(Continued Kji, Elemental adventure)

Kaji blinked and yawned feeling a bed under her she chuckled, “Okay it was just a dream… thank god for-” she looked up and saw this wasnt her house! “Where the hell am i!” she hissed than saw movement to her left and jumped up sword drawn, flames jumped arounda light wrapped around her under her clothes, she stared at the stranger, You answer me! Why did you take me from the woods!“ Kajis eyes glow red as the guy about her age maybe tried to exsplain that he found her unconcous and was worried "Yeah juuuust dandy!” she hissed and backed up towards the door, her sword glowed and suddenly she gasped and fell to her knees as fire like pain cursed over the lights tatooed to her some how, “Did you-” crinign she growled as he stepped forward to help her, “Leave me alone!” she staggered to the door…

(To be continued, Elemental Adventure)

Aedion Galanthius is an Element Controller and is twenty-three years old. Aedion has the ability to create and control Earth/Rocks. Don’t be fooled by his generosity or his honesty, he is actually quite impulsive and klutzy. Aedion is currently unavailable.

Aedion Galanthius—despite the fact that he’s a major klutz—is usually recognized as one of the strongest and dedicated fighters of his tribe besides his leader. He’s also quite the fast learner, honest to the core and is who you should go to whenever you help with anything, whether it’s good or something too shady to do alone. On the other side of the coin, his impulsive behaviour is not much of a blessing through his normal daily life, however is remarkably convenient to his fighting skills and his tribe during wars, surprisingly—maybe because of how it’s laced with strong passion—and works well with the exceptional strength that lurks through his veins. Being born and raised on his beloved home—Fortunate Isles—for many years has caused Aedion to develop conditional love for nature, so he had spent a lot of his own time practicing his ability to control the earth and sharpening his element bending skills. He was determined to do and become the best that he could for his home and still is to this day. He’s proud to be around his own people and is prepared to die for them at any second—but first, he wants to fight on their side and win for them, because that’s what he stands for; to fight for and protect his home and its people, at any moment of the day that he can.

Siren's Fury Review and Giveaway

Siren’s Fury Review and Giveaway

Rating (out of 5): 4.5
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Release Date: June 2, 2015
Series: Storm Siren
Series Number: 2
Profanity: None
Violence: Mild
Sexual Content: None
Age Recommendation: 12+
Author Information: Website | Facebook |Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram


“I thrust my hand toward the sky as my voice begs the Elemental inside me to waken and rise. But it’s no use. The curse…

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I just had a borderline nightmare. And i found many things to help me realize that its a dream. I ended up smashing and alarm clock, but here are the things different in dreams.

•You cant scream. Itll feel like your throats clogged and that you need to clear it, but it wont work. Sometimes cant talk.

•The time will never be the same no matter how many times you look at the clock. Because our mind has a bad perception of time.

•you cant hurt yourself or get hurt. You cant feel anything except emotions, mostly fear or anger.

•you’re in an “unfamiliar setting, when really its olaces you’ve been, or seen, all rolled into one. You do and dont know how you got there, but you know where lots is.

The only way to get out is to use one of these elemnts against your own brain. As i used time because its the easiest. You have to prove to yourself its a dream. You cant just scream its a dream, thats cheating in your mind. Hopefully this helps.

Kia Pyros is an Element Controller and is nineteen years old. Kia has the ability to create and control Fire/Lightening. Don’t be fooled by her sweetness or her independence, she is actually quite unstable and dangerous. Kia is currently unavailable.

Kia is a resident of Fortunate Isles and is the only element controller in a long line of leading benders in her family. She often feels ostracized and inferior to them because of it. Kia has a terrible temper that she struggles to control daily and has a reputation of accidentally setting things on fire. She can go from the sweetest girl you know to a nightmare in a manner of seconds. She tends to follow the rules but isn’t afraid to break them to get what she wants.