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Cheap/ Cute School Supplies

Hi everyone! School for me is less then 1 month away and I’m sure lots of you are still school supply shopping. I just wanted to make  post to help you all out!

I went shopping in target and bought way to many overpriced things, then I went online and found the same items that were cuter and cheaper… so of course I bought some more… I got tons of sticky notes, tabs, washi tape, erasable pens, eraser stick, and pencil pouches and all of it together was $20.43

So anyways, here are some links:


I know it’s a lot of links! Sorry if it’s trouble. Here’s the link to the store.

You can go on the store and go to the office and school supplies section to see all their other cute stuff.

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There’s an Oregon Trail board game. It has cards that look like the original computer game and dry-erase gravestones that allow you to write down your name and how you died along the way. Source Source 2

The segregation of kindergartners — by the numbers

Here, from the non-profit Economic Policy Institute, is a snapshot of how segregated public schools are, starting in kindergarten. It was written by Elaine Weiss and Emma García. Weiss  has served as the national coordinator for the Broader, Bolder Approach to Education since 2011. García, who joined the Economic Policy Institute in 2013, specializes in the economics of education and education policy.  EPI was created in 1986 to broaden the discussion about economic policy to include the interests of low- and middle-income workers.


Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre
Crime Scene Photos

(Source: Connecticut State Police)

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Learn more about: The Sandy Hook Shooting

Learn more about: Police descriptions of the Carnage

Learn more about: Adam Lanza’s Antidepressant

Learn more about: The ages of the victims at Sandy Hook

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the pines twins relationship?

Mabel gave up her perfect dream world and was willing to face the harsh reality and the apocalypse just to live and grow up with Dipper. And let’s not forget that she went in the her bubble in the first place because she felt like she just couldn’t be without her brother.

And Dipper gave up his future as an investigator of the paranormal. Which was without a doubt his absolute dream, eversince he came to Gravity Falls, just because he wanted to bring back and be with Mabel. He realized that without her a huge part if his life was missing and that he didn’t want to grow up without her either.

And as we have seen in the last episode, those were’t the only sacrifices the twins have made for each other.

I mean we all were silly carefree kids at some point, who experimentally cut of their hair. But you can’t tell me that in 2nd grade Dipper didn’t knew that he was probably gonna get laughed at with a partly shaved head. He knew, but still he was willing to tonsure himself without hesitation, just to make Mabel better. To make her feel like she wasn’t alone.

And we all know how Mabel usually takes every chance to get together with other guys. But she took those like dozen letters from potential boyfriends, glued them together into one big heart, and gave it to Dipper, just to make him feel better. To make him feel like he was loved.


I think we all should take a moment to appreciate the special relationship Dipper and Mabel have, and the sacrifices they made and are still willing to make for each other.


Arts and Crafts Storage: Art materials can take up a lot of room.  Click the links below to view some creative storage ideas (Pictures are numbered from left to right, top to bottom).

  1. Shoe Organizer: Hanging shoe organizers take up little room and the pouches are the perfect size for craft materials.
  2. Divided Box: Glue recycled toilet paper rolls into a covered box to store items.
  3. Spice Rack: You can repurpose and old rotating spice rack to store glitter, beads, and other small items.
  4. Cereal Boxes: Cover cereal boxes to store paper, magazines, etc.
  5. Toilet Paper Rolls: Painting and glueing together toilet paper rolls is a good way to organize materials.
  6. Turn Table: Paint an old lazy susan/turn table and glue on buckets for easily accessible storage.
  7. Cans: Cover and stack cans to store art supplies.
  8. Arts and Crafts Center: If you have the room you could devote a whole shelf to arts and crafts supplies.
  9. Pegboard: Pegboards can be easily personalized to fit all your craft storage needs and can be mounted on the wall to leave plenty of room for toys.
  10. Drink Case: You can cover a cardboard 6-pack to make a portable art station.
  11. Flip Down Desk: This stores art supplies, takes up little space, can be used as a black (or white) board or to display wall art when it is up, and turns into a a desk when it is down (See below)

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Please fire me. I just got yelled at by the parents of one of my students. Apparently, by insisting that he learn correct spelling, I was “killing his creativity.”

Today at recess, the fifth graders were playing basketball. At one point the ball rolled right to me and I took a one handed shot from the other side of the court. It sunk without even touching the rim, and those kids flipped the fuck out while I stood there dumbfounded.

It’s one of the coolest things I’ve done in a while but…. You guys, it was a fluke. I don’t sport. I never sport. Now these tiny gremlins want me to play and I’m like, “young ones, no. I am not that sort of human. I am the fragile kind. The kind who touched a sport ball once, twenty years ago and immediately knew it was not to his liking. You have the wrong idea, small humans.”