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Arcane Thief (w101 au) the schools
  • Death: very socialable, knows when to be confident, brave, always wears black, will befriend a new student, would toilet paper the elemental students dorms, would meme 24/7.
  • Myth: a little arrogant, prefers quiet, independent, no tolerance for ignorance, would be great to have as a study buddy.
  • Life: similar to death, always jumps in to help, will aid a student through assignments and battles. Very nice and genuine, will put flowers or leaves in your hair.
  • Fire: athletic, but can be easily angered. Tough and cocky. Ready to roast an ice student if necessary, only downfall is that they are thirsty for revenge and will steal your traps.
  • Ice: not as intelligent as the other schools but they're smart enough to pass there classes. Shy and very humble, even if they're op. Can be helpful but can give you the cold shoulder. Very easy to get along with.
  • Storm: the jocks and bullies, arrogant and loud, creative... With making themselves look powerful then they really are. Very needy in quests and always fizzles. Would push you aside in the hall.
  • Balance: similar to life, but they're quiet and always want to learn new things. Implements rules in battle and loyal to their friends, has something for bugs, nice kids.
  • Shadow: death x1000 but a little more rude and will consume your traps like a boss. Tends to hurt themselves more than there enemies.

Guess what I just finished in art class! This is my Bec Blanche mask, from Homestuck! I even made a flower crown for it (not shown). When I actually get to take this home, I might add fur or something to make it soft. Don’t know if I’ll wear it to Cons or anything yet. If you have an questions on how this was made just ask! And PLEASE tell me if I should leave it the way it is or not!!!!!



Just a random thought as I’m struggling my way across Aifread’s Hunting Grounds the first time (fucking Nagas and their Photon Blast/Verdant Fang spam on Chaos has caused me to wipe so many freaking times, as the AI just crumbles like it’s made of fucking paper):

Mikleo is either amazingly talented, incredibly dedicated, innately just insanely powerful, some combination of the above, or all three.  Because here he is, a mere 18 years old, practically an infant in Seraphim terms and keeping up 100% with the likes of Lailah and Edna, in terms of both offense and defense.  (I’m guessing while Dezel is old, he’s not old the way Lailah and Edna are.)

And the even more amazing part?  He’s not done growing yet, physically and magically.  And he’s training himself the “hard” way by using an earth element-aligned staff as his weapon of choice, elemental paper-rock-scissors be damned.  A few skits comment on this, but just think for a moment, if he’s this strong now, just how world-changingly powerful is he in the epilogue?

Saturn Talisman of Protection

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • White A4 Paper
  • element representations
  • Chosen circle casting equipment
  • Black pen
  • Ref. table/symbols of saturn
  • Sandwitch bag or clingfilm
  • Stapler or Sellotape
  • Basil
  • 1 Cinnamon stick or ground
  • 1 Star Anise
  • Mint

For this Talisman, were are going to include the planetary influences, so that when you are making this talisman, it should be during the hour of Saturn. It doesn’t necessarily have to be made on the day of Saturn (Saturday) though it would be better, but it must made during the hour of Saturn.

It is also a good idea to make this either on the Waning or New moon.

The first thing you should do, is make a small herb parcel to go inside the Talisman.

For this break up cinnamon stick and the star anise into the sandwich bag, and maybe add a teaspoon each of Basil and Mint it’s up to you. When you are handling the herbs, your mind should be full of the intention of protection.

Wrap up the herbs in the clingfilm or sandwich bag and secure with staples or sellotape and spend a few moments focussing on Planet Saturn and the intention of protection.

Next take the A4 sheet of paper and fold it in half length-ways before folding it into thirds. Now insert one flap into the other and make a small fold at the opening and you have now made the envelope that your packet will go in.

Now it is time to draw the table and symbols.

On the side opposite the flaps, you should draw the Table of Saturn (You should be able to Google search it easily enough).

Right above the table you should write a 3, to right of the table you should write a 9, to the left of the table you should writ a 15 and right below the table, you should write a 45.

Also write your name (Or whoever the talisman is for) and the astrological symbol of Saturn.

Now flip the talisman over to the other side. Here you should draw the Astrological sign of Saturn, the Seal of Saturn and the Intelligence Sigil of Saturn.

And your Talisman is now drawn.

Now your ready to charge the talisman. First clear a space and cast a circle, during which you will set your element representation at each corresponding direction; for me I use corresponding crystals.

The first task is ti charge the Table of Saturn. To do this, visualise yourself drawing up the energy from the Earth Energy, through your body and out your fingers. Draw your right index over each line, horizontal and vertical, and imagine that you are packing energy into each line. Next point your finger at each number on the table and let your energy flow into each one.

Next flip over your talisman and do this same with all of the signs by drawing over the lines and packing energy into them

Remember to focus on Saturn and the intent of Protection as well.
Now the final step is to consecrate your Talisman. i do this by holding my talisman over each representation and asking that element to bless and charge my talisman of protection. I always start with North (Earth) and work my way around clockwise.

When you are finished hold your Talisman up to the sky and imagine Saturn’s energy beaming down and filling your talisman, whilst focussing on the intent of protection.

Magickal Uses For Dulse

Planetary Association:  Moon
Gender: Feminine
Element:  Water
Deity Association:  Neptune and Poseidon

Magickal Uses: Lust, Fertility and Harmony.  Used in Sea and Wind Magick.  Dulse added to a drink induces lust. (Use with caution.) Strew it around your house to encourage a harmonious atmosphere. As with bladderwrack, dulse is thrown into the waves during sea magic rituals as an offering. It can also be cast into the wind from a high place for the same purpose.

Lust Spell

You’ll Need:

Red ribbon
piece of paper
red pen
Dulse Oil  

1. Open circle
2. Grab the paper and write “me” on it
3. Add the Dulse to the paper
4. Fold it 3 times
5. Draw an invoking pentagram of your element on the paper (see Invoking and Banishing pentagrams page) with the guy/girl’s name under it
6. Rub Dulse oil on the red ribbon
7. Now slowly wrap the ribbon around the paper while saying
“Aphrodite, Goddess of Desire
Now’s the time for passion’s fire
So as lust wraps around me
bless thee with sexual potency times three
I crave for attraction this night
Give another Lust’s hunger when meeting my sight
As I wilt it, so shall it be”
8. Finish wrapping the ribbon if you’re not done yet
9. Close the circle, thank Aphrodite and put the paper somewhere safe.

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I love the way Steven Universe celebrates individuals and relationships that transcend societal norms, and the enormous diversity of traits and skills in its female characters. Here’s a subtle example I just noticed…

I haven’t read the Guide to the Crystal Gems yet, but there were some things that jumped out at me from ratiplani’s highlight list, especially in combination:

  • “When Ruby and Sapphire first formed Garnet, it was very unusual for two different types of gems to form a fusion” 
  • “Ruby is hot. Sapphire is cool. I am electric.”

At first glance that looks like a simple Elemental Rock Paper Scissors thing without much logic to it- we have fire and ice, let’s add lightning… but.

What’s the first thing we see Garnet doing with her electric powers? Charging Greg’s battery, in The Message. What do batteries do? They are voltage sources. What does that actually mean?

“Voltage … (denoted ∆V or ∆U) is the difference in electric potential energy between two points per unit electric charge.  …  Like mechanical potential energy, the zero of potential can be chosen at any point, so the difference in voltage is the quantity which is physically meaningful.” (from Wikipedia, emphasis mine)

Originally posted by water-gem

Look at how Garnet charges the battery again. She takes one jumper cable in each hand- one over each gem, like the contact points of a battery. Opposite points of the same whole, working together to accomplish something neither of them could do alone.

Homeworld might have considered it “unusual” for Ruby and Sapphire to fuse because they’re so different- but Garnet literally draws power from those differences. They make her greater than the sum of her parts.


“Goes hand in hand with Making a Splash, and may be involved with wind
via cold air and snowstorms. In Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors with fire, one will usually defeat the other, though which one varies. Ice is unlikely to be any stronger or weaker than other elements though for Competitive Balance, and thus Harmless Freezing will be invoked. If you want to resort to this to kill an otherwise invulnerable entity, you’re planning to Kill It with Ice.”

- TV Tropes An Ice Person (Team Natsu Tartaros arc Part 3)