What if Megamind had this defence mechanism that got triggered everytime he got hurt physically?
His race is pretty skinny and bony, so it would make sense if they actually had some sort of secret wepon, but that it only got activated once in danger because it drains a lot of power.
Once they’re in this state, their body regenerates and repairs the body, but also tries to eleminate the threat thats causing trouble.
The only downside to this, is that once in this state, the person becomes unconcious and oblivious as to whats going on.

Now, Imagine this being triggered when Megamind is in school, on the playground by himself, and Metro dude and the rest of the class groups around him and they start saying mean things and Megamind tries to make a verbal comeback.
And when he strucks a word that makes metrodude mad, metrodude jumps at megs and starts hitting him, and megs only lies there on the ground, trying to crawl away.
But then, Metro dude succeeds in hitting megs square on the jaw, making his face turn in the opposite direction and a loud sort of snap is heard.

Everybody backs away, thinking that Metrodude probably took it too far because he probably accidentally broke a bone on megamind or something.
Megamind lies completely still staring at absolutely nothing, as if he is absent.

Then, Megamind slowly sits up, his head facing down and not saying a single word. Everybody watches with tension thick in the air.
He stands up slowly, and then suddenly with such force, snaps his head up and everybody is filled with terror as he gazes right into their souls with his glowing green eyes, looking murderous AF.

And as he stars to walk towards them, Metrodude grabs Megaminds hands, and tries to fight him down, but becomes utterly shocked when Megamind pushes back with the exact same strength and just BADASS AF.

Now, as they get older, Megamind and Metro man somewhere both decided that Metroman would go easy on him in their kidnappings so that it wouldnt get activated because it was just too dangerous for both of them and especially Roxanne who they both swore not to put into the crossfire.

Although, what if during one kidnapping, Metroman accidentally knocks megamind over, causing him to hit his head so hard that the defence activates, and Roxanne just sits there, totally aghast, watching the chaos unfold.

EDIT: What no one knows though, is that Megamind can actually learn how to control it and use it for his own advantage, but since he’s afraid of himself in that state, he never really thought about trying to take control.
And when he can control it, he’ll learn that he can reverse the powers and use them to heal stuff/persons too by touching them with his glowing green powered hands! (But ofc that will drain him very quickly)

somebody should totally make a fanfic of this kind of stuff though…*COUGH*


wow, who knew my first OFF fan art would be a crossover?

I’ve had this idea stuck in my head for awhile, so I took a delay (like four nights worth) from other things to bring you this Five Nights at Freddy’s OFF crossover comic (I’m sure this has been done before, but whatevs)

You kinda have to know the central plot of OFF to understand the joke, but basically, The Batter’s mission is to purify (eleminate all the phantoms) and I saw the opportunity with FNAF’s ghost possessed animatronics and took it. And since Bonnie is *usually* the first to go after you, I chose him (sorry Bonnie, there’s no escaping this guy) so yeah, easiest night ever.

Also, I added eyes on The Batter (he does have them, they’re just usually closed or obscured by his shadow, so I went with my own headcanon, LAWL) so yeah, Kalza’s first OFF fanart (yay!)


this is just for fun, please don’t hurt me

art is © mine

Bonnie and Five Nights at Freddy’s are © Scott Cawthon

The Batter and OFF are © MortisGhost

This didn’t turn out as planned… (T▽T) I do not like the end product… But oh well…

So this is an AU inspired by the anime Beyond the Boundary.

Naruto is a half Japanese (half demon) exchange student who houses a demon inside him and Hinata is the heiress of a clan set out to eliminate the said demon.

Hinata follows Naruto everywhere looking for an opportunity to eleminate him but ends up falling in love with him.

Bingo book titles

       okay so i had a little burst of inspiration and did the thing. these are personal headcanons and no one is obligated to adhere to them :0 

       Firstly, these titles are viewed as technically suggestions rather than strict guidelines, but regardless many shinobi adhere to them and academy students are taught about these titles.

      Flee on sight: Just like it sounds. Regardless of rank, enemy shinobi with this title should not be confronted for any reason. If spotted you should pray they havent seen you, run immediately, and not look back. Few Shinobi earn this rank and their bounties are exorbitant.

    Highly dangerous: Should not be confronted if not specifically mission related and only then by people of Jounin, Tokubetsu Jounin, or Anbu ranking. Their bounties are typically really high and it’s common for jinchuriki to hold these titles. Genin should consider these people flee on sight.

   Dangerous: Can be confronted if not mission related, but not advised by people below the rank of jounin. Because Chunin are rarely assigned the task of eleminating specific people it doesn’t come up, but chunin can confront if mission related. Their bounties are nothing to sneeze at.

   Noteworthy: Somewhat infamous. Can be confronted by people ranked chunin and higher, but with discretion. Usually, this is the lowest and most common ranking within the bingo books. Entire clans have earned this title, and it’s common for people connected to shinobi of higher titles, such as genin teams, as well. Bounties will vary but generally are lower.

   Some shinobi will fluctuate between these titles, some will be misjudged, and some have no titles what so ever. If a shinobi makes it into the bingo books at all, it means they’re noteworthy at the very least.