Bride Of Chucky Killer
Elena Lobacheva

Between July 2014 and February 2015 in Russia, Elena Lobacheva was the only female in a gang that brutally murdered 15 people, mainly homeless or drunks. Alongside Maxim Pavlov and Vladislav Karatayev, the gang would target the homeless who lived along railways and at 1am to avoid capture. The gang were caught when they tried to film the attempted killing of Prokhor Gorshkov. The man escaped with a stab wound and fled to police.

The killers called themselves “street cleaners” who were on a “crusade” to rid Moscow of vagrants. They met on a “ultra radicals” forum where they shared a love of notorious Russian serial killer, Alexander Pichushkin.

During investigation Elena explained she got a sexual thrill from the murders, “Randomly stabbing the body of a dying human brought me pleasure compared to sexual pleasure”. The media labelled her the Bride Of Chucky killer due to her obsession with the 1998 film and her Chucky tattoo. At her flat were folders labelled “tenderness” and “need this”. These contained graphic images of the victims.

Trials are on going

Lesson number 2 - Kol Mikaelson Smut

Word count - 1259

Part 1

Ever since Y/N’s birthday, she has been avoiding Kol. Although, Kol said that he would teach her more things the next day, she was scared to see him. Matter of fact, she hadn’t saw any of the Mikaelsons as she had been going out every night, coming back in the early hours of the morning and when she woke, everyone was out. She had been out, enjoying her new freedom. She hadn’t even spoke to Marcel, her twin brother. As soon as her kiss with Kol ended, she went for a shower to think about things and when she came back out, he had disappeared. 

Y/N had just gotten out of the shower once again, and found a note on her bedside table. Before even reading it, she just assumed it wad from Klaus as this was his thing with Y/N, leaving notes on her bedside table when he couldn’t speak to her face to face. Although, when she opened it and began to read, she realised it was from Kol.

Y/N, meet me in the fields at moon rise,


As she looked out the window, she realised there was little time until moon rise and she wanted so bad to know what Kol wanted. So she immediately grabbed her coat, and started to walk towards the fields where Kol was waiting for her.

Once she got to the gate of the fields, she saw Kol sitting in front of a tree, looking around for her. When he caught sight of Y/N, he stood up and started to walk over to her, although because of his vampire speed, it did not take him long to reach her. 

“I did not think you would see the note in time” Kol laughed, while leaning in to hug Y/N but she denied it which earned a confused look from Kol.

“Why did you want to see my first, before we hug or anything” Y/N declared. She wanted to know what this all was about before any kind of human contact because she was afraid of what the hug would lead to, considering what happened on her birthday.

“I haven’t saw you since your birthday party and i assumed you were avoiding me but now i am aware that you are not” Kol smiled once again. With this, he earned a hug from Y/N.

After talking about random things for the next few hours, Kol decided it was time to go home as they had planned a big day the next. It was time for lesson 2.

Once Kol and Y/N got back home, they sat on a chair each and Kol started to explain what Lesson 2 would entail. 

“The next step after a first kiss, is a first orgasm” Kol said, which immediately caused Y/N to spit out her drink. “Well that was a weird reaction” Kol laughed. “Don’t worry love. You’ll love it” And with a wink, Kol was gone. 

It was a few hours later when Kol finally entered Y/N’s room, much to her confusion. She didn’t think it would be happening this soon. She wasn’t scared, she was worried about the aftermath of this whole situation. Would they still be able to be friends? Would either one of them develop feelings for each other? There were so many different outcomes of this which worried Y/N.

He walked into her room, with a massive smirk on his face, only wearing his boxers. 

“You ready for this Darling?” Kol questionned and all Y/N could respond with, is a smile and a small nod of her head. “I’m not going to expect you to do anything for me. Right now i just want you to lie back and relax. I’ll take care of you”

Kol then lay on the bed, next to Y/N while holding himself up with his elbows. He then leaned in to kiss her and Y/N responded o the kiss by burying her hands in her hair. This lead to Kol rolling on top of her, moving his hands down to her hips. Kol then moved away from the kiss, and moved on to Y/N’s neck, gently sucking and biting. This caused Y/N to moan, which surprised her. His hands then continued to move down her his, until they reached the top of her thigh. While still kissing her neck, he moved his hands in between her thighs, just above her core. Y/N then pulled her hands out of Kol’s hair to lift his chin up to her lips.

“Just feeling your hands near there is heaven” She whispered, while pulling away from the kiss. 

“Just wait until i start” Kol winked which caused Y/N to giggle.

His hands then moved from her thighs, to start slowly pulling of her nightdress. Once she was only in her bra and panties. his mouth made its way down her body, not leaving a single part of her stomach untouched. A few seconds later and his mouth was now where his hands were placed a little earlier. 

Y/N could feel herself getting wetter by the second. She loved this feeling and secretly wished it would never stop. She had little idea what was to come. One second later, Kol ripped her panties off her and threw them across the room. Leaving her in just her bra, exposed to him almost completely. 

Another second later and Kol’s tongue licked a strip up her sensitive spot.  Y/N felt like she was in heaven. Nothing she had ever felt before, felt the same as Kol’s tongue working it’s magic. 

“Just relax, darling. Let it all go and relax” Kol whispered in Y/N’s ear as he replaced his tongue with his fingers. With every second, Y/N got closer and closer to the release that she needed. The release that she had been waiting for, for years. Kol then began to kiss down her jaw to her neck, making Y/N moan out even louder than before. She was in ecstasy, with the feeling of his mouth on her neck and the feeling of his fingers making figure eights on her clit.

As Kol made his way down to her stomach with his mouth, he slowly added a finger inside of Y/N. This caused Y/N to arch her back and moan out in pleasure. His fingers started to pump in and out at an agonisingly slow pace. His mouth then started to get closer and closer to his fingers. At this point, Y/N was a moaning mess and Kol loved it. He loved the effect he could have on her and he loved the fact that he was the reason for her pleasure. He also loved the fact that everyone else after, would have to compete with him. 

As his fingers started to pump faster, his tongue started to suck on her clit, causing Y/N to feel a knot in her stomach. A new feeling although she knew what it meant. 

“Ke-keep going” She managed to come out with in between her moans. 

Kol then continued to pick up the pace, never taking his eyes off her face. Y/N then found her hands in with Kol’s hair once again as her orgasm started to tear through her body. Her moans were not able to be held in as she lost full control, feeling pleasure like never before. 

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As Kol came up, he stared at Y/N, taking in her beauty like he had never saw her before. After a while, he finally spoke. “Find me when you’re ready for lesson 3″ and with that, he was gone. 

Julie Plec the "feminist"

So Julie Plec broke up Hayley and Elijah, because Elijah was violent towards Haley while trapped in the darkest corner of his mind. He retreated there because at his core, he was violent. Even though Klaus mentioned that he has only ever killed people to protect his family. Elijah, who has been nothing but kind, and protective towards Haley. Elijah who always put her happiness above his own. Elijah who was kind, patient, and understanding towards her needs. Elijah who always backed off when Haley didn’t want to be around him. Elijah who is the only reason that Haley and her baby were kept safe when she first came to New Orleans. Elijah who loved his brother Klaus so much he never gave up on him. Never gave up on seeing Klaus be redeemed. Sacrificed himself many times for Klaus to be able to become and stay a father to Hope. Julie Plec did this because she’s a feminist who cannot support abuse in relationships. Yet, she spent 6 seasons of The Vampire Diaries glorifying the love of Elena Gilbert with Damon the rapist Salvatore. Meanwhile, she killed off his much better in every single way brother Stefan. Julie Plec is a feminist icon

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dmcreif  asked:

DD Season 1 question: do you think that Elena Cardenas' murder could have been prevented? With everything Matt knew about Fisk, I think he should have persuaded Elena to take Fisk's offer, given he knows how ruthless and violent Fisk is in dealing with innocent people who get in his way. Karen and Foggy should understand this as well, to a lesser extent.

    Technically yes, but that would have undermined the power of her role within the narrative. Elena is a heroic character because of the fact that she refuses to back down from the powerful forces trying to take over her home, and she symbolically represents the spirit of the neighborhood itself, and the people who Matt is speaking for as Daredevil. Seeing her fight back is different than seeing Matt– or even Karen and Foggy– fight back, since she’s not a main character and isn’t a superhero.

    If she’d just given up, we would have lost a lot of what made her character powerful and interesting.

    Elena’s murder is also a bit of a wake-up call for our heroes. At this point they know that Fisk is underhanded and dangerous, but they are still underestimating how far he’s willing to go to get what he wants. And Matt, who is most conscious of the threat, does think Elena should take the offer. He argues about it with Foggy and Karen. But at this point, none of them think that he’d have her killed– particularly since he’s just made himself a public figure. Her death is a turning point in the show, since it reveals to them all exactly what they’re dealing with. Yes, it’s really sad, and it’s easy to say that they all should have known better… but from a storytelling perspective, her death– and Matt, Foggy, and Karen’s failure to prevent it– makes sense.