Essential oils for your Astrological sign

Black pepper, frankincense, lemon, rosemary, marjoram.

Patchouli, rose, ylang-ylang, rosemary, lemon.

Basil, bergamot, grapefruit, ginger, neroli

Juniper, rosemary, lavender, fennel, chamomile.

Lemon, rosemary, ginger, rose, garlic.

Ginger, lemon, grapefruit, petitgrain, thyme.

Basil, bergamot, black pepper, frankincense,  melissa.

Sandalwood, clary sage, patchouli, ylang ylang, jasmine.

Tea tree, eucalyptus, geranium, frankincense, rosemary.

Eucalyptus, tea tree, ginger, chamomile, patchouli, sandalwood.

Neroli, coriander, lemon, peppermint, rose, eucalyptus.


Lavender, elemi, sandalwood, patchouli, rose.

Planets and their associations

The Sun

Energies: self-confidence, success, vitality, courage, authority, dignity, fame, self-knowledge

Colors: gold, orange, yellow

Day: Sunday

Star Sign: Leo

Number: 1

Metal: gold

Stones/materials: diamond, citrine, yellow jasper, topaz

Deities: Ra, Apollo, Helios, Lugh, Isis, Diana, Brigit

Herbs: angelica, ash, bay, calendula, chamomile, celandine, eyebright, frankincense, juniper, mistletoe, rosemary, saffron, safflower, Saint-John’s-wort, sunflower, tormentilla, walnuts

Seal of the Sun

The Moon

Energies: psychic knowledge, dreamworking, childbirth, fertility, past life recall, imagination, the subconscious mind

Colors: lilac, silver

Day: Monday

Sign: Cancer

Number: 2

Metal: silver

Stones/materials: pearl, abalone, moonstone, selenite

Deities: Selene, Nuit, Luna, Artemis, Sin, Inannur, and Khonsu

Herbs: almond, anise seed, cabbage, camphor, cucumber, fennel, iris, jasmin, lettuce, lily, lotus, moonwort, mugwort, pumpkin, violet, watercress, white sandalwood

Seal of the Moon


Energies: victory, aggression, achievement, energy, action, assertiveness, strength, sexual desire

Colors: Red

Signs: Aries, scorpio

Day: Tuesday

Number: 5

Metal: iron and red brass

Stones/materials: garnet, ruby, carnelian, bloodstone

Deities: Ares, Hercules, Tiw, Minerva, Maeve, Pallas Athena

Herbs: aloeswood, asafoetida, basil, broom tops, briony, cactus, cayenne, cumin, dragon’s blood resin, galangal, garlic, gentian, ginger, hawthorn, horseradish, honeysuckle, mustard, nettle, peppercorn, red sandalwood, rue, safflower, sanicle, tobacco, wormwood

Seal of Mars

Martian energy is intense, and most of the time Mars’s herbs and oils are used in conjunction with the energies of other Planets to intensify their effects, rather than in a “simple”—a formula that uses only one Planet’s herbs. Here are some examples of how a touch of a Mars herb can act with and upon other Planetary energies to enhance their effectiveness:

Sun with Mars

Sun is confidence, personal power, health, and self-expression. Add a little Mars and increase your control over your life, enhance your ability to express your interests and goals with even greater success, or enable yourself to stroll through life with energy, health, and personal charisma.

Moon with Mars

Lunar energies keep you in touch with your emotions, your psyche, and your subconscious. Add some Mars to quicken the development of your psychic abilities, motivate yourself to transform bad habits into good ones, or add vitality to your system if you are working on fertility issues.

Mercury with Mars

Eloquence, intelligence, and business endeavors are some of the energies of Mercury. Combining Mercurial herbs and oils with an herb or oil belonging to the dominion of Mars will help you to be more persuasive, have an even quicker mind, and be charmingly assertive enough to get the job you deserve.

Jupiter with Mars

Expansion, honor, authority, and growth all belong to Jupiter. Add a Mars energy to grow and expand faster in an area of your ambition, garner recognition of your accomplishments, intensify your authority in any area of your life, or expand your understanding of the best ways to accomplish your goals.

Venus with Mars

Romance, beauty and the arts—what’s not to love? Combining Venusian energy with a touch of Mars will add passion to the romance, help you to express yourself confidently as an artist, and make people look twice when you pass.

Saturn with Mars

Protection, understanding of karma, endurance, self-discipline, and control are the areas where

Saturnian herbs are used. Add strength and energy with a Saturn-Mars combination to protect your home if you live in a particularly dangerous area, to work through karmic debt, to vitalize yourself in a situation which requires hard work and endurance, or to accomplish a difficult task requiring much self-control.

Neptune with Mars

Neptune is the Planet of out-of-body experiences, creative genius, and the mystical. Bringing a little Martian energy into the equation will help you to harness and express the creativity residing in your subconscious, master astral projection more quickly, and experience more intensely any meditation, trancework, or altered state.

Uranus with Mars

Intellectual genius, innovative thought, and transformation of thought patterns fall under the dominion of Uranus. Mars will increase the workings of your mind to higher levels, bring action to your original thoughts, and hasten your ability to change the way your brain works, taking you out of any thought doldrums.

Pluto with Mars

Karma, unconscious behavior patterns, letting go, facing fear, and your Shadow Self are all Plutonian in nature. Partnering Pluto’s herbs and oils with an herb or oil of Mars will help you open those scary “memory boxes” in the back of your mind that make you so uncomfortable, break through barriers when you are working in psychotherapy, recognize karmic debt, and enable you to actively work to release it. This is not a fun combination, be warned. It is very intense, and if you choose to work with this combination, expect dramatic changes that will rock your life.


Energies: communication, divination, business success, intellectualization, learning

Color: yellow

Day: Wednesday

Sign: Virgo, Gemini

Number: 7

Metal: quicksilver

Stones/materials: quartz, opal, Herkimer diamond, yellow calcite, optical calcite, yellow jasper

Deities: Janus, Hermes, Thoth, Ogma, Maat, Shesat, Calliope

Herbs: bergamot, caraway, cinnamon, dill, ephedra, gum arabic, gum mastic, horehound, lavender, licorice, marjoram, mouse-ear, mullein, papyrus, peppermint, star anise, savory, thyme, woodruff

Seal of Mercury


Energies: expansion, career, ambition, luck, material success, spiritual growth, humor

Color: Blue

Sign: Pisces, sagittarius

Day: Thursday

Number: 6

Metal: tin

Stones/materials: sapphire, turquoise, blue topaz, lapis lazuli

Deities: Zeus, Llyr, Thor, Hera, Gaea, Rhiannon

Herbs: agrimony, borage, carnation, cedar, cinquefoil, dandelion, figs, fir, hyssop, linden, magnolia, maple, meadowsweet, oak, oak moss, pine, poplar, saffron, sage, sassafras, sumac, rosin, wood beton

Seal of Jupiter


Energies: love, friendship, artistry, attraction, music, pleasure, sensual delights, beauty, balance, compassion

Color: green

Day: Friday

Sign: Taurus, Libra

Number: 3

Metal: copper

Stones/materials: emerald, malachite, apatite, green fluorite

Deities: Aphrodite, Aradia, Persephone, Eros, Cupid, Faunus

Herbs: catnip, cherry, coltsfoot, damiana, feverfew, lemon verbena, lilac, maidenhair, mandrake, myrtle, orchid, passionflower, peach, periwinkle, plumeria, rhubarb, raspberry, rose, spikenard, tansy, tonka bean, vanilla, vervain, violet

Seal of Venus


Energies: form, stability, karma, discipline, occult knowledge, protection, patience, endurance

Color: black

Sign: Capricorn

Day: Saturday

Number: 4

Metal: lead

Stones/materials: jet, onyx, hematite, smoky quartz

Deities: Kronos, Dionysus, Anubis, the Cailleach, Danu, Ceres

Herbs: asafoetida, balm of Gilead, bistort, boneset, comfrey, cypress, dill, fumitory, garlic, hawthorn, hemlock, hyssop, patchouli, petitgrain, rosemary, Solomon’s seal, Saint-John’s-wort, valerian, vetivert, wolfsbane, yew

Seal of Saturn

The rest of the planets do not have seals because they are not the seven classical planets used in witchcraft.  So many people many not agree with the rest of this lecture, but here is the rest and what the majority of people use.  


Energies: illusion and imagination; useful in hypnosis, trance, dreamwork

Color: green-blue

Number: 11.

Stone/material: seashell, amber, labradorite, cat’s-eye, lemurian crystal

Deities: Poseidon, Apa, Dylan, Tiamat, Ceridwen, Nimue

Herbs: cannabis, datura, lobelia, lotus, orange blossom (also known as neroli), peach, poppy, skullcap, wild lettuce, willow, wisteria


Energies: enlightenment, objectivity, technology, genius, eccentricity, breaking free from old patterns and electrical impulses of the brain

Color: electric blue

Number: 22

Metal: white gold

Stones/materials: quartz, rutilated quartz, kunzite, amazonite

Deities: Merlin, Shu, Ur-annu, Prometheus, Urania, Varuna

Herbs: allspice, betel nut, chicory, clove, coffee, elemi, guarana, mahuang


Energies: death, alchemical transformation, regeneration, decay, the deep unconscious, catharsis

Color: smoky black

Number: 13 or 33 to some

Stones/materials: ash, lava stone, obsidian, black opal, apache tear, black tourmaline, bismuth

Deities: Arawn, Pwyll, Osiris, Demeter, Rhea, Astarte

Herbs: barley, black cohosh, corn, damiana, fly agaric, galangal root, mushrooms, myrrh, oats, patchouli, pomegranate, psilocybin, rye, saw palmetto, wheat, wormwood, yohimbe

*Disclaimer: I do not suggest the use of herbs for medical purposes and I suggest you research each of them throughly before use.  

As Always


Sun Spell for Summer Solstice - Wealth, Power & Love

Summer Solstice is the moment when the sun stands still and listens - and a perfect moment for a special spell. Now in all magical workings from the dawn of time, the Sun has had a special place as the single most powerful physical existence in our lives. Sun magic, one might say, is therefore the most powerful form of magic if you want to make changes in the material world. Which is why Hitler adopted the Sun rune (aka the swastika) as the symbol for his party … and material changes they made …

Please Note: You can do this spell at any time the sun is shining, all year round!

Since then, the Sun rune has fallen into disuse among magicians; this is of course a lamentable state of affairs but there we have it.

Luckily, we have an even older alternative which is the magic spiral, much used by indigenous people from all traditions, all cultures and nobody as far as I know has so far marched to war under a spiral banner … and if they ever did, they won’t be troubling us now.

But I digress.

Fact is that this year, the moment the sun stands still to listen to our requests for sun power connections happens to be in the late afternoon, at least for the Europeans. Which means that if we can see the sun, we can make a special ritual that focuses intention on that one moment in time; we can launch a spell there with a bang.

So what kind of spell would you like to do?

Here are some ideas.

Of course, the sun has been the focus of material and worldly power. So if you wish to be a leader, gain followers, more customers, more respect or power in your community, get elected to some kind of office, or simply increase your reality creating powers, that’s definitely in keeping with sun magic.

Then there’s money. Gold, to be precise. Sun and gold are often magically interchanged, as are other prosperity metaphors such as ripe golden corn, golden fruit, gold animals. So for a hardcore money ritual, the exact moment of the Summer Solstice is the best launch pad you could wish for.

Finally, and this is particularly interesting, the Sun has also been associated with the soul, the shining immortal center of self that powers all our endeavours, worldly or otherwise. The soul is also the center of the psychic circuitry and thereby responsible for one’s magic power. So if you would like to do something to activate your soul in your life more, feed your soul, celebrate your soul or get closer to your soul, this is the perfect time to do that also.

“Wait a minute!” I hear you cry. “You want me to choose between worldly power, money, magic, love and immortality? I want all of those!”

Right, my magical friend, quite right you are and you should, at that.

You should want all three because all three need to develop and grow in harmony, or else all sorts of major craziness and magic madness will ensue.

So that brings us to the the 3 Suns magic spell or ritual.

3 Suns Solstice Spell

That’s quite simple - as all good spells are, of course - and you can do this in the Hard or in Sanctuary, I leave that up to you.

The first thing we need is a small fire.

Fire is “of the Sun” - it is the human ability to light the night, to bring light to darkness, a reflection of the sun, and whenever you light a magic fire, even a candle, you are evoking the Sun power, whether you know this or not.

So we’ll light a fire.

Now we’ll have three circles with the spiral painted or drawn on it to represent the Sun in its three meanings - power, wealth and love.

Don’t discriminate against any of them or hold any of them more dear than any of the others; of course they all need to work together, be as one for any one of them to be what you hope it to become.

When you make these three discs - from paper, card, round slices of a tree branch, whatever you choose to use - focus on one of the three aspects of the power/wealth/love trinity at a time and allow yourself to really want *that* with all your heart. Draw the spiral on your disc.

When you have all three, switch them around until you no longer know which one is which - or witch one is witch! - and then you’re ready to wait for the moment.

As the time approaches for the moment when the Sun stands still to listen, and you are by your fire, pay attention to the Sun.

*If you are somewhere where the sun is not in the sky at this time, tune into the sun. You can feel where it is even when you can’t see it, even through the Earth if it is on the other side. It’s actually awesome the way that works and a wonderful thing in and of itself.

For effect, I would use an accelerant on the discs, some essential oils as an extra offering to the Sun which sent its power to grow the plants from which they came, Lemon, Lotus and Elemi or such and at the moment of the Solstice, throw the three discs into the fire where they will transmute, unite and become one and the same.

I personally would follow that with a moment of connecting with the sun, with the fire, as a human being with the forces of the Universe and our acts that create ritual reflections of these forces to be a part of all of that, a friend and lover to the Sun, to the fire, and to the existence here and now.

This is a powerful spell/ritual and actually very easy to do; if you know how to EMO and have a sense of that, you can get a fabulous energized end state which is an event of evolution - what each energy magician truly seeks each time they perform any ritual or spell.

Ok! So that’s the Three Suns Spell which I will be doing for this year’s Summer Solstice.

I trust you found some inspiration for a Solstice Spell or Ritual of your own; don’t let the magic moment pass you by and do *something* that feels good and right to you.

Happy Solstice to you!

Some Elena/Naomi headcanons because I can’t help myself

Naomi shamelessly flirts with Elena and Elena plays along until she realizes, “omg?!?! she’s actually flirting with me??!?!?”

The only one safe from Naomi’s roast fest is Elena (and by extension Abuela, Abuelo, and Isabelle)

There’s no homophobia in Avalor. Not at all. Everyone is supportive when they start dating. Even Esteban begrudgingly agrees that Naomi is a good partner for Elena

They casually hold hands as they’re out and about. When they’re not holding hands Naomi’s hands are usually on Elena’s butt back

Naomi and Isabelle become bffs. Isa just ADORES Naomi and always asks her and Elena when they’re going to get married

Naomi swears like a sailor (get it?) but she tries to tone it down around the palace and Elena’s family. One time she accidentally said fuck in front of Isabelle and Elena didn’t talk to her for two days

Elena: I’m having problems with this person Naomi: kill them Elena: no Naomi: I’ll kill them for you Elena: NO

Gabe is so oblivious, he thinks Elena and Naomi are just great gal pals. “What should I get Elena for our anniversary?” “Anniversary of what?” “Of when we started dating…?” “You guys are dating!?!?”

Naomi jokes about practically living at the palace and Elena freaks out like “does she want to move in??? should we spend more time at her place???? does she want to get married?????”

Often when Elena is on her throne reading/signing important documents Naomi will just lounge across her lap, reading a book or eating an apple or something

Elena likes to be the little spoon, so Naomi suffers through all of that hair because she loves her

Cute cuddles and giggly kisses. Need I say more?

Everyone says not to mess with Naomi because she’s dating the princess, but they soon learn not to mess with Elena because Naomi’s anger is something to behold

And when they do get married, everyone who knows Naomi from the village is like “oh no. the sass master is on the throne”

Naomi’s dad SOBS at the wedding. It’s a very moving ceremony

Elena has a bunch of embarrassing pet names for Naomi and accidentally calls her one at an important diplomatic meeting and in front of her entire family. Isa will not let her live it down

I’ll probably come up with more later. Just. Elena and Naomi in a happy, loving relationship


This gets to be more about politics/very broad view than about ElenaxNaomi themselves haha just keep in mind that throughout all this we know they’re extremely close and completely adorable together!

The ‘official’ relationship would only happen much later but the foundation -or tension- is always there. It’s tricky for Elena since one of the duties of a sovereign is to produce a heir.

When Naomi figures out she cares for Elena as more than just a friend she would normally have been more forward about it. She’s not embarrassed about her feelings the way she would be for Mateo (she doesn’t like developing feelings for him because it feels stereotypical and expected and she hates being ‘that kind of girl’). With Elena the controversy of both being women would actually make her more bold, if it wasn’t for the fact that she’d watch Gabe repeatedly make a fool of himself over the years*. It’s not that she’s afraid of rejection, but it put into perspective how political any relationship with Elena is. She decides the best thing to do is to just remain a loyal and supportive friend. She even casually attempts to date a few other men and women but ultimately finds herself dissatisfied.

Elena also tries to let herself be wooed by men whether it’s Mateo, Gabe, Alonso or someone else her Abuello invites to Avalor in an attempt to find a suitable match. She would even form a very close relationship with this person, which is why it’s so devastating for her when she accepts that it won’t work out. Several small things add up but mostly she’s just not attracted to men and it always feels like she’s denying a part of herself. Who’s there to comfort her after a tough break up? Naomi of course! They still don’t get together immediately, Elena’s having a pretty big crisis of conscience between her duties as Queen and her personal preferences.

Eventually it becomes clear that they are only interested in each other. They stop attempting to find other partners and settle into a quiet domesticity that isn’t exactly ‘official’ in a queendom-wide sense but is certainly known around the palace, particularly after Naomi moves in!

Once Francisco and Esteban have been convinced that it’s a good match which makes Elena happy and able to focus on her other duties as Queen they make it official and hold a tour of Avalor as a PR campaign for the new couple. There’s always dissenters who go on about tradition and heirs, people who don’t realize how much work Naomi does for the queendom, people who just don’t like monarchy etc. Basically the entire spectrum of opinions on the matter, but overall it goes quite well!

It’s actually Isabel who suggests adoption. Francisco and Esteban are not exactly for it, saying that succession should fall to Isabel’s children to preserve the bloodline. I’m not sure the circumstances -because there’s a trillion options- but they meet the orphans Maria and Josephine over the course of an adventure (or two) and Elena decides to take them in. Naomi wasn’t big on the idea of children at first but she falls for Maria and Josie and becomes a great mom!

*Naomi considers Gabe as making a fool of himself, everyone else has their own opinions :p he’s pretty embarrassed by it too in retrospect but it all worked out

Evet, dibi görünmeyen kuyulara atılan taş nasıl çıkardığı sesle onların derinliğini gösterirse başkalarının elemi de bizim yüreklerimize düştüğü zaman çıkardığı sesle bizi kendimizi, insanlığımızın derecesini öğretir
—  Reşat Nuri Güntekin - Acımak

“Gayr-ı meşru bir muhabbetin neticesi, merhametsiz azab çekmektir.”

“ Gençlik hiç şübhe yok ki gidecek. Yaz güze ve kışa yer vermesi ve gündüz akşama ve geceye değişmesi kat'iyetinde, gençlik dahi ihtiyarlığa ve ölüme değişecek. Eğer o fâni ve geçici gençliğini iffetle hayrata istikamet dairesinde sarfetse, onunla ebedî, bâki bir gençliği kazanacağını bütün semavî fermanlar müjde veriyorlar. Eğer sefahete sarf etse, nasıl ki bir dakika hiddet yüzünden bir katl, milyonlar dakika hapis azabını çektirir. Öyle de gayr-ı meşru dairedeki gençlik keyifleri ve lezzetleri, âhiret mes'uliyetinden ve kabir azabından ve zevalinden gelen teessüflerden ve günahlardan ve dünyevî mücazatlarından başka, aynı lezzet içinde o lezzetten ziyade elemler olduğunu aklı başında her genç tecrübe ile tasdik eder. Meselâ, haram sevmekte bir kıskançlık elemi ve firak elemi ve mukabele görmemek elemi gibi çok ârızalar ile o cüz'î lezzet, zehirli bir bal hükmüne geçer. Ve o gençliğin sû’-i istiğmali ile gelen hastalıkla hastahanelere ve taşkınlıklarıyla hapishanelere ve kalb ve ruhun gıdasızlık ve vazifesizlikden neş'et eden sıkıntılarla meyhanelere, sefahethanelere veya mezaristana düşeceklerini bilmek istersen, git hastahanelerden ve hapishanelerden ve meyhanelerden ve kabristandan sor. Elbette ekseriyetle, gençlerin gençliğinin sû’-i istimalinden ve taşkınlıklarından ve gayr-ı meşru keyiflerin cezası olarak gelen tokatlardan eyvahlar ve ağlamalar ve esefler işiteceksin. Eğer istikamet dairesinde gitse, gençlik gâyet şirin ve güzel bir nimet-i İlahiye ve tatlı ve kuvvetli bir vasıta-i hayrat olarak âhirette gâyet parlak ve bâki bir gençlik netice vereceğini, başta Kur'ân olarak çok kat'î âyâtıyla bütün semavî kitablar ve fermanlar haber verip müjde ediyorlar. Madem hakikat budur. Ve madem helâl dairesi keyfe kâfidir. Ve madem haram dairesindeki bir saat lezzet, bazan bir sene ve on sene hapis cezasını çektirir. Elbette gençlik nimetine bir şükür olarak, o tatlı nimeti iffette, istikamette sarfetmek lâzım ve elzemdir.”

Birlikte bir çay içsek belki adam olurum yine..
Hiçbir şeyine olmasa bile trajedisine acıyıp, gözünü, burnunu kapar gelir insan bu asırlık davete. ben yasa olsun diyorum.. Misal birini 3 yıl bekledin, o kişi gelmedi diyelim.. Bu işe el atsın devlet. tutuklama kararı çıkarsın, zorla çay içirtsin bu iki insana.. İz bırakmadan gitmek vatan hainliği sayılsın. Gel gör ki hep daha mühim meseleleri oluyor.. 

Bir insan bekletilir, bir insan reddedilir, bir insan görmezden gelinir, bir insan öldürülür hatta ama bir insan başka bir insanı böyle yaralamaz.. Yara, her ne kadar edebi ve müzikal ağırlığı olan çekici bir kelime gibi görünse de oldukça ağrılıdır. Bisikletten düşüp dirseğimde oluşan ya da asfaltta düşüp dizimi parçalayan ve kabuğunu kaldırırken haz duyduğum yaralardan değil bu.. Nasıl biliyor musun, hani ilmik ilmik hücrelerimi örüp daha sonra açıkta kalan bir tanesinden başlayıp sökmek gibi. Fiyakası olmuyor acının, daha iyi anlatan daha çok acı çekiyor şeklinde gelişmiyor acı çekmeler. öyle duruyor orada, ikram ediliyor ve kıramıyorsun o eli.. 

Ben bekliyorum. rumeli feneri civarında hala bir yarım. Karadeniz, başını koymuş göğsüme ve saçlarını okşuyorum.. Daha önce okuduğum kitaplardan tercüme ediyorum bu anı. Bir gözetlenme hissi var ensemde.. Sadece farklı zamanda bulunmuşuz ama biz aynı yerde olmuşuz.. Senin orada olduğun o anlar yok olmuş olamaz ya.. Kaderin belleğinde duruyor öylece.. Tek farkla, dokunulmuyor.. Ve, fakat gelmezsen anlarım ama haber ver öyleyse ben geleyim. unutamadığın sevgililerin vardır geride, bileyim..

“Ey rakip! Ayrılık köşesinde bizi yalnız kaldı sanma..
Eğer yar senin koynunda yatıyorsa,
elemi de bizim koynumuzda yatmaktadır..”

Good skin begins with a good nights sleep

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve not posted much recently, my laptop has finally given up on me after 6 great years of friendship so I’m needing to buy a new one and hope to do that in the next few weeks.

As a lot of you will know, I’ve did so many posts before about how important sleep is to your skin, your mind and body. I always try and get at least 7 hours of sleep per night and on the days that I don’t manage to get that; I can notice a difference to my mood and my skin.

My boyfriend does completely different shifts from me and often has late starts ect, so when we go to bed, he still wants to watch things on his kindle whilst I sleep which can be annoying because it lights the entire room up. I’ve tried eye masks before and they never seem to really help block anything out and still let the light in at the sides - generally just uncomfortable to wear. I tried out the Bedtime Bliss Eye/Sleep Mask which is one of their best sellers recently as during the week, I get up at 6.30am and want to make sure that I’m feeling refreshed in the mornings – so far, I’ve actually noticed a massive different.

The eye mask is relaxing to wear, doesn’t put any strain or pressure on my eyes and my favourite thing about it is that when you put on your eye cream before going to bed, the shape of the mask does not rub it off and I’ve found that it actually helps the product do what it’s supposed to do without being wiped all over the pillow – bonus for me as that stuff is too expensive to waste haha. I can’t see anything when wearing the mask and this helps me as I’m so easily distracted by my phone lighting up ect so it works to help my mind really shut off from the world. I’ve tried it during the day and it works just as good so it’s ideal for anyone who finds it difficult to sleep, particularly if you do night shifts ect. It came with ear plugs too but thankfully, Mikey just uses his headphones so I don’t hear anything. I got this from Amazon and I believe the mask costs about £8.90 which is brilliant – would also be really good for travelling.

Getting a good night’s sleep is always as important as the skin care you use – often, if you lack sleep, it can cause a decrease in your blood flow and no-one wants that when aiming to have lovely, hydrated skin. Lack of sleep can also cause those puffy eyes we all get from time to time, make your complexion appear dull and take out all the skins natural oils.

Too often in life, there always seems something more important we have to do and sleep is put on the back burner but giving yourself an hour or two each night will give you so many benefits!

What’s your skincare secrets?

Natalie xox

Big Brother Blues (Uchiha Itachi)

Originally posted by eulerzzz

This one was a request from @uchihasavior , though I did intend on covering the full family anyway. I made an Uchiha Sasuke bath bomb in my first batch posted on this blog, and I’ve already shown you guys how well Mikoto’s bath bomb turned out. Let’s get into Itachi next, shall we?

My original plan for this bath bomb was to have it red on the surface with a black core, using Akatsuki colors, but Esu challenged me on this and felt blue would suit Itachi’s personality a bit more. Once I started looking up what I wanted to put in the blend, I conceded.

This bath bomb contains dried lavender buds, which will float in your water and give it a slightly purplish hue when mixed with the water…which will be a beautiful and bright sky blue. It’s a soothing mixture, one designed (and personal diffuser-tested) to help you sleep better.

So…what’s in it?

Lavender Essential Oil

Pros: Lavender is one of your best friends when it comes to restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. It’s also great for loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, gas, and a fussy stomach. It’s also remarkable for pain relief in cases where you’re troubled by migraines, toothaches, sprains, nerve pain, and joint pain.

Some folks even apply Lavender Essential Oil to the skin for hair loss and pain.


  1. Lavender has also been shown to slow down the central nervous system when used on the regular. If you plan to go under for surgery or anything else with anesthesia, please avoid using Lavender Essential Oil two weeks ahead of the scheduled procedure.
  2. Lavender should not be used by prepubescent and pubescent boys, as it can warp certain hormonal reactions and greatly increase risk for gynecomastia (male breast growth).
  3. If you are taking a sedative, adding Lavender Essential Oil to the mix may create too much drowsiness. Exercise caution!

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is one of the safest and most commonly used essential oils on the planet. Like Elemi and Myrrh, it comes from the resin of a specific type of gum tree (Boswellia carterii) and is used for a variety of purposes. Its scent is slightly sappy, slightly spicy, and a bit amber-like.

It should also sound familiar to the Christian community, since Frankincense (like Myrrh and gold) was one of the gifts the three wise men provided for the baby Jesus in the Nativity story. Considering Frankincense is a great aid for colic, that gift was probably more to help out Mary and Joseph!


Frankincense Essential Oil has been shown to do all kinds of wonderful things!

  1. Relieve stress & anxiety! The smell of Frankincense immediately induces a calm, peaceful, serene feeling: which is probably why it’s one of the most popular essential oils to diffuse for personal use around the home. Many people believe Frankincense can increase your intuition and spiritual connection. Try diffusing it or applying it in your lotion during meditation, tai chi, or yoga!
  2. Fight off the signs of aging! Frankincense Essential Oil has strong astringent properties, meaning it helps protect and clean skin cells. It can reduce the appearance of large pores, wrinkles, fresh scars, liver spots, and acne blemishes. Try putting it (with a carrier oil) anywhere your skin is starting to sag. Just be sure to do a patch test first to make sure you aren’t allergic!
  3. Relieve symptoms of indigestion! If you’re like me and occasionally get digestive distress (gas, constipation, IBS, stomach aches, PMS, or cramps), guess what? Frankincense Essential Oil can be a good friend and help sort that nonsense out! It speeds up the digestion of food if you apply it over your stomach or abdomen.
  4. Although Dr. Axe’s website says you can add two drops to a tablespoon of honey for GI relief, I want you to ere on the side of caution with that. First, you’d need to make sure it’s 100% pure food grade oil, since ingesting a fragrance oil, perfume oil, or even a diluted essential oil could be toxic and very, very, dangerous. Secondly, NEVER ingest an essential oil without first consulting your doctor.
  5. Reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and acne! Frankincense Essential Oil can decrease the appearance of flaws in your skin, as well as tighten up saggy skin. Mix two to three drops of Frankincense Essential Oil with an unscented base oil (like apricot kernel or argan) or lotion and apply directly to the skin. Healing skin and scabs are fine, but don’t apply it on broken skin.
  6. Speed up your recovery time from a cold or the flu! The next time you have a bad cold or a respiratory infection, consider using Frankincense Essential Oil. It’s been used for centuries to expel phlegm from the lungs and throat. In fact, it’s best known as an expectorant! Breathing becomes easier, the inflammation in your nasal passage and throat goes down, and all it takes is inhaling a few drops’ worth in a steaming hot washcloth for a few minutes!

Note: Everyone’s body is different. When it comes to clearing up a stuffy nose, I’ve had the best luck with Cajeput Essential Oil and Camphor Essential Oil, but Frankincense Essential Oil works wonders for reducing inflammation (another benefit).


Frankincense Essential Oil is considered to be one of the safest essential oils you can buy, and is even safe to diffuse in small quantities around babies and newborns. In a very small percentage of the population, minor skin rashes or digestive issues (stomach pains or nausea) may occur. This essential oil is asthma-safe and kid-safe.

Tangerine Essential Oil

Tangerine is a type of small orange and is one of the most popular essential oils to use with children. You know its scent: it smells just like a ripe tangerine and makes your mouth water almost immediately!


  1. Early research suggests that eating tangerines and diffusing its oil on the regular is linked to a lower risk of a cancer called nasopharyngeal carcinoma. This type of cancer affects the nasal passageway connected to the throat.
  2. Tangerine is an asthma-safe essential oil and is commonly used to safely deodorize and clean the air. The oil’s even generally safe for patients with lung cancer!
  3. The smell of Tangerine causes the mouth to produce extra saliva and convinces your body that you’re hungry. It can ease indigestion and improve your appetite.
  4. One of the other nice things about Tangerine (and its cousin oil, Mandarin) is that you can use it to calm down a child’s temper tantrums!

Cons: Like most other citrus oils, Tangerine Essential Oil increases your photosensitivity and the likelihood of developing sunburn when exposed to prolonged sunlight. Limit going outdoors or in direct sunlight if you’ve used this bath bomb over the last 12-24 hours.

Other than this, both Tangerine Essential Oil and Mandarin Essential Oil are considered safe and can even be used with small children.

Vetiver Essential Oil


  1. Reduce the damage of nerve and circulatory problems! Vetiver can be inhaled to ease your sore joints and muscles.
  2. Have a slow period? Vetiver can help bring it back to a regular cycle!
  3. Reduce stress and anxiety! In fact, Vetiver’s considered so effective for this that people will diffuse it during times of emotional trauma, grief, and shock.
  4. Fight insomnia! Vetiver is a natural sleep aid and very effective. However, its sedative properties are so strong that you might want to avoid using Vetiver in the morning or if you intend to drive or operate heavy machinery. Pull this oil out right before bed or at least once you’re in for the night. It’s worked for me!
  5. Repel lice and other unwanted insects! In the summertime in Charlotte, we sometimes get these nasty giant cockroaches called “Palmetto Bugs.” Since our house is in a wooded suburb, the bugs are unavoidable and you’ll get about 3 or 4 in your house per summer. On days I’ve diffused Vetiver Essential Oil, I haven’t seen so much as a fly in the house!


Vetiver Essential Oil can be used to start a period and some women use it as an intentional abortifacent. If you are pregnant, intend to become pregnant, or nursing, do not use Vetiver Essential Oil.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil


  1. Fight insomnia! Ylang Ylang is a natural sleep aid and very effective. However, its sedative properties are so strong that you might want to avoid using Ylang Ylang in the morning or if you intend to drive or operate heavy machinery. Pull this oil out right before bed or at least once you’re in for the night. It’s worked for me!
  2. Repel head lice! Ylang Ylang can be used in a combination spray to repel and even kill head lice. Developing evidence suggests that a homeopathic blend of coconut oil, anise oil, and ylang ylang oil had a 92% effectiveness rate on killing those unwanted creepy crawlies in children’s hair.
  3. Lower high blood pressure!
  4. Increase your sex drive! Ylang Ylang is a natural aphrodisiac and has been used for millennia for that exact purpose. There’s a reason this flower is also known as the King of the Flowers.

Cons: Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is considered to be universally safe for general use. However, it is not safe to diffuse around a cat.