Irene Adler walks into the life they’ve built for themselves and Watson’s world shatters. She and Sherlock are – were broken, and they’ve just managed to fix themselves, and then she waltzes in and Watson’s not entirely sure how to feel. She’s upset, because this is the woman that broke Sherlock’s heart and sent him spiralling into a pit of drugs and despair, and she doesn’t know if she can help him, this time. She’s angry, too, and just a bit hurt that Sherlock’s dropped her like an old penny in favour of his ex-girlfriend because what about everything they’ve done in the past year – what about the fact that he’s the best friend she’s ever had and she doesn’t want to lose him? There’s also the overwhelming unease that accompanies the blonde’s entrance into their world, because Irene is too perfect, too golden, too confused by her supposed ‘abduction’ for it all to add up. But she loves Sherlock – she does, and she’s not sure if it’s romantic or platonic or whatever – but she loves him and he loved Irene and that has to be enough for now. So she swallows her emotions and tells him that she’d be perfectly all right with leaving the brownstone (her home) if he and Irene want it to themselves, even if her entire body screams at her that it’s a lie.