elemental princesses

And why was she around Princess Bubblegum? Couldn’t she just avoid being turned? Did she get hypnotised by PB or did she allow it to happen?

So Elements got really intense yesterday.

There’s like a sort of interesting thing I thought to post about though… there’s sort of a weird thing about LSP’s character which I think is interesting. As I’m sure you’ve all noticed by now, each of the elements sort of have their own emotion associated with that: Candy has happiness, Ice has sadness, Fire has anger, and Slime has comfort/oblivion/funk?/assimilation.
So far we’ve seen BMO give in to happiness, Jake give in to sadness and comfort, and now Finn give in to anger after loosing Jake ((I’M SCREAMING– HOLYSHIT THIS SHOW, I JUST WANT THEM TO BE OKAY AT THE END OF THIS BUT POOR JAKE AND FINN!!!))– I think this all says something about their characters. With LSP though, she’s still normal and hasn’t given in to any of the emotions associated with the Elements, she’s apparently been to all four of the regions now untouched, even when she was trying her hardest to fit in in Slime Kingdom and she just couldn’t, or when she was angry at everyone in the Fire Kingdom because they weren’t paying attention to her.
Like it’s weird just a weird thing! Idk what it is but part of people being turned into different Element versions has to do with their emotions I think what Element each person is turned to says something about them which I think is cool.

Also, come to think of it Cinnamon Bun said he wasn’t turned because of the flame shield but Finn had a stronger flame shield than him… okay, I guess Cinnamon Bun can be in the same boat with LSP!