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In which Ignis decides that happiness should be made, not waited for.

How many years had you and Ignis been together? You’d known each other since elementary school; a much-smaller you would play with a much-smaller him when he was still in regular school–not in the program that allowed him to learn under the guidance of the royal family. He recalled the year of his tenth birthday: you were the only one who came to his party.

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maybe it would know better if we stitched it eyes

Summary: When you and your best friend have been attached to the hip practically since birth, you’re not going to let some scrap of cloth separate you. In which Oikawa redefines the meaning of a hatstall, and Headmistress McGonagall probably isn’t paid enough. Hogwarts AU!

Credit to @agapantoblu for the premise of Oikawa fighting the Sorting Hat forever to be in the same house as Iwaizumi (taken from this post). It’s just such a great idea that immediately sparked my dead writer brain.

Pairing: Iwaoi (You can take it either as queerplatonic or romantic)
Word Count: 1470
Rating: G or K or basically as hair-raising as a stuffed teddy bear

They stopped calling it a hatstall twenty minutes ago.

It was unprecedented, to say the least. The Sorting Hat’s record for the longest time to sort a student was seven minutes and 23 seconds - something that Professor Flitwick felt the need to say repeatedly as his gaze flickered between his watch and the boy on the stool, back and forth as though he was afraid he might miss something.

Headmistress McGonagall failed to see exactly what he could miss. Certainly, just past the five minute mark, the hall could hardly contain the frenetic waves of anticipation, everyone excited at the sheer privilege of seeing a hatstall. Even McGonagall - with an impressive sixty years at Hogwarts under her belt - had only seen enough hatstalls to count on one hand.

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I kind of hate how overactive my imagination is. It’s honestly nearly 100% of the cause for my stress and anxieties. Last night, as I was waiting for JH to meet me at the bar, I was just imagining him walking in hand-in-hand with another woman and declaring his love for her in front of me. Which was so off-base and earned me popcorn in the face after I had described this scenario to JH. This is why my mom banned me from reading books like Matilda for awhile when I was in elementary school. Too much fuel for the imagination inferno in my head.

I had a dream

where I rode a lie-down skateboard all the way from god knows where

all the way through what looked like Brooklyn or England

where hundreds of thousands of people were standing and cheering all the way and I would wave to them

until I rolled down this one hallway where I held my hand out and was slapping everyone else’s hands

until i came to the end of the tunnel where I spun around and gradually stood up off my lie-down skateboard

to visit my elementary school after all these years

i didn’t even like my elementary school that much what the fuck

Memory Lane- Kōtarō Bokuto

hi hello this is to make up for my extreme lack of presence on this blog in the past few months (even though i wrote this when i was applying to be an admin lol) i promise im working on some new stuff rn 

     You had been friends with Bokuto for as long as you could remember. In first grade, when you had met each other for the first time, you couldn’t help but realize how great of a friendship you were going to have. Elementary school became much more entertaining, and the years blew by with only a few memories of your hundreds of shenanigans standing out. From practical jokes like placing whoopee cushions on chairs, to replacing whipped cream with shaving cream, you and Bokuto had always been known as the harmless pranksters.                                                                                                                In junior high, Bokuto had decided that you two were going to become the most popular kids in school, and for the next 3 years, every day after class you’d attempt to make your next plan on how to get the spotlight to shine on you both. It didn’t work very well, seen as by the end of 8th grade, Bokuto was known as “the kid who would not shut up about owls”, and you as “the kid who kept him from capturing an owl because his Harry Potter costume was already cool as heck”.                                                                                                            The summer before high school started, all of your folks decided to buy two cabins next to a huge lake, where from there on in you’d spend your long weekends together. That summer was full of throwing each other off of the docks into the lake, getting lost on nature walks because you swore that you saw a werewolf, and Bokuto’s hair catching on fire because of all the hair gel he’d wear.                                                                                                                   And then came high school. “The best years of your life” they’d say, but in reality, your life had become a living hell. Your grades were dropping, your parents divorced, and Bokuto had moved on from being your best friend. The grey haired loser you once knew had become a popular volleyball player, with girls all over his humorous personality and gorgeous hair. You, on the other hand, got into painting, and became friends with a completely different group of people. You never really forgot about Bokuto, always keeping an eye on him during his matches and in the hallways, even though he seemed to forget about you completely.                                                                                                In your graduating year, you moved to a school specifically for the fine arts, and had finally gotten over the fact that you and Bokuto would never speak again. He was happy, and that’s all you cared about. After graduation, you went out to your cabin alone, hoping to get some inspiration for your next piece. It wasn’t until a few days later that you noticed movement within the neighbouring cabin. A glimmer of hope sparked within you, and died down immediately when you remembered that Bokuto’s parents had sold the cabin earlier in the year to help fund his trip to nationals. As the sun began to set, you pulled out a box from the storage room that was labeled as “y/n’s memory box”. It was your version of a photo album, which was mainly filled with things that you had collected with Bokuto from the year before, and a tie-dye headband he had tried to make you. You didn’t notice the tears running down your cheeks until you got to the bottom of the box. A chocolate stained selfie you and Bokuto had taken on the last night of your previous summer vacation, with “best friends” scribbled on by Bokuto.                                                               You were sobbing after looking at the photo. How could so much change in just a few short years? Just as you were putting the box away, you heard the front door of the cabin creak open. “Y/n?,” a familiar voice called out, “Please tell me you’re here? I have something important to tell you.” Bokuto’s voice rang throughout the halls, sending shivers down your spine. After two whole years of being apart, the boy you called home finally came back to you.

  • Grade 9/10: Guess I should probably start thinking about how to adult
  • Grade 11: *rocking in the corner, sobbing* Please don't make me do this...

I somehow ended up watching old anime/cartoon intros from my childhood and I ended up feeling really nostalgic. I really wanted to draw something related to that nostalgia.

Ranma was one of my fave shows during elementary school… So much that I even copied Rumiko Takahashi’s drawing style, haha.


못지않게 is the extreme form of 처럼.  Used for comparisons, 못지않게 is used when the comparison is not only similar, but also exceeds that similarity.  In the above image, 마트 못지않은 풍성함 indicates not only that the refrigerator is as well-stocked as a supermarket, but that it can surpass supermarkets in that regard.

요즘 초등학생들은 옛날 고등학생 못지않게 공부를 많이 해요. These days elementary school students study as much as, if not more than, high school students of yore.

저희 어머니는 요리사 못지않게 요리를 잘 하세요. Our mother cooks as well as, if not better than, a chef.

 올해도 작년 못지않게 덥겠습니다. This year will be as hot as, if not hotter than, last year.


No she’s not Peridot 

I just wanted to draw something random and suddenly it turned into some kind of Human!Lapidot I have no excuse _(:0JZ)_

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rumaan  asked:

From that prompt list you reblogged - Bellarke: hey you’ve had a rough day so let’s get in our PJs and watch a cute movie together and cuddle bUT IT’S TOTALLY PLATONIC ALRIGHT - please!

0Usually it’s Clarke needing the comforting. Her job at the hospital can be beautiful - art therapy can be very helpful to sick children - but there are days when she has one less rapt student than the day before. Those days are the worst. 

So she’s surprised when her roommate and best friend (since elementary school, thanks ever so much) is sitting on the couch when she gets home. Bellamy is wearing his most ridiculous pajamas (some touristy thing he bought in Rome) and poking a spoon into his mostly melted ice cream. 

All the sirens in her head go off at once. Def con 2. 

Sure, Bell can be a whiny baby, but that does not usually involve his “historic” jammies and chunky monkey ice cream (ugh, Bell and his nuts). This is serious. 

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