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Joanlock fic recs

These are some of my favourite Joanlock fics in honour of Fic Rec Days, I hope y’all enjoy them as much as I do.

Better Together by time_convergers

Sherlock and Joan go to Paris.  Fluff.
(an expansion of the snippets written for the JWP prompts)

A really lovely getting-together fic with the added bonus of a trip to Paris and Joan saving Sherlock from the unwanted advances of a childhood acquaintance.

Ciphers by twnkwlf

He thinks it’s been this way all along.

A great little fic about Sherlock finding himself completely in love with Joan.

The kind of bad that’s sweet by Letssingaboutit

Serie de escenas basadas en la vida cotidiana y rutinaria de dos personas fuera de lo común.

I know there are more than a few Hispanic peeps in the fandom and most likely you’ve already read this fic but I still need to rec the hell out of it. Este fic es la definición de pinning y slow burn, y es maravillosamente largo. Pero sí, prepárense para sufrir mucho antes del final feliz.

Counting the steps of the sun by abriata

Less the growth of a relationship and more the growth of a person.

Another excellent fic about their budding partnership after Moriarty (and Sherlock falling helplessly in love with Joan). This fic gave Sherlock an evil, corporate dad before the show gave him an evil, corporate dad but it’s okay because Joan Watson is a protective badass angel in every single universe.

Hawk in my heart by napricot

Sherlock goes missing. Joan goes on the hunt.

The first half of this fic is Joan being an absolute badass threatening and ruining anyone and everyone in order to get Sherlock back. The second half is  some lovely hurt/comfort that progresses all the way to a love declaration.

Muse Evidentiary by hitlikehammers

 Deductions and truths, in turn.

Ten observations Joan and Sherlock make about each other, and the truths that live behind each one.

A beautiful character study of both Joan and Sherlock, it gives them some great backstories while displaying their budding partnership and delivering a top-notch slow burn.

Will that be all, madam? by Nairobiwonders

My fic for the Elementary Big Bang Challenge. The prompt was: Holmes and Watson must go undercover as gentlewoman-and-valet.  

Joanlock, humor, a weird little variation on the marriage trope.

This fic is delightful and you should all read it. And really, just go check all of Nairobiwonders’ stories, they’re the best.

anonymous asked:

I have an extremely irrational fear of going to my friend's houses for the first time. It's awful because I want to go, but I'm scared to. I realize that I shouldn't be afraid, but I can't help it.

It’s okay to be scared! Like, it took me multiple tries to sleep over at peoples houses (I kept calling my mom at like 11 pm and asking her to come get me). I know it can be pretty intimidating being in a new house and seeing a family up close and personal and learning all the little quirks and rules of a household, but just remember you’re there with a friend! You have a friend with you and if things become too much you can always leave the house! Go for a walk or maybe agree to hang out for half an hour then go to the movies? And talk with your parent(s) and tell them you’re a little nervous and maybe you can come up with a plan (like if it’s too much you can call them and they’ll know to come get you early).

I hope it works out dear friend, just remember that you have a friend with you regardless of where you two are. -hug-

anonymous asked:

Allright but did Tae gradually become shy? Or has he always been anxious around people? Loke was there one moment or one event where he realized he was different than other kids? Cause I mean his parents would explain some stuff to him but you don't realize really what's normal until you meet people outside your family.

It was definitely gradual. Like, inherently, he’s a really social kid. He really likes other people, and he genuinely wants to have interactions with people outside his family, he just feels too ashamed? And that’s something that grew over time. 

Because initially in Taehyung’s life when he was living with his biological parents, he got no attention at all, so he’s starved for it. And I think that showed best in preschool and early elementary school. Because kids’ development doesn’t always line up early in life, and when you’re that young, it’s hard to notice who’s really behind. Everyone is just friends, and everyone includes each other, and no one has a sense of self (including Taehyung). So he’d make friends easily and talk to everyone and always ask to have friends over to play.

But I think as he grew older, it became more and more obvious to Taehyung that he wasn’t like everyone else. And I’m sure middle school was really hard for him. Puberty is confusing on it’s own, but like… where the other kids were learning to be independent, Taehyung couldn’t. He’s stuck in that sense.

I think I mention in Chapter 3 or so that Taehyung had two close friends, Doug and Steve, that he doesn’t talk to anymore. And in my head, Taehyung had a large friend group that dwindled down to just two people (Doug and Steven), and he’s pulled away even from them. Like he just retreated super far into his shell. 


darkvslight346  asked:

What do you think of Frieza as a villain?

I’m in the camp that feels like Dragonball Z is one of those shows where it gets by ONLY on it’s characters being so likable. None of them have any real depth and the overall story and writing of the show is elementary level at best and just incompetent at worst, but I really do enjoy Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the Z Fighters on a simplistic level. I feel like this is why the Abridged series is so good, Team Four Star managed to fix the writing and pacing issues without changing the core casts personality all that much. The only time they made completely different personalities for characters was when the character had no personality to begin with (Nappa, Mr. Popo, Guru).

As far as Frieza is concerned, I love him as a villain. There’s just something infectious about how much he enjoys committing atrocities, and yet it’s hilarious to see that he’s basically a spoiled brat underneath all the bravado.

Much love to the people who are fans of both Sherlock and Elementary, and recognize both shows are unique interpretations of what a modern day Sherlock Holmes would be like, both shows have kick-ass casts, both shows have flaws and strengths, and you don’t have to choose one or the other. 

Bonus props if you also appreciate the classics, so you understand the awesomeness that these two shows came from.

Even more props if you love the insanity that is “Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century.” Because that’s just an awesome cartoon.


Elementary, My Dear Norton | Best of Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freem…

this is why I love these two

Kyle: I have many talents, which include hacking, the yo-yo, hula hooping- 

Stan: Hula hooping?

Kyle: Yeah, I won an award for being the best at it back in elementary school. I could show you guys if you wan-

Cartman: *Throws a hula hoop at him* Already got you covered brah.

Kenny: Kyle you should…probably face away from us.

Kyle: What, why?

Kenny: So we can see your technique. I know you have to move your hips a certain way to keep the hoop up and spinning. 

Kyle: Oh…okay yeah, that makes sense. *Turns around*

Kenny and Cartman: *High fives each other*

THR: Tim Goodman’s 16 Best Network Shows of 2015

11. Elementary (CBS)
Because they make 22 episodes on average, a network series very often runs dry of ideas, fails to engage or loses the focus on the main characters that was the hook in the first place. The best shows don’t, however, and that’s a hallmark of Elementary, which gets superb weekly performances out of Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. Plus there’s a likable supporting cast that is essential to keeping an appointment with the audience. The durability and quality of this show is pretty amazing.

CBS' 'Elementary' deduces the painful truth at the heart of sobriety

Very few shows could pull off a homage to the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman without seeming exploitative, sensational or culturally carnivorous. Only one could do it in the middle of an episode dealing with a bunch of missing anthrax and Garret Dillahunt as a dairy farmer.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I think Mary McNamara is the best TV critic around.  If you like this show, you might like this brief piece.  It’s a reminder that I’m probably not watching one of the best shows on TV.