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Jesus Christ fundamentally changes human nature

“To be delivered from one socio-religious world to another is to undergo a change of nature. According to Paul the cross and resurrection transfigured human life, translating those who receive Christ from flesh to Spirit, from the nomos of condemnation to the justifying nomos of the Spirit, from the pedagogy of elementary things to the paideia of Christ. By the cross and resurrection, Jesus takes the two physeis of Jew and Gentile, mixes the elements and comes out with a new chemical combination: Christian physis, a spiritual community made up of those born by Spirit.”

~ Delivered from the Elements of the World: Atonement, Justification, Mission, by Peter J. Leithart

Nomos, (Greek: “law,” or “custom”,) in law, the concept of law in ancient Greek philosophy. The problems of political authority and the rights and obligations of citizens…

Ped·a·go·gy.ˈthe method and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept.

Paideia.  In the culture of ancient Greece, the term paideia referred to the rearing and education of the ideal member of the polis.

Physeis.  is a Greek theological, philosophical, and scientific term usually translated into English as “nature”.

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interventions: on elementary radical pedagogy

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à radical objectives

à balancing top down knowledge with knowledge production

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à multi-dimensional learning

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