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Angsty AU Headcanons

 @blacknovelist55 and I were talking, which lead to an AU. And pain. Here’s the result.

  • Superheroes visit kids in hospitals, like actors or other celebrities do.
  • All Might especially does a lot of this. It’s a drain on his time, but the kids light up when he comes to visit, and it’s as much a part of being a hero as fighting villains.
  • On one of these trips, he meets a little boy who’s in late elementary school. The boy idolizes him and is clutching a notebook that All Might eventually learns contains extensive notation on hero techniques.
  • He finds out after talking with the boy that he’s got a terminal illness.
  • The kid’s a big fan of his, so this isn’t the last time he goes to see him. Even though it puts extra strain on his body, staying in hero form so long.
  • What All Might isn’t expecting though, is that the kid comforts him more than he comforts the kid.
  • He feels so much stronger. Midoriya, the boy, somehow manages to encourage in just the right ways, and reminds him of what a hero is.
  • Midoriya wants to live. He wants to live so he can be a hero. To live so he can save lives.

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Favorite nick name: I like prince.
What you would be if you are not an idol: Elementary school student *shook at himself*

Favorite nick name: You know what I’m gonna say. People call me DAB KING. I like it.
What you would be if you are not an idol: I might become a Youtuber maybe.
Most good looking at GOT7: Do you even have to ask you can just look.
Bambam to Jackson: My way is not my way too.

Can I answer this question for other members?
*answering himself* No, we have to answer it for ourselves.
Most good looking at GOT7: I don’t understand about that. I think seven of us shines in different ways. 
Jackson to Bambam: Well I think my way is definitely not your way.

What you would be if you are not an idol:I probably want to be a music therapist.
Jackson: Music Doctor
Youngjae: Music Doctor

Favorite nick name: Mark Kim
What you would be if you are not an idol: Uhmm.. I would be just a student.
Emphasizing Jinyoung’s answer: Jinyoung is going to be a elementary school student

Pick me pick me pick me up
What yo do if you feel homesick: I’ve never been homesick.
Bambam: *whispers* You live in Korea.


What you would be if you are not an idol: I would probably in the military.