurt me the most and I don’t mean physically. Leave me alone Salvatore. For good.”
“Y/n please. I’m sorry.”
“I think you should leave mate.”
Kol placed his hand tightly and Damon’s shoulder and pulled him away from you forcefully. Klaus appeared out of no where and slipped an arm around your waist. Elijah’s book was sat on the table and Rebekah left the human boy.
“This is all an act. Stefan’s right y/n they are just going to leave you or kill you when they get tired of you. They don’t need you. Why would they love you y/n?”
The words were harsh.
“Why do you love me Damon? That’s right you don’t.”
“Your my best friend of course I love you!”
“Do you call hurting me love? We aren’t friends Damon! I want you to stay away from me.”
The originals returned to normal as the other vampire left the grill. Klaus turned towards you and cupped your face with his calloused hands.
“He is wrong you know.”
“About what?”
“I could never be done with you. I love you far to much for that. And the real question is, how could we not love you? I think I can speak for all of us. We wouldn’t be us without you. You make us human y/n.”
Tears sprung to your eyes and Klaus kissed your tears.

One of the lessons i can honestly say i’ve learned throughout the seasons of TVD is to always know your worth.

The tragic downfall of the character of Elena Gilbert is a sad story on this show that many people overlook. She went from being a broken girl who lost her parents, to meeting this man who brought light back into her life. She was the best version of herself, and Stefan brought that out in her. When they were together, it was a literal thing–together. They were a team. He always respected her choices, even if it was something she didn’t agree with he still went along with it because its what she wanted. 

Fast forward to S4, and we have the unfortunate story line of the sire bond. Oh, this show tried their best to make us forget about that but they forget we have eyes and remember ALL of that shit. The sire bond was the prime catalyst for Damon and Elena to get together and the start of Elena’s character declining into a not-so-best version of herself. 

Now for a brief backstory of her future abuser, Damon Salvatore, all you need to know is that this a man who in S1 terrorized Vicki Donovan, raped and abused Caroline, killed Jeremy on numerous occasions, almost killed Bonnie, abused Andie, and killed Stefan’s best friend, Lexi. Now he’s done other cruel shit but if i tried to list all of them, we’d be here all day. Moving on, Damon wasn’t aware that he’d been linked to Elena basically controlling her so that every demand he made of her she had to follow. He does eventually figure this out, and the logical thing to do when you find out you’ve been controlling someone is to take them out of it but we forget Damon is an asshole so that’s not what he does. 

He keeps her in the compulsion, and we see a steady decline again in Elena’s worth and consent as a woman. As the season goes on, the humble parts of her character that I loved about her character in the beginning are starting to fade and a person who has in the past said “i don’t to be a vampire, Stefan”, “I never wanted to be one”, is slowly becoming a person opposite of those feelings but that wasn’t the problem here. It has been told on this show that becoming a vampire isn’t suppose to change who you are, it only heightens the person you were. Clearly something was wrong here, because Elena as a human was compassionate, selfless, brave, and caring. When she became a vampire those traits weren’t heightened. If anything they started to fade and in its place a character who was a different mirror of who Elena use to be. 

For the Elena who didn’t overlook the selfish and abusive actions of Damon before, she starts to come up with excuses for his behavior. She even at one point, wants a human life with him to which he tells her “i’m not stefan.” Let’s all remember here again Damon has no problems being an asshole. He has no regrets about the horrible things he’s done. He’s absolutely right, he’s NOT Stefan. Stefan has done horrible shit too but he actually deals with it, and is working to make amends with his past demons. He cares. Damon however doesn’t care. He only cares about something if it benefits HIM. He didn’t care about stealing Elena from his brother, after SE broke up he was gloating about it. He slept with Elena the NEXT episode and at the end of the season felt no guilt about seeing Stefan walk out the door of their house while he celebrated with the love of his little brother’s life. 

Over the course of S5-S6, Elena is altogether a different person from the girl we knew in S1. She settled for Damon, she accepted her life for what is was as a vampire. What they had wasn’t love, it was far from it actually. What Delena fans like to reference about them is that they had an all-consuming love. “Consuming” is the key word here because it literally means to destroy or expend by use; use up. Yes, that really sounds romantic doesn’t it? Didn’t think so. An all-consuming love is exactly what Delena had, because it destroyed the foundation of Elena. 

She’s completely right. Things changed the minute she went over that bridge, the Elena we knew was gone. Now I know this is long but my point is coming. So now we get to the S8 series finale, and Elena has been asleep for almost 2 seasons now so we see her awake with (thank god) Bonnie also alive and i’ll admit i stopped watching after S6 so i had no idea what had been going on up until this point but i don’t think i missed much. I’m still not over what happened at the end of that episode so i’m just going to say that Stefan as the selfless man that he is sacrifices himself for everyone and in turn tells Elena that Damon is the “better man” and to be happy with him. Elena in turn does live a life with Damon, she dies and goes to be with her family in the afterlife. 

First of all fuck this show for making Stefan actually say the words “he’s the better man” about Damon because that was some BS of highest level. There’s simply no comparison to who the better brother is, and we all know that ain’t Damon. Second, realize that Stefan is gone. For all of his flaws, he was a good man, an honest man who just wanted to be happy. He went out heroically, but he didn’t deserve to die. He deserved a long and full life with the love of his life. Not to die for a man who promised him an eternity of misery and took everything good in his life away from him. Damon, the asshole who terrorized almost everyone on this show got the happy ending with the girl he didn’t deserve. This is where the lesson comes in. 

Let me already say it, Stefan wasn’t perfect. No one is, but he worked to become a better person. He treated Elena with love and respect and always let her make her own choices no matter if they were together or not, or if he didn’t like it. She called him her best choice. Damon never respected Elena, he treated her a prize to be won, and if her choices weren’t in line with HIS benefit then that was a situation to control. Love isn’t suppose to be cruel, its kind. 

My point ladies and gents is to never settle for the wrong person. Be happy with the person who puts a smile on your face every time you look at them. Never settle for someone who makes you question if your becoming a different person. That’s not love, that’s abuse. Know your worth, know that you deserve better.

Please Pt 2

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After the whole prison world situation with kai parker being trapped for eternity, things have been pretty hectic back in old mystic falls. Vicki donovan arose from hell and rang the maxwell bell which brought hellfire and miss katherine pierce, In the end everyone got happiness, eventually elena peacefully passed and it  was time for y/n to wake up from the spell.

Back in the salvatore boarding house hold there her human body laid still in elena’s coffin, the top was opened revealing her.The little siphon twins ran around outside the new school play ground giggling, a lot of children just like the twins attended the new school, it was for the gifted. Caroline and alaric were back inside the house fixing everything, both of them making the house look more school like than it ever was. Upstairs in stefan’s room, her fragile human body still sound asleep. She must have been dreaming. The human girl saw a face she’s never seen before approach her, this must be the famous elena gilbert she’s heard so many stories about. Elena walked towards y/n, smiling brightly. Elena grasped both of y/n’s hands pulling her into a big hug.

“You must be y/n” elena spoke letting the girl go from the hug, y/n nodded smiling. “Well i’m here to say thank you. It’s time for you to wake up” she whispered smiling wide. Y/n’s face went numb, elena wasn’t alive anymore.

“Elena, you died ?” the girl asked very concerned, this was actually happening. Elena nodded at y/n’s question, slowly damon appeared by her side, y/n looked more confused . “Are both of you dead” y/n whispered, both damon and elena nodded. Elena gave y/n one last hug, so did damon. Damon had muttered a ‘thank you’ from his lips as both of them walked away.

“Now, go live your life y/n” elena insisted smiling widely holding damon’s hands, both of them disappeared through the thin air, leaving the human girl by herself. Y/n tried everything to wake up, until a light hit her eyes. Her eyes opened, her breathing heavy and loud. She was alive, the spell broke. Her eyes trailed across the room to the door, the girl slowly gotten out of the coffin trying not to fall. The beautiful bright  sun shined throughout the windows, laughter of children heard through the door. Y/n walked towards the door, twisting the knob. As, she opened the door the voices of people and children traveled through her ears. Her mind wandered around, where was kai parker. She had remembered kai’s promise right before the spell happened, the heretic had promised when she woke, he would be the first person she would see, but he wasn’t there. 

The girl finally left the room making her way downstairs, she had heard caroline’s voice and alaric’s coming from the living room, the girl kept walking straight forward, little kids accidentally bumping into her, as she continued to walk. She silently crept into the living room, both Alaric and Caroline had been talking nonstop about something important .

“Caroline” y/n spoke standing far away from the both of them, alaric and caroline quickly turn their heads to her direction, Caroline’s eyes went big, she quickly covered her mouth in utter shock, Alaric couldn’t believe his eyes, you were alive.

“Where’s kai ? “

“Is he here “


No answer. Caroline cleared her throat “How about, we find you some clothes to wear “ the girl simply nodded agreeing with her . Both caroline and y/n went back upstairs to Stefan’s room, she had rummaged through the dresser searching for clothes for y/n to wear. The blonde vampire pulled out an old shirt of his and a pair of shorts from her dresser, she had handed y/n the clothes insisting for her to change, y/n went into the bathroom quickly changing into fresh clean clothes. Where was everyone, especially the heretic that she fell in love with. Caroline sat on the edge of Stefan’s bed, she had patted a seat for y/n, motioning for her to sit down next to her. She took a seat. “Where’s everyone” “Where’s Kai ” Caroline turned y/n’s direction, she cleared her throat once again.

“Well, when you were asleep, things happened. Stefan sacrificed himself against the hellfire, and both elena and damon lived a happy life together “ “They both died peacefully”

“what about kai”

“Caroline, what about kai. Where is he” the girl spoke worriedly, Caroline looked a little down, y/n kept looking at the blonde vampire cautiously waiting for an answer.”Caroline, is there something you’re not telling me” still no answer coming out from the blonde vampire. Y/n had enough of the silence, she had gotten up from the bed standing right in front of Caroline waiting for a simply answer.

“Kai’s back in the prison world”

“Bonnie, had putted him back there y/n “

Just like that her entire world fell apart, the boy she fell deeply in love with was once again back in that despicable place. Tears streamed down her cheeks, y/n could feel the lump in her throat getting tighter. She felt excruciating pain, kai needed her and she needed him, without him it felt like there was no purpose to live, when she’s with him, it’s like the world stops and it’s just the two of them. The innocent girl lowered her head, focusing on the wooden tiles not meeting caroline’s eyes. Her hand quickly wiped the fallen tears that fell down her cheeks, she whimpered. Its funny how she trusted them with everything, but all they did was hurt her.

“Caroline, i need him back” y/n cried softly trying to pull herself together, caroline shook her head at the girl’s response. “I’m sorry y/n, but i can’t let you get him back. He was going to hurt josie and lizzie”

“Look caroline, i promise when i get him back will both leave mystic falls and never comeback” y/n proposed.

Caroline stood up from the bed, messing with her hands repeatedly. The vampire didn’t know what to do, she could just imagine seeing kai parker come back to mystic falls, causing a lot of chaos and wrecking havoc. She couldn’t let that happen. Caroline moved towards y/n, standing in front of her, caroline quickly ripped the necklace y/n wore, the one kai gave her to protect her against himself and other vampires. She had put her hands on y/n ‘s shoulder looking deep into her eyes.


“Caroline what are you doing “

“Let me go”

“Caroline, stop, please”

Caroline ignored the pleas coming out of y/n’s mouth, she kept staring into the human girl’s eyes continuously. “I’m sorry” she whispered to y/n, the vampire moved closer to her. Caroline’s pupils grew and shrunk as she started to compel her.

“You’re going to forget that kai parker exist, and you’re going to move on with your life. You’re going to erase him from your mind forever “

The human girl stood still, her mind was completely blank from the action that happened a few seconds ago. Her face was numb, she couldn’t process what had occurred. “Leave y/n” the blonde vampire shouted out pointing to the door, the girl turned around and left the house leaving caroline by herself. The girl that kai parker loved was completely gone, all the memories both of them shared had vanished.

Back to the Beginning {TVD 1x01 Review}

OK! So we’re starting from the beginning, every Friday between 9pm and 10. Considering that I haven’t like sat down to watch a full episode of the past seasons of TVD in a few years and my memory might not be the greatest I think I will start with my usual disclaimer: I will write my thoughts in real time so if I make a mistake at the beginning of this post, it will be corrected by the end. There will be anti-Damon and anti-Delena sentiments (I’m only mentioning these two because it’s the beginning of the series), I will probably bring up other shows and call attention to misogynoir, racism, anti-blackness etc. Gotta admit, I’m a little excited to start from the beginning, it’s been a really long time. Ready? Let’s go. 1. OK Stefan’s voiceover over the foggy woods is still HELLA campy though. I remember I saw this and was like, Fadi (my friend), are you really making me watch this? YES. She was so fucking insistent. 2. Yeah the foggy night and dark road, it’s very horror movie, very cinematic. 3. Them hitting Damon is reminiscent of “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” They even gave Damon a growling noise when he feeds. 4. Listening to the score for season 1, really emphasizes how much they misused the cues in season 8. The scary cue works here because people are running, getting snatched up on a dark foggy night, it isn’t just walking through the Salvatore house. 5. Jenna is legit a mess, like, right away, Elena is like drinking coffee and really chill, like do you not have a presentation today? Go. 6. Damon sending the crow to hit Bonnie’s car is like … Literally from the minute he’s introduced, he’s terrorizing her. 7. Also Kat is a stronger actress than Nina, even the way Bonnie says, “And I was like put this woman in a HOME already”, she has more presence than Nina. 8. “She looks a hot … can I say tranny mess?” “No that’s over.” And totally inappropriate. I completely missed that before. 9. LOL Elena’s “No comment, I’m not going to say anything” when Caroline walks away is delivered really well, yo you two secretly hate each other and that should’ve been explored more. 10. Stefan’s jeans actually look a little ridiculous in the pilot, though. Like they don’t look like they fit well. When Bonnie and Elena sees him in the office. 11. Jeremy is legit like a drug dealer though. That’s kind of a big deal. 12. “You need to chill yourself” …. … … Did KW and JP like consult any teens when they wrote this script? 13. And her fight with Jeremy is actually pretty muted. I’m an only child but my closest friends are older siblings and they’ve told me of times when their younger siblings were fucking up and they would like literally BE there all the time, they would walk them to class, sit with them at lunch, be like, so where are we going today? Elena threatens to do that but never really follows through and it always bothered me that no one held an intervention for Jeremy or set up a meeting with a counsellor. 14. It is still the cutest thing ever when Stefan catches Elena staring at him in class. 15. I do like that in season 1 they dress like they’re teenagers though. 16. “Shoo, that’s what I thought.” Yeah, Elena, stand up to that bird. 17. No, seriously, from a purely objective point of view I can see why the cemetery scene would be the scene that made KW and Bob Levi and JP go ecstatic because when the scene begins Nina seems a little nervous, which I get, it’s the pilot, but when the scene goes on and the dialogue keeps going, she and Paul just have that energy, the way she smiles, the way they stare at each other, there’s legit chemistry there. 18. Yeah, those jeans need to go. And Paul I love you, but your pilot haircut is nooooooooot working. 19. Like you look like a hedgehog, honey. The diary entries actually make this REALLY angsty. 20. LOL Vicki is actually pretty mean to Jeremy though. “I don’t want to announce to the world that I deflowered Elena’s kid brother” and Jeremy has these puppy dog eyes when he says, “And deflowered and deflowered” and it’s like awwwwwwww, you’re way too young for this. 21. “I’m meeting Bonnie at The Grill”, it’s not even Bonnie and Caroline though. 22. These Stelena stares are KILLING me. It’s different seeing it within the episode than clips. 23. The way Matt says, “I feel weird calling her … She broke up with me” all of them are so YOUNG and have these really innocent faces and it just makes everything seem so MEAN. 24. “Any siblings” “None that I talk to” so when Elena tells Damon in the next episode, “Stefan never mentioned he had a brother” I mean he didn’t say that he didn’t either, he admits to having siblings. I feel like I’m going to keep a tally of all the times the show forgets its own script to propel DE. 25. Yoooooooooooo I didn’t remember we get a shot of Stefan topless in the pilot when he’s putting on his shirt. *sigh* so gratuitous. I love it. 26. Those jeans are terrible though. 27. OK but really, WHO IS ZACH AGAIN? He says “Uncle Stefan” so like how does that work? 28. Stefan being blamed for Damon’s shit from DAY ONE. 29. Paul’s intense gaze is damn. 30. I also like how in history class they never discuss enslavement. Mmkay. 31. “You’re upset about something.” “No it’s just Bonnie, she’s … You know what, never mind. You’re here.” And from Day One Bonnie’s issues are ignored. 32. Paul and Nina look really good walking next to each other. 33. Tyler legitimately treats Vicki like shit. 34. “Jeremy. Is that you?” Yes, Vicki, Jeremy can create fog now. 35. Also Damon is so fucking extra with that fog. It’s unnecessary. 36. “I just want to let you know that I still believe in us and I’m not giving up on you” oh Matty, it was never you. Don’t worry though, you get a bench. 37. So Vicki is on the ground with blood on her neck and Jeremy is like “It’s Vicki” and Elena is like “oh my God” and NO ONE is taking out their phones to call 9-11.They just stand there until she opens her eyes. I mean, I guess. 38. Ian’s hair is RIDICULOUS. 39. I don’t understand how Damon got such a following, I find him thoroughly uncharming. Like he just talks SO MUCH. 40. “Damon, after all this time, after all these years can’t we just give it a rest??” “I promised you an eternity of misery.” How fucking petty ARE you Damon? 41. Ian isn’t menacing. 42. “How come the guys I want never go for me?” “I’m not touching that.” Bonnie is hilarious though. Like oh hell no, do not drag me into your messy shit. 43. Vicki and her black nail polish. So high school. 44. Matt’s eyes are actually really blue in the pilot. 45. I am so fucking glad the diary voiceovers disappear eventually. It’s just, it’s too much. 46. And Stefan and Elena overlap. Omg. No. 47. Damon looks creepy as fuck staring at Caroline. 48. I won’t lie though, Stefan constantly coming to Elena’s house, if it were me I’d be like sooooo are you just going to keep showing up? Like she isn’t a little bit weirded out that this guy keeps just showing up at her house? 49. And she can just invite boys into her house at how late at night? OK so my review is over! I’m definitely excited to be doing these every Friday. It’s funny though because pilots are meant to establish what the show is going to be about and what’s centered in the pilot is Stefan and Elena and their desire to get through their respective dark times. The supernatural element is secondary. It’s first and foremost an SE story. Until next week!

*NOTE* To avoid confusion: I’m not saying what Stefan did is comparable to Damon, Damon was terrorizing Elena for kicks, I’m just saying that Stefan comes across as intense in the pilot and I would be like dude you are at my house a lot but it makes sense because Stefan isn’t acting completely human because he isn’t one, throughout the episode he’s trying to train himself to be more human.

Imagine: Kai protecting you from anyone he sees as a threat

Request: Protective Kai

Pairing: Kai x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

You​ ​sigh​ ​to​ ​yourself​ ​as​ ​you​ ​shift​ ​your​ ​position​ ​on​ ​the​ ​Salvatore’s​ ​couch,​ ​your​ ​eyes​ ​blurring​ ​as you​ ​stare​ ​at​ ​the​ ​pages​ ​of​ ​the​ ​book​ ​on​ ​your​ ​lap.​ ​You’ve​ ​read​ ​the​ ​whole​ ​thing​ ​from​ ​cover​ ​to cover,​ ​and​ ​you​ ​still​ ​can’t​ ​find​ ​a​ ​single​ ​thing​ ​that​ ​will​ ​help​ ​you​ ​to​ ​restore​ ​Elena’s​ ​lost​ ​memories.

That​ ​was​ ​a​ ​complete​ ​waste​ ​of​ ​time,​ ​you​ ​think​ ​to​ ​yourself,​ ​rubbing​ ​your​ ​temples.​ ​You​ ​need​ ​a drink​ ​of​ ​something​ ​strong.​ ​You​ ​glance​ ​to​ ​your​ ​left,​ ​at​ ​the​ ​pile​ ​of​ ​books​ ​still​ ​waiting​ ​to​ ​be​ ​read, and​ ​then​ ​to​ ​your​ ​right,​ ​where​ ​Kai​ ​is​ ​sitting,​ ​engrossed​ ​in​ ​a​ ​large,​ ​leather​ ​bound​ ​volume.​ ​You get​ ​up​ ​quickly,​ ​causing​ ​him​ ​to​ ​look​ ​up,​ ​concerned.  

‘You​ ​okay?’​ ​he​ ​asks,​ ​his​ ​eyebrows​ ​knotted​ ​together.  

‘Yeah,​ ​fine,​ ​I​ ​just​ ​need​ ​a​ ​drink.’ 

‘Can​ ​you​ ​get​ ​two,​ ​princess?​ ​I​ ​need​ ​something​ ​to​ ​get​ ​me​ ​through​ ​this​ ​crap’​ ​he​ ​laughs,​ ​looking back​ ​down​ ​at​ ​the​ ​book​ ​he’s​ ​reading. 

‘Sure’​ ​you​ ​say​ ​‘and​ ​thank​ ​you​ ​for​ ​helping​ ​me​ ​to​ ​do​ ​this.​ ​I​ ​know​ ​it’s​ ​not​ ​how​ ​you​ ​want​ ​to​ ​spend your​ ​Friday​ ​evening,​ ​but​ ​it​ ​means​ ​alot​ ​to​ ​me,​ ​and​ ​I​ ​know​ ​it​ ​does​ ​to​ ​Damon​ ​and​ ​Elena​ ​as​ ​well.’  

‘You​ ​don’t​ ​have​ ​to​ ​thank​ ​me’​ ​he​ ​smiles​ ​at​ ​you​ ​‘I’d​ ​do​ ​anything​ ​for​ ​you.​ ​You​ ​know​ ​that.’  

‘I ​know’​ ​you​ ​smile​ ​back,​ ​and​ ​bend​ ​down​ ​to​ ​kiss​ ​him​ ​‘I’ll​ ​be​ ​right​ ​back.’  

You​ ​make​ ​your​ ​way​ ​down​ ​to​ ​the​ ​cellar​ ​and​ ​rummage​ ​through​ ​the​ ​bottles,​ ​eventually​ ​deciding on​ ​whiskey​ ​for​ ​the​ ​both​ ​of​ ​you.​ ​You​ ​start​ ​to​ ​pour​ ​it​ ​into​ ​the​ ​glasses​ ​you​ ​bought​ ​with you​ ​when​ ​a noise​ ​behind​ ​you​ ​makes​ ​you​ ​look​ ​up.​ ​Damon​ ​walks​ ​into​ ​the​ ​room,​ ​his​ ​eyes​ ​unfocused​ ​and his​ ​steps​ ​sluggish.​ ​He​ ​lifts​ ​the​ ​bottle​ ​of​ ​bourbon​ ​in​ ​his​ ​hands​ ​when​ ​he​ ​sees​ ​you​ ​and​ ​takes​ ​a large​ ​gulp.  

‘Hey​ ​Y/N’​ ​he​ ​says,​ ​his​ ​normally​ ​blue​ ​eyes​ ​growing​ ​dark​ ​‘you​ ​look​ ​hot.’  

‘Um,​ ​thank​ ​you’​ ​you​ ​say.​ ​Normally​ ​you​ ​would​ ​tell​ ​him​ ​where​ ​to​ ​get​ ​off,​ ​but​ ​as​ ​he’s​ ​just escaped​ ​the​ ​prison​ ​world​ ​to​ ​find​ ​Elena​ ​without​ ​her​ ​memories,​ ​you’re​ ​trying​ ​to​ ​go​ ​easy​ ​on​ ​him. You​ ​glance​ ​down​ ​at​ ​your​ ​lace​ ​top​ ​and​ ​shorts,​ ​though,​ ​which​ ​suddenly​ ​feel​ ​far​ ​too​ ​revealing. You​ ​fold​ ​your​ ​arms​ ​over​ ​your​ ​chest​ ​in​ ​an​ ​attempt​ ​to​ ​cover​ ​yourself.  

‘You​ ​don’t​ ​have​ ​to​ ​be​ ​shy’​ ​he​ ​smirks​ ​‘I’m​ ​liking​ ​the​ ​view.’​ ​He​ ​walks​ ​over​ ​to​ ​you​ ​and​ ​wraps​ ​his arms​ ​around​ ​your​ ​waist,​ ​pinning​ ​you​ ​back​ ​against​ ​the​ ​wall.​ ​His​ ​tall​ ​figure​ ​towers​ ​over​ ​your short​ ​one.  

‘I​ ​bet​ ​I​ ​would​ ​like​ ​the​ ​view​ ​even​ ​more​ ​if​ ​this​ ​was​ ​on​ ​the​ ​floor​ ​though’​ ​he​ ​adds,​ ​pulling​ ​at​ ​the lace.  

‘Damon,​ ​get​ ​off​ ​me’​ ​you​ ​say​ ​in​ ​what​ ​you​ ​hope​ ​is​ ​a​ ​commanding​ ​voice.​ ​You​ ​struggle​ ​against his​ ​grip,​ ​useless​ ​through​ ​it​ ​proves​ ​‘you’re​ ​drunk.’  

‘And​ ​you’re​ ​sexy’​ ​he​ ​says,​ ​leaning​ ​down​ ​towards​ ​you.​ ​You​ ​start​ ​to​ ​panic,​ ​slapping​ ​at​ ​his​ ​arms and​ ​chest.​ ​If​ ​he​ ​starts,​ ​there’s​ ​no​ ​way​ ​you’ll​ ​be​ ​able​ ​to​ ​get​ ​him​ ​off;​ ​he’s​ ​a​ ​vampire​ ​and​ ​you’re just​ ​a​ ​human.​ ​You​ ​start​ ​to​ ​feel​ ​his​ ​hand​ ​rest​ ​on​ ​your​ ​thigh,​ ​his​ ​head​ ​close​ ​enough​ ​for​ ​you​ ​to smell​ ​the​ ​alcohol​ ​on​ ​his​ ​breath. 

‘Damon,​ ​I​ ​said​ ​get​ ​off’​ ​you​ ​plead.  

‘What​ ​the​ ​fuck​ ​are​ ​you​ ​doing?’​ ​You​ ​both​ ​look​ ​up​ ​to​ ​see​ ​Kai​ ​standing​ ​in​ ​the​ ​door​ ​frame,​ ​his eyes​ ​angry​ ​and​ ​wild​ ​looking.​ ​You​ ​recognise the​ ​look​ ​immediately.​ ​It​‘s​ ​the​ ​side​ ​of​ ​him​ ​you are​ ​normally​ ​able​ ​to​ ​suppress.   

‘Get​ ​the​ ​fuck​ ​off​ ​my​ ​girlfriend.’​ ​He​ ​fixes​ ​Damon​ ​with​ ​a​ ​dark​ ​stare,​ ​his​ ​voice​ ​dripping​ ​with menace.  

‘Take​ ​it​ ​easy​ ​there​ ​crazy​ ​pants.​ ​We’re​ ​just​ ​having​ ​a​ ​bit​ ​of​ ​fun.’​ ​He​ ​gives​ ​him​ ​a​ ​wink,​ ​which​ ​just antagonises​ ​Kai​ ​further.   

‘Get​ ​away​ ​from​ ​her.​ ​Now.’​ ​he​ ​says,​ ​his​ ​voice​ ​low​ ​and​ ​deep.​ ​Damon​ ​doesn’t​ ​move,​ ​one​ ​hand on​ ​your​ ​thigh​ ​and​ ​the​ ​other​ ​still​ ​around​ ​your​ ​waist.​ ​

‘I​ ​said​ ​GET​ ​OFF​ ​OF​ ​HER’​ ​Kai​ ​yells.​ ​He grabs​ ​a​ ​bottle​ ​from​ ​a​ ​nearby​ ​shelf,​ ​smashes​ ​it​ ​against​ ​the​ ​wall​ ​and​ ​walks​ ​towards​ ​Damon, the​ ​jagged​ ​edges​ ​exposed​ ​and​ ​pointed​ ​at​ ​him.  

‘I’ll​ ​gladly​ ​shove​ ​this​ ​through​ ​your​ ​neck​ ​if​ ​you​ ​don’t​ ​put​ ​my​ ​girlfriend​ ​down’​ ​he​ ​says​ ​to​ ​him, their​ ​faces​ ​level.​ ​Finally,​ ​Damon’s​ ​arm​ ​leaves​ ​your​ ​waist,​ ​and​ ​you​ ​take​ ​the​ ​opportunity​ ​to wriggle​ ​out​ ​from​ ​behind​ ​him​ ​and​ ​run​ ​around​ ​the​ ​back​ ​of​ ​Kai.  

‘I​ ​think​ ​you’re​ ​forgetting​ ​that​ ​won’t​ ​kill​ ​me.​ ​I’m​ ​a​ ​vampire,​ ​Einstein.​ ​And​ ​when​ ​did​ ​you​ ​get​ ​so protective​ ​anyway?​ ​I​ ​have​ ​to​ ​say,​ ​it’s​ ​pretty​ ​cute,​ ​but​ ​I​ ​think​ ​you’re​ ​losing​ ​your​ ​edge.’​ ​He​ ​gives another​ ​smirk,​ ​and​ ​you​ ​hear​ ​Kai​ ​exhale​ ​furiously.  

‘It​ ​might​ ​not​ ​kill​ ​you,​ ​but​ ​it’ll​ ​give​ ​me​ ​time​ ​to​ ​rip​ ​your​ ​fucking​ ​head​ ​off’​ ​he​ ​says,​ ​yelling​ ​at​ ​the end,​ ​and​ ​your​ ​heart​ ​races.​ ​He​ ​brings​ ​the​ ​bottle​ ​down​ ​towards​ ​Damon,​ ​but​ ​his​ ​vampire reflexes​ ​mean​ ​he’s​ ​able​ ​to​ ​catch​ ​it​ ​and​ ​twist​ ​it​ ​out​ ​of​ ​Kai’s​ ​hand​ ​before​ ​it​ ​can​ ​make​ ​contact. You​ ​see​ ​Damon​ ​raise​ ​a​ ​fisted​ ​hand​ ​and​ ​punch​ ​at​ ​Kai,​ ​knocking​ ​him​ ​across​ ​the​ ​room​ ​and​ ​into a​ ​whole​ ​wall​ ​of​ ​bottles.​ ​Several​ ​fall​ ​to​ ​the​ ​floor,​ ​smashing​ ​around​ ​him.​ ​He​ ​stands​ ​up,​ ​his​ ​shirt now​ ​splattered​ ​with​ ​alcohol,​ ​and​ ​walks​ ​back​ ​towards​ ​Damon.  

‘Please,​ ​Kai,​ ​stop’​ ​you​ ​beg​ ​him,​ ​hating​ ​to​ ​see​ ​your​ ​boyfriend​ ​being​ ​hurt​ ​while​ ​you​ ​were​ ​able​ ​to do​ ​nothing​ ​about​ ​it​ ​‘please​ ​stop.’  He​ ​glances​ ​over​ ​at​ ​you,​ ​and​ ​you​ ​see​ ​something​ ​shift​ ​in​ ​his​ ​eyes.​ ​He​ ​turns​ ​back​ ​around,​ ​and for​ ​a​ ​terrible​ ​moment​ ​you​ ​think​ ​he’s​ ​going​ ​to​ ​launch​ ​himself​ ​back​ ​at​ ​Damon,​ ​so​ ​when​ ​he disappears​ ​into​ ​thin​ ​air,​ ​you’re​ ​left​ ​confused.​ ​Damon​ ​looks​ ​confused​ ​as​ ​well,​ ​looking​ ​over​ ​his shoulder​ ​to​ ​see​ ​where​ ​Kai’s​ ​gone.​ ​You’re​ ​questions​ ​are​ ​answered​ ​though,​ ​when​ ​you​ ​hear​ ​a crack​ ​reverberate​ ​through​ ​the​ ​room​ ​and​ ​see​ ​Damon​ ​fall​ ​to​ ​the​ ​floor.​ ​Kai​ ​appears​ ​behind​ ​him a​ ​moment​ ​later,​ ​looking​ ​down​ ​at​ ​the​ ​vampire​ ​whose​ ​neck​ ​he​ ​just​ ​broke.   

‘That’ll​ ​teach​ ​you​ ​to​ ​touch​ ​my​ ​girl’​ ​he​ ​spits,​ ​before​ ​looking​ ​back​ ​up​ ​at​ ​you.​ ​

‘Are​ ​you​ ​okay princess?’​ ​he​ ​asks,​ ​the​ ​anger​ ​draining​ ​from​ ​his​ ​eyes.  

‘I’m​ ​okay​ ​now,​ ​thanks’​ ​you​ ​say,​ ​still​ ​shaken​ ​from​ ​what​ ​just​ ​happened.​ ​He​ ​walks​ ​over​ ​to​ ​you and​ ​kisses​ ​you,​ ​before​ ​breaking​ ​off​ ​and​ ​saying​ ​‘​​I​ ​won’t​ ​let​ ​anyone​ ​hurt​ ​you​ ​princess.​ ​I​ ​love you.’  

You​ ​draw​ ​him​ ​in​ ​for​ ​another​ ​deep​ ​kiss,​ ​before​ ​telling​ ​him;​ ​‘I​ ​love​ ​you​ ​too.’ 

get ready for the low down of episode 14 of vampire diaries.

Let’s start off with mother fucking malachai parker semi-living/waking on the face of the earth with no taste buds. He apps just got out of hell like the day Matt rung the bell.

So he goes to Dalaric, proposing an idea to get Elena back which caused a slight conflict between Damon and Alaric. Alaric tells Damon that he doesn’t want Kai near anyone he cares but Damon pleads that he needs him to get Elena back.

So the whole episode we have Kai and Damon on a road trip with eventual calls to Bonnie, hypothetically asking for her help but let’s not forget that our lil witch has psychic powers now (dw we’ll explore that later) and she felt Kai next to Damon so we got a lil argument with the bamon team.

Bonnie on the other hand - with her unknown powers and all - sought help from the devil, who she meets at a coffee shop aw how millennial. He tells her that the betrayal and grief she felt was the same things he felt when he was burnt at the stake. Which awakened her new abilities. He shows her the ropes because she wants to see Enzo, he helps her concentrate.

She sees Enzo but not in hell. He tells her not to trust Cade and that made her jump the Lets-hate-Cade bandwagon. She leaves the coffee shop only to see him in front of her car. He tells her that he is unaware of Enzo’s whereabouts and that her talent was rare. She was able to create a holding place for Enzo, much like he did to hell. (Not sure if that part came in before or after he sifted through her mind because he then) Found out that our lil mass murderer-Parker is on the loose. He tells her that they belong in hell.

We got daddy Alaric here, bringing his kids into the armoury. That’s not where things get weird, he phones Caroline and tells him that he urgently needs to bring his kids to her, well not urgently but lowkey and the camera pans to a bunch of crayons floating - weird shit to happen to what? 5? 6? 7 year olds?

Maroline??? Mattoline??? Cart?? Anyways, Caroline and Matt recently found out that when Stefan became human, everyone he compelled (and shit man, I fucking mean everyone) remembered the horrendous acts he did - tying him to numerous murders and supposed “animal attacks”. So the two of them ironically compel those victims to forget.

Remember my last episode update? Stefan being kidnapped by someone in a hoodie? Well guess what? It was Dorian Williams, which was luckily given a back story by Julie Plec out of the blue. Dorian tells Stefan that he remembers our former vampire, killing his family and compelling Dorian to forget. So now he sought out for revenge. Shooting Stefan’s stomach (right side I think???) and immediately freaking out bc ya know, ur a good kid WHO HAS NEVER SHOT ANYONE OR ANYTHING and u just shot a NOW HUMAN BEING like lmao ur bound to have a panic attack.

So he regrets shooting Stefan, tries to help him - calls Matt while our blonde vampiress hears about in the background. She runs quickly to them. Cade approaches Stefan as they are in the middle of the real world and hell. Cade tells him that it would be easier for Caroline to let Stefan go, he told him that Stefan was a hindrance to Caroline’s planned out future and that he would just burden Caroline with him getting old.

Stefan comes back and is taken to the hospital. He gave Dorian a choice on whether Stefan should go to jail or to move on from his sins (iM not really religious but it seemed fitting lmao). Caroline takes a look at Stefan, but got mad at Stefan’s choice to leave MF alone. She tells him that she’s been with him through it all.

With her new powers, bonnie tries to see Enzo once again - she does but only a physical embodiment of him but he still is - dead.

Alaric brings the Twitches™ to Caroline’s. She’s happy to see them all. She sets down a set of cups and Lizzie wanted the pink one. Mad, Lizzie accidentally syphon’s Caroline. Josie gets mad at her sister for hurting their mom, so she speaks the words “incendi–” but both Alaric and Caroline tells her that it was dangerous. Alaric tells Caroline that they’ve been like that for the past 3 days and he doesn’t know how to control it.

Now we are closed by Kaimon in the tomb where Elena’s coffinned body lays. Kai syphon’s some (a shit ton) of magic from Damon, leaving him veiny and grey. He disappears with Elena’s coffin, telling Damon that there is no such thing as redemption but only tricks for people like them.

*** In the promo for the next episode, we see:
- Stefan wanting to kill Cade
- Bonnie in an estranged 3 way battle with Cade bc Damon was in the way so, Cade + Bonnie + Damon = 3 that’s right bitches, I’m educated - Kai is still there
- Caroline’s head being twist buT OK


I could literally, write a much better plot than this crummy, rushed story line (some) people call magical. ANYONE could write a much better plot. We’d literally do it for free if it means, saving the essence of a show that supposed to be good but was ruined by Julie Plec.

Ya’ll keep pushing Delena and Bonenzo down everyone’s throat when half of those ships are either dead or unconscious. That’s not poetic in my book nor Shakespeare’s book and he’s a mother fucking playwright.

Someone fix this show.

anonymous asked:

Personally, I don't see nothing similar! I have asked because i see a lot of people comparing damon and mon el and saying that karamel is abusive.

I don’t think they are the same at all. 

Damons existential crisis is: I’m in love with a woman who wants me to be a better man but I like killing, compelling and raping people too much

Mon-El’s existential crisis is: I’m in love with a woman who wants me to be a better man but I’m just not sure if I’m up for being a superhero and saving the world, I might just be too apathetic and would rather be a bartender. 

Damon: Hero or Serial Killer?

Mon-El: SuperHero or Bartender?

Not the same thing, if you ask me. 

Plus, if Kara rejects Mon-El, he’s not going to go on some mass murder killing spree or hunt down and snap the neck of anyone Kara loves. He’s not in love with his brothers girlfriend and he never rapes or physical harms anyone that doesn’t deserve it (i.e.: villains). Sure, he’s keeping a secret from Kara and that’s not healthy, but it’s also common, the stakes are way less intense and as we can probably guess, he’s gonna pay his dues for that one. 

Another thing with Damon is that Elena lets him do whatever he wants. She asks him to be the better man and then he just…isn’t, and she forgives him anyway. She lets him kill and rape her friends and then just forgets about it. Mon-El is keeping a secret about the fact he was a prince and not a guard on his home planet and as we can see from the previews alone, Kara’s gonna give him some serious shit for it. 

Why? Because Kara actually helps develop Mon-El as a character. In just two episodes we have seen him go from selfish and self serving to compassionate, caring, understanding boyfriend who supports her and listens to her and puts her first. That’s character growth, and thats far more important that how he started out in the series. Not to mention he doesn’t hurt Kara’s character growth either, the way that Damon absolutely obliterated Elena’s. Kara is Kara, she is strong and she is powerful and she is good and no one is going to shake that…ever. 

And that’s not even touching on the context. Damon was a human, now a vampire but still living on earth. Still knows what it means to be a respectful and good person. Mon-El grew up on a different PLANET. Everything is different for him, and he’s choosing to learn to do the right thing because he is a GOOD PERSON deep down. Not that he’s perfect, he’s seriously flawed, but toxic and abusive? The same as DAMON? Not even close. 

Apples and oranges people, apples and oranges. 

Dear Steroliners

I have been lurking the steroline tag and your beautiful gifs/metas/fan fictions for awhile now. I don’t have my own tumblr/twitter presence, and I’ve never felt the need to weigh in until now, other than some random asks I’ve thrown at kmze. But it must be said, or it will continue to haunt me: this finale was completely bogus and should be thrown in the dumpster. I felt like maybe writing this out will help me get over the tragic and senseless end of those two adorable puppies, Stefan and Caroline. So here it goes.

There was so much NOPE in this finale it’s hard to know where to start, but I’m going to focus on the most obvious: Stefan’s death.

I don’t object to the notion that a Salvatore brother had to die. They’ve evaded death for far too long, and left way too many bodies in their wake. I don’t think any of us expected both the Salvatore brothers to make it out of this show alive. Would I have preferred it to be Damon that died, or at least to have the brothers both go out in a blaze of glory? Fuck yes. But I could have handled Stefan dying, and Damon living, had it been handled in a way that made even a shred of sense. It was not.

A sacrificial death, when done right, can be a very fitting way for a show to go out. See: Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s finale. 15 year old me shipped Buffy and Spike (I know, I know, quite a toxic relationship, but moving on). So I was bummed as heck when Spike died in the finale. But the way he went out was just so damn fitting I could not be that mad. He sacrificed himself to save Buffy, to save the Slayer-ettes and the rest of the Scoobies, and literally the entire world. It was necessary and rooted in the plot and was therefore heroic and did a heck of a lot to redeem him of his terrible deeds. It fit the narrative, it fit the character’s arc, and it was satisfying, which took the edge off the tragedy.

Now, let’s compare that to Stefan’s death shall we? Was his death necessary to save the world? Nope. It was not even necessary to save Mystic Falls, since Bonnie had found a way to control the hellfire and send it to hell, or at least divert it. It was arguably necessary to kill Katherine and destroy Hell, but like, there’s nothing particularly noble about destroying Hell? There were tons of bad people in Hell, people that should arguably have stayed in Hell and not been given a “get out of Hell free” card. There did seem to be some not terrible people stuck in Hell (Vicky was irritating but not evil) but maybe since Cade was dead this whole policy of throwing everyone who ever screwed up once in their lives, into eternal torment, no longer applied? Katherine is a cut-throat queen but I don’t see her being this petty. Unclear, but either way this Hell mythology was just too murky for a set-up wherein destroying Hell equals redemption. So far, I fail to see how this action redeemed Stefan’s tattered soul and granted him his peace.

Okay so let’s assume I’ve missed something. (I very well could have. I only watched the finale once and I doubt I’ll ever be able to bring myself to watch it again.) Let’s assume for the sake of argument that in fact the whole “stabbing Katherine with the dagger at the very moment she is immolated thus ensuring she dies in Hell and Hell is destroyed” was a very necessary and heroic act in the grand scheme of things. So at least one of the Salva-bros had to die. The choice of who gets the axe should be based in the narrative, yes? Maybe the brother who showed up in Mystic Falls in season 1, all gleeful about tormenting his brother and making the residents of Mystic Falls suffer, would be a good choice for the one who ultimately saves the town? Whose ongoing arc has been about becoming a better, less-selfish man, one capable of putting his brother before his own needs? Who, two episodes before, had proven that he was ready to be that hero, and had died in a similar sacrifice, but had miraculously come back from it with no explanation? Maybe the writers had a plan? HAHA BITCH YOU THOUGHT.

Instead, Stefan dies because “Damon is the better man.” Hahahahahah lol lol lol brb LAUGHING FOREVER. I don’t need to list the many actions/character traits that Damon has displayed over the years, that make it emphatically clear that he is not the better man. At best he is the equally-as-terrible man. Stefan killed Enzo, yes, which was painful, mainly because of its effect on Bonnie (Enzo was also a murderous trashbag, let us never forget). But Damon killed Tyler, tried to kill Bonnie, and abducted a couple of 4 year olds and tried to sell them to the Devil in return for his own soul, and that was just in season 8. I can’t even remember all the times he killed Alaric and Jeremy, I have literally lost count. Many of you have already covered Damon’s many crimes in your well-reasoned and thoughtful metas and commentaries. They do not need repeating. Damon is a selfish, impulsive, weak-willed, predatory psycho murderer. We have the receipts in the form of seasons 1-8 of this show. I say this as someone who is actually a big Damon fan (I like his snark) and was all about Damon and Elena in seasons 1-4, despite how terrible they were to Stefan. (The actors had lit chemistry back then, sue me.)

Stefan is a psycho murderer too, but at least he feels bad about it. I invite anyone to explain to me how saving Damon, and giving him a human life, tilted the karmic scales in Stefan’s favour. One mass-murderer dying, so that another mass-murderer can live, does not redeem the first mass-murderer, particularly when the major crime the first mass-murderer seems to be paying for, is the murder of a THIRD MASS-MURDERER (Enzo). I just refuse to believe that the universe’s sense of justice is this out to fucking lunch.  

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the most glaring plot hole in this clusterfuck of a sacrifice=redemption narrative, which is obviously that DAMON DIDN’T HAVE TO DO SHIT TO FIND REDEMPTION/PEACE. NOTHING NADA ZILCH. Thus undermining the entire justification for Stefan’s death. Dear god, what a mess.

I can sort of see how in Stefan’s deeply troubled mind dying for his brother would redeem him, because he loved the shit out of his brother, despite how rarely Damon actually deserved that love. Which brings us to another high-key problematic aspect of this finale, which is the assassination of Stefan’s character development. Over 8 seasons, we watched Stefan struggle with his mental illness, his addiction, his complete lack of self-worth, and most importantly, his suicidal tendencies. Once he was able to remove himself from the Triangle of Doom, he actually made a lot of progress! He stopped referring to the Ripper in the third person, he got a handle on the whole blood thing, and when he finally opened his eyes about Caroline, he found a healthy, happy, mutually supportive relationship for pretty much the first time in his entire life. He didn’t ever fully let go of his dependency on Damon, but by the time season 8 started, he was planning a life with Caroline and clearly heading in that direction. His suicidal tendencies made a come-back, thanks to killing Enzo and the guilt that caused him, but by 8x13 he was like I WANNA LIVE, by 8x14 he was re-proposing to Caroline and talking about growing old, and by 8x15 he was effing married to the love of his life and dancing and laughing with her at their wedding.

Then 8x16 comes around, and suddenly, he’s back to “I HAVE TO DIE BECAUSE OF WHAT I DID TO ENZO AND I WON’T BE ABLE TO MAKE UP FOR MY SINS BECAUSE I’M HUMAN AND DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME BUT DAMON YOU HAVE ETERNITY AND YOU’RE THE BETTER MAN” and I’m like THA FUCK? Did I imagine the previous 15 episodes/the previous 5 seasons? Is this the right channel? WHAT IS HAPPENING WHERE AM I RIGHT NOW?  

There are also so many plot holes when it comes to discerning Stefan’s own motivation for this sacrifice, directly out of the dialogue and HIS OWN DAMN MOUTH. He tells Damon that he has “an eternity with Elena” to make up for his own sins. But Stefan’s actions were definitely pre-meditated right? He knew he was going to give Damon the cure, so obviously Damon will not have an eternity to make up for his own crimes? Also Elena is a human now and Damon has been droning on about their human endgame plan for like 5 years now, ever since Elena went into her mystical coma? And then my personal favourite, when Stefan talks to Elena, he tells her he wanted her to have the chance to get to know human Damon. BUT EXCUSE ME as far as he knew Elena was stuck in the mystical coma until Bonnie dies, which everyone assumed would be 60-70 years from then, so seeing as how Damon will age and probably be dead by the time Elena wakes up, or at least very wrinkly and very old, how does he figure he is giving Damon and Elena their happily ever after? As far as Stefan knows, or at least SHOULD KNOW relying on concepts like logic and common sense, he just took away both Damon’s right to choose to die, AND Damon’s happily ever after with Elena, and this is full circle and remedies his original sin of forcing Damon to turn into a vampire and I’m just !?!??!!? I’M PHRASING THESE AS QUESTIONS BECAUSE I LEGIT WANT A FUCKING EXPLANATION SOMEONE PLS HELP.  

Oh and btw the whole Stefan sacrificing himself for Damon and Elena and making up for his original sin of forcing Damon to turn, was so effing murky in the actual episode it had to be explained in interviews by KW and JP, at which point KW made it clear that this entire nightmare happened because he is a 14 year old Stelena fanboy and didn’t watch the last 5 seasons of his own damn show AND NOW I’M ACTUALLY LAUGHING IT’S ALL SO RIDICULOUS.

So, cool. Stefan is dead, Caroline is widowed on her effing wedding day, I am emotionally gutted, and basically this all happened for virtually no reason my brain can discern. Very epic, so fitting, what a pay-off, much full-circle, argaahgaahfTHEFUCK.

When Caroline left him that voicemail, I couldn’t even enjoy the “I will love you forever” line because she also said “I understand” and I was like OMIGOD CAROLINE PLS EXPLAIN IT OUT LOUD CAUSE I SURE AS FUCK DON’T.

And even after all this, the writers are not QUITE done making a mockery out of the notion of consistency in story-telling. They decide that the last scene featuring Caroline Forbes-Salvatore, a character whose strongest traits are her loyalty to the people she loves and moral backbone, and who was widowed like 5 minutes ago from the viewer’s perspective, should be spent with Caroline receiving a letter from a murderous one-night-stand she does not GAF about. For the cherry-on-top, anyone who watches the Originals knows that the one-night-stand is currently suffering some sort of hell torment and hallucinating his actual true love, one Camille O’Connor. AND THEN THE WRITERS HAVE TO GO ON TWITTER to try and explain how the fuck this timeline could possibly make sense and Joseph Morgan is like “I’ve filmed all of season 4 lol what letter?” and I’m laughing again because this is total amateur-hour. Thank you to all the twitter users who have been dragging this joke of a writing team online, your salt is giving me life. Never has a moment of such cheap and blatant fan-baiting backfired so magnificently. I was planning on watching the Originals when it comes back but HAHA NOPE NEVER AGAIN JULIE PLEC, BACK TO THE DUMPSTER WITH YOU.

Anyways, this rant got out of hand. The point here is that I feel justified in completely ignoring this entire finale because of how little sense it made or even attempted to make. I’m sad a show I’ve loved for 8 years ended on such an absurd and poorly-plotted note. Perhaps I’ll eventually get around to writing some fan fiction in an attempt to create my own little alternative ending. In retrospect, I probably should have known better, but I hung in there because when TVD was good, it was really good. But damn, when it was bad, it was truly unwatchable.

Stefan and Caroline forever.

Miss Me? Part One

Today is my wedding day, I thought I would be happier than I was. My wedding day was supposed to be one of the happiest days of my life. I loved Stefan I really did but he wasn’t Kai. Stefan really was there for me when I really needed someone after Kai was killed. Stefan helped me raise my child, and I couldn’t thank him enough for that. But part of me still loves Kai, it might be for the fact that Kai and I have a child together, a daughter, who is like her father in so many ways, the good qualities about him anyways or because I never loved someone as much as I loved Kai. I saw the good in Kai while everyone else just saw him as a monster, but there is nothing I can do to change what happened to him, it was his own doing. I tried to stop him but he wouldn’t listen to me and he just wanted to get revenge on his family, I don’t blame him but he went about it the wrong way, and of course he had to do it at my father’s wedding to his sister Jo. So of course my dad wasn’t happy that I was in a relationship with Kai because of what Jo told him about Kai. He never got to know Kai I knew. So when I told my dad that I was pregnant with Kai’s child he got really upset and said he never wanted to see me or my child again. Which I totally understand because of why Kai did, but that didn’t lost long he came and said he was sorry for what he said. Stefan was there for me through it all, he was such a great friend, we both started to develop feelings for each other and started dating. He loves my daughter like she was his own, she calls him daddy and everything, she of course knows that Stefan isn’t really her dad. A couple of years later Stefan proposed to me and I said yes because I knew it was the best thing for my daughter. She could have a normally life, well as normally as you get get living in Mystic Falls and having a mother that is a witch and a step-father that is an ex-vampire. Stefan knows that I still have feelings for Kai just like he still has feelings for Elena. We both know that we aren’t going to be able to get back together with them, so we decided to marry each other. So now were are back to present day, my wedding day. I’m here getting ready to marry my best friend but I keep thinking that something is going to stop this from happing, I have this weird feeling. I was sitting in my wedding dress at the mirror in the dressing room just staring at myself, when I hear a knock at the door. Which pulled me out of my thoughts. “The doors up, unless you are Stefan than go way, its bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.” I hear a chuckle. “Its not Stefan but its your dad.” “Come in Daddy.” My dad opens the door and he has the biggest smile on his face and I copy his smile. “ I can’t believe that my baby is getting married, my little girl is all grown up and looks so beautiful.” “Stop Dad, and you still have Josie and Lizzie as your little girls butThanks Dad” “yes but no matter how old you get you will always be my little girl, even with Josie and Lizzie, you and I have a special bond plus you are my first born, but are you ok? You don’t seem all that happy.” “Dad stop you are going to make me cry and make my makeup run and Caroline will flip her lid, I am happy, if I told you why you would get upset and I don’t want that, you have been through a enough.” “We don’t want that to happen, and Honey you can tell me anything, I promise I won’t get upset.” “Are you sure Dad?” “Yes, I’m sure.” “I always thought Kai and I would get married, not saying I don’t love Stefan because I do, I really do but part of me still loves Kai.” “Just because I don’t care for Kai doesn’t mean you can’t talk about him to me, of course part of you will always love Kai, you share a beautiful daughter together, and part of me still and always will love Jo, she is the mother of the twins. Its understandable. I never doubted that you didn’t love Stefan, not for a minute.” “Thanks Dad, I guess you are right, I just don’t want to get hurt again, all my past relationship ended in death. Kol, Kai, I don’t want that with Stefan, especially now that he is human.” “Oh Honey I understand that feeling, I mean look at my relationship history, they haven’t ended the best either and all but two relationships ended in death, your mother and Caroline.” “I guess we have a curse on us, I don’t think my mother counts, she left you after I was born.” “True but she isn’t died that I know of, Yes there is a thing called the Saltzman curse, but nothing is going to happen to Stefan. I don’t think Damon would let that happen.” “Well she’s dead to me, but I sure hope so.” There was another knock at the door. My dad goes and answers the door and its Damon. “Stefan is so going to cry when he sees you Lauren ” “Shut up Damon but Thanks, How’s Stefan doing?” “Nervous as all get out but he is doing ok.” “Honey, I’m going to let you and Damon talk, I will be out in the hallway when you are ready.” “Ok Dad!” My dad leaves.“ “Now Damon why are you really here?” “Why do you always think there as to be a reason?” “Because its you.” “Fine, Stefan feels like something is going to ruin your big day and I keep telling that nothing is going to happen.” “He feels that way too?” “Oh boy you think that too? Nothing is going to happen.” “You don’t know that, this is Mystic Falls Damon and weddings aren’t really my families thing, remember what happened at the last wedding?” “Lauren that is not going to happen I promise you!” “Ok you better be.” Caroline comes running into the room with Bonnie behind her, remind me why I let Caroline help me plan this wedding, I love her but she can be intense. “Lauren you need to find Alaric and get in to place, because this wedding is about to start. Damon why are you in there, go to Stefan now!” Damon leaves. “Caroline breath!” “Sorry I forget to do that sometimes, by the way you look beautiful, Stefan won’t know what hit him.” “Lauren , you look so beautiful, Stefan is one lucky guy” “Thanks Caroline and Bonnie, and thank you both for helping me plan this amazing wedding.” “ You are welcome Lauren , but Caroline pretty much did it all.” “No problem, you’re one of my best friends, I would anything for you plus you know I love planning these type of things.” “You are the best!” “I know, but we need to get you in place.” “Ok I will go, is Josie, Lizzie and Lilah (your daughter) ready?” “They are so ready, they cant wait to throw flowers.” We all laugh and hug each. “Let’s get you married girl!” “Yeah we need to get into places like right now.” “Caroline calm down!” we all come out of the room and I walk over to my dad. We both walk downstairs, we wait for the music to play, and we start walking to Stefan. I looked up and smiled at Stefan and he smiled back at me, he had a tear running down his face. Once we got to Stefan, I heard my dad say, “protect her.” “Always.” Stefan takes my hands into his. We both smile. Everything was going great until the wedding officiant says, “if any person knows any cause as to why the couple should not be wed, they should speak now, or forever hold their peace.” it was silence for a little while, until I saw someone stand up in the corner of my eye, that can’t be, no that isn’t Kai Parker, he’s died, I saw Damon kill him, I was there, that can’t be him but this is Mystic Falls anything can happen I want to look but I don’t at the same time, I guess I will look over at him. Yup that was Kai Parker in the flesh, but how. Before I could say anything. Kai starts waving his finger around and making airplane noises and says, ” I wonder who that person would be, I can’t seem to put a finger on who wouldn’t want to see these two lovey people getting married, oh would you look at that, it would be me Kai Parker.“ Kai finally stops moving his finger and points at himself. I look back at Stefan with a confused look on my face and he has the same confused look on his face. “Stefan what is going on?” “I have no clue Lauren ” “oh I know, I know want’s going on, I’m stopping you two from getting married, I thought I would do it differently this time, I realized that killing people aren’t always the answer, I made that mistake at the last wedding I went to, it got really blood and this suit is really expensive and blood doesn’t come out of clothes and I’m just sick of killing, well not really but I decided that a wedding isn’t the best place to kill someone” “Kai what are you doing here?” 

Part 2 


word count: 1 902
warnings: none

summary: Y/N stays alone at the Salvatore house as she is surprised by her boyfriend, Kai. Not soon after there’s another surprise for both of them.
note: This is my first (published) story written in English. Hope you like it.

*gif by me

Y/N had the whole Salvatore house to herself since her brothers were out with their friends for the weekend. Instead of accompanying them, she had decided to stay home to have some time alone to finally watch movies and read books in privacy.

It was dark outside, and Y/N started looking at a comedy film. She laid flat on the couch, only wearing a gray baggy shirt which revealed more than it hid, and white shorts. But she didn’t care how she looked; no one would see her this way.

Initially, she had invited her boyfriend Kai over, but he said he had other plans already. Though she still wasn’t sure what these could be.

She never thought she’d start a relationship with Kai after everything he had done to her and her friends. But somehow the heretic managed to creep his way into her heart, making her fall for him more and more from day to day. And then she had finally admitted her feelings to him, involuntarily.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?” Kai asked, standing in the frame of his apartment door, arms crossed in front of his chest. He couldn’t think of a reason why she was here; it’s not like they were friends. One time he had even nearly killed her to get to the hospital and his sister Jo.

But here she was. Giggling and grinning like a little kid. Her vision was a bit blurry, and everything around her seemed to spin relentlessly.

“Are you drunk?” 

Kai’s expression was uninterpretable, but Y/N could swear she saw a somehow worried spark in his eyes. Or maybe it was just her dizzy brain making things up. 

She kept on giggling and gave a gushing head-shake as an answer. An answer Kai didn’t believe, of course. 

As she was trying to get closer to Kai, she stumbled and nearly fell if it hadn’t been for the heretic. He caught her before she could reach the ground, holding her tight. Her heart beating faster the longer Kai held her in his arms. 

“Thanks.” She mumbled, avoiding eye contact. It seemed like she suddenly realized where she was - and who he was - because she freed herself from his grasp, eyes going wide. 

Why did I go here, she asked herself. She knew why but she wasn’t ready to admit her feelings. Kai was bad; he was the one who tortured, maimed and killed people. He was a psychopath, and she couldn’t trust him. But instead, all she could think about was that she wanted to touch him again. She wanted to feel his strong arms around her again.

“Y/N?” Right now he was a little bit confused by her behavior. One second she was a giggling, drunk girl and the other second she seemed to be like her sober self and battling something out in her head. 

“Can I come in? Everything’s spinning.” She questioned, putting a hand to her head. It was hard for her to keep her eyes open since everything inside of her was starting to feel an utter tiredness. 

Kai nodded, unsure what else he could do. He knew it would be wrong letting her go home alone in her current condition. She walked inside, this time without stumbling over her own feet. Although Kai again would’ve been there to catch her because he was following her closely. 

The girl went to the living room, laying herself flat on the couch. She saw that Kai must’ve been watching a movie since a scene on TV was paused. 

She unpaused the video with the intention of watching it but instead, she closed her eyes, hoping it would end the spinning. Just a few seconds later she heard footsteps as Kai came back, putting something on the table in front of her. 

“Drink this.” He demanded, seriously. 

Not even slightly suspicious she took the drink and drained it in one sip. The water helped her, and she felt her mind becoming clearer. A yawn escaped her mouth as she closed her eyes again, ignoring Kai’s presence. Not soon after, she had already fallen asleep. 

Without her notice, a smile appeared on his face. She looked so peaceful. Until now he never actually realized this strange feeling in his stomach whenever Y/N was around. It felt like butterflies flying all around. 

He kneeled down in front of her, placing his palm on her cheek and stroking it lightly with his thumb. Y/N mumbled something he couldn’t understand, but it only made his smile grow larger. 

A sudden urge to kiss her overcame him. He wanted to taste her, connect with her. But on the other hand, he didn’t want to cross any borders by taking advantage of her drunkenness. 

So instead of kissing her, he lifted her up, carrying her bridal style. Even in her sleep, her small hands found their way around his neck, getting herself a hold. 

Kai carried her to his bedroom, slowly laying her down on his bed. He covered her with a blanket before he turned around to leave.

“Please stay.” She murmured, quietly. 

Y/N had opened her eyes a bit, looking directly at Kai. A sleepy smile showed up on her face, begging him to stay. Surprised Kai glanced at her, not sure what to do now. On the one hand, he wanted nothing more than to be with her but on the other hand, he wasn’t sure if that’s what she really wanted. 

“Please.” She insisted, so Kai took a few steps back towards the bed and lay down next to her.

Immediately she snuggled closer to him, placing her head on his chest. Kai awkwardly wrapped his arms around her, lightly stroking her hair. He heard her heart beating fast under his touch.

“I love you.” Y/N whispered, her voice muffled. 

He couldn’t believe what she just said. Not even once someone has ever told him to be loved, but here she was. The same girl who he had caused so much pain to get to his sister when he wanted to merge with her, was now the one to tell him she loved her. 

Only when he thought she was asleep again, he answered her.

“I love you, too.”

But Y/N hadn’t been asleep; she had heard his answer. It was hard to keep her heart beat at a steady pace because else he would’ve known she was awake. Although, she had confronted him later after she ‘accidently’ had popped up at his place a few more times.

Not that soon after they started dating in secret, managing that no one found out about their relationship. Though it was becoming harder to keep it a secret. She always had a feeling her friends knew something was different. They just didn’t know what it was.

At the moment, Y/N poured herself a drink and made herself some popcorn as she suddenly heard a thud upstairs. She grabbed a knife, holding it out in front of her. Slowly she walked out of the kitchen, suspiciously looking around.

Everything seemed to be the same as before, but she feared not being alone anymore. Now, she thought, it ’d be nice to have vamp-hearing. Then maybe I’d know if someone’s here. Unfortunately, since she was just human, she didn’t have the advantage of heightened senses. 

Without warning, someone took the knife from her hands.

Likely the same someone embraced her from behind, placing his hands on her waist. He put his head on her shoulder, gently kissing her neck.

“Kai.” She sighed, slightly tilting her head.   

Y/N forgot he had scared the hell out of her just a few seconds ago; she didn’t care about it anymore. Instead, she wanted to get lost in his touches, his kisses on her neck. 

“Your heart is beating fast, princess.” Kai said, grinning. 

He swiftly turned her around, their faces just a few inches apart. They locked eyes; his incredibly blue eyes met her dark brown ones. 

When she couldn’t wait any longer, Y/N leaned in to kiss him. She hooked her arms around his neck while his right hand went all the way up from her waist to her cheek, resting there.

“I’m sorry I scared you.” He whispered as he broke the kiss just to deepen the following one. 

Using his vampire speed, he whooshed them to the sofa. Y/N pulled him closer to her - so close, that there was no space in-between them anymore.

They were trapped in their own world, blinding out everything else around them. Kai held her lips captive with his, once she began to trace lines with her fingers on his back. Both got lost in each other. 

“Y/N?!” A loud voice brought them back to reality. Kai quickly got up, glancing at the door. 

Y/N did the same, staring at her friends who all had equally shocked expressions on their faces.

“What is he doing here?” Damon asked, pointing at Kai. He smiled innocently, putting his arm around his girlfriend’s shoulders, pulling her closer towards him.

Meanwhile, Y/N most likely wished to vanish into thin air. She hadn’t planned her friends found out about her relationship this way. Though she had wanted to tell them, she wanted to wait for a good opportunity. Potentially after they had forgotten about the things Kai had done and were able to forgive him just like she did. 

“Just keeping my girlfriend company.” Kai still had this innocently smile, not letting go of Y/N. 

“Your girlfriend? Really, Y/N? Why him?” Elena said towards her best friend. 

Now Y/N felt anger burning up inside of her. Why did every one of them get a pass to love whoever they wanted, but she just couldn’t be with the guy she loved? It’s not like Damon or the others hadn’t done terrible things, too. 

“I love him, that’s why. He is nice to me, and he helps me whenever all of you have better things to do.” Y/N freed herself from Kai’s grip, taking a step towards her friends. She balled her hands into fists. “These last two months he’s been a better friend to me than you in our entire life.”

“But he killed most of his family. He even tried to kill you, or did you forget about that?” Bonnie took a step towards Y/N.

“Do not act all innocently. All of you are responsible for at least one death, too. And FYI, if Kai really just wanted to hurt me he would have had multiple opportunities by now. Why don’t you give him a second chance?” 

Before one could answer, Y/N felt how she was dragged outside the room. 

“Let me go!” She screamed, punching Kai’s back. “I’m not finished yet.”

“Yes, you are.“ Kai simply answered, letting her back on the ground. He had brought them outside, the cold air making her freeze. 

She still had a fire in her eyes which only slowly disappeared. Kai kept looking at her, a sudden smile appearing on his face.

“You didn’t have to…” But before he could go on, Y/N placed a finger on his lips, shutting him off. She smiled lightly. 

“I know. But I wanted to because I love you.” 

“I love you, too.”

Kai cupped her face, placing a gentle kiss on her lips. Although her friends didn’t agree with their relationship, Y/N knew she’d never leave Kai.

What Is A Toxic Relationship?

OK so I’ve been getting anons recently arguing that Stefan and Elena were in a toxic relationship and a few of my followers expressed interest in me creating a post to counter the argument so here we are.

I am using different telltale signs of a toxic relationship as a road map for this argument and a few of them are ones I can’t even counter because they’re just not an issue for the SE relationship, those are ones I’ll put at the end, this means the numbering might be a little off.

2. Jealousy and the blame game

We’re all only human, so jealousy will happen on some level. But, excessive jealousy is never okay. If you don’t have trust in a relationship, you literally have nothing worth holding on to.

This is not an issue with SE. Obviously there are moments where both of them express being disgruntled by Katherine and by Damon:

but when the idea of either of them cheating is brought up, the other is very much secure in their relationship that they automatically shut down the notion of infidelity:

and Stefan and Elena concoct an entire plan fooling everyone about Elena being jealous over Katherine when in private the notion is ridiculous because obviously they love each other:

and they know how much they love each other, there’s implicit trust:

Being this secure and trusting in a relationship is healthy and not a sign of entitlement or arrogance, this is how two people who love each other should be.

7. You’re not yourself

Change will happen regardless. When you’re in a relationship, even if you both change, you should be going in the same direction.

If your relationship changes you, it should only make you a better version of yourself. If you feel like you’re losing yourself or you don’t recognize who you are anymore, it’s not healthy.

Well first of all, it’s repeated how much Stefan and Elena know each other and therefore can be themselves with each other:

and next to seeing how they make each other better people:

they say it:

and they remind each other to do better and be better:

Refusing to allow the worst parts of themselves to take over doesn’t mean they don’t accept each other, it means that they care about each other enough to keep their core personalities intact.

5. Negative energy

Feeling uncomfortable or tense around someone is just your body reacting to the negative energy surrounding the two of you.

Negativity can drain you mentally, physically and emotionally. We’re forced to deal with this stuff, but your SO should be a reprieve from that type of stress.

6. Avoiding each other

At the bare minimum, you should be able to tolerate your SO’s presence. If you can’t even bring yourself to be around him or her, you should really just call it quits.

I think this is pretty self-explanatory.

11. Growth and change are seen as negatives

Relationships have to evolve in order to last. The whole “why can’t things just stay like this” mentality isn’t conducive to a long-term relationship.

At some point, someone will want more. That’s not a bad thing, but both parties must be on the same page. There’s nothing wrong with taking the next step; doing so is a sign of maturity.

This one is interesting because there’s this narrative that Stefan held Elena back in season 4 and the show even makes Stefan say that he does that but he doesn’t, he teaches Elena to how hunt, how to defend herself, how to navigate her emotions, shows her how to enjoy her power, he helped her grow as a vampire while secretly looking for the cure for her to have in case she wanted it:

He in fact celebrates her vampirism

and tells her not to despair:

Comparatively, in season 1, Elena doesn’t want to stay in the dark regarding Stefan’s demons, she willingly and with open eyes demands to learn more about his blood lust and even though it kills Stefan for her to see him like this he obliges:

and in season 2 Elena embraces that Stefan will need to feed from human blood to be stronger and faster, to be a better vampire, she accepts the risks and grows with Stefan’s new needs and that’s why she allows him to feed from her:

which is actually related to this:

12. Reminiscing on the beginning instead of looking toward the future

Memories of the honeymoon phase are not enough to sustain you. You can’t relive the past. Relationships develop, but not always for the better. Fantasizing about what used to be is not living in reality.

As the aforementioned point emphasizes, neither Stefan nor Elena hold the other back to how their relationship used to be, they grow with each other, what they do is remind one another that at their core they’re empathetic, compassionate people who always strive to do the right thing, they accept the realities of their situation while trying to better that reality:

9. You only think about making him or her happy

Once you hit your 20s, relationships are a trial run for marriage. You should be able to see potential in spending the rest of your life with your significant other because if not, what’s the point?

You should want to make your SO happy, but it should be a two-way street. Your happiness should mean his or her happiness and vice versa.

If you’re constantly trying to make them happy, but you’re not getting anything in return, then something in the cycle is disjointed. Happiness should be mutual.

I seriously don’t understand where this idea that they’re not happy with each other stems from, I feel like because they’re happy in circumstances that are shitty people apply the shitty circumstances onto their relationship without realizing the relationship is what got them through the shitty circumstances.

1. Passive aggression

The whole “I hate it when you do that, but I’m just gonna keep it to myself and throw you shady little side glances” thing is unnecessary.

Once you’re not comfortable being direct with your SO, you’ve lost that bond on which your relationship was initially built.

4. Arguing without communicating

We all know that yelling over each other won’t get you anywhere.

It’s natural to get upset and argue, but if there’s no exchange of communication and neither party conveys why he or she feels how he or she does, nothing will be solved.

This actually just doesn’t happen. In 4x02, Stefan glares at Elena because he’s angry about the blood sharing and she automatically says, “You’re mad” and he says “Yes” and they have that out and this is when they’re supposed to be disintegrating for no logical reason.

In fact, Stefan and Elena are pretty upfront with each other about what they do that bothers them or when they’re mad at each other:

And in 1x07, Elena is honest and says that a part of her wishes that she could forget him but she can’t forget him because she can’t lose how she feels about him, that is extremely honest.

3. Criticism and contempt

No one is perfect, and the closer you become with someone, the more conspicuous his or her imperfections will become. There is nothing wrong with criticism that comes from a positive place.

When criticism is used as a channel to express contempt or disdain for someone else, it can make the other person feel unvalued and worthless. It’s hard for a relationship to come back from that.

Literally the only time this happens is when Stefan and Elena have their humanities off and are meant to be completely devoid of emotion and both of them work to repair the damage they caused:

and in 4x23 she has the speech thanking him.

Stefan and Elena were a relationship with highs and lows and because of the supernatural element of the show, some of those lows were really low because of aspects like blood lust and humanity switches and the constant need to save Damon or Katherine compelling people to hurt themselves if they continued to see each other and that makes for some angsty and heartbreaking moments but the fact of the matter is, they were not a relationship that was toxic; they were happy and stable and committed and passionate and exciting and secure and the writers tearing them apart for a relationship that actually is toxic and boring and another relationship that looks good on paper but that sucks in practice is entirely ridiculous.

Imagine seeing your sister kissing your crush Damon...

Damon Salvatore x Reader

Hey this is my first Imagine and the first time i write English. (I’m from Germany)

If you have a second please leave a short review.

Words: 1239

You’re a vampire and Elena’s younger twin sister. See what happens when you find out that Elena kissed you’re long time crush Damon.

There you stood. Frozen and watching the scene right in front of you. To be honest, you were shocked and you prayed that what you saw was just another nightmare that would cause you to wake up and scream bloody murder. Unfortunately this wasn’t a dream. No this was the bitch called reality. You felt your eyes watering and you tried your best to not let them spill over. It was like a slap right across the face and it was even worse because it was your twin, standing there, kissing the boy you loved.

You always knew that you weren’t good enough for Damon to even look at you. He always saw you as the sister of the girl he liked and it broke your heart. You remembered the night where you told her what you felt for the older Salvatore Brother. That night you saw Damon flirting with a blonde waitress of the Mystic Grill.

You were sad of course, but it was bearable. But this? This was different. This wasn’t some girl that he would flirt with and then forget again. No this was your sister, your twin and the girl that he loved. Or at least you thought so.

“Elena?” you said quietly.

“Y/n!” she gasped and pushed herself away from Damon.

“y/n it’s not what you think it is!” she tried to explain and make you understand but you just shook your head, trying to not let the tears fall. You turned around and ran out of the boarding house.


Damon stood there, also shocked, because this time it wasn’t him who had kissed Elena. No it was Elena who kissed him. He hadn’t thought about kissing the doppelganger for a while now.

It was like his feelings for her disappeared and the feelings for you grew ever since the night Isobel kidnapped you and they found you already in transition.


“There we go again y/n. Always jumping right into the arms of the enemy.” your mother Isobel taunted behind you. Her arm was around your neck, ready to choke you to death if necessary.

-Speaking of motherly love! - you thought sarcastically but you kept your mouth shut too scared to even utter a single word.

“You know y/n I got a better idea than just kill you and let them suffer through it. No my sweet little daughter I will turn you and maybe then your sister stops searching for me.” she said, bit into her wrist and fed you her blood. You were shocked and surprised.

You knew that you and your sister meant little to nothing to her but you never thought that she would turn you just to make a statement!

In the distance you could see Elena, Stefan and Damon trying to reach you in time to stop Isobel from breaking your neck. But it was too late because you heard a crack everything around you suddenly turned black. The last thing you could hear was Damon screaming your name.

End of Flashback


You were sitting in your car. Sobbing like the world was ending. In a way your world was ending and slowly you felt the part of your vampire being that wants to flip the switch and end your suffering.

The pain became too much.

All these months, you watched Damon flirt with every girl that he thought was sexy and you finally snapped.

You shut it off and suddenly you didn’t feel anything anymore. You felt empty. And it felt good. There was no pain anymore and that was good enough for you.

Smiling sadistically you started the car and just drove off, out of Mystic Fall.


You were gone for 2 months now, leaving a trail of dead body’s behind. You knew that the gang back in Mystic Falls was searching for you but you didn’t care, because even if they would find you, you wouldn’t come back. You wouldn’t turn it back on and you knew you would still feel the same for Damon while he would still feel nothing for you. So you didn’t bother to think about it.

The only thing right now that you certainly didn’t expected was to find them in your hotel room waiting for you.

As soon as you entered the room, Stefan was behind you and put the syringe filled with vervain into you r neck. Everything around you went black and Damon was right there to catch you.


After searching for nearly two months they finally found y/n in a little town near Richmond. It tore Damon’s heart apart, knowing that he caused you so much pain and he finally wanted to tell you that he doesn’t feel anything for Elena anymore.

Now that he sat in front of you, seeing with his own eyes that you flipped the switch he thought about what he wanted to say and how he should apologize for not seeing how much it pained you to even be in his presence. He looked at your unconscious form in front of him, vervainlaced ropes around your wrists.

Suddenly you gasped for air. You tried to fight against your chains and tried to spit into Damon’s face but the pain of the vervainburns was to strong so you just sat there and glared at him.

“Damon. I would say that it’s nice to see you but I would by lying!” you snapped at him.

“y/n turn it. back . on. NOW!!!”

“Now why would I do that? Tell me just one good reason for me to turn it back on. Just one reason, to feel the pain of being hurt again.

You know Damon? Just because I don’t care anymore doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten the agonizing pain and I am not willing to feel that ever again!” you spat at him.

“I don’t care what you feel, as long as you feel something! Scream at me! Be angry at me-I don’t care. But please feel something!

Or better show me that the sweet girl that I got to l know is still in there. Show me the girl that cared about others so deeply that she was willing to die for them. Show me the girl I fell in love with!” he demanded while you stared into his eyes. These beautiful blue eyes you fell for.

You felt something stirring. You knew it was your humanity because the moment he said his last sentence was the moment you started feeling guilty. You felt sad cause you were the reason all these people were dead. But you also felt your feelings for Damon coming back.

“You love me?” you whispered.

“Yes and I’m so sorry that I caused you so much pain. I didn’t kiss Elena! She kissed me! She told me about your feelings for me and she said that she couldn’t care about that because she liked me. I love YOU y/n! Not your sister. Not some waitress. Just you!” he said softly and you felt his hand caress your cheek.

“I love you too! Now could you please let me out of here?”

He let you out of your chair and kissed you softly.

“Let’s go home.” You heard him say before he carried you bridal style to the car.

Home Sweet Home → Kai Parker

Thinkin Bout You - Ariana Grande

‘cause I’m here all alone, I know I can’t wait ‘til you get home.
Oh, I don’t have you here with me, but at least I have the memory.
I tried to make it through the night, but I can’t control my mind

warning(s): mentions of kai’s death. elena’s alive, i switched it up a bit. kind of an au.

Originally posted by robertsdowneystark

Your chest tightened as you slept. You hadn’t even noticed, you were so lost in your dream, your fantasy with Kai. It hadn’t occurred to you that you began to sob and choke as your eyes were closed. Whimpers escaped your throat and it was beginning to get louder. A hand danced on your skin, the cold skin on your chest from all the sweat.

Kai smiled at you with lidded eyes. He was so happy to be with you. He was your home and you were his. His fingers clasped onto yours as he pressed his lips to your cheek, mumbling sweet nothings as you threaded your fingers through his hair.

It wasn’t until his lips had brushed against your collarbone and chest that he had decided to murmur something else. The way his lips felt on your chest was phenomenal, you didn’t care that he could hear your heart rocket out of your chest. There was a way that he touched you that made him seem so delicate and gentle. Like he wasn’t a heretic anymore. You had to admit, when his eyelashes fluttered against your skin, you knew there was no way he was actually here. There was so much peace. Usually when it came to Kai, Damon would be ripping his head off or snapping his neck.

“You need to wake up darling,” Kai’s words surfaced your skin and you grew confused. He repeated himself, but he became more rough with you; his hands finding their way to your chest as he applied pressure, as if he was giving you CPR. “You need to wake up, you can’t die on me!”

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anonymous asked:

hey i saw how you ship klaus and caroline and i wanted to ask you as a klaroline shipper myself, how do you respond to the antis who say that klaroline is unhealthy and toxic? Thanks

I’ve been thinking about the reason why kc could be toxic/unhealthy in someone’s mind and the only scenes that come to my mind is stabbing scene and klaus killing tyler’s mom. Nothing else comes to my mind so I guess I will focus on that, if you have something else they’re accusing kc of just hit me up.

I will focus more on why I don’t see this relationship as toxic & not how I respond to them. Because one: t100 fandom tought me to not fight anymore because it’s tiring, if i see some dumb people on twitter I’d usually make a joke about their anti kc tweets. two: after 4 years i legit don’t give af what they think since I know we’re getting our endgame.

Now I know it’s dumb to say but I always look at who are antis shipping instead. If it’s Stero.line or DE, it’s obv they don’t look at the whole story of characters/ship but only at one scene. SC or DE has lots of scenes which are done well, romantic light, music etc and if i haven’t seen the whole show, I’d say “yeah they make a cute couple”. But (sorry if you’re DE fan i’m just using them because it’s the easiest for me) if you watched the whole show and you see the whole story you see how fucked up the couple is. Example: SC might have kiss with some good music and good light and all that stuff but doesn’t change the fact that Caroline literally had to tell Stefan that she deserves the same respect he gave Elena;doesn’t change the fact that to Stefan Elena and Damon will always come first; doesn’t change the fact that whole Caroline’s story during all seasons was that she wanted… she deserved to be someone’s first. And Stefan (or any other character beside Klaus) couldn’t give it to her. (I did love Tyler though with my whole heart and I do think For.wood was amazing). To ship sth I always need a good story, not only chemistry. This is what KC has. This story is about Klaus who thought he wasn’t capable of love until he met her and Caroline who thought noone will ever put her first.
(I won’t bring up whole Caroline’s mother dying to prop up Stero.line, her dying to make Stefan realize he has some feelings for Car… I won’t talk about it but the point is that no matter how amazing music, light, dress etc they’re going to have in their scene - their story is still terrible).

Next thing is that tvd is supernatural show. You can’t compare KC to some ship from non-supernatural show and say “yeah they’re healthy and KC is toxic” because in tvd/to they’re all vampires, they have to kill people to live, and in other shows the worst thing they can do is well idn steal(?). Also people comparing KC to any other ship in TVD and saying they’re “healthy” and “kc is toxic”, please love yourself. Julie fucked up every ship possible in tvd and on every couple I’d find sth to say they’re destroyed. (I’m both SE and KC fan and I do think SE was fucked up so many times and KC sex scene made no sense and it was only a “goodbye” to our fandom). I was talking with people from HTGAWM fandom about KC one time, they were all Wau.rel shippers (like me, tagging it only like this so it won’t end up in their tag) and they all hated KC. They asked me how can i ship this “toxic” ship and “pure, healthy” wau.rel ship at the same time. The thing is - show is different, the “world” in both shows is different and you could never compare this two ships together. Once again - TVD deals with vampires who live for 1000-100 years and during their whole life they had to do some terrible things to survive & they lost their humanity along the way etc etc etc.

Now defending KC. I’m gonna start with the fact that Klaus is like 1000 years old and for his whole life he has been fighting about what he wanted, always getting what he wanted, and everyone was supposed to fear him and be at his command. The only ones he cared about for his whole life (which is 1000 year!) was his family (in his twisted way because he did “kill them” -put them to sleep lmao but u know what I mean). He lived like that for his whole life. Then Salvatores/Tyler started challenging him and he was lashing out. That’s when he killed Tyler’s mother or when he stabbed Caroline. Now if someone doesn’t want to ship KC because of that then ok, I understand. But u gotta understand the story. Klaus for 1000 years cared only about his family. TVD gang killed Kol (his brother), locked up Klaus in a room and left dead body in front of him for hours to just.. watch but not being able to even touch him. THEY LITERALLY KILLED HIS BROTHER IN FRONT OF HIM AND HE COULDN’T HELP HIM. (I’m honestly still dissapointed and surprised and everything that he didn’t burn the whole Mystic Falls down after this.) So that’s on stabbing scene, I think he just lost it because of what they have done to his brother and for me it’s understable when you think about the fact that noone ever did something like this to him for 1000 years - kill a member of his family. (once again it’s a supernatural show and searching for pure ship who meets falls in love and gets married is just not a supernatural show) Similar situation was with Tyler’s mother - Tyler was responsible for taking Klaus’s whole army, his “new family”, so he lashed out to show who is in power. How Klaus paid for that? With Kol’s live. Plus: Klaus killing somebody is on Klaus not on Caroline.

The core of toxic/abusive relationships is when the person1 just accepts what the person2 is doing to them. They fear them or they even defend their actions (like “he has been drinking, it normally wouldn’t have happened”). It’s when the abuse is justified/excused by them or some other people (which obv is wrong). Once again sorry if you’re DE but for me it’s just perfect example. When D killed Aaron, Elena’s friend (because “Elena” broke up with him, legit that’s his whole reason) - IN THE SAME EP - Elena defends him and says it wasn’t his fault. D screams “look at us we’re in toxic relationship i just killed your friend and you found someone else to blame” - Elena was blaming herself (Katherine in her body) for this. That NEVER happened with Klaroline.

Caroline never defended Klaus’s actions. Klaus knew, feared that Caroline would never ever accept him for who he is, that she would never forgive him or forget things he has done (not only to her friends but for his whole life - the monster he was for 1000 years). Legit IN EVERY FUCKIN SCENE Caroline calls him out on all things he has done. She not even once justified his behaviour. Lemme show you examples I remember because I haven’t seen s3/s4 in like 4 years.

Klaus: I saved your life. Twice.
Caroline: Because you put it in danger. Twice.

Klaus: Don’t turn your back on me.
Caroline: I should turn my back on you ages ago.

There’re a lot of scenes like that, Klaus tries to have the “power” over the situation, screams, Caroline doesn’t give a fuck and calls him out on what he has done.

Caroline: Don’t you have a dying girl who you want to punish for all of her sings.
Klaus: I do but I won’t for you.

Klaus for almost whole Katherine’s live was trying to catch her, kill her, use her etc. Even when Elijah begged him to stop because he was in love with her, he didn’t agree. Caroline didn’t even have to ask and Klaus changed his mind thanks to her, for her. It’s all for her.

Caroline was trying for so long to not admitt her feelings, her attraction for Klaus. In 4x13 he asks her is she could forget everything what he has done but he knows she can’t but she believes he can be saved.

Klaus: Don’t understimate the allure of darkness. Even the purest hearts are driven to it. (…)
Klaus: So you never felt the attraction that comes from someone who is capable of terrible things cares only about you
Car: I did once when I thought it was worth it.

Caroline: There’s a part of you that is human.
Klaus: How could you think that?
Caroline: Because I’ve seen it. Because I caught myself wishing I could forget all the terrible things you have done.
Klaus: But you cant can you?
Caroline: I know that you’re in love with me. And anyone who is capable of love is capable of being saved.

This was 4x13. In 5x11 everything has changed. She admitted what she felt to him what she wanted.

Klaus: I’m going to walk away and I’m never coming back. You’ll never again have to look me in the eye and cover our connection with hostility or revulsion. And you’ll never have to loathe the darkest parts of yourself that care for me, in spite of all I’ve done. i will be gone and you will be free. I just want you to be honest with me.
Caroline: Yes, I do cover our connection with hostility.. because yes, I hate myself for the truth. So if you promise to walk away… like you said, and never come back. Then yes.. I will be honest with you. I will be honest with you about what I want.

Okay where am I going with this. Caroline never justified Klaus’s action. She saw the good part of him but was never okay with what he was doing to other people. She challenges him, she calls him out, she doesn’t take his shit. In “toxic relationship” she would be the one who would defend him, his actions and would forgive him everything he has done. But it’s not her. The story of her admitting that she feels something to him goes through 3 seasons. She admitts that she saw the good in Klaus in 5x12(I think?) but she still doesn’t defend his actions and everyone is making her feel bad about her sleeping with Klaus. Stefan is the only one who says that they all have done terrible things and Klaus isn’t the only person like that. Only after that she accepts her “connection” with Klaus (her sleeping with Klaus) but she still don’t give him a free pass to all things he has done and she doesn’t want to be with him. And Klaus gives her the time she needs, he says however long it takes and leaves her and waits until she is ready and she will show up at his door. (in toxic/abusive relationship he would just take what he wanted)

god this is so long I should end this but I feel like I still didn’t say everything I wanted… eh, I will just end it like this ok? Like I said hit me up if you have some doubts about anything.