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Tyson Peterson’s bs smith gets MAGNIFIED 🔍just as Tyson hops on the Thrasher summer tour kicking off Sunday, July 16th at House Skatepark in Austin at 7pm.

July 16th House Park Skatepark
July 18th @indexskateshop
July 21st Mat Hoffman Skatepark, OKC
July 23rd Escapist
July 25th @subsectskateshop-blog
July 28th @houseofvans #Chicago
📽: Matt Bublitz & Dan Stolling


Some progress photos of my book of shadows! I’m using different collage materials,print outs, magazines, and my own drawings to create a “mystically chaotic” look. Then I’m sealing them in with candle wax left over from devotional tea lights. The mix of scents is wonderful!

I’ve got basic circle casting, candle work, some stuff about sigils and fire and water elemental pages

More to come ✨