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y'all today i went on a date with this girl and we drove like 40 minutes north and went hiking and then when she was dropping me back off, we went to visit the tallest building in atlanta and it was so fun and cute


Lily’s eyes were green. Lily was earth. She gave life to everything that touched her. She was vivacious. She was the start and the end of everything. She was rough and edgy sometimes but smooth as silk at other times. She was strong, she would turn you upside down like an earthquake. She was indispensable, if she wasn’t there, there was no life. 

Sirius’ eyes were grey. Sirius was air. He was free like the wind. He was also as intimidating as a hurricane. When he was angry he could not be contained. He either caressed you slowly or he smacked the living shit out of you. He was black or white, he didn’t have the colour of his eyes in his soul. He was rebellious, he would rekindle a fire when others tried to put it down. He seemed weak but would knock you down out of nowhere.

Peter’s eyes were blue. Peter was water. He was pure but easily manageable. He never knew his strength. He had the potential of a tsunami but he thought he was just a river. He never understood how big the effects of his actions would be. He wanted power but he already had it inside him. 

Remus’ eyes were amber. Remus was fire. He was the sun and he didn’t get along with moon as well as the others did. He had good and bad in him. He kept you warm but he also had the ability to consume everything around him. There was hatred in him, burning him from the inside but he always made sure he kept it under control. When he couldn’t, he needed others to keep him calm and they did. 

James’ eyes were hazel. James was harmony. He kept them all together. They worked together like magic and James was how they achieved that magic. He would help Peter realise his strength when he didn’t and help him understand how much he’s needed to put out Remus’ fire. He would make sure Remus saw fire isn’t all that bad, it can be calm and good, too. He would protect Sirius and others from himself so there would be as little damage as possible. He would bring out the best in Lily, he would smooth out her edges. He had all these different personalities but he made them come together and work. 

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what aspect of emeto do you like the most?

the buildup. without a doubt. i love the whole scenario of a character feeling sick and trying to hide it; stifling little wet burps behind their fist or swaying unsteadily as they struggle to stand upright. I love the sick, gurgly sounds, especially if a character is desperately struggling to suppress them - swallowing them down without relief. someone they wouldn’t normally rely on coming to comfort them because, dude, seriously you need to go to the bathroom?! I’m all about strong characters being struck down by something as human as the stomach flu. like gimme all that shit!! 

Hello! This is secret santa for @mellifluousbable!

Their request was for “ereri fireside chats; Eren, Levi, and friends have a secret santa gift exchange” and well… here you have the precious boys exchanging gifts by the fireplace with Hanji and Armin (and let’s just pretend that Mikasa and the others are grabbing drinks and food from the kitchen or something, haha).

I hope this is to your liking, and I wish you and everyone a warm, fun, safe, and wonderful holiday season!


ok, so looking at the plan for yuri’s free program…

that is…

1. 4T + 2T
2. FSSp
3. 4S
4. CCSp
5. 3Lo
6. Chsq
7. 3A
8. 3F
9. 3A + 1Lo + 3S
10. 3Lz + 3T
11. 4T
12. CCoSp

which translates to (with base scores for each element in parentheses)

1. Quad Toe Loop + Double Toe Loop  (11.60)
2. Flying Sit Spin  (1.70)
3. Quad Salchow  (10.50)
4. Change Foot Camel Spin (1.70)
5. Triple Loop  (5.10)
6. Choreo Sequence  (2.00)
7. Triple Axel (8.50 + b = 9.35)
8. Triple Flip  (5.30 + b = 5.85)
9. Triple Axel + Single Loop + Triple Salchow  (13.10 + b = 14.41)
10. Triple Lutz + Triple Toe Loop  (10.10 + b = 11.11)
11. Quad Toe Loop  (10.30 + b = 11.33)
12. Change Foot Combination Spin (1.70)

please correct me if i’m wrong about anything.

ok, so… for the spins, those are the base values.  if yuri’s spins are more complex than just a basic spin, then his score would go up, but there’s no indication of what level they are, so… just gonna go with base value.  even with that, his technical difficulty score would be 86.33, which… is pretty awesome, honestly, and includes 4.73 of bonus because of the twelve jumps planned, EIGHT of them are in the second half (and in the long program, jumps in the second half get a 10% bonus).  

these are the BASE VALUES, once again.  if his spins are more complex, they’ll get added points, and every single element is judged by a panel for a Grade of Execution (GOE) which will either add or subtract up to three points per element.  (which means… he could get LESS than 86.33, too, but. even still.)

i’m no expert, but if he executes this plan, and doesn’t fall… his score should be pretty massive.  tho, even if he steps out of a jump, or downgrades a jump (especially in the competitions leading up to the GPF…) he’ll still have a really competitive technical score.  

and takeshi thought his short program was spartan… literally, the entire second half is all jumps again except for a final spin… victor is, um.  challenging!!

blackhawks 2015 training camp day one. 

kaner looking happy and relieved to be on the ice. there was lots of support from the crowd (and a few boos).

“to hear that reaction from the crowd, it definitely gave me chills.“ Patrick Kane


rinrei secret santa exchange for jositree

rinrei in a secret relationship. the prompt would’ve probably been excellent for a fic or a longer comic, but i am just a mere mortal so i did what i could do. but i hope you’ll find it okay. merry christmas.


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mildly pretentious adventure time aesthetics
      > princess bubblegum

I don’t think this is gonna come as any surprise to you. But I can be really certain about things. I like being certain, okay? Its where I’m comfortable. I am not happy in the grey places.

Spencer Hastings, PLL S05E23

Something a Capricorn Sun would say.

Myuna has a love for dancing. Every time this lovely elemental dances one the waves, the water dances with her.

I wanted to do a roleplay starter as well as just draw her dancing. Well, I didn’t mean to get this carried away but I did. XD I hope you guys like it!


final fantasy type-0 abilities:

Jack ➟ Transience.


He does eventually ask for the story - mostly because he loves to hear about Douglas being clever, and because he knows Mum will tell it with as little of Dad in it as possible, now that she’s had some time to rehearse it. She tells him about the control column, and Dad getting stuck on it, and Douglas being all smirky and Skip being brilliant with the gin and Mum pouring it all over Dad! That’s the best bit. He makes her do the faces. Usually she doesn’t like acting but he can tell she enjoys it this time, loves spluttering and stuttering and pretending to be Dad, face all scrunched up and dripping with gin.

Arthur giggles. What a brilliant plan.

“Thanks, Mum,” he says. He means for the story, but for everything else, as well. He wouldn’t have been able to pour it the same way. His hands would have shaken – hers, he knows, did not.

“Don’t thank me, thank Douglas,” she tells him, so he does, later on.

“That’s quite all right, Arthur,” Douglas says. “It was very satisfying. Thank you, for believing I could do it.”

“You always can.”

“I can certainly always try.”

“Douglas,” Arthur asks, after a bit, “What was your dad like?”

Douglas smiles. “Set in his ways. Easy to disappoint, at first, but he got used to me.”

“Do you miss him?”

“Sometimes, yes. He lived a good, long life, though, that’s something.”

Arthur thinks of Martin’s dad, who wasn’t very old at all, thinks of Martin’s sad eyes when the anniversary rolls around. It is strange, Arthur thinks, that he is the only person at MJN whose dad is still alive, but also the only one whose dad is… The way his dad is.

All right.

That’s how he’d described him before.

Secretly, even Arthur knows there are better words for what Dad is, but he doesn’t like them. He doesn’t think about Dad except when he has to. Because family isn’t all about family trees, anyway. As a child, he had climbed - and fallen down from, but that wasn’t the point - whichever trees he fancied, and Arthur thought that was a nicer way of thinking about families, too. You could be part of anybody’s. You just needed the right branches, strong enough to hold you, and not too far apart.

Mum is in his, of course. She is the strongest branch Arthur knows, and she has never been far away. Even though she gets cross sometimes, and he knows to take cover, he wouldn’t change her for anything. Not for a million Toblerones - and he can imagine a million of those, he’s had more practice.

Skip’s there as well, funny old Skip, with his hat on his head and a model aeroplane in his hand - Arthur had flown his from the tops of trees a lot as a child, and he imagines Skip doing the same. Sometimes Skip’s less like a branch and more like a leaf, a bit quivery and small, but still bright, and nice, and a tree needs leaves, it looks bare without them. Arthur likes them best when they are gold, like Skip’s hat.

And Douglas – sometimes Douglas is one of the branches, but sometimes he’s like the roots, Arthur thinks – he knows what to do and he holds them all up, even if people outside don’t see more than his three stripes and his co-pilot’s seat. Douglas is magic, too, just like roots, which look so normal and ordinary but who burrow deep underground and find food for the tree when it needs it, somehow knowing the right way to go. This has always amazed Arthur. There are caves near an airfield they used once in Barton-Le-Clay, caves which aren’t made of rocks, but of enormous fallen-down trees. The roots curve around like a great big mouth opening wide, and you can walk inside, but instead of feeling like you’re being eaten, you feel safe. Arthur lost a whole afternoon there, once. Just sitting and realising tree roots are magic.

Just like Douglas.

Maybe family is all about family trees, after all, but it’s about the ones that grow after you’re born.