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how about water elemntal grillby with water flowers growing inside him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

He could possibly have lily pads and/or flowers floating on the surface of his water-like skin(??) 

Whenever I see some scenes where the hair of the girls are flowing (especially in their princess form) I’m always amazed by how good the animations look:

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they’re just so gorgeous

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and that counts for the twins’ capes too! I just have a great respect for everyone at inspidea who animated these elements, really, you’re awesome!

MHX Demo Reminder: Bushido commands

It can be jarring at first but during a perfect evade, the direction you hold the circle pad is the direction you’ll run. If you are too far away you will run to nothing so be careful.

During the run here are commands:

  • GS: X to do upward hit, then hold X for strong charge, then X finisher swipe
  • LS: X to do an attack and if you have enough gauge R after that to do new spirit slash
  • SNS: X+A to do a jump attack (follow with XX)
  • DB: X to do an upward attack ,if in demon mode the evade will be an attack itself
  • Hammer: Hold R for strong charge
  • Horn: 3 hit combo press any button you like the attack is the same but note is not
  • Lance: X to do the new cross hit, then follow with thrusts
  • GL: X to do the upward reload hit, then X for strong slam
  • SA: X to do spinning finisher
  • CB: A (!) to do elemntal burst 2, not sure about guard
  • IG: X to do kinsect double hit, then follow with X, A
  • LBG/HBG: the reload is automatic, you can dash after it as well

Austin pushed open the great oak doors to the council room with such force that they bounced of the walls, making a resounding crash through the room. He stalked across the tiled floor, heading straight to his seat at the head of the table. He slouched in the chair, signet ring tapping against the metal to make an ominous sound. There were three other men seated at the large table, each taking a side. 

Blair- head of the kings guard. 

Carson- general of the dragon riders. 

Garret- keeper of records.

The king scanned each one, locking eyes before moving on. “I want to know… how they knew” he said quietly. A few seconds passed in silence. “How did they know?!” he screamed, slamming his fist on the table top.

Garret flinched slightly while the other two remained steady.

Austin pointed to Carson “You told me flying high would give the elemnt of surprise Carson! Why were the riders already mounted when my dragons flew down on that god for saken compound” he hissed.

Carson drew in a slow breath, ever the calm leader. “Will all due respect your grace… I had not anticipated that Arius and Drac where living close by” he explained. 

Austin scoffed and shook his head, looking out the window and over his vast city. “What use is a general who can not anticipate the smallest of flaws” he growled. 

“I looked over the records your grace, Arius and Drac where thought to be dead” he explained. Everyone turned there attention to Garret.

The small man gripped his pencil and parchment tighter “I have been here but a few years, that war was recorded before my time” he replied tenderly. 

Austin groaned and threw his head back against the wooden chair “This was the one chance we had and it has split through my fingers” he huffed. “Where is my daughter?” he demanded, looking around his table. It was Blair who spoke up “I belive her to be in the library your grace” he said.


True enough Laurentia was in her favorite place in the world. Surrounded by trees and the sweet smell of honey. The trees of course were her books, and the honey her special tea, but she liked to imagine the place as her forest. She was so rarley allowed off castle grounds theses days, she found solice in the books. She had read each and every one of them atleast twice over while she awaited more to be added. 

Blair strode up the long walk way of granite towards the small door that opened in to the castle library, in search of the servant who was currently on watch over the princess.