NOW PROPERLY EDITED || Angsty Levi drabble to try and get back into my writing groove. I left the other character extremely vague so feel free to imagine the other half of your Levi otp if you wish. Otherwise, enjoy and hit me with some feedback if you do not mind~! Special thanks to @perksofbeingawaifu for inspiring me to write more drabbles! Definitely check out her works!!

Levi’s eyes always seemed to wander over his surroundings with a meticulous edge. Lids heavy over piercing irises as he scanned every inch of each environment he stepped into. Nothing ever seemed to slip past his vision. Even the dust particles that would float and dance in the light of the mid-morning sun were completely visible to him in shadow.

This was a skill he had honed in his earlier years. Always needing to be aware of what was behind him or who was around each corner in the darkness of the underground. Always wanting to avoid unnecessary attention and unwelcomed company as he would weave his way through damp back alleys and overcrowded walkways. Without a doubt, his hands were fine tools. Eleminating danger in a matter of seconds with a sharp slash of his shining blade before cleaning the mess left behind on his slender fingers.

However, he didn’t trust his hands. Lethal things coated in death and destruction. Only able to save a few while harming many. His hands moved as ordered and they served him well, but sometimes they would fail him and leave him grasping at cold air instead of something solid and warm. The lives of those dear to him have slipped through his fingers too many times for him to have faith in their truth. His eyes showed him possibilities and outcomes. They showed him what was and what could be, but a majority of the time, his hands would fail to deliver the proper results.

But his eyes…

His eyes were his veil. His way of masking himself into the low of society he had spent his entire life surrounded by. His way of blending into shadows and vast seas of people to hide his existence from those who would seek to end it. His eyes were his shield and his first line of defense. They never lied and they never failed him. He trusted his eyes. He believed in the images they painted for him, even if they were hard to process or even accept.

So, even now, as he stood in front of the mirror with his ghastly physical appearance being projected before him; he fully trusted what he saw. The bags under his eyes had become severe. A faint hue of red bleeding into the whites while the blue in his irises appeared dull and grey. Lifeless and sleep deprived from years of painting blood soaked images of his corpse ridden reality, only for his mind to process and use as haunts for his short lived dreams.

He looked like shit and there was no hiding it either.

He was much older now and it showed. The life he was leading showed, and the weight of the lives he carried to the grave showed. All of it was apparent in his eyes. A man who was exhausted, but strong. Lonely, but stable. Empty, but still alive. It was all there and staring back at him as he towel dried the scruff of his hair.

He needed to sleep, he determined. Setting the towel aside as he ran his fingers over the course hair coating his jaw.

His eyes were indeed windows, he surmised as he heaved a sigh at the reflective glass. Windows he desperately needed to shut if only for a couple of hours, but when he did, the images they had painted over the years would slide through his dreams like a moving picture. Replaying his darkest moments over and over again until his mind would scream at him to wake up. For him to open the windows and to let them paint more pictures for him to continuously relive.

Slowly, he rubbed his lids with the pads of his fingers. Pushing himself away from the mirror and out of the door frame of the washroom and into the soft candle glow of his quiet office. Looking at himself was hard. Seeing himself with the eyes he so trusted and having to accept that that was indeed how he currently appeared made him want to crawl out of his own skin.

He always made it a point to be presentable, but today he was just too tired to do so. Three days with no sleep and little to no food quickly took it’s toll, and his body was now at an age where he couldn’t outright hide his shitty sleeping habits, or lack thereof, with a clean shave, and a few cups of strong tea.

His hands moved back to his jaw. Scratching at the rough hairs he wasn’t used to wearing as he strode over towards his clean, hung up shirt, and laid out uniform boots. The nights were getting colder and longer and his health wasn’t in top form at this point. The last thing he needed was to get sick on top of his already piss poor condition.

“You look pretty rough.” A soft voice chimed. An echo Levi had long thought lost and a sound that made his heart clench in his chest.

“I know.” He answered firmly. Rounding his trustworthy eyes towards his office chair that was positioned behind him where a shadowed silhouette sat comfortably.

“You should sleep.” The voice resounded. The leather of his chair squeaking as the figure adjusted their body to face him more clearly.

“I know.” He responded again. His feet slowly stepping across the wood of the floor while his hands remained stock still at his hips.

The figure was a familiar one. One he hadn’t seen for quite some time and one he’d admittedly missed and cared for quite deeply. Still though, that didn’t negate the fact that they were sitting their precious ass in his office chair.

“Get your ass out of my chair.”

The figure laughed heartily. Standing up completely straight in one smooth, eerily quiet motion before moving around the desk and stepping into the dim light of a single flame that danced atop a mostly melted candle.


“Why are you here?” Levi asked sharply. His tired eyes staying locked on the person in front of him while his body moved around them and toward his oak desk. Each of his steps precise and angled so not to cause a floorboard to squeak.

“I just… wanted to see you. That’s all.”

Levi let out a huff. Blinking his eyes a couple of times as he picked up a file from his desk with his clever fingers. Tapping the tip of his index against the paper sharply as he evened out his breathing and began moving toward the elegantly lit body in front of him.

“I wanted to see you too, but you shouldn’t be here.”

“I know.”

“Then go.”

“Can’t we just tal-”


Levi’s body had stopped only a few inches from the figment in front of him. His free hand reaching out to grasp at a lock of hair. To run his fingers through it and touch the silky strands that his eyes showed him were there. But his hands were only met with cold air. A breeze in the night against his still damp skin. With an exasperated hum, Levi retracted his fingers. Silently turning and moving his body toward his office chair and sitting down with a hard thump.

“Disappointed?” The figure questioned cheekily. Stepping to sit in the front facing chair directly across from Levi’s own. Their movements making no sounds and their voice barely audible enough for his overly tired ears to hear.

“Of course.” He murmured. Staring at the smiling face in front of him with honest regret and exhaustion.

His chest hurt terribly while his eyes burned with leashed tears and rapidly approaching sleep. He was losing his mind. He was sure of it, but his eyes had never failed him before. Not even in his deepest pits of exhaustion and not even when he silently begged a god he doesn’t believe in to let him see this face smiling at him one last time as he stared down at their pale, blood drained body.

The sadness and greif he felt as he peered into the glowing eyes of the other across from him matched the fear of them disappearing in his gut. His face remained as passive as ever, but emotion boiled over internally to the point of rising acidic bile in his throat as he leaned forward and rested his head against the cold slab of the desk.

“Sleep. I’ll stay.”

“You’re not even real.” He stated sharply. Reaching one hand out while placing the other under his head as a cushion.

“Of course I am. You can see me, can’t you?”

Levi remained quiet for a moment. Watching with hopeful, tired eyes as the figures hand reached over and met his own. Gracing his sense of touch with nothing but cold air yet again. A frown pulling at his lips and his brows furrowing while his ears rang acutely. His vision slowly but surely going dark, and the view of he and his lovers interlocking fingers slowly fading to black.

“Yeah.” He whispered. Sleep washing over him in a deep wave and pulling him under.

He trusted his eyes. He believed in the images they painted for him, even if they were hard to process or even accept. However, he didn’t trust his hands. Sometimes they would fail him, and leave him grasping at cold air instead of something solid and warm. Sometimes, they would let precious things slip from his grip and shatter into tiny pieces that would scatter to the wind.

But, most of the time, they would leave him yearning for a touch of warmth that he could no longer feel.

Ey yâr!
Sözün manaya değdiği noktadayım!
Nazarın kalpleri yaktığı demde
Dilin hala suküt ettiği,
Kalbin sonsuza meylettiği yerdeyim.
Elemin merkezindeyim ey yâr melanin gölgesinde,
Bekleyişler arifesindeyim.
Söyle ey yâr!
Hüznümü sana nasıl arzetmeliyim?
İçinde sen geçen cümleleri ezber mi etmeliyim?
Derdimi heybeme yükleyip yitik diyarlara mı gitmeliyim?
Hasretini sabırla bertaraf mı etmeliyim?
Yoksa bu hasrete şükür mü etmeliyim?
Söyle ey yâr!
Seni nasıl yâd etmeliyim?
Lâl değmeli elime belki,
Yüreğime seni söylemeliyim.
Sen söyle ey yâr!

#67: “Please don't, don't do this!"

Shane McMahon x Reader Request

Requested by @xsimplynaex

Sorry it took so long

wowrd count: 1436

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It was the night of the Suvivor Series. The crowd in Toronto was cheering loudly. So far the night was going smoothly, the matches were top notch. Everything seemed to work how it should. The PPV already progressed to the 5-on-5 Survivor Series elemination match, the last match before the main event.

This year your husband Shane McMahon was on of the wrestlers involved. You were happy for him to wrestle again even though you always had a strange feeling when he set a foot into the ring. You knwew that he was a professionel athlete but the risk of injuries made you worry constantly. Especially because he hadn’t wrestle in a long time and that he tended to overdo in his matches. At least that’s what you thought. After what Shane had done the previous Wrestlemania you were even more tense. When you saw him leap of that steel cage, 20feet down, your breath got stuck in your throat. You had the feeling of suffocating, seeing him fall down in a rapid pace down meeting the anouncer table. This was one of the most horrible moments in your life. After that Event he had to promise to you to never ever do such a risky move again. He chuckled as he promised it, telling you that he was fine and that it was his job. And you knew that he was right and you didn’t want to look so overprotective but you also did’t want to see him get a severe injury leaving him unable to continue his life he had build with you.

You stood backstage next to Stephanie, your sister in Law, as you two eagerly followed the elemination match on the screen. As the match went on Shane recieved some heavy beatings. With every passing minute you could see how the physical ecertion made him struggle. At one point he just lay there under the ropes catching his breath and trying to pull himself togheter again. You knew that he was supossed to act that way but it was clear to you that after almost 7 years without wrestling and his first match at Wrestlemania 32 and now that it wasn’t just an act. You knew Shane too well after severell years togheter. You couldn’t ignore the signs of his exhaution.

But then as Bray and Randy neatly laid Braun onto the commentators desk and you saw how Shane got up on wobbly legs, attempting to climb to the top rope, your stomach turned. In you you could see Step shaking her head. Shane was struggling getting to the top rope.

‘Please don’t. Don’t do this.’ you thought to yourself. It wouldn’t be comparable to the 20feet leap but you were aware that a jump from the top rope was a high risk move. Especially while Shane seemed so shaky on his legs.But then Shane jumped. And he landed on Braun. And he seemed to be… fine? You took a a deep relieved breath. He was ok, he definitely would get a scold as soon as he got his butt behind the curtain, but he was ok. Steph and you chuckeld releaved.

“Oh gosh, Shane will be the death of us some day. At least it went right.” she shook her head. Steph was aware of your constant discussion with Shane about high risk moves.

“Yeah, this time. But I can assure you that he won’t get away with this easily…” you laughed.

As the match went on you were still glued to the monitor. Even though you were afraid for his health you loved to watch him doing what he loved the most. It was a joy to see him so fidgety. While the match was getting to an end for Shane you could'nt wait for him to be by your side again. Steph had told you the vague course of the match. You knew in any moment now he would be eliminated.  

You saw Shane crawling thru the ring and climbing on the top rope once again. Jumping off attempting a Coast to Coast to Roman. But he was getting ready for a Spear. He cought Shane right out of the air pinning him against the matt. As soon as Shane hit the apron you knew something was wrong. His head had bounced on the apron pretty hard. Roman was going to pin him. The offical was counting to two and appruptly stopped as Shane jerked a bit. Roman visibly confused got off from Shane letting the referre check on him. You were in shock. On the monitor you saw the referre talking to your not moving husband. He was knocked out. This wasn’t supposed to happen! Not again. The referre raised his hand motioning to take Shane out of the match. The bell rang. Meanwhile tears were threathing to fall burning in your eyes. Stephanie standing motionless besides you. She didn’t know how to react either.

“Maybe it’s not as bad as it looked.” she tried to comfort you. But by the tone of her words you heard that she didn’t believe her own words.

“Maybe…” you whispered under your breath. Yeah, maybe Steph was right. The leap from the steel cage was way more dangerous than this and he was “fine” after that. Maybe Shane just acted very well… maybe. But maybe he was really hurt.

When you saw the staff helping Shane come backstage you left Steph without a word. While you ran down the hallway to the curtain, you began to panic. Shane was barely able to walk back with help. This wasn’t how he acted normally. He would never ever show any hint of vunerability infront of others. What if he sufferd a severe concussion?

The crowd began to grow louder the nearer you got to the curtain. The match was still on. When you passed another screen you could see how Roman, Dean and Seth were powerbombing Aj thru an anouncer table. You quickened your walk. Whe you reached the office you saw Hunter looking at you with his sad eyes. He gulped visibly

“Y/N, please calm down. Shane is alright. He’s already at the medics office.” he comforted you.

“Well, he didn’t look alright!” you scoffed.

“I’m sorry Y/N. Just trust me, it probably looked worse than it'lll turn out.” He gave you a small smile and squeezed your shoulder reassuringly.

“I’m sorry Hunter, I didn’t mean to-”
“It’s ok, Y/N. I know these situation can be nerve-racking. Just go and look after your man.”  he gave you a push asssuring you again that he didn’t took offense.

You hurried once again down to the medics office. You practicly slam opened the door.

“Shane!” you called out.

And there he sat. With a smug little smile on his face and an icepack on his head, looking as if nothing was wrong.

“Ahh, there she is. My beautiful wife.” He hold out his arms waving them at you to come over. You began to walk towards him, fighting with tears. He slung his arms around your waist resting his head against your stomach.

“Everyting’s fine with me.” he mumbled into your shirt. You turned to the medic.

“Is everything ok?” you aked him worried.

“Well, considering the spear he just got and his head bouncing on the apron with a enormous force, yes, he’s quite ok. He has a slight concussion but nothing terrible. He should probably rest the next few days and try to take things slowly.” the medic told you. You nodded and gave im a small smile, thanking him for taking care of Shane. You turned back to Shane who still clung to your waist like a little child.

“Why don’t you believe me. I said I was fine.” he pouted.

“Sometimes I really hate you!” you sniffeld.

“Ouch, those are some harsh words.” he chuckeld. “Y/N, look at me. I’m fine. I just came down a bit clumsily.” he assured you with a smile, looking deeply in your y/e/c eyes. Your fingers tenderly stroke thru his gray hair. You leaned down giving him a soft kiss.

“You scared me to death. You promised-” you told him searching his eyes.

“I’m sorry, but trust me I’m fine.” he cut you off and smiled up at you. It was crazy how just his smile could calm you down instantly. Only this time he should get away with this.

“You’re a handful, McMahon” you shook your head chuckling.

“Oh, admit it, you love it!”

“I’m not quite sure about that but I know that I love you, Shane.”

“I love you too, Y/N.”

İçinde sık sık hissettiği hüzün ve bıkkınlığın çekirdeği de haz denilen şeyin gelip geçiciliğinden ve ölümlülüğünden kaynaklanmaktaydı. Sevi hazzının birden ve kısa süre için insanı mest eden parlayışına, kısa süre özlemle insanı yakıp kavuruşuna, bir anda yine sönüp gidişine, tüm yaşantıların özü diye bakıyordu, bu onun için yaşamdaki tüm haz ve elemin simgesi olmuştu. Hüznün ve ölümlülüğün tüyleri diken diken eden korkusuna tıpkı sevgideki gibi aynı teslimiyetle bırakabilirdi kendini, bu hüzün de bir çeşit sevgiydi, o da hazdan başka bir şey değildi. Nasıl sevginin büyük hazzı kendini o en yüce, en mutlu gerilim anında kesinlikle açığa vurur, bir sonraki nefeste yine erir ve uçup giderse, en derin yalnızlıklara ve hüzne kendini kaptırışlar da bakarsın bir süre için vardır yalnız, ansızın içte duyulan şiddetli bir isteğin ve yaşamın aydınlık tarafına yeniden yönelişin pençesinde can verir. Ölüm ve şehvet aynı şeydi. Yaşamın anası sevgi ya da haz diye gösterilebileceği gibi, mezar ve çürüyüp kokuşma diye de nitelendirilebilirdi. 

-Hermann Hesse Narziss ve Goldmund

Shidge or kidge gambling au?

I was watching kakegurui and was “coincidentally” thinking about shidge and kidge during the whole time, so I wanted to contribute a new au to the shidge and kidge community. Warning I never intended for this to get this long, so I apologize for all of you that don’t like reading long stuff. Anyway please enjoy! Got to add another disclaimer, I wrote most of this around the hours of 1 to 2 am, so your probably gonna see a bunch of errors, Sorry in advance!

In this au, it’s set in a similar setting to Kakegurui (a school based society system based off gambling). Shiro in this au is 18 while Pidge is 15. The school they both attend has a “chain” of schools. They are both in highschool but what I mean “chain” is that there is elementary and junior high that have the exact same system as the highschool is operating. Only thing that is different, is that money is not betted at the elementary school or junior high but something that appeals to the maturity of the age range in the school. Anyway in this au Shiro’s family is quite wealthy at the very beginning,(were talking about when he was a child here) because they are able to send him to the same exact chain of schools mentioned above that have a good 50,000 per month tuition fee.(which doesn’t even include a uniform fee, which I’ll let you decide how much that is…) Anyway from that young age, Shiro is consider a prodigy gambler being able to find himself out of very sticky situations and being able to compete with people who have trained for years to get to the level Shiro plays at the age of 5. This then allows him to earn the title “champion” from a young age. Several years pass and many things happen to Shiro. One of those things is finding out about the birth of his little brother Keith (who was born 3 years ago, when he was 5 but shiro was not informed because Keith is shunned from the family for only being Shiro’s father’s child and not the result of Shiro’s Father and Mother.) The second thing that happens is that Shiro’s family start to slowly loose wealth, which by the time Shiro and Keith are both in highschool, they are both accepted as “special category” students. With the tuition I mentioned earlier for both Keith and shiro to go to the same school, their family has to pay a good 100,000 each month for them to keep attending. But since their family wealth is not as grand as it use to be, by the time Shiro starts highschool since their family has helped build the school to the foundation it is today, they both get accepted into the school for a lower tuition fee. Shiro and Keith are lucky as they get the lowest tuition fee in the entire’s school history, (excludes scholarship students) paying only 5,000 a month. Aside from all of that the last and final thing that happens is that Shiro’s mother becomes very very ill. Because of this it makes Shiro have to mature at a very early age, so he can prepare to become the next family head. During the time Shiro’s mother becomes ill, him and his father get into a car accident which leaves Shiro with a dead father and Shiro with only one real hand. Eventually, by the time Shiro enters his first year in highschool and Keith in his second year in junior high, his mother is on death’s clutches and is only surviving on life support. Which takes a heavy toll on him, which causes to cloud his judgement during sticky situations while gambling and let losing a common thing for him. For Keith even though Shiro’s mother isn’t his mom, Shiro’s mom cares for him like he is her own child and goes as far as arguing back at other family members for criticizing Keith for his entire being. So hearing that his mom is in death clutches make it harder for him to gamble correctly.

Now going back to Shiro’s late elementary years, he meets his first real best friend; Matt Holt. He’s had friends in the past but they used shiro to carve fear or just plain out use him for the things he won from previous gambling matches. Matt and Shiro first meet during a private gambling match. But Matt manages to win against Shiro, who at the age was still reigning as “champion”. Matt reassures Shiro he won’t make the results public because Matt dosen’t want to draw in unwanted attention from people asking or bugging him about how he beat the “champion.” Their friendship goes on until 2nd year junior high, when Matt tells Shiro that he has to withdrawal from the school due to some “personal” and not money oreintated things that are going on in his family. Shiro wants to stay In touch with Matt, but after his last day he just disappears

Now for Pidge! Pidge or Katie fully is aware of Shiro’s existence in some shape or form, but has already disguised herself to Pidge Gunderson, a student of the lowest middle class accepted as a scholarship student. Since the school operates with the gambling social system, scholarship students are loaned up to however money based off their monthly ranking in class. The lowest a scholarship student can receive is 2,00,000 for one month due to scholarship students required to rank in the 1-10 places out of the whole school in order to keep their spot. Not to mention, scholarship students can always keep whatever extra money they have from previous matches or whatever extra that was given to them by the school, but are required to play atleast one gambling match against another student once per month so one student dosen’t become powerful with money given to them by the school. In any gambling match on school grounds you are required to have a referee that is not biased between any of the students, 2,000,000 or enter with an “all in” and be able to pledge with the school’s gambling rules. The school’s gambling rules are very basic, as it includes no cheating (unless you are not caught), no biased dealers or referees, and everything you can think of that can prevent a unfair outcome. To continue, back to The holts. The holts in this au own a very rich company that do their sales in fields like medical all the way to tech or creating the latest software and hardware. The company the family owns have gotten several awards and nominations for awards which makes them a more trusted company to buy from. And can be considered one of the Big 7. The big 7, are companies that have large amounts of wealth and fortune that it’s not considered funny anymore. Some of the companies are able to even gain illegal monopolys in some of their fields they spealize in too. Of course all of these companies have heirs, which
Coincidentally all attend this gambling school. As you can infer already, the school is basically money=power or class in this school is based off how much money or how good have a gambler you are. Back to the Big 7, the student council is composed of 5/7 heirs of the Big 7. The president Lotor, Vice President Axca, Tresurer Narti, Public relations Director Ezor, and Secretary Zethrid. The other two students part of the Big 7 currently do attend the school but under alias as they both see that joining the council is a sign up for a bunch of unwanted attention. Now back to the “personal” things I mentioned with Matt earlier. In this world, companies will try to attack others so victim companies can either lose consumers or get their companies reputation dirty. When Matt tells Shiro he has to withdrawal for personal
reasons, he leaves due to the holt family general safety is in danger. As mentioned above they are part of the Big 7, and most companies that have to compete with them will do anything to eleminate the competition. That may be doing things that can put someone’s life on the line. But anyway, for the next few years the Holts leave the country traveling to Europe to go into hiding while still continue operations on their company. Matt is the same age shiro is when the main events of au occur which leaves a 3 year difference between him and Katie. In Europe the Holts stay in a different country every year, until things calmed down and they would be able to go back home. During the 3-4 years they stay in Europe, they’ve stayed in the U.K., Italy, France, and Germany. Which has allowed the whole family to learn the perspective languages that is spoken over there. After the 3-4 years they return to their original homeland. The family is still worried though, so they continue to use the names and alias they used while abroad.

While abroad the holt siblings did attend school. Which coincidentally had the same system as the school’s back in their original home so they’ve become even better gamblers. Learning tricks and techniques and noticing the littlest things that can go and support an arguement that their opponent is cheating. Matt is able to skip a grade while he’s abroad, so when the family returns he dosen’t have to go back to school. However Katie has to start highschool as Pidge.

During the years the holts are gone Shiro’s family struggles even more. To where Both Keith and Shiro are reduced to the lowest possible thing. They’re both in debt which In total both owe 8,000,000 not even including interest. Shiro is no longer considered a human at school but rather a house pet due to the amount of debt he owns. Keith is close to becoming one but whatever extra money Shiro has from after paying their mothers medical bills he tries to pay off Keith’s debt. Even though it’s not a lot it’s able to save Keith from becoming one of the student councils house pet. When Matt and Shiro were bff’s the holts would go on and even pay for the tuitions of Keith and Shiro. The holts pretty much have done so much for Shiro’s family that their mother has gone and personally thanked them for doing a lot for them. The holts like to always treat keith and Shiro as if they are their own children while Keith and Shiro look up to them as a 2nd family.

Either way when Pidge starts school she immediately recognizes Shiro and Keith when they both give her a tour of the school but they don’t recognize her. On the first day she goes against One of the class reps in which ends with her winning a match and rep now oweing her. After she asks to speak to Keith and Shiro and gives them enough money to pay off all their debt. Shiro asks “Why are you doing this?” And she only replies with “don’t I look like someone you’ve known before?” And then it just hit them in realization that this is Katie holt, sister of Matt holt. The person who rivaled the champion at the time. Once again shiro and Keith owe the holts once again and now both start crushing on the youngest holt for what she’s done for them. And like just think about all the of the small tidbits and moments that could happen, ok now I’m done.

Ok I’m done if any of you have really good writing skills and want to write a fanfic on this please go ahead. I’m a terrible person when it comes to writing dialogue so yeah. Just please credit me? Anyway have a nice day and thank you for reading all of this. @rebelgirlmatrix1213
Thoughts on this au I thought of?

About that new patch....

First off: congrats to all these people who will be able to romance Jaal with their broRdyers and made it possible by participating in #MakeJaalBi.
You are proof that achievements like these can be reached through civilized and polite discussion.

Now about the other, not so civilized side:
Honestly I don’t care if Jaal is entirely straight or bi. Either way my sisRyder and him can get married and live happily ever after. I wish this was the case from the beginning, so this whole discussion about homophobia didn’t need to take place in the first place.

But Bioware didn’t make Jaal bi from the beginning and that discussion did take place. And I was startled and shocked at the amount of shit that was thrown around - and with the patch anouncement continues to be thrown around and by whom.

Do you want to know what kind of posts I saw?

LGBTQ members insulting and attacking straight people for Jaal originally not being bi, for not agreeing with this course of action and explaining legitmately why they don’t agree and for simply being straight.
I didn’t actually think that this was possible but many displayed a behaviour that actually can only be identified as heterophobia.

Really? Do you think this is okay?
I knew homosexual and bi people who spent half of their lives working in organizations to erase prejudice and discrimination based on sexual orientation. A problem queer people suffer from and continue to suffer from.
And you just go ahead and turn the phenomenon around. Instead of queer people being attacked for beeing queer, it’s straight people attacked for being straight and speaking their opinions while raising valid points worthy of discussion.
And then the arguments being used: ‘Jaal takes care of his appearance so he must be gay.’ ‘He is so emotional and open, he can’t be straight.’ 'He gets naked with male crewmates, all hail to the gay lord.’ - only to name a few.

Do you know what those are? No? I’ll tell you. Stereotypes, prejudices, made up in order to discriminate.
Queer people working their asses off to eleminate these lines of thought and then queer people who call for equality go ahead and use these same stereotypes, queer people themselves making all the work against these very stereotypes lableling them without a second thought, undone by using them as arguments!

Double standards much? Do you even realize what you are saying and doing?

Changing someones sexuality because you don’t like it is never okay. It’s not okay to change a straight person, it’s not okay to change a gay/lesbian person and it’s not okay to change a bi/ pan person. There is no difference, because in all cases it’s who they are.

And if the fact that queer people have been subjugated to this kind of thinking for years, makes you think it is okay to do that to straight people, then I have to dissapoint you mate, it’s still not okay - just like the fact that black people have suffered from racism directed at them by white people, doesn’t legitimate racism from black people towards white people. It is wrong and will always stay wrong.
And I have yet to see a convincing argument on why it is so different to change Sera’s/Dorian’s/Suvi’s/Gil’s orientations from changing Jaal’s/Kaidan’s.

You can agree with me or not. This is my opinion on the matter. We can discuss it if you remain polite and respectful. Otherwise ignore this or if you really can’t tolerate it go ahead and attack me verbally. It doesn’t really affect me. Quite the contrary, you make it easier for me to block biased people and help me prove my point.

Please and thank you.

Composure » Myoui Mina (Part 3 ➥3.1k)

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Prompt: Have you thought about how that makes me feel?

“What started out as a threat quickly turns into a bond more precious than anything you could ever imagine.”

||  || Ⅲ

“This is L/N Y/N.”, you mutter halfheartedly, cellphone clamped between your right ear and shoulder, while fiddling with one of the paper stacks, consisting of effortlessly scribbled notes and a few stray bills that somehow managed to end up in this messy stack you piled up over the past few weeks.

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Hidayet ve dalalette insanların dereceleri mütefavittir. Gafletin mertebeleri muhteliftir. Herkes her mertebede bu hakikati tamamıyla hissedemez.

Çünkü gaflet, hissi iptal ediyor. Ve bu zamanda öyle bir derecede iptal-i his etmiş ki bu elîm elemin acısını, ehl-i medeniyet hissetmiyorlar. Fakat hassasiyet-i ilmiyenin tezayüdüyle ve her günde otuz bin cenazeyi gösteren mevtin ikazatıyla o gaflet perdesi parçalanıyor.

Lemalar[Y] - 143

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Produce 101 is a survival show where there are 101 trainees that will eventually turn into an 11 member group through challenges and eleminations. Don't watch produce 101 because you will have a fav and your fav will get eliminated


About past!Allen

We practically know nothing about him but he is still fascinating. Let’s talk about his memory loss and deaging, and why Apocryphos and the Heart are so interested in present!Allen. Long post ahead.

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What if Megamind had this defence mechanism that got triggered everytime he got hurt physically?
His race is pretty skinny and bony, so it would make sense if they actually had some sort of secret wepon, but that it only got activated once in danger because it drains a lot of power.
Once they’re in this state, their body regenerates and repairs the body, but also tries to eleminate the threat thats causing trouble.
The only downside to this, is that once in this state, the person becomes unconcious and oblivious as to whats going on.

Now, Imagine this being triggered when Megamind is in school, on the playground by himself, and Metro dude and the rest of the class groups around him and they start saying mean things and Megamind tries to make a verbal comeback.
And when he strucks a word that makes metrodude mad, metrodude jumps at megs and starts hitting him, and megs only lies there on the ground, trying to crawl away.
But then, Metro dude succeeds in hitting megs square on the jaw, making his face turn in the opposite direction and a loud sort of snap is heard.

Everybody backs away, thinking that Metrodude probably took it too far because he probably accidentally broke a bone on megamind or something.
Megamind lies completely still staring at absolutely nothing, as if he is absent.

Then, Megamind slowly sits up, his head facing down and not saying a single word. Everybody watches with tension thick in the air.
He stands up slowly, and then suddenly with such force, snaps his head up and everybody is filled with terror as he gazes right into their souls with his glowing green eyes, looking murderous AF.

And as he stars to walk towards them, Metrodude grabs Megaminds hands, and tries to fight him down, but becomes utterly shocked when Megamind pushes back with the exact same strength and just BADASS AF.

Now, as they get older, Megamind and Metro man somewhere both decided that Metroman would go easy on him in their kidnappings so that it wouldnt get activated because it was just too dangerous for both of them and especially Roxanne who they both swore not to put into the crossfire.

Although, what if during one kidnapping, Metroman accidentally knocks megamind over, causing him to hit his head so hard that the defence activates, and Roxanne just sits there, totally aghast, watching the chaos unfold.

EDIT: What no one knows though, is that Megamind can actually learn how to control it and use it for his own advantage, but since he’s afraid of himself in that state, he never really thought about trying to take control.
And when he can control it, he’ll learn that he can reverse the powers and use them to heal stuff/persons too by touching them with his glowing green powered hands! (But ofc that will drain him very quickly)

somebody should totally make a fanfic of this kind of stuff though…*COUGH*

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What if a rival girl (eg: Megami Saikou) couldn't be overpowered and killed? Would you try a more... psychological method of elemination?


L̯̮̻̺̞̞͈̇͝ Ȍ̮͉̹̫̼͞O̲̼̖̩͔ͩ͊̀ Ḳ̲͈̙̻͙̗̽ͮ͛ͣ̇S̢͂

Ļ̝̪̜̀Į̧̮̗ͧ̓̚͜ K̰̤̲̱͚͇̱͑̽ͮ͞  E̶̶͇̪͕̬̯̞͍̤̎ͪ̋̔͌̀

F̞͕̲͔̪̙̞͖̮̗̳̝̘̭͖̯̭͔͐̄ͨ͋̔ͥͩͯ̎͊ͤ͛̍ͤ͊ͬ̚ͅ    ͖̦̬͓̰̰͕̔̏ͬͣ͌̆̊̓̌͑̌͒ͪ̉̃̒U̗̱̫̲ͬ̓ͧͩͮ̾̎̄ͮ̓̃ ̤̺͍̄̌ͭ̌ͧ   N̰̜̘̥̦̖̟̖ͮ͗̈ͦ    !

Yeni yılda daha iyi bir siz için 100 günlük program

Yeni yıl her zaman yeni kararların alındığı zamanlar olmuştur. Ama her seferinde benzer kararlar alınır, spor salonuna yazılacağım, erken kalkacağım, daha iyi bir iş bulacağım, kendi işimi kuracağım, ruh eşimi bulacağım… diye uzar gider fakat her seferinde hedeflere ulaşılamaz hatta hedeflere uygun adımlar dahi atılmaz. 

      Yıllardır sınavlara maruz kalırken her zaman şunu duyduk; “planlı, programlı çalışın” bütün öss, kpss, lys, ygs.. sınavı birincileri sanki her yıl komite toplayıp “bu sene de başarımızın sebebini bununla açıklayalım” diye anlaşmışçasına her sen bunları söyledi. Fakat size kötü bir haberim var haklılar! -kahretsin-  Aynı şeyi yaşantımızın her alanına yansıtırsak başarılı olabileceğimizi de söylüyorlar-bir daha kahretsin- Bu yüzden önümüzde ki sene için size 100 günlük bir program öneriyorum. Sizden istediğim aşağıda yer alan her şeyi 100 gün boyunca hayatınıza uygulayın. Gerektiği gibi uyguladığınızda  başarılı olabileceğinizden eminim.


100 günlük hedef takvimi oluşturun. Hedeflerinizi o takvime yazın ve o günün hedefini tamamladığınızda üstünü çizin

-Bir şeyi açtıysanız kapatın
-Bir şeyi aldıysanız geri yerine koyun
-Bir şeyi attıysan geri al

Evinizin içinde dolaşın ve tamir etmeniz düzeltmeniz gereken şeyleri belirleyip, gerekeni yapın


Hayatınızda memnun olduğunuz, şükrettiğiniz şeyler için bir kavanoz oluşturun ve gözünüzün önünde bir yere koyun. Güzel bir şey yaşadığınızda, hissettiğinizde hemen küçük bir kağıda yazıp bu kavanoza atın. Böylece mutluluklarınıza daha fazla konsantre olacaksınız. Ayrıca zor dönemlerden geçtiğinizde bu kavanozdan rastgele kağıtlar alıp okuyun. Bu sayede umudunuzu hiç bir zaman kaybetmezsiniz

Sizi mutlu eden küçük şeyleri hergün yapmaya çalışın. Örneğin kitap okumak, dışarıda  yemek yemek, arkadaşlarınızla sohbet etmek, çiçeklerinizi sulamak, küçük bir yürüyüş yapmak, müzik dinlemek gibi şeyler

Komik fıkralar, resimler, videolar paylaşan bir adrese üye olun ve her gün oradan gelen bildirimleri okuyun. Böylece hergün en az bir kez gülmüş olacaksınız.


Okuması zahmetli olan okurken fazlasıyla konsantrasyon gerektiren bir kitap okumaya başlayın. Her gün okuma miktarınızı arttırarak kısa sürede bitirmeye çalışın

Her gün en az bir şey öğrenmeye çalışın. Bu bilgisayarınızın parçalarının ne işe yaradığı, çok bilinen bir kitabın yazarı, bahçenizdeki çiçeğin ismi, bir ülkenin başkenti ya da yabancı dilde yeni bir kelime gibi şeyler olabilir.

Saatinizin alarmını her gün bir kaç dakika önceye kurun ve de alarm çalar çalmaz yataktan kalkmaya çalışın. Alarmınızı her gün 2 dakika erkene kurarsanız yüz gün sonunda en az 3 saat erken kalkmaya başlarsınız. Bu noktadan sonra yapmanız gereken 21 gün boyunca aynı saatte kalkmaya çalışmak. Sabahın o saatinde ne yapacağım diyorsanız.

100 gün boyunca en az bir TED videosu izlemeye çalışın


Harcama planı yapın ve bu plana uyun.

Bir şeyi satın almadan önce en az 2 hafta bekleyin. Eğer o 2 haftanın sonunda hala o ürünü almak istiyorsanız satın alın

Alışverişe çıkmadan önce alacağınız şeyleri belirleyin

Alacağınız şeylerin dışına çıkmayın

Tokken alışverişe çıkın

Alışveriş sırasında hesap makinesi kullanın

Alışverişinizi kredi kartı ile yapmayın

100 gün boyunca bütün harcamalarınızı nakit para ile yapın, kredi kartı kullanmayın

Kredi kartı limitinizi azalttırın


100 gün boyunca yanınızda sürekli olarak not defteri taşıyın ve yapmanız gerekenleri ve yaptıklarınızı bu not defterine kaydedin

Bilgisayarınıza zaman yönetimi yazılımı yükleyin ve gününüzün ne kadarını bilgisayar başında geçirdiğinizi ve bu süreçte neler yaptığınızın denetimini yapın. Eğer istatistiklerde olmaması gereken bir şey ile karşılaşırsanız o alışkanlığınızdan kurtulun

Bilgisayar kullanabileceğiniz zaman aralıklarını belirleyin ve bu zamanlar dışında bilgisayar kullanmayın

Ders çalışmak, sunum hazırlamak vb. Görevlerinizi yerine getirmekte zorlanıyor veya onları yaparken yoğunlaşamıyorsanız; telefonunuzu, bilgisayarınzı, televizyonunuzu yani size engelleyen her şeyi kapatın ve rahatsız edilemeyeceğinizi bir yere gidin, 25 dakikalık bir zaman tutun ve bu süreçte sadece o işinizle ilgilenin. Eğer herhangi bir şey sizi anlık dahi olsa görevinizden alı koyarsa o 25 dakikayı en baştan başlatın. Çalışma aralarını 5 dakika gibi bir süre tutun. Bu şekilde 4 çalışma yaptıktan sonar yarım saat kırkbeş dakika gibi bir ara verin

Bir seferde sadece bir tek işi yapın

Yapmanız gereken işleri sıralıyın ve ne kadar zamanınızı alacağını yanlarına yazın. Sadece 1 dakikanızı alacak işleri hemen yapın. Daha fazla zaman gerektiren işleri önem sırasına göre sıralayın. Yapılması 1 gün veya daha fazla sürecek işleri günlere bölün ve o konu hakkında çalışma yapmadığınız bir günün dahi olmamasına özen gösterin

Bir gün içinde en fazla 30 dakika bilgisayarda, tablette veya akıllı telefonunuzda oyun oynayın

Gününüzü yatmadan önce planlayın

Bu yüz gün içinde her hafta yaptıklarınızı gözden geçirin ve kendi kendinize ne başardığınızı, nelerin yanlış gittiğini ve neleri doğru yaptığınızı sorun

Eğer sosyallikten kaçınıyorsanız veya sosyal olmak için zaman ayıramadığınızı düşünüyorsanız sosyalleşme zamanlarınızı da belli bir düzene koyun ve plana uyum sağlayın


7000 kalori 1 kiloya eşittir. Eğer bu 7000 kalorinin tamamını yemeğinizden keserek vermek istiyorsanız hüsrana uğrayacaksınız. Onun yerine diyet ile sporun dengeli bir kombinasyonu sizi amaçlarınıza ulaştıracaktır. Önümüzde ki 100 gün boyunca günde 350 kaloriden vazgeçerseniz 5 kilo verebilirsiniz. 350 kalori için şeker kullanmayı bırakmanız ve aynı zamanda ekmeği azaltırsanız ulaşabileceğiniz bir değer ya da tüm bunların yerine yediğiniz günlük çikkolatadan vazgeçebilirsiniz.

Önümüzde ki 100 gün boyunca günde en az bir öğünün sebzelerden oluşmasına dikkat edin

Önümüzde ki 100 gün boyunca meyveyi çok abartmayın ve 2 elmaya denk gelecek şekilde meyve yemeye çalışın. Unutmayın meyvelerde şeker içerir ve diğer şekerler kadar yıkıcı etkileri olmamakla birlikte kimi olumsuz etkilerini de taşırlar.

Önümüzde ki 100 gün boyunca yemeğinizi daha küçük tabakta yiyin. Daha küçük tabak dolusu yemek beyninizce bol miktarda yemek varmış gibi algılanır

Önümüzde ki 100 gün boyunca kola vb. Gazlı içeceklerden kaçının, kendi meyve suyunuzu sıkın eğer bununla uğraşmak istemiyorsanız %100 meyve sularından için

Sağlıklı olduğunu düşündüğünüz ve her zaman ulaşabileceğiniz yiyeceklerin listesini yapın ve her gün en az 5 tanesininden en az birer porsiyon yiyin

Yarının öğünlerini bugünden planlayın hatta yemeklerini bile şimdiden pişirin. Bu sayede anlık istekleri elemine etmiş olacak. Evde yemek olduğu için fast food’a yönelmezsiniz

Sağlıklı yemeklerden oluşan bir yemek kitabı alın ve en beğendiğiniz tarifleri işaretleyin. Ne yapacağınıza karar veremezseniz oradan bir yemek yapın


Önümüzde ki 100 gün boyunca her gün partnerinizin en az 1 tane olumlu özelliğini düşünün ve bir kenara yazın

Önümüzde ki 100 gün boyunca partneriniz yaptığınız aktiviteler hakkında günlük tutun. Tabi her şey hakkında değil

Seni seviyorum demenin karşınızdakini dinlemenin etkilerinin farkına varın. Tanımadığınız veya sizden üstte olan kişilere gösterdiğiniz nezaketi partnerinize de gösterin

Evden çıkmadan önce ona sarılın


Her gün yeni insanlarla tanışın ama bunu isteksiz olduğunuz günlerde bile yapın

Komşularınıza zaman zaman pişirdiğinzi yemeklerden götürün. Özellikle iyi pişirdiğiniz şeyleri götürseniz daha iyi olur

Birisi sizi üzerse boşverin

Empati yapın

Birisini suçlamadan önce biraz düşünün

Uzun süredir görüşmediğin arkadaşlarının bir listesini yap ve bir arama planı oluştur. Böylece onları en az ayda 1 kere ara

Aktif dinleme konusunda deneyim kazanmaya çalış. Aktif dinleme karşımızda ki kişiye önemsendiğini hissettirme ve sohbetin devamlılığını sağlayacak bir şekilde dinlemedir.

İnsanların ellerinden gelenin en iyisini yapmaya çalıştığını düşün ve sen de elinden gelenin en iyisini yap


Hi I sent in an ask explaining that I am the original creator of fell ink and this is my design. I created him a long time ago and seeing your post of underfell ink brought me to the brink of tears because I put a lot of thought and effort into him and your fell ink is a great design but i am just really sad because no one notice that I’m the creator of fell ink and will think you are because a only have one follower. So I’m sorry. I made him first I’m not made I’m scared that u will hate me plz don’t hate me


sended and art by @nerdynekogirl

( warning horrible english) girl don’t worry i dont hate you, but now i have to explain you something sad.

i know how do you feel right now, i remember when many time ago i create a fell!cross, but no one knows abaut it, maybe just 3 person/followers, and a mouth next of my idea fell!cross, there someone more popular create another fell!cross (it was also the creator of real cross, jael<3), and everyone will start think it was she the first that had create fell!cross, so i had to eleminate my idea of fell!cross.

and heh, it was happended again when i create a swap version of dream and nightmare, next of this, blogthegreatrogue create they too, soo i had to eleminate this idea to… 

girl i know how do you fell right now, but trust me you aren’t unique with this problem, i had it too :(, unique things that we can do it’s to create a competition between ours fell!ink and then, the ours followers will choose their favorite fell!ink….. or you can do like me, and eleminate this idea….. yeah :/

ps, omg you know that you fell!ink is really simular to fell!PJ (PC)?? they have a really similar clotes how cute X3

i ask a little help to @blogthegreatrouge and @angexci, because they are more influnte in this story<3


wow, who knew my first OFF fan art would be a crossover?

I’ve had this idea stuck in my head for awhile, so I took a delay (like four nights worth) from other things to bring you this Five Nights at Freddy’s OFF crossover comic (I’m sure this has been done before, but whatevs)

You kinda have to know the central plot of OFF to understand the joke, but basically, The Batter’s mission is to purify (eleminate all the phantoms) and I saw the opportunity with FNAF’s ghost possessed animatronics and took it. And since Bonnie is *usually* the first to go after you, I chose him (sorry Bonnie, there’s no escaping this guy) so yeah, easiest night ever.

Also, I added eyes on The Batter (he does have them, they’re just usually closed or obscured by his shadow, so I went with my own headcanon, LAWL) so yeah, Kalza’s first OFF fanart (yay!)


this is just for fun, please don’t hurt me

art is © mine

Bonnie and Five Nights at Freddy’s are © Scott Cawthon

The Batter and OFF are © MortisGhost

This didn’t turn out as planned… (T▽T) I do not like the end product… But oh well…

So this is an AU inspired by the anime Beyond the Boundary.

Naruto is a half Japanese (half demon) exchange student who houses a demon inside him and Hinata is the heiress of a clan set out to eliminate the said demon.

Hinata follows Naruto everywhere looking for an opportunity to eleminate him but ends up falling in love with him.