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Angsty AU Headcanons

 @blacknovelist55 and I were talking, which lead to an AU. And pain. Here’s the result.

  • Superheroes visit kids in hospitals, like actors or other celebrities do.
  • All Might especially does a lot of this. It’s a drain on his time, but the kids light up when he comes to visit, and it’s as much a part of being a hero as fighting villains.
  • On one of these trips, he meets a little boy who’s in late elementary school. The boy idolizes him and is clutching a notebook that All Might eventually learns contains extensive notation on hero techniques.
  • He finds out after talking with the boy that he’s got a terminal illness.
  • The kid’s a big fan of his, so this isn’t the last time he goes to see him. Even though it puts extra strain on his body, staying in hero form so long.
  • What All Might isn’t expecting though, is that the kid comforts him more than he comforts the kid.
  • He feels so much stronger. Midoriya, the boy, somehow manages to encourage in just the right ways, and reminds him of what a hero is.
  • Midoriya wants to live. He wants to live so he can be a hero. To live so he can save lives.

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A Standing Ovation Cast

Here is a list of characters that appear as part of the ‘cast’ and my brief descriptions and notes about them. No spoilers for the plot and ending of the novel.

Izaya Orihara 折原臨也

I already made some notes of most new things we learned about Izaya in one of my previous posts, but here is some short notes for those that have not seen it.

- He is confirmed to be left-handed

- He knows nothing of baseball (and I would say sports in general)

- His wheelchair is worth more than 3 million yen. It is a new carbon nano-fiber made electronically operated model. It is one of a foreign maker’s high quality products (no name given on the creator).

-According to Sozoro, if he were to fall in love with one individual he would truly become evil and do anything to obtain that person. Essentially he’d become like Shinra.

-More PTSD shown. Izaya completely blanks out and clearly panics a bit when he sees Iroha in a bartender uniform. He seems fine when he is expecting it, but otherwise it throws him off guard.

Sozoro Densuke 坐傳助

A sort of body guard hired under Izaya. He dresses and behaves similar to a butler. He taught Traugott Geisendorfer. He was accused for a crime he did not commit. Izaya helped prove his innocence and helped save his family from trouble. In return, he has a 10 year contract with Izaya. He very much dislikes Izaya and has stated on quite a few occasions he would eliminate Izaya when he has the chance.

Nec ネク

A hacker working under Izaya. She helps find/gather information for him. Her real name is Hisae (last name). The name “Nec” is actually short for “Necromancer” and “Necrophilia,” nicknames given by other hackers. She shortened it to ‘Nec’ because it is cuter short.

She previously specialized in handling the articles of the deceased. She tried to hack into Izaya’s accounts, and unfortunately tried to hack in a server connected with Tsukumoya. This was her first failure as a hacker. Tsukumoya destroyed her computer (and her self-esteem). She eventually gets hired by Izaya though because of her skills.

She has stated that they have a more business relationship. She’s grateful that he gave her ‘purpose’ after her failure with Tsukumoya. She does say things like “I’ll kill him because he told my name,” but other than that she isn’t very hostile towards him. But she doesn’t praise him either. She knows how he is. “He’s the president right? An unsettling guy right? What else more is there to say?” She is rather teasing with Izaya. When Haruto asks where Izaya went when he was invited to the VIP room to see Hiura, she responds. “To hell. He went to hell.” Her banter is really fun to watch. Sozoro does the same, but there is more distaste and disapproval with Sozoro than with Nec. But I wouldn’t say they are friends. They really are just close business partners.

Haruto 遥人

A boy taken under by Izaya after losing both his father and mother - his father was killed by Himari’s father and his mother left mentally unstable. He is about elementary school age. He idolizes Izaya and tries to become like him. He is unaware of Izaya’s involvement with Himari’s father, which lead to his father’s murder.

Haruto’s Entry

Haruto Talking About His Past

Himari ひまり

A quiet girl taken under by Izaya. She is about the same age as Haruto. Her father killed Haruto’s father. She knows everything on the situation regarding her father and his actions, including Izaya’s involvement. She despises him but wants to become like him in order to get away and ‘to return Haruto back to the way he was.’ She is more mature and less naive than Haruto.

Himari’s Entry

Ryuusei Takioka 瀧岡劉生

He’s one of the top officials in the baseball team management. He is completely in charge of the management for the stadium. He’s maybe in his late twenties. He is someone described to be a distinguishable person within the Natsugawara group - a presence that is trying to gain total control. He actually has a lot of titles, but he is called by many people “the executive.”

The first impression of Ryuusei….he’s an asshole. His first scene is in the prologue when he comes in to hear about the murder. After listening and discussing the possibilities of who the murder is and his intention, he starts kicking the dead corpse (Amagi) bloody, leaving it in a worse state than it was before.

“What the hell were you doing….Amagii…! You worthless bitch!”

Ryuusei relentless drives in more kicks as he raises his voice.

“For dirtying! My theater! My stage! With your fresh blood!”

The same time he cut off his words he delivers another kick and continues to warp the dead body’s face even though it should be impossible to do so. Then, he tramples on his face with his blood stained shoe and crushes his temple like extinguishing the flame of a cigarette as his voice resonates with utter resentment.

“Couldn’t you have at least simultaneous killed each other? How about leaving just one clue by gouging out a piece of his flesh! Or at least running away to a place safe from the cameras before receiving the final blow!”

Ryuusei is rather…unstable, shall we put it. Literally before this he seemed rather composed and tried to figure out the situation and then starts beating up Amagi’s corpse not even shortly after the fact. I wouldn’t say this is not an antagonist I haven’t seen before, but he is certainly a wild card and quite sadistic.

Tamae Takioka 瀧岡珠江

She’s Namie 2.0. Not only is her name similar, the second kanji of her first name ( 江) is the exact same has the second character in Namie’s name, she is a secretary working for her brother, has a similar speech pattern, and she has a similar attitude. The only main difference is that she is not infatuated with her brother. Because of this though, she shows more emotion and is just more dimensional overall compared to Namie, so she’s enjoyable. Narita is a tease…again.

Ranzou Hiura 氷浦乱蔵

I originally thought he was also part of the same organization as Ryuusei. I think he is more of an “investor” shall we say. He is a guest at the stadium. He somehow figures out the “problem” Ryuusei is having and gets involved and tries to help Ryuusei solve his issue. He is a lieutenant governor, so he is an influential figure.

Michiaki Fudou 不藤道秋

One of the workers at the baseball stadium under Ryuusei. I think he is the head of security there. He was the original guy who found the body. I wouldn’t say he does not do a lot in the story. If I were to put it simply, he’s just a very unfortunate guy. Like, he doesn’t want to get involved, but Ryuusei forces invites him to be part of his personal team, which means getting into some dirty business. He also gets hospitalized in the end. Pretty much he gets pretty bad consequences throughout the story.

Iroha Mayuzumi 黛彩葉

She is officially a member of the “Third Investigation Division.” She usually walks around and sells alcohol, but behind the scenes she takes on the dirty jobs Ryuusei appoints to her. When there is trouble around the baseball stadium she is one of the members that resolves the issue with ‘not clean methods.’

She looks like an older Akane. She has short hair and a long side bang that covers one eye. She is often described as being surrounded with mystery. She is a professional killer, though it’s clear she doesn’t enjoy it. She ends up befriending Yuuki Usubara and leaves with them.

Ayumi Usubara 臼原歩美

This is a character we were introduced to from A Sunset with Izaya Orihara. He is described as a giant, probably more than 2 meters tall (roughly 6.5 feet). He has dyed blue hair and a black bandage wrapped around his face. To most people, he would seem like a pro wrestler, a yakuza, or an assassin. This is the guy who is capable of picking up a vending machine (though cannot throw it). He has a scar on his face, though most of it is covered by the bandage.

He previously worked for the Adamura family before the mine shut down and his employers terminated. He also was almost blown up by Izaya at the climax of the last installment and lost his job because of him, so he has been hunting Izaya down for revenge.

As it is mentioned in the novel, his name doesn’t fit him at all. Ayumi is usually a girl’s name. Also, just look at the second character of his first name. The first character 歩 usually means ‘to walk’ and the second character 美 means ‘beauty’….this monstrous giant’s name means something like ‘a walking beauty.’

Yuuki Usubara 臼原ユウキ

Ayumi’s step-mother. She’s 23 and five years younger than Ayumi. So she sort of just showed up in his life rather suddenly. Not long after they met/she got married to his father, Ayumi’s father died. No one believes it was Yuuki who did it because the Usubara family barely had any money because of his father’s medical expenses (he was sick before it seems), and she took on his debt. She told Iroha that getting married was just kind of spontaneous.

She is a woman with a short build enough for onlookers to assume she is a young girl more than a grown lady, and her features extraordinarily arranged, but she is more of a woman that the word ‘pretty’ would come to mind more than ‘beautiful.’ And such a fairy-like woman is seated at the same table as the monstrous giant.

Byakuyamaru Natsugawara 夏瓦白夜丸

He is the commander of the Natsugawara group. He literally doesn’t appear until the end, so there is not much I can really say about him. Based on what he says in the epilogue, he seems to know of Shinra and Celty.

Kanshirou Munakata 棟像寒四郎

Unless I missed something, this character is only mentioned throughout the story. He doesn’t appear officially, in other words he doesn’t have any lines. I’m surprised he showed up in the cast. But he is a well-known baseball player and the main batter for the Natsugawara serpents.

Hope this helps. Should I do something similar for the Sunset novel. I originally wasn’t expecting reoccurring characters from the last one, and there are some characters from both novels that ended up running away and have gone ‘missing’ because of Izaya. This could mean other characters can come back. Who knows. Anyway, let me know if there is anything to clarify or what you want to hear.