The Elements and their correspondences


Earth represents strength, grounding, prosperity, the material, wealth, success, foundations, death and rebirth. Focus on this element if the goal of your spell is about fertility, prosperity, business or stability. Earth spells may take longer to work, but they’re also more firm and are good if you’re looking for long-term solutions.

GENDER: Feminine
SEASON: Winter
HOUR: Night

COLOURS: Green, Brown, Black
ANIMALS: Bears, Deers, Wolves, Badgers
HERBS/PLANTS: Ivy, Ash, Vetiver, Wheats, Oats
INSTRUMENTS: Drums (Percussion instruments)

STAR SIGNS: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
STONES/GEMS: Jade, Onyx, Emerald, Salt
RITUAL TOOLS: Stones, Dirt, Bones, Pentacle, Salt, Crystals 
RITUAL FORMS: Burying, Planting, Imprinting to soil or sand
TAROT SUIT: Pentacles


Air represents intellect and the mind, wisdom, knowledge; logic as well as abstract thought, intuition and higher consciousness. If you’re seeking freedom, travels, or to enhance your memory and focus - focus on Air spells! Air is whimsical and amiable, personally I haven’t found it useful for more serious spells, but it does wonders for my studies. 

GENDER: Masculine
SEASON: Spring
HOUR: Dawn

COLOURS: Yellow, White, Sky Blue, Pastels
ANIMALS: Birds, Spiders, Butterflies
HERBS/PLANTS: Lavender, Birch, Vervain, Dill, Aspen
INSTRUMENTS: Flute (Wind instruments)

STAR SIGNS: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
STONES/GEMS: Amethyst, Opal, Alexandrite, Beryl
RITUAL TOOLS: Incense, Wand
RITUAL FORMS: Fanning, Tossing into air, Suspending in a high place 


Fire represents energy, passion, purification, love, inspiration, desire, will, courage, power, leadership, sexuality. In spellcraft, focusing on Fire is good for purification, healing and love spells; it’s the best element for quick, strong spells. Although, Fire is fierce in essence, and Fire spells are susceptible - they should be well thought out.

GENDER: Masculine
SEASON: Summer
HOUR: Noon

COLOURS: Red, Orange, Gold
ANIMALS: Snakes, Lions, Horses
HERBS/PLANTS: Cacti, Cinnamon, Pepper, Basil
INSTRUMENTS: Guitar (Stringed instruments)

STAR SIGNS: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
STONES/GEMS: Amber, Citrine, Ruby, Tiger’s Eye
RITUAL TOOLS: Athame, Candles
RITUAL FORMS: Burning, Smouldering, Heating


Water represents purification as well; though it’s focused more on the soul and the subconscious rather than the physical, material world. Water stands for emotion, intuition, wisdom, eternal movement, reflection, lunar energy. Focusing on the Water element is good for psychic abilities, getting in tune with your inner self, mysteries, friendships, love, dreams and sleep.

GENDER: Feminine
SEASON: Autumn
HOUR: Dusk

COLOURS: Blue, Indigo, Silver
ANIMALS: Otters, Fish, Sea Mammals, Frogs
HERBS/PLANTS: Lotus, Water Lilies, Aloe, Gardenia
INSTRUMENTS: Cymbal, Bell (Resonant instruments)

STAR SIGNS: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
STONES/GEMS: Moonstone, Aquamarine, Pearl
RITUAL TOOLS: Cauldrons, Chalices, Seashells
RITUAL FORMS: Diluting, Placing into water, washing away, bathing

Herbs Masterpost

Valuable information on individual herbs down below! 🌿 

Posted: May 7th, 2018.

Updated: June 12th, 2018.


Acacia: Masculine. Deities; Astarte, Diana, Ishtar, Osiris, and Ra. Element; Air. Planet; Sun. Powers; Psychic Protection and Powers. 

Agrimony: Masculine. Element; Air. Planet; Jupiter. Powers; Protection, banishes negative energy and spirits. Once used to detect the presence of witches.

Alfalfa: Feminine. Element; Earth. Planet; Venus. Powers; Prosperity and Fortune.

Allspice: Masculine. Element; Fire. Planet; Mars. Powers; Fortune, Luck, and Healing.

Almond: Masculine. Deities; Attis, Hermes, Mercury, and Thoth. Element; Air. Planet; Mercury. Powers; Fortune, Prosperity, and Wisdom.

Aloe: Feminine. Element; Water. Planet; Moon. Powers; Protection and Luck.

Althea: Feminine. Element; Water. Powers; Protection and Psychic Powers.

Amaranth: Feminine. Deity; Artemis. Element; Fire. Planet; Saturn. Powers; Healing, Calling the Dead, and Protection. 

Anemone: Masculine. Deities; Adonis, Venus. Element; Fire. Planet; Mars. Powers; Health, Healing, and Protection.

Angelica: Masculine. Element; Fire. Planet; Sun. Powers; Exorcism, Healing, Protection, Visions.

Anise: Masculine. Element; Air. Planet; Jupiter. Powers; Purification and Youth.

Apple: Feminine. Deities; Aphrodite, Apollo, Athena, Diana, Dionysus, Iduna, Hera, Olwen, Zeus. Element; Water. Planet; Venus. Powers; Love, Healing, Immortality.

Avocado: Feminine. Element; Water. Planet; Venus. Powers; Love, Lust, Beauty.

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Challenges given to Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

  • Frequent experiences with people who are antagonistic and disrespectful, consistent threats and intrusions to personal space, and circumstances where they are forced into defending and asserting themselves. They can feel restricted or unable to truly demonstrate their softer and more sentimental points and often sense that people therefore don’t recognise these qualities in them
  • Restrictions others have enforced and the standards they are measured by that belong to limitation 
  • The re-experiencing of betrayal, heartbreak, deceit, and vilification that generates the anger that rests on their natural baseline. This is the rage and the heat they are called to tame and rise from (creatively, self-actualising, sexually) rather than internalise or squander in a single explosion 

Challenges given to Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

  • Sudden implosions to personal security in the form of abrupt location change, break up, or employment that dually threaten their internal structures and the constants they rely upon 
  • Being enclosed by others and trying to build upon and make do in a small space, negotiating frequent intrusion and over-reliance by other people who may begin to use the individual as a resource. This is when they have the opportunity to self-reflect on their own needs and the knowledge that their single-minded pursuits are ultimately beneficial for everybody
  • Constant and repetitive inconveniences, mix ups, breakdowns, surprise expenses, injuries that impair proficiency rarely caused by the individual
  • Being forced to work alongside or with incompetency and playing the improvised supervisor, instructor, and problem solver 

Challenges given to Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

  • Frequent earth bound problems reoccurring to test and exercise their logic and judgement, often caused by their episodes of absent mindedness
  • Being enclosed by a regulated and confined education system that may have been to slow or under stimulating to engage in or demonstrate their intellect and there is an ongoing fight ever after to vindicate the mind
  • Lack of material stability, continuity, and frequent troubles with transport and mobility that re focuses the development of wealth and capital into relationships, knowledge, and learning
  • The loss of love and friendships that re-reveal the transparent emptiness

Challenges given to Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

  • Being forced to adjust to their earth bound demands while adhering to deeper and more spiritual, emotional, and connective responsibilities
  • Frequent experiences with people who are invalidating, emotionally immature, or mirrors of the past that provoke their own extreme emotional state to develop internal regulation, emotional clarity, self-awareness, and empathy
  • Regular intervals of social exclusion that provide the opportunity to self-reflect and acknowledge the emotions, sensations, and thoughts that belong to them and not other people
  • Having their altruism, favours, or good deeds for other people depended upon, exploited, or manipulated where they are then forced to contemplate if their best option is to absolve these qualities and stop caring, but therein they also lose a part of themselves 


🌄Morning Witchcraft☀️: how to connect to the elements

These are some of my tips for connecting to the elements in the morning before school, work, busy days, or just a day at home. It’s also handy for witches like me who prefer to work in the morning and daytime 🌞


💨wake up at dawn if you can (dawn is the time that correspondes with air)

💨pick a perfume that correspondes with your intent for the rest of the day

💨listen to some music to set intent for the day and energize yourself

💨get some fresh air and let the crisp morning air invigorate and center you

💨light incense that correspondences with your intent of the day

💨enjoy the morning bird chirping

💨do a daily divination reading to get a feel for what to expect for the rest of the day

💨incorporate almonds, honey, strong scented herbs like dill, or eggs in your breakfast


💧have a cup of tea or some water when you wake up

💧take a shower or bath and let it cleanse you

💧take a morning swim if you can

💧moisturize with lotion that correspondes with your intent for the day

💧make a water bottle of infused water (with the herbs/fruits of your intent) to carry around and keep you hydrated for the day

💧collect morning dew

💧pick a seashell that correspondes with your intent for the day to carry around with you

💧sing! (to connect to mermaids and warm up your voice for the day)

💧incorporate apples, berries, salt, fish, or avocado in your breakfast


🌿take a walk or jog

🌿do some yoga

🌿pick a crystal that correspondes with your intent for the day to carry with you

🌿ground yourself

🌿take care of your plants (water them, talk to them, etc.)

🌿do a prosperity spell for the day

🌿spend time with your pets

🌿use plant based products or make your own if you can (like shampoo, soap, makeup, etc.)

🌿incorporate nuts, beans, roots (like ginger), and greens (like spinach and kale) in your breakfast


🕯light a candle to set your intent for the day

🕯enjoy the morning sunshine, feel it’s warmth

🕯do some makeup or fashion magic when you’re getting ready

🕯meditate with the Sun

🕯take vitamins and/or medications

🕯stay warm with hot teas, hot showers, blankets, etc. (the morning can be a bit chilly)

🕯use the sunshine as a positivity and happiness spell and let it charge you for the day

🕯carry a tealight with you (you never know when you’ll need one)

🕯incorporate citrus and spices (like cinnamon, peppers, etc) into your breakfast

Lacking Elements in Astrology

Those who lack water are drawn to…. bodies of water, the moon, taking baths, swimming, a fascination with the ocean and sea, a love for underwater creatures, drinking fluids frequently/thirst, thunderstorms, the colors black, blue, green, and purple, eating soups and liquid-y foods, water influenced people

Those who lack fire are drawn to… bonfires, candles, heat and warmth, sunlight, warm foods and drinks, having a light on when sleeping, hot/spicy foods, shades of red, orange, blue, and yellow, exercising and exerting themselves, fire influenced people

Those who lack air are drawn to… traveling, having a fan blowing to sleep well, windy weather, meditation, fresh air, amusement park rides, breathing exercises to calm down, cultural foods, open spaces, the colors blue, white, purple, and grey, long car rides, air influenced people

Those who lack earth are drawn to… nature, the outdoors, soft fabrics, gardening and cooking, herbs and spices, filling and comforting foods, eating natural foods, veganism, animals, spiritual practices, shades of green, brown, yellow, black, and grey, earth influenced people

Can we all take a second to appreciate Uncle Iroh…

Fire Lord Ozai wanted all the power in the world, hence naming himself the Phoenix King

Kuvira studied substance aka the spirit vines to create the very first super weapon

Zaheer let go of his final earthly tether, unlocked the ability to fly, experienced true freedom (not to mention he freed himself from prison)

Unalaq,despite his intentions, changed the world by convincing Korra to open the spirit portals

elements and their correspondences ✨

just a little things i put together giving different things related to each of the elements

🌬 Air

color: pale yellow/ pale blue

color candle: yellow

direction: east

time of year: spring

time of day: dawn

tarot: swords

ritual tools: athame, incense

signs: libra, aquarius, gemini

crystals: sapphire, citrine, smoky quartz, tourmaline, topaz, gold beryl, chrysolite, rhodonite, blue calcedony, lapis lazuli, amethyst, peridot, carnelian.

essential oils: lavender, lemongrass, peppermint


color: red

candle color: red

direction: south

time of year: summer

time of day: midday

tarot: wands

ritual tools: wand, altar candle

zodiac signs: aries, leo, saggitarius

crystals: amber, fire agate, fire opal, blood and fire agate, bloodstone, boji stones, carnelian, garnet, hematite, iron pyrites, jasper, ruby

essential oils: basil, cedarwood, clove, frankincense, juniper, lime, nutmeg, orange, peppermint, rosemary, rose geranium, tangerine


color: purple/blue

candle color: blue

direction: west

time of year: autumn

time of day: sunset

tarot: cups

ritual tool: chalice

zodiac signs: cancer, scorpio, pisces

crystals: aquamarine, calcite, fluorite, jade, kunzite, milky quartz, moonstone, opal, pearl, selenite, tourmaline

essential oils: chamomile, eucalyptus, jasmine, lemon, myrrh, sandalwood, spearmint, ylang-ylang


color: black

candle color: green

direction: north

time of the year: winter

time of day: midnight

tarot: pentacles

ritual tool: salt

zodiac: taurus, virgo, capricorn

crystals: most agate gemstones, amazonite, aventurine, fossils, malachite, obsidian, rose quartz, rutilated quartz, smoky quartz, tigers eye

essential oils: cypress, vetiver, patchouli