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Diagram showing Alchemical Cosmogony or alchemical movement from Prima Materia to Ultima Materia.

The three philosophical principles of Alchemy are considered the working units of this system. It is the Holy Trinity of the Universe. They are primary organic functions that exist within all of manifest Creation. Understanding these principles assist in understanding the underlying patterns behind all things. Our minds are under their influence, as well as our physical bodies and emotional states. The planets. The plants. The minerals. The animals. Spirits and non-physical beings are composed of the principles. The fact that all of existence contains these primary organic functions is what makes them Universal.

Celestial Salt - the Prana, the Vital Force, the Breath that maintains physical life and existence. It acts at the instinctual and unconscious levels and is influenced by Cosmic cycles and other natural phenomena.

Celestial Niter - Kundalini Energy, the Secret Fire, the Alchemical Sulfur. The function of the Kundalini/Niter is to increase in humanity its sense of its True Self and True Will by opening us to wider vistas of awareness.

The Four Elements - Each in turn reflects upon itself into active and passive duality. Celestial Niter forms active Fire and passive Air. Celestial Salt forms active Water and passive Earth. And even though Air is passive, it is still more active than Water because it is of the Celestial Niter. The four Elements are the essential qualities by which Nature is formed and operates.  The interplay of the Four Elements gives rise to the Three Essentials.

The Three Essentials - Four Elements combine to create the Three Essentials:  Alchemical Sulfur, Mercury, and Salt. Fire acting on Air produces Sulfur. Air acting on Water produces Mercury. Water acting on Earth produces Salt.

The entire manifestation of matter is maintained through the cooperation of the Three Essentials. Everything has a balance of these three things and the different proportions of the Three Essentials in the countless forms of manifested matter account for the multiplicity and diversity we see. 

Salt = Matter and the Physical Body,

Sulfur = Consciousness and the Soul,

Mercury = Energy and Spirit.

Byrhtferth - Diagram of the physical and physiological fours that describes the interrelationship of the Elements of the Universe, “Ogham Enigma”,  late 11th century.

Figure contains the twelve zodiac signs, two solstices, two equinoxes and the twice two seasons of the year; and in it are described the four names of the elements, names of the twelve winds and the four ages of man. At the same time are added the twice two letters of the name of the first man, Adam.

Astrological Wheel, or Mandala, is a map of the space surrounding us at the time of our birth. The wheel is divided into twelve sections called houses - six houses in the sky above, six beneath the Earth below. These houses are numbered counterclockwise, starting with the 1st house and the direction east. Planets in the heavens are placed on the chart wheel in the houses that correspond to where they actually are in the sky. Of the 12 houses, astrologers find the four most important are the one directly above our heads (10th), the one under our feet (4th), the one on the left and to the east (1st), and the one on the right and to the west (7th). These four are called angular, because they mark the corners of the chart: south, north, east, and west.

In the chart wheel, the planets are placed in their zodiac positions. The zodiac stretches in a circle through all 360 degrees of the surrounding sky, and this circle is divided into sections of 30 degrees - the familiar 12 signs. Planet positions are measured within signs by degrees, minutes, and seconds of circular arc.

The wheel is also seen as two hemispheres - a top and a bottom. The upper part of the chart (houses 7-12) represents that part of the sky that was overhead and above the horizon at the time of our birth. It has to do with the world of thoughts, ideas, ideals, and planning. The lower hemisphere (houses 1-6) marks that part of the heavens that we have under us - and cannot see - below the horizon and on the other side of the Earth from us. It has to do with experiences, embodiments, incarnation, and so forth. In other word, the sky above and the Earth below.